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October 8, 2022
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  • Segment 1 – The Hunter Biden Story that has no traction yet
  • Segment 2 – How do you like our economic performance now
  • Segment 3 – We talk with Jeff Hays producer of the film The Real Anthony Fauci
  • Segment 4 – We wrap up our interview with Jeff Hays author of The Real Anthony Fauci

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    Oct 08, 2022 08:55 AM

    Thanks for having Jeff on SEC 3………………….

    Tell Jeff, if, you hear from him again……….. “they” have been blocking all books of GEO. WEBB….

    Oct 08, 2022 08:10 AM

    Seg. 4…………….
    CIA,………. did not handle it CORRECTLY…for the American Sheeple…… that is a JOKE……….
    The CIA, handled it correctly for the CABAL…….
    Concerning COVID

    Oct 08, 2022 08:37 AM

    The problem is not the son of Joe.
    The real problem is the Traitor dictator.

      Oct 08, 2022 08:49 AM

      ditto……………. Hunter is a side distraction……… waste of time………

      No body in the LAW DOJ……. is going to do anything about it…..
      They would have to arrest…..Nancy, Romney,Kerry…… and most of CONjobCONGRESS

    Oct 08, 2022 08:06 AM

    Huge lawsuit filed against scientists SARS-CoV-2 gain of function research

    A groundbreaking lawsuit has been filed by attorney Thomas Renz, naming EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak and University of North Carolina researcher Ralph Baric as defendants, claiming they are responsible for the deaths of plaintiffs due to their involvement in funding gain-of-function research of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is believed to be responsible for the “covid pandemic.”

    In addition to the bombshell lawsuit against Daszak and Baric, the CDC has been caught red-handed, engaged in what I would classify as a criminal conspiracy cover-up to withhold V-safe data from the public for nearly two years.

    It shows that out of about 10 million vaccine recipients who used the V-safe app, 33 percent were impacted with injuries or other interruptions, and nearly 6.5 million health impacts were reported.

    We now know without any question that the CDC is a crime cartel that promotes Big Pharma’s death shots which are injuring or killing millions of Americans. At every opportunity, the CDC will hide the truth about vaccine injuries and deceive the public, all while promoting more shots for everyone, including children.

      Oct 08, 2022 08:19 AM

      The China Communist Party is still maintaining A ZERO COVID POLICY for a virus supposedly less serious than influenza. DO YOU THINK THEY MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING WE DON’T ?

        Oct 08, 2022 08:24 AM

        I think it has NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID…………any more………
        REVOLT………….. is more likely………….

        Oct 08, 2022 08:29 AM

        BIOWEAPON………. another story……………
        It is never what one thinks……….

    Oct 08, 2022 08:22 AM

    Just for the RECORD”””””””””””””””OWL
    I was going to ask…………but,……you do not have to answer……

    Which SHOT(JAB)………..did you receive …..who was the manufacturer………?

      Oct 08, 2022 08:42 PM

      Yes Jerry ! What jab ? And is him still taking it ?

    Oct 08, 2022 08:16 AM

    It just occurred to me that the Leader of the Free World ought to have the best advisors.
    Yet Joe, with good, but not practical intentions asked Saudi to increase oil supply by 2 million barrels a day. Ignorant journalists touted Saudi’s lack of response as a deliberate snub.
    The fact of the matter is, however, Saudi Arabia’s Gawar is a large but aging field. Saudi can barely even meet their OPEC quota, because the Kingdon has been using much of its income to appease its peasants to not rebel against the power structure. Saudi certainly has not been maintaining oil infrastructure as well as it should have. There is no way Saudi is capable of suddenly increasing production 2 million barrels a day. Biden’s advisors should have known this.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:26 AM

    Current production is 10.4 million barrels per day.
    Recent maximum production has been about 10.5 million barrels per day.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:55 AM

    MUST listen to interview segments 3 and 4!
    THANK YOU Mr. Big Al Korelin and JIMMY.

    I got the Kennedy book when it first came out and it had been out quite a while, and I noticed the local library did NOT have it. So I pressed them and they got 2 copies and they are always checked out!

    Hopefully this documentary will catch on despite the evil suppression of the media and big tech companies.

      Oct 08, 2022 08:46 PM

      Yes Jeff is a Great MAN !

    Oct 08, 2022 08:08 AM

    And to this day they are still giving your money to the evil Daszak….unfreaking believable…how can anyone say this gooberment is not pure Evil?

      Oct 08, 2022 08:47 PM


        Oct 08, 2022 08:07 PM

        T0MMY………the lawsuit …. part of the article which you mentioned is posted above, I posted it several hours ago.

          Oct 08, 2022 08:11 PM

          Sorry Jerry… not sure how i missed your earlier post… i probably even read it early this morning, and just forgot… been thinking about sending some of this stuff to some jabbed family members, ones that may be open to some alternative news – there is just so much evidence that covid has been a conspiracy against the people. Too many do not have the time, take the time, or want to consider non-mainstream information.

            Oct 09, 2022 09:10 AM

            Hello Tommy………….
            No problem,… glad you posted the add on.
            Thanks for the reply……. You are absolutely SPOT ON……..
            The sheeple will remain stupid,… listening to MSN.
            Many so called enlightened sheeple,…. will remain sheeple, they have become brain dead.
            Sheeple christians, should know the Devil /Satan, runs this world……
            Hope you are able to get through to , who ever is suppose to hear your words.
            Have a great day………… stay strong……

      Oct 08, 2022 08:32 PM

      Politicians are not particularly smart. Corrupt, yes. But knowledgeable, no.

        Oct 08, 2022 08:46 PM

        What do you think Joe Biden could get on an I.Q. Test ?

        Does anyone seriously think he could score 100, the average ?

        As far as I would guess, I think he would be lucky to score 50.
        His analytical capacity is shot by senility.

        And yet real corrupt politicians, TRAITORS ALL FOR NOT REMOVING HIM, potentially
        allowed him to blow pipelines and possibly start a world war.

        Do you really want him making the response if Russia uses tactical nukes in Ukraine.
        Does senile Joe even know what a tactical nuke is ?

          Oct 08, 2022 08:10 PM


          He would say, “COME ON, MAN! WHY THE HELL WOULD I TAKE A TEST!”


          COME ON, MAN!!!

            Oct 08, 2022 08:11 PM


            COME ON, MAN!!!

          Oct 08, 2022 08:33 PM

          There is a cognitive test that the POTUS is required to take. Both 0bama and Trump passed it.
          The subject was brought up some 2 years ago, but has been ignored and buried under media BS since.

          As far as I know, Sleepy Joe has yet to take the cognitive test.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:47 AM
      Oct 08, 2022 08:11 PM

      EVeryone……….. should have childers health…. delivered to their email box….. Kennedy is spot on with the litigation ………

    Oct 08, 2022 08:17 PM

    Why doe’s all the bad American S**T , allways end up coming to the UK… F**K BLM & the rest of the woke mob. . The BASTARDS behind , & pushing this CRAP , are sure dividing the people , to cover up for all THEIR CRIMES.

      Oct 08, 2022 08:19 PM

      BLM………. is ONE BIG CON JOB…………….

    Oct 08, 2022 08:19 PM

    I mean , How true is that.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:22 PM

    A Study Finally Shows Just How Much Deadlier COVID Has Been for Republicans

      Oct 08, 2022 08:56 PM

      Humans tend to start out life as emotional people. The young tend to be progressives.
      as they get older and wiser they become conservative and Republican.

      Covid, being an old persons disease ,would, therefore, hit more Republicans.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:27 PM

    Republicans called Biden’s infrastructure program ‘socialism.’ Then they asked for money.

    It’s all one big game

    Oct 08, 2022 08:45 PM

    You Americans Really/Really/Really need to read this. And confirm if it is the truth. These creatures will stop at nothing , to steal the November vote.

      Oct 08, 2022 08:03 PM


      Oct 08, 2022 08:18 PM

      Hey Irish……………….
      They are also………….buying up RADIO STATIONS across the country………
      I reported on the radio stations a couple of months ago…….
      Buying the republican or conservation stations, and spreading the crap like it is gospel….

    Oct 08, 2022 08:56 PM

    Clinton is smarter than Joe, but I’ve been telling folks in this forum, Obama, hillary and Joe Biden cheated on their taxes. I’ve even informed folks here WHERE they stashed their loot.

    For Joe and Hunter it is mostly in the Caymans. (I wrote that here years ago)

      Oct 10, 2022 10:28 AM

      “…but I’ve been telling folks in this forum, Obama, hillary and Joe Biden cheated on their taxes.”

      Taxes are for little people.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:38 PM

    May I suggest Biden drops the first nuke on Zelensky…….

    Why are we supporting this maniac ?

      Oct 09, 2022 09:49 AM

      We support Zelinsky because we are evil, the bad guys.
      Pretty simple.

        Oct 09, 2022 09:54 PM

        The sheeple are just stupid……….. The CORPORATION is the EVIL ONE……… real simple…..
        WARMONGERS USA INCORPORATED…………………. real simple………..

    Oct 08, 2022 08:58 PM

    Here is a short clip, from the 1981 movie Early Warming , That all American families should watch together , when they sit down together to eat their Thanksgiven Dinner on the 24th of November.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:34 PM

    Just a sign of how bad the coming depression will be…..
    Transpacific shipping down 75%

    Oct 08, 2022 08:40 PM
    Oct 08, 2022 08:44 PM

    More Hunter CRIME:
    FOREIGN AGENT VIOLATION…..That’s potentially 10 years…..he may end up clean and sober.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:57 PM

    Trudeau must be really flush with cash…..
    World Economic Forum Biometric ‘Digital Identity Project’ Given $106M Boost by Trudeau’s Canadian Government.
    OCTOBER 7, 2022

    Oct 08, 2022 08:13 PM

    There are questions about the use of a government designation that allows temporary staff to perform important White House functions. Under federal ethics law, staff appointed to substantial roles must generally publicly disclose their current and past financial ties. That’s not the case for temporary employees making just below the $132,552 salary threshold for disclosure.
    As a “special government employee,” Zients can hold on to his private sector employment and is exempt from filing the public financial disclosures required by full-time presidential hires. Similar to a consultant, a so-called SGE generally holds the post for 130 days or less.
    After leading Biden’s presidential transition, Zients was tapped to oversee his administration’s coronavirus response, drawing major plaudits, with Politico’s West Wing Playbook reporting before his departure this spring that he was well positioned for a future role as the president’s chief of staff. A subsequent report from the outlet noted that Zients was interested in becoming Biden’s next chief of staff or treasury secretary.

    In his new role, Zients will report to Presidential Personnel Office Director Gautam Raghavan and work closely with Biden’s current chief of staff, Ron Klain, with most positions requiring Senate approval, according to Axios. Joining Zients is Natalie Quillian, his former COVID-19 response deputy, a deputy campaign manager for Biden in 2020, a partner at the Boston Consulting Group, and a top Obama White House official before that.

    While the practice follows the letter of the law, government ethics attorneys say temporary employees should not be granted such influence over essential government functions.

    Tasking temporary employees with drawing up shortlists of Cabinet or deputy Cabinet contenders is “highly unusual,” said Richard Painter, the chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007. “To hire and to remove people … is a core power of the president under Article 2 of the Constitution. You really shouldn’t have the recommendations to the president being farmed out to SGEs.”

    “You want people there all the time who are listening to what the policy concerns are,” he said, suggesting that full-time White House Office of Personnel employees would be most attentive to the administration’s priorities and thus better suited to identifying the right candidates.

    Oct 08, 2022 08:17 PM

    More posts disappearing…anyone home?

    Oct 08, 2022 08:12 PM

    Biden likes to blow up things….
    How about the Senate rules ?

    Oct 09, 2022 09:59 AM

    “Never think that war, no matter how necessary nor how justified, is not a crime. Ask the infantry and ask the dead.”

    ― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Oct 09, 2022 09:29 AM

    Investigations, primarily aimed at 2024 election, are finding massive fraud…..

    Major problem also found in Michigan and Wisconsin…….millions of multiple registrations.

    Oct 09, 2022 09:35 AM

    It already looks like the future will hold MASSIVE election fraud.

    Oct 09, 2022 09:50 AM

    A graph of the last 400,000 years of CO2 concentration – left scale. (Also Temperature – right scale)

    Notice, it is cyclical with approx 100,000 year cycle.
    A sudden rise and 10,000 years of livability on earth, followed by a gradual descent into 80-90,000 years of ice age.
    You could say we are lucky we live in this day and age of livability, but animals always survive ice-ages and civilizations flourish in the good times.
    Man-made global warming is BS and we have a senile moron believing Green Theory in the White House.
    I don’t understand the Ukraine ’cause du jour’….most Americans could not even point to it on a map.
    Why, is it then that the U.S. is prepared to have a nuclear war over Ukraine ?

    Oct 09, 2022 09:34 AM
    Oct 09, 2022 09:16 PM

    Howdy Al
    Here is another pce of evidence we support nazis in Ukraine.
    The evidence is hard to miss unless its ignored.

    We support nazis, not hard to understand when a person knows a little history.

    Ukrainian army’s commander-in-chief poses in swastika bracelet
    General Valery Zaluzhny is the latest and highest-ranking in a long line of Ukrainian service members photographed bearing Nazi insignia

      Oct 09, 2022 09:29 PM

      I find it hard to understand why we support Ukraine.

      I understand an average person is an average person, who if attacked without cause, should be defended.

      But I also understand Ukraine and Russia were negotiating a treaty and Biden deliberately interfered with that……why ?
      I understand Biden is sending BILLIONS of dollars in cash and armaments…..without full congressional approval…..WHY ?……How can he legally do that ?

    Oct 09, 2022 09:00 PM

    Bye Bye………….. I am GONE………….. see ya later…………..

    Oct 09, 2022 09:37 PM

    This will p off some people here…but PCR hits it out of the park.

      Oct 09, 2022 09:35 PM

      I usually agree with Paul Craig Roberts, BUT HE HAS NOT BEEN LISTENING TO PUTIN.
      Putin has said he is NOT intending to conquer all Ukraine.
      He (Putin) is freeing Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and taking the Donbas.
      Putin has taken Crimea earlier. Putin WANTS TO NOW NEGOTIATE A PEACE TREATY.
      Negotiations had started AND WERE GOING WELL……Until Biden said he would stop further aid unless Zelensky STOPPED NEGOTIATIONS.

      We have an EFFing moron in the White House.

        Oct 10, 2022 10:29 AM

        Biden is following the plan.
        Mistake to see/think Biden works for the U.S. imo
        Notice its only people that believe voting matters that see Biden(the prez) as working for the U.S.
        Voting doesnt mean diddly, there is only 1 party, the mic deep state whatever a person wants to call it/them.

        Why be upset when the U.S. government sends billions for war while allowing the nation and its people to crumble?
        Doing good for the nation is not their objective.

        Dont forget to vote.

    Oct 09, 2022 09:23 PM

    The U.S. has just purchased $300 million dollars worth of acute radiation medicine.

    This medicine has to be refrigerated AT ALL TIMES. AND EVEN WITH REFRIGERATION ONLY HAS AN 18 month shelf-life.

    Delaware will start handing out “free” potassium iodate pills next week (Oct 14).

    What the HELL IS GOING ON ?

    Oct 09, 2022 09:04 PM

    The U.S. HHS has a stockpile of 150mcg iodine pills in excess of 1 billion pills.
    (I assume mcg stands for milli-centi-gram) 1 pill per day during slight exposure is standard dosing.

    I, cfs, do not understand the difference between HHS sizing of pill in stockpile
    and FDA recommended dose….I’m hoping there was a typo and HHS has right size pills.

    Oct 09, 2022 09:39 PM

    Belarus has blown up all bridges and mined all roads on border with Ukraine.

    Belarus has nuclear missile launch capability. (Given to them by Russia)

    Oct 10, 2022 10:48 AM

    The SONG of the Year…….

    Very catchy,

      Oct 10, 2022 10:29 AM

      For those who don’t like hlp hop:

      More sedate, but just as lost in his dementia

        Oct 10, 2022 10:52 AM

        Come on, man! That’s like sayin’ you, before you got on this blog did ya take a test where you’re takin’ cocaine or not, whaddya think? Huh? Are you a junkie? Why the hell, would I take a test? Come on, man!

    Oct 10, 2022 10:01 AM

    The Military Industrial Complex clearly has money to waste
    Reveille must have gotten them woke too early

    Oct 10, 2022 10:24 AM

    Finally UK might be waking up….

    Did you know smuggling people and drugs over the US southern border now “earns” more money than all sports activity in the US ?

    This also is a drain on the economy, as much is financed by people IN the US sending money to relatives outside.

    Oct 10, 2022 10:46 AM

    Why am I paying for this by my TAXES……Clearly ILLEGAL BIDEN ACTIVITY.

      Oct 10, 2022 10:03 PM

      You’re rulers will continue to take your money and spend it anyway they please. And there isn’t thing one you can do about it!

        Oct 10, 2022 10:30 PM

        Time to be a revolting tax-payer or not be a revolting tax-payer

    Oct 10, 2022 10:46 AM

    Let the Ukraine storm is begine !

    Oct 10, 2022 10:14 PM

    And Ben Shalom won a Nobel Peace Prize…or should that be Piece Prize???

    Oct 10, 2022 10:17 PM
    Oct 10, 2022 10:25 PM

    So Ukraine attacks “Russian territory” in Ukraine.
    Russian had warned there would be a response to any such attacks…. It came.
    The very first (Russian missile) took out Ukraine SBU head-quarters.
    (Like hitting CIA head-quarters.)

    Russia then took out European forces head-quarters buildings for an attack on Russia.

    UTTER STUPIDITY….. U.S., via Ukraine, is deliberately poking the bear.
    Putin has said all along exactly what he would do.

      Oct 10, 2022 10:35 PM

      Well, don’t worry…our rulers will be safe…and Uncle Joe has plenty of pills…

      But I don’t see any proof of any European forces head-quarters buildings being taken out. You got a link?

        Oct 10, 2022 10:24 PM

        The European head-quarter’s buildings in Ukraine were taken out.
        I have seen video. While care was made by Russia not to kill people, I believe preliminary deaths are 11, which include 2 Poles, 1 German, 1 Frenchman, with more than half not identified.
        I have also seen video of the truck on the bridge blowing up.
        The truck was carrying mostly fertilizer….with buried explosive and/or hit by missile.

        The video I saw could possibly show a missile hitting the truck as it was passing a car with 2 occupants.
        (I have to wonder if the car contained 2 Israeli observers)

      Oct 10, 2022 10:50 PM

      It deserves to be terrible.

      Biden has killed Anwar and through it our economy.
      He’s slowed inflow of oil and gas from Canada.
      Our addle-brained Dictator is now trying to provoke a war with Russia…….crazy…..that WILL KILL stocks… it should.

      Oct 10, 2022 10:59 PM

      Dimon is behind the curve, the recession is here, Einstein – Global Depression is likely on the horizon, because these idiots like Dimon funded the O’biden regime’s rise to power – they thought they could control him for profit. Corrupt suckers.

    Oct 10, 2022 10:44 PM

    DarkHorse discusses Traitor Biden’s censorship:

    Oct 10, 2022 10:56 PM

    The source is pro-Russian, but hs not lied by commission in the past.

    Oct 10, 2022 10:34 PM

    There are rumors in Washington that it is running out of available Himars missiles that it has been sending to Ukraine.