The editorial that prompted the video.

Big Al
October 31, 2022
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It is getting way too crazy!

      Oct 31, 2022 31:11 PM

      I can absolutely guarantee you have not heard the truth about the Pelosi incident……
      Police called to an incident in the Bay Area WEAR BODYCAMS……by law.
      Have you seen any Bodycam footage ? I haven’t.
      The Pelosi house has lots of video surveillance. Seen any of that footage ?
      No actual truth is being told. Don’t expect it.

        Oct 31, 2022 31:31 PM

        Police Statement:

        So he broke in through the back door…….
        How come the broken glass was outside, not inside ?
        Nancy was not sleeping at the house. Why not ? Where was she ?
        Strange about this was a parked car observing the house was told by neighbors.
        If the perp is going to watch the house, why did he not make sure Nancy was inside ?
        Police got there in two minutes. Fantastic. Politicians get favored treatment. Must be nice.
        They also really through the book at the perp…..including elder abuse.

        Oct 31, 2022 31:23 PM

        foia request for body cam footage REFUSED.

        David Depape has BLM banner……Clearly LYING SCUM MEDIA when they say he is right wing.

          Nov 01, 2022 01:54 AM

          Very possible, CFS

        Nov 01, 2022 01:51 AM

        I am not sure about that.

    Oct 31, 2022 31:18 PM

    This is a must watch , please take 13 minutes to watch it ….. The BIGGEST gang of gangesters the World has ever known , have been for the past 100+ years , have been robbing & trying to destroy the Worlds population………………………………. Is SATAN winning ?

    Oct 31, 2022 31:19 PM

    The January 6th incident is about the only incident I can recall of Conservatives getting violent. And even then, contrary to leftwing lies, there was minimal violence.
    No Capitol Police were killed; although two conservatives were murdered by police.

    Oct 31, 2022 31:53 PM

    AL … Shame on You , in the last couple of minutes of the podcast , Jim had some really important information , that he was trying to put out there about the election steal , & you spoke over him & litterly shut him down … You should have stayed stum & let him finish . It appears you just got bored with the disscussion , & just wanted to end it ……. IMO

    Oct 31, 2022 31:53 PM

    Ron Paul : What if……. I irishtony , believe if 65% of the American people heard & seen this message today , & understood it . All American wars abroad , would end in a month.

      Oct 31, 2022 31:24 PM

      Great post…………………

        Oct 31, 2022 31:40 PM

        Hi Jerry …. I wonder how many actually heard it ? Not very many , it would seem. Jerry i am at that age where i am of the mind , that i dont really care about people anymore. I have spent most of my life fighting back against the system , & trying to warn people , about politicans , who pretend to care about the people , & have their best interests at heart. But the oppisite is the TRUTH. But the Feather in my cap is , my children & close friends , are wide awake to the S**T….. That is this World.

          Oct 31, 2022 31:51 PM

          Hello Irish………..
          thanks for the reply…..
          Family members are the ones you want to protect first…. If, they are aware, ….you have done your job.
          I kind of feel the same on getting the message out……. How long we been trying to help….
          A DANG LONG TIME……… most not listening …… just fact…..
          Larry, is right with the beer club…. clueless…….

            Oct 31, 2022 31:03 PM

            Hi Jerry … Trying to wake people up …. How many years , have You & i spent , trying to wake AL up. I thought we were getting there a couple of years ago , Perhaps the jabs have set him back !!!

            Oct 31, 2022 31:12 PM

            Does make one wonder……….

    Oct 31, 2022 31:10 PM

    no one will hear you irish..because…..

      Oct 31, 2022 31:27 PM

      Hi Larry … I agree , it’s the same in the UK … Give the people their football , & they are DEAF to everything else …….. Roman bread & Circus. ….. People are their own worst enemy. So F**K_EM.

      Nov 01, 2022 01:37 AM

      Yep, a show about nothing. So many people cannot critically think, they don’t know how. Our biggest failure as once free people – we live so well we didn’t pass on the gift of thought.

    Oct 31, 2022 31:55 PM

    F**KING HELL >>>> Have i just read a SH***Y Script , from a B rated Hollywood movie ?

      Oct 31, 2022 31:59 PM

      That is almost comical …………….. what a story line………….

      Both…. were in their undies……. like duh…..
      As I said…..Hope Paul has gotten his MONKEY POX VAC……

    Oct 31, 2022 31:23 PM

    It would appear that Biden lost his temper with the ” RIGHT ” person , If biden was really the true Presedent of the US , he would have told him to …. F**K_OFF

    Oct 31, 2022 31:18 PM
      Oct 31, 2022 31:00 PM

      Who’s your DePape? An illegal alien. And porn star Mika Brizenski should know better.

    Oct 31, 2022 31:58 PM

    POS Uncle Joe and POS Zelensky…

    “President Biden, reportedly showing his irritation, explained to Zelensky in that prior phone call, “The American people were being quite generous, ”

    Really? Do the American people have any choice where the money taken from them goes? Of course not. The little people have no say when a criminal regime takes their money and gives it to another criminal regime.

      Oct 31, 2022 31:03 PM

      But did he call him a lying dog-faced pony soldier?

      Nov 01, 2022 01:43 AM

      BS hype and planted news story from WH comms — the left is using this report to try and cover for his idiocy as they realize even their own leftist groupies are finally questioning why we are giving him so much $$.

    Oct 31, 2022 31:23 PM
    Oct 31, 2022 31:33 PM

    Hey boys, if you got some Rooskie rifles maybe you can sell them to Uncle Sucker…

    Oct 31, 2022 31:37 PM

    Hah! The Trumpkins are back at Rense…

      Oct 31, 2022 31:43 PM

      turns out JM is a stooge for MIC status quo…and al is stupid and clueless w low iq in general…hence high entertainment value on site…lmao

        Nov 01, 2022 01:11 AM

        uncalled for Larry.

          Nov 01, 2022 01:54 AM

          Seriously Larry – insulting Al with some of the words you used is not justified. What is your track record running a political blog and radio show? Al does a great job listening and not putting other people and their opinions down.

            Nov 01, 2022 01:34 PM

            Agree Tommy. Larry, that’s not necessary

        Nov 01, 2022 01:16 AM

        Larry, Although you may disagree, I find JM better informed than you on all the topics discussed in this forum…..other than some medical aspects perhaps.
        I am please to have witnessed the gradual recovery of Big Al from his stroke, wish him continued improving health and thank him for providing this forum.

      Nov 01, 2022 01:17 PM

      Hello larry………….

      thanks for all you do …….
      considering the plight we are ALL in……. and trying to find our way out of the mess….

      Even though the words are a little hash,…. I have found myself , in the KER JAIL(kicked off about 4 times)
      for various reason…. of course 4 times in 20 yrs is not that bad…. IMO

      Some do find character assignation criminal……. Sometime, the frustrations do come out.
      I am sure Owl and Jimmy, being christians can turn the other cheek…. and give you a little grace..(had to use that one, just in case HH is reading … lol) ..and wants to copy and paste… lol

      So, everyone should take a little time and spread some peace….

      And Yes………. We all , I believe do appreciate the KER…. and OWL and Jimmy

      You all have a great evening ……. and COOL OFF. … (everyone)…………..

    Nov 01, 2022 01:15 AM

    Uncalled for Larry.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:22 AM

    Good to see good things – SpaceX heavy falcon launch – when unleased, private enterprise and human innovation is frickin amazing. Love him or hate him, Elon will go down in history as a pioneer. Last 15 minutes is the time to watch

      Nov 01, 2022 01:05 AM

      I agree.
      (Althoiugh his solar cell operation not so great)

      Remember the name Laura Dehmlow, F.B.I. agent.

      Could that be her real name ?
      Certainly appropriate: For I cannot imagine a lower piece of Democrat scum. A real sleazy piece of scum that by hiding information caused the Biden election AND THE DEATH OF AMERICA, as we know it.
      (I depend on truth as defense against slander; as I believe her to be the suppressor of Hunter Biden information going public.)

    Nov 01, 2022 01:02 AM

    “What the Hell is Wrong With These People?”

      Nov 01, 2022 01:37 AM

      We do not yet have the full story.
      We do know the FBI has yet again told lies, presumably to protect Democrat leadership.
      A search through newspaper records quickly shows that the statement of no security video is clearly a deliberate lie.
      (Since for previous damage to this Pacific heights property, video footage was available.)

      Local radio speculation js that her husband was engaged in a homosexual liason and there was no break-in.
      I have no way of verifying or negating such speculation (Although a large knife or a small hand-axe strike me as superior weapons to hammers.)

    Nov 01, 2022 01:00 PM
    Nov 02, 2022 02:02 AM

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    – William J. Casey, CIA Director