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Big Al
November 1, 2022
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Big Al predicts a democratic win in Pennsylvania
    Nov 01, 2022 01:46 AM

    There is a rumor (2 sources) in D.C. that Nancy will resign after this election.

      Nov 01, 2022 01:15 PM

      And, maybe just enjoy the rest of her life beause I can’t believe that she is currently enjoying it.

        Nov 01, 2022 01:34 PM

        The attack on PeePee was a wake up call for her.

      Nov 02, 2022 02:04 AM

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
      – William J. Casey, CIA Director

        Nov 02, 2022 02:58 PM

        Makes sense to me, Jerry.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:07 PM

    The 911 call made by Mr. Pelosi describes David Depape, a friend (not by name).

    David Depape is apparently an illegal immigrant; a Canadian, who entered the country legally, but did not leave when he should.

      Nov 01, 2022 01:16 PM

      I betcha that he now wishes that he left when he should have.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:48 PM

    Media involvement in Censorship……
    You have no idea on data kept on you !
    My son worked for Google.
    You may think China keeps records on its citizens, but that pales in comparison compared with personal data kept by Google.
    If requested, Google can probably identify you by voice or face.
    It has extensive records of your views, purchases and movements….

      Nov 02, 2022 02:39 AM

      Google got big by being the best search engine. It is no longer a trustworthy search engine, for the past twelve years at least.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:23 PM

    You probably thought the CCP kept a lot of data on its citizens.
    Did you know that pales in comparison compared to what Google keeps on YOU.
    Using approximately 20 terawatt-hours per year google stores info and does searches.
    In case you don’t recognize how big a terawatt really is……..

    Google is using the equivalent of 20 million Grand Couley dams working with full water flow.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:45 PM

    From another site………. about PeePee Paul…………..

    It’s been a rumor for years in SF that Paul Pelosi is gay.

    They come in response to a “wellness check”. So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”They come in response to a “wellness check”. So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”

    Pelosi owned the hammer. Not Depape. Or, the male prostitute was doing something Pelosi didn’t like.”

    “And then there was the press conference when they didn’t know the mic was on. During that, a reporter confirmed that the suspect was a gay Castro Nudist, but (authorities) told him he couldn’t use it.”

    “Now tell me something. These people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nancy is third in line to the Presidency. You don’t think they have the most amazing security? And by the way, when Pelosi was in that drunk driving accident, he had a young man with him, and that too was covered up by the police and the press.”

    “How would (suspect Depape) have been able to break a window that without triggering an alarm? He didn’t. The police broke the window to gain entry.

    “My law firm served a lawsuit against Paul Pelosi one time in SF after attempting to serve at other residences-Napa, Georgetown. They weren’t home, but staff were, and multiple law enforcement officers were on the perimeter. Break-in is odd given this level of security.” said Harmeet Dillon, Republican National Committee Chairman.

    THANKS EBO……………… for the heads up………….

      Nov 01, 2022 01:49 PM

      You shall know them by their fruits…and Pelousy is pretty fruity…and SF is made up of fruits and nuts. But this will all be swept under the rug. Just like when Pelousy gets liquored up and gets in crashes…and just like the passenger in the last crash that conveniently was swept under the rug. That’s the way it works for our rulers and their minions.

        Nov 02, 2022 02:49 AM

        Just like Hilly and Billy………….. nothing is going to happen………..
        Sheeple better get a revelation………. LET THEM EAT CAKE………. 🙂
        Fruit Cake…………

      Nov 02, 2022 02:14 AM

      Might be a Good movie to see…………. when the dead suddenly die……………. and sheeple wonder why………..

    Nov 01, 2022 01:10 PM
      Nov 01, 2022 01:17 PM

      PEE PEE………… will drop all charges after the election……………
      otherwise,…PeePee, will not be allow back at the club……. 🙂

    Nov 01, 2022 01:37 PM

    One of the most interesting Tucker Carlson commentaries.

    As a professor who practised NO RACE DESCRIMINATION, I was always getting criticised because I actually anonimized my grade books, thereby eliminating sex or racial discrimination.

      Nov 01, 2022 01:51 PM

      Today that would be called racist…and sexist…and homophobic…and hateful…and ant-LGBTQXYZ+++

        Nov 01, 2022 01:32 PM

        But that was why I anonimized.

        Early in my career I was told to give football players a break.
        I replied that within time constraints I would always have multiple office hours available for help, but no one gets unequal treatments.

    Nov 01, 2022 01:10 PM

    Funny how these occurrences play out very Anthony Weinerish

    Nov 01, 2022 01:40 PM

    Senile Joe lives in a world of his own…….

    Nov 02, 2022 02:21 AM

    Any journalists who want to dig out corruption and political kick-backs….
    Here is a place to start:

    Nov 02, 2022 02:33 AM

    There’s nothing like breaking your own published rules:
    From the early 2000s, the international community increasingly focused on ensuring open and transparent reporting of foreign assistance data.The U.S. government has taken active steps to meet the commitments endorsed in the succession of documents on aid and development cooperation effectiveness, beginning with the Paris Declaration in 2005. In 2009 under U.S. leadership, the G20 Pittsburgh Leaders’ Statement noted the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action (2008) and committed to “work to increase the transparency of international aid flows by 2010.” As a consequence, the U.S. Government released a foreign aid transparency policy in April, 2010. The U.S. government codified this policy to achieve greater transparency in foreign assistance with the release of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Bulletin 12-01, which offers federal agencies guidance on the collection of U.S. foreign assistance data. Under the Bulletin, agencies that fund or execute foreign assistance programs are required to provide more detailed, and standardized budget, financial, and implementation data.

    In 2011, the United States became a founding member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) launched at the United Nations as a global agreement among dozens of nations to set basic standards of openness. As a member of OGP, the U.S. developed a series of National Action Plans (NAP), which committed to increasing transparency in foreign assistance. In November 2011, the U.S. government became a signatory to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) declaration and began publishing data in accordance with the IATI Standard.

    The principles of transparency in foreign assistance spending were further reinforced in 2016, with the passing of the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act (FATAA). FATAA further codified the foreign aid transparency policy and the guidance in OMB 12-01. It requires U.S. government agencies to monitor, evaluate, and report on U.S. foreign assistance programs and share these data with the public.

    Open Data License
    USAID and the Department of State provide data on the website (“this website”) to the public to further the agencies’ values of transparency, participation, and collaboration in tangible ways that benefit the American people. provides this data with either a Partner License or a Government Work License.

    USAID and the Department of State ask that the “” be cited as the source of the data used from this website.

    Data shown on are used to report to Congress, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Aid Transparency Initiative, and the Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD). USAID and the State Department are providing this information as a public service and make every effort to provide accurate and complete information. USAID and the Department of State expressly disclaim liability arising from use, reference to, or reliance on any data contained on this website. USAID and the the Department of State make no representations and grants no warranties, express or implied, and specifically disclaim any other warranties, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular use or purpose. USAID and the Department of State will make every effort to keep this site current and to correct errors brought to our attention. Errors and data requests are best reported via the USAID Data Services team at

    The data posted on this website may contain hypertext links or pointers to information created or maintained by other public and private organizations. These links and pointers are provided to enhance the public‘s information experience on the website and are not an endorsement of the U.S. government. USAID and the Department of State do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any linked information. USAID and the Department of State make no claims or guarantees about the accuracy and completeness of external data connected to this website, and expressly disclaim liability for errors or omissions.


    (And lies about cutting deficit)

    Nov 02, 2022 02:50 AM

    Yet another spread of BIRD LU virus at start of season…..
    This could be a bad year at a bad time.

      Nov 02, 2022 02:33 AM

      Price of eggs has gone up 50% in stores. I wonder whether there’s any connection…

        Nov 02, 2022 02:17 AM

        I don’t know how big a jump in cost of eggs was due to this cull, but it was the third cull at a time when as winter approaches laying of eggs drops off anyway.
        My estimate is currently supply is about 80% of summer peak.
        (It had also been dropping because of rising feed cost)
        I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of rising meat costs……
        Production of Beef, pork, chickens all down.

        I just don’t understand why leadership should be so moronic to cut energy supply.

        Lack of diesel will compound costs problems…….If this persists thru spring, then grain planting will be reduced at a time when stored reserves are running low.

          Nov 02, 2022 02:20 AM

          YOUR “leadership”……….. has been taken over………… to the dark side…….. real simple…..
          That is not that hard to see…… nor comprehend……

          The THREE highest jobs in the land……… PRES. VP. and Speaker of the HOUSE….
          The house of the Sheeple……. stolen elections, stolen money……. drug runners,….warmongers
          sleeping their way to the top…………….. really…….

    Nov 02, 2022 02:56 AM

    I always thought she was a bit off.

    Now I know shes way out in left field.
    A Commie Luni-tune:

    Nov 02, 2022 02:07 AM
    Nov 02, 2022 02:04 AM

    EXC: Hunter Biden’s Chinese Private Equity Firm Invested In Pfizer Partner Developing COVID-19 Drugs.


    Nov 02, 2022 02:05 AM

    BHR Partners – a private equity firm co-founded by Hunter Biden alongside Chinese Communist Party-run financial institutions – invested in Insilico Medicine, a biotechnology company working on COVID-19 treatments that recently partnered with Pfizer.
    BHR Partners, a highly controversial joint venture between an investment fund founded by Biden and Obama-era Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson and the state-owned Bank of China, has been part of two multi-million-dollar f
    unding rounds for Insilico Medicine: a $35,000,000 raise in August and a $60,000,000 raise in

    GET THE JAB…………………… 🙂

    Nov 02, 2022 02:07 AM

    The president’s son pledged to divest of his 10 percent stake in BHR Partners in 2019, which was notoriously birthed less than two weeks after Biden traveled to China alongside his father and then-Vice President, but reportedly still owns 10 percent of the fund.

    When a White House spokesman was asked about the status of Biden’s financial relationship with BHR Partners on October 26th, he refused to say that the president’s son had divested his shares in the company.

    MONEY MONEY MONEY…………….. for the MONKEY………

    Nov 02, 2022 02:32 AM

    THE FED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    According to its latest balance sheet, the Fed owns $8.3 TRILLION worth of bonds. That’s a pretty big portfolio.

    Remember, though, that bond prices fall as interest rates go up. So as the Fed has been aggressively raising rates lately, they’ve managed to create enormous losses of their own bond portfolio.

    In fact the Fed lost $3.2 billion just last week alone. And in the month of October, they lost $4.1 billion.

    $4.1 billion constitutes roughly 10% of the Fed’s entire capital base, so it’s a LOT of money for them to lose, especially in a single month. And these losses are mostly the result of their interest rate hikes that have caused their bond portfolio to lose value.

    At this pace the Fed will be completely insolvent by next spring, at which point they’ll require a bailout from the federal government. I’m sure America’s adversaries will be terrified by such a display of financial strength.

    Of course, MMT suggests that the Fed will first have to print the money for its own government bailout. Truly bizarre.

    What’s notable here, though, is that the Fed typically earns a very healthy profit each year… and those profits ultimately flow into the Treasury Department and become a funding source for the US government.

    But now the Fed doesn’t have profits. It has losses. So the government is about to lose a source of revenue…

    Coincidentally, another source of government revenue used to be interest payments received on student debt. But with the stroke of a pen, the President recently canceled student debt, eliminating another important source of government revenue.

    Yet simultaneously while policymakers deliberately torpedo government funding sources, they continue to engage in completely reckless deficit spending (insisting it will “cost nothing”) and taking on larger amounts of debt at higher rates of interest.

    This is literally the opposite of what any sensible person would do.

      Nov 02, 2022 02:26 AM

      Hunter and the lap top…………… Isn’t Grassley retiring after this year….. ?

        Nov 02, 2022 02:48 AM

        Grassley isn’t retiring yet – he is old, and should do it soon, but my guess is he will win this race, bring up a good judicial oversight youngun like Josh Howley to take over the committee after a year or two, and retire to allow Kim Renyolds to make an appointment of a new Rep Senator in Iowa.

          Nov 02, 2022 02:13 AM

          thanks for the reply and thought………………

    Nov 02, 2022 02:06 AM

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    – William J. Casey, CIA Director

    Nov 02, 2022 02:42 AM
    Nov 02, 2022 02:19 PM

    Talk about losing your FREEDOM………………. moving into a NON ASsisted or assisted retirement home….
    You better go and visit for a few months before you decide…….
    I have been going to assisted and NON ASSISTED….. retirement villages, home … for over 2 yrs.
    End results…. you get the JAB….
    I have seen where the residence VOTED for the JAB…………