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Big Al
October 31, 2022
    Oct 31, 2022 31:35 PM

    I am hearing the Weather turned cold in Ukraine and this week Putin will START his real attack, now that he can move heavy equipment over frozen ground.

      Oct 31, 2022 31:29 PM

      The invasion last February with over 150,000 troops, tanks, helo’s, airborne assaults, 100 mile long logistics convoys outside Kiyv, and massive bombing campaign wasn’t the real attack?
      Here are some facts, not opinions:
      Ukraine is more heavily defended from air with more sophisticated western ADA weapons than it was at the start of the war. That requires more Russian ground operations – armored maneuver has not gone well for Russians against western anti-tank weapons and small, mobile, concealed and hard to pinpoint Ukrainian ground elements with high moral.

      A major Russian breakthrough would require a massive maneuver element – but terrain and major water crossings makes that very difficult, even in winter. You don’t drive tanks over semi-frozen rivers. Russians are having to reinforce and refit the Crimea, Kherson, and Donbass regions with their call-up troops.
      Putin will do all he can to succeed, and will push for some offensives – but he is limited in resources, experienced manpower, arms, ammo. And he is facing a growing domestic concern about the length and cost in lives of his Special Military Operation. Unless he gets outside help in major ways, Belorussians, Chinese, Iranians or a major mass buildup of new recruits on the border (which no one is seeing yet,) I would expect more of the same.

        Oct 31, 2022 31:53 PM

        Part of the problem with your facts is, whose facts are they? There are facts and then there are different facts coming from serial western liars, which many people don’t trust anymore.

      Oct 31, 2022 31:39 PM

      Just a guess, but I think Russia moves when theyre ready.

      Whats happening now is Ukraine loses big numbers when they attack the front lines.

      Strange, ww1, most were lost with bayonet charges in the face of machine gun fire.
      Ukraine doesnt seem to have learned that lesson.

      This is such a huge advantage for the defender I could see them sayin “this works” “lets keep doin it.”
      They come on in the same ol way lets kill’em in the same ol way.

      But, Ukraine supposedly has 100s of thousands of men and it would take a long time, so, I think when Russia feels they have reduced them enuff thats when they move.

      And yupper, they want frozen ground.

      The devestation coming for Ukraine is gonna be ugly.
      The americans need to negotiate a peace. Yesterday!!

      But, watdoIno? Maybe Ukraine takes Moscow. Napoleon and Hitler couldnt do it, but they were bums, Zelinsky,ya, he’s our man, if he cant do it no one can. 😉

    Oct 31, 2022 31:26 PM

    Didnt seem like it was a big protest.

    If you see people in a restaurant at a gas station etc tell them they not wanted. What??

    Oct 31, 2022 31:08 PM

    The US wants to provoke and irritate China by parking some obsolete B-52 nuclear bombers in Australia about 7hrs flight time out of range, while supersonic missiles are aimed at American cities and only minutes away.
    Aussies will also be irritated since they don’t want to become a dump for US obsolete garbage.