Rugby Resources – A Background On The Cabrasco Property In Colombia With Initial Copper Results In The Near Term

October 27, 2022

Yale Simpson, Chairman of Rubgy Mining (TSX.V:RUG) joins me to introduce this exploration Company that has just completed the first drill hole at the Cabrasco Property, in Colombia. On the back of what the Company saw in the core drilling is continuing, on the second hole currently. 


I have Yale start off by explaining how Rugby Resource was founded and the team behind the Company. This includes past companies that have been sold to majors, Exeter Resources and Extorre Gold Mines. We then focus on the Cabrasco Property and what’s known in the industry of the “Colombia Gap”. The area around the Cabrasco Project also has some exploration ongoing with another company that has a major company backing it. Yale is very up front with the overall exploration strategy, target and corporate game plan.


If you have any follow up questions for Yale regarding Rugby Resources or the Cabrasco Property please email me at



Click here to visit the Rugby Resources website to learn more about the Company.

    Oct 27, 2022 27:51 AM

    While the miners may be set for a rally, you’ve got to be cognizant of the 1-2 week shakeouts that almost always precede any sort of rally. I would be very cognizant of the November midterms and the crazy moves we could see in many markets around that day.

    Very rarely do the miners stay range bound for months and then smoothly break higher at the end of it without the low, set months earlier, either being tested or broken.

    The 2016 low was a perfect example of this as it came after 6 months of range bound trade but was produced on a 20%+ drop in 2 weeks that was only marginally lower than the low made months prior. Even though the low was only marginally lower, the speed and size of the drop shook many many traders out.

    Oct 27, 2022 27:18 AM

    I find it hard to see what the fundamental catalyst would be for anything other than a countertrend rally in the metals and miners. It’s pretty clear as long as the Fed keeps raising rates and engaging in QT, nothing should stop the trend started in 2021.

    If the Fed keeps on with this as some insist they will, what is going to spark a real bull trend (and not just a countertrend rally to neutralize momentum indicators)?

    The fact that the HUI is sitting at 200, with inflation at 40 year highs and the Dow having doubled the HUI’s return since the Covid crash (after the largest QE the world has ever seen), says it all. Since 2016, the plain jane Nasdaq has tripled vs the HUI, and even over the last year has only lost 20% vs the HUI after that monumental outperformance. This despite every tailwind one could ask for in the metals and miners.

    Oct 30, 2022 30:46 AM

    Colombia?? Forget about it.