Thinking Through the China Hype

Big Al
October 28, 2022
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Will we surpass China or will it surpass us?
    Oct 28, 2022 28:46 PM

    “‘Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. The Speaker was not in San Francisco at the time.’

    Meanwhile, Capitol Police have obtained video of the attack according to CNN, and may ramp up protection for lawmakers’ families.

    And according to a statement by the US Capitol Police, “Special Agents with the USCP’s California Field Office quickly arrived on scene, while a team of investigators from the Department’s Threat Assessment Section was simultaneously dispatched from the East Coast to assist the FBI and the San Francisco Police with a joint investigation.”

    The USCP, FBI and SF Police are launching a joint investigation into the break-in.

    The left, of course, has already started blaming Republicans for the home invasion in [checks notes] crime-ridden San Francisco. “

    If you were attacked and injured no feral gooberment agency would give a damn except the IRS who would fine you if you couldn’t get your tax payments in on time.

    And if your local cops are anything like mine they would be useless.

      Oct 28, 2022 28:14 PM

      But when your rulers or their minions are threatened or attacked it is an entirely different matter.

        Oct 29, 2022 29:00 PM

        I had a great and efficient experience with my local police some time ago!

    Oct 28, 2022 28:48 PM
    Oct 28, 2022 28:26 PM

    I have a different take on China.
    The future is one of resource scarcity.
    I see the CCP forward-looking and strategic.
    With regard to FOOD shortages:
    I see the CCP buying farmland in the US, Canada, Brazil and Northern Africa.
    I see them buying meat processing plants – indeed, now own more than 50% of US.
    I see them cornering the market in key elements, e.g. rare earths….cobalt, tin, copper, silver.

    I see them about to control key shipping lanes.
    Clearly China IS THE BIGGEST DANGER to US Supremacy.

      Oct 28, 2022 28:47 PM

      Uniquely in the world, China has placed emphasis on energy production via nuclear power, the design and quality of which is now superior to the US.
      The RATE of GROWTH of electricity production in China was recently 18% per annum.
      Transportation is increasingly electrified.
      Since the growth of a modern economy is heavily dependent on energy, the TRAITOR Biden should be removed from office as utterly moronic and killing our economy.

        Oct 28, 2022 28:53 PM

        I might add the CCP has almost a monopoly on uranium supply, having bought the majority of US supply under Obama with the Traitor Hillary arranging the deal….Something which NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED.

          Oct 29, 2022 29:09 PM

          No, the uranium deal should have never occurred.

          Oct 29, 2022 29:10 PM

          China has also partnered up with Kazakhstan and now owns a significant portion of their uranium output as well. China is wisely positioned in nuclear power from all angles.

            Oct 29, 2022 29:17 PM

            They are very smart people, Brumple

      Oct 29, 2022 29:08 PM

      My feeling is that China represent s both an opportunity and a challenge!

      Oct 29, 2022 29:12 PM

      I guess that the dem candidate got his!

      Oct 29, 2022 29:16 PM

      And the point of this tragedy is?

    Oct 28, 2022 28:29 PM

    Irrelevant side note: Giselle dumping Brady at peak of his career earnings. What else are supermodels good for?

      Oct 29, 2022 29:37 AM

      Regardless of what’s being reported, he’s dumping her because she whines too much. If there’s one thing a guy doesn’t like, it’s a bitchy wife so he’s out the door.

      Oct 29, 2022 29:06 AM

      Lots of guys have the following priorities in order of most important
      1. His friends
      2. His sport
      3. His dog
      4. His wife
      When Brady went back to the Jags Gisele finally realised she’s never getting out of fourth place

        Oct 29, 2022 29:17 PM


      Oct 29, 2022 29:16 PM


        Oct 29, 2022 29:13 PM

        How a country like US with so many capable people there could put up with a leader like Biden is beyond me.

          Oct 29, 2022 29:17 PM

          I have absolutely no idea Brummple

    Oct 29, 2022 29:22 PM

    Biden & ilk won the election fair and square by cheating