You have to listen to both sides of every story. Jim’s opinions allow listener’s to acccomplish that.

Big Al
October 19, 2022
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Listeners have to be aware of both sides of every story circulated today.
    Oct 19, 2022 19:04 AM

    ” STEPPENWOLF ” ……. Great Lyrics … have a read.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:38 AM

    First I will start off by saying that D. Trump is a threat to no one. D Trump to me exemplifies what happens when you have a homosexual mentor.
    D Trump as president was a result of the lessor of two evils and a below par talent pool.
    Until J McKinney can start naming names instead of continually generalizing about the Media, Corporations, etc I will consider the commentary little better than the national enquirer.
    Behind the media, corporations are human beings and they have names. I know who they are. So should you.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:27 PM

      I will mention this to Jim.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:39 PM

      Who is Trump’s homosexual mentor?

        Oct 19, 2022 19:57 PM

        Are you referring to J Edgar Hoover because I never heard that he was Trump’s mentor.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:06 PM

      Then there’s Joan Rivers’ comment to a news team about the executive office at the time, 2014, not so long before her death.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:07 AM

    The FBI list of home Raids is quite extensive:

    The Epoch times is advertizing a lot on youtube

      Oct 19, 2022 19:31 PM

      The Epoch Times is not advertising on our program, we just like it a lot and get a lot of information from it that is not available elsewhere.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:33 PM

      That lise is prettty scary. I am personally just waiting for me to get a visit. As a believer in free speech as long as it is responsible, I find my feelings to be very uncomfortable.

        Oct 19, 2022 19:49 PM

        You can not limit free speech…………… and who decides what is responsible………..

          Oct 19, 2022 19:59 PM

          No, OOTB you cannot limit free speech and defining responsibility is difficult.

            Oct 19, 2022 19:07 PM

            Defining resonsible free speech is difficult at times.

            Oct 19, 2022 19:59 PM

            And yet we have defined responsible free speech for centuries. ……
            All speech is allowed unless it endangers country or citizens.
            You cannot divulge the countries classified material except to authorized people.
            You cannot shout “fire” in a movie theater if there is no fire.

            Oct 19, 2022 19:18 PM

            I will, however, give a example where content should be censored…..
            The white-hating RACIST MSNBC because this channel IS INVOKING HATRED, and we have recently seen more deliberate Black killing White crime BECAUSE OF RACE-HATRED.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:20 AM

    Protecting them by not shining the light.
    Don’t kid yourself about what is going on in today’s world. This is a spiritual war for your soul.
    Are you here to be free or a slave.
    The interview CFS posted with C.A Fitts was a good one. Talking about the Dollar syndicate, and the extent of the measures that are taken to ensure USD hegemony.
    Many recognize the saying “follow the money” smart people understand you follow the debt.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:36 PM

      I believe that we currently appropriately “shine the light”

      Oct 19, 2022 19:00 PM

      I happen to agree that we are in a spiritual war for our souls, John.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:22 AM

    I’m a news Junkie. I like listening to N.P.R. for some of their lengthy stories and reports, however, I can rarely listen for more than an hour, when I will hear so LEFT-WING BIASED a LYING STORY, that I simply won’t accept as other than lying propaganda.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:39 PM

      I agreee with you when I find something to be untrue.

      Please reply with a list of your regular sources as it would help me a lot.

      Thanks, CFS

        Oct 19, 2022 19:28 PM

        Most protected of all SHOULD be the Journalist, because they are the most attacked by Government.

        Oct 19, 2022 19:43 PM

        The best conservative aggregater Site is
        and france24 in english for european news
        Then there is a news aggregater and reuters and australian skynews

        youtube, bitchute and rumble are all commentator aggregaters

        and I use for specific topics

    Oct 19, 2022 19:44 AM
      Oct 19, 2022 19:40 PM

      Of course they are…….Hoover was a pervert. I have heard……. that should give you a clue….

      Oct 19, 2022 19:56 PM

      I watched Glen Beck start to finish.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:48 AM

    Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act
    The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act is a United States law that was signed by President Bill Clinton in May 1994, which prohibits the following three things: the use of physical force, threat of physical force, or physical obstruction to intentionally injure, intimidate, interfere with or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person who is obtaining an abortion, the use of physical force, threat of physical force, or physical obstruction to intentionally injure, intimidate, interfere with or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person who is exercising or trying to exercise their First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship, the intentional damage or destruction of a reproductive health care facility or a place of worship

      Oct 19, 2022 19:04 PM

      “A reproductive health care facility” is a place of worship?

        Oct 19, 2022 19:00 PM

        abortion rights are religious freedoms ?
        Sounds a bit dodgy to me but that was how the law was written.
        I believe life begins at conception, but socielty has the right and duty to decide when a life has rights.
        Should it be at conception ? Some societies believe so.
        Should it be at viabillity ? (When it can live independently) Historically that is what the U.S. has chosen.
        (interestingly, during early Roman times, children were not defined as living independently until puberty and infanticide was legal)
        The problem the US faces is that with medical advances the point of viability gets earlier and earlier.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:58 AM

    Nice Interview AL & Jimmy ! Jimmy ! Erdogan agreed with Russia’s Putin to make Turkey a natural Gas hub tor Europe !

      Oct 19, 2022 19:05 PM

      Thanks Franky

      Oct 19, 2022 19:09 PM

      Not even thought provoking it is so obvious, Irish!

    Oct 19, 2022 19:14 PM

    I forget what year(1913?) it happened, I think it was at Jekyll Island.
    When the banker gathering happened they discovered how inexpensive it was to buy all the newspapers across the country, they have owned the media since then.

    Just sayin, the news has been propaganda for over 100 years.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:11 PM

      Southfront, I would comment that it has never been as obvious as it is today.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:13 PM

    This has happened at least twice in the U.S……..RAPE and MURDER BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.

    The first time I reported it in this forum I called out Biden for failing to monitor the border, but as bad as rape and murder are, the deaths due to fentanyl crossing the brder illegally are over 100,000 in number.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:23 PM

      With out a secure border we have no Country.
      We have not had a country here in the U S for some time.
      Just another thing on the list as to how far we have lost our way here in the U.S

        Oct 19, 2022 19:20 PM

        John, just to illustrate that my comments are not biased, I agree with you 100% and have in a couple of other instances today. Good comments.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:17 PM


      I personally agree with you 100% regarding your comment about the drug.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:17 PM

    The people in this book will go to great lengths to protect their power.
    Change will only come when the debt based financial system implodes.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:23 PM


      The financial elites have ruled our world for a long, long time, don’t you think?

    Oct 19, 2022 19:45 PM

    From last may at Davos … Holy S**T …Pfizer CEO. By 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the World by 50%.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:11 PM

      And then we get this … Moderna CEO , Covid is like seasonal flu. This BASTARD is trying to cover his ASS.

        Oct 19, 2022 19:41 PM


        Oct 19, 2022 19:01 PM

        That’s what my opthalmologist said a year ago during my semi-annual exam.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:52 PM

      This is the ONE ISSUE I HAVE With TRUMPSTER…………..
      He needs to RENOUNCE Pfizer………… and seen the $1 million check back…..

        Oct 19, 2022 19:29 PM

        seen…….. to send………

      Oct 19, 2022 19:09 PM

      I have seen this video of Albert Bourla before… It turns out it is a fraud… It was an very convincing edit that left out some critical words of what he really said.

          Oct 20, 2022 20:04 AM

          Thank You Tommy , for correcting me on that story, i should have checked it out , before posting. SORRY

            Oct 20, 2022 20:52 AM

            Ok, Irish…………. looks like I am going to have to check your HOME WORK……….. lol 🙂

            Oct 20, 2022 20:22 AM

            No problem Irish… lots of counter information put there… to much to quickly verify…
            The source where i originally saw this, i had considered reliable, but has since lost me as a follower… that source had other issues, not just one mistake.

        Oct 19, 2022 19:36 PM

        I mentioned this to Irish. It had to be fake or he would have been fired.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:33 PM

      Are you sure that this is not a doctored video? I would like to see it in the context that it was meant to be shown.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:57 PM

    Obama’s Third Term !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

      Oct 19, 2022 19:37 PM

      I am sure that this is a fake video, but that does not take away what I believe is Obama’s desire.

        Oct 20, 2022 20:50 AM

        What do you think Obamy , the FAKE…….. desire might be………

    Oct 19, 2022 19:10 PM
      Oct 19, 2022 19:45 PM

      Thanks AJ, but I am currently trying to round up more credible conservative sites because I personally believe in the conservative agenda until I am proven wrong. Given what is going on in society it is difficult for me to subscribe to liberal ideas.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:18 PM

    It would appear that the Democrat Demons & their Demented followers , are in panic mode …IMO

      Oct 19, 2022 19:46 PM

      They seem to be in that mode, Gordon.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:45 PM

    I would just like to put this out there. It does not matter who you Americans , vote in on the 8th of November ,nothing will change for the better for the ordenery folks of the US. Until such a time that the people , vote out the oldies in both parties.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:47 PM

      Regarding some of the “Oldies” you are correct.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:22 PM

    Benefits of Recovery .

    Oct 20, 2022 20:52 AM

    UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Resigns !

    Oct 20, 2022 20:27 AM

    Do we want to have in Russia, ‘Parent number one, parent number two and Parent number three’ instead of Mother and Father? Do we want our schools to impose on our children perversions that lead to degradation and extinction? Do we want to drum into their heads the idea that other genders exist besides Female and Male, and to offer them gender reassignment surgery? This is all unacceptable to us. We have a different future of our own.

    Evil Russians

      Oct 20, 2022 20:48 AM

      USof A…………. corporation………. is perverted……… that should not be a secret nor surprise ………

    Oct 20, 2022 20:55 AM

    CDC Set To Add COVID-19 Vaccines To Childhood Immunization Schedule
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, OCT 20, 2022 – 09:45 AM
    A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory committee is set to vote on Thursday over whether to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the recommended schedule of vaccines for children.

    VOTE IS IN………………………………………………… POPULATION GOING DOWN……….
    CDC Votes 15-0 to Add COVID-19 Vax to “Vaccines for Children (VFC)” Program

      Oct 20, 2022 20:56 AM

      Little do you know how far the population is going down……
      Just as our traitorous leadership fails to understand the consequence of their actions.
      Do you understand we ARE at war with China?
      Don’t you understand that once covid was out of the lab, China DID EVERYTHING IT COULD TO EXPORT IT TO THE USA ?
      Don’t you understand CHINA IS MAKING Fentanyl and EXPORTING IT TO MEXICO TO KILL AMERICANS ?
      DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND the Open Southern border has allowed CHINA TO BRING INTO the USA complete sabotage and spy networks; both to aid in their open war efforts in future and to gain expert knowledge of trade secrets.
      China will be prepared for WWWIII and the US will be unprepared, with its supply chain broken and its economy shattered.
      China will start WWWIII at a time of its choosing by the unification with Taiwan.; which because of location and distances involved this is a war we cannot win.

        Oct 20, 2022 20:21 PM

        Give a break………… I was way ahead of the curve on COVID ………. and the CORPORATION…..

          Oct 20, 2022 20:08 PM

          I believe that I am too, Jerry

    Oct 20, 2022 20:54 AM

    It is being reported in Texas around the area of Fort Hood that GPS is being jammed.

    Oct 20, 2022 20:03 AM


    China has bought lots of land in the area of Fort Hood.

    Is this a test of jamming ?

    Oct 20, 2022 20:10 AM

    Is the GPS jamming in Texas a Russian or a Sino-Russian test, prior to the Ukraine push by Russia.
    (Testing tanks ability to handle jamming)
    Fort Hood is tank and army heavy equipment headquarters in US.

      Oct 20, 2022 20:48 AM

      Did I call the resignation of the British PM correctly ?

      It was so obvious given the morality of the British.
      (In contrast to the sleaze in the White House)

      I also feel the inflation creation IS A DELIBERATE CHOICE of the puppet-masters.

    Oct 20, 2022 20:23 AM

    There is a movie based on the book “the real anthony fauci”

    2 hour part 1 is free for the next week.