Busy day for a Friday !

Big Al
November 18, 2022
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Will The Republicans dicuss The Abortion Issue during the next election?

    Nov 18, 2022 18:33 PM

    The abortion topic will be covered if they believe it will get them votes.
    I doubt very much they would care for any other reason.

      Nov 18, 2022 18:41 PM

      You could be correct, Southfront!

    Nov 18, 2022 18:06 PM

    It has to be Friday…….The Democrats do something SNEAKY……We knew it was coming


    Nov 18, 2022 18:19 PM

    The Abortion issue is incredibly simple if phrased correctly.

    At what age does a fertilized Human Egg HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS. ?

    Historically the range has gone from a few years after birth… late Roman times, and at the short end it has been……..the instance of fertilization.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:54 PM

      A few years’ after birth?

    Nov 18, 2022 18:44 PM

    Do you realize the US government has MORE personal fire power among its non military employed members, than the US Marine Corps
    More armed personnel.
    More automatic rifles.
    More sub-machine guns.
    and 87,000 new IRS agents in training.
    2 innocent women were murdered on Jan 6……and nothing done.
    The raid on Trump’s home has been ruled unjustified, but the Democrats are doubling down;
    This is becoming a truly scary country in which to live.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:50 AM

      Repubs are going to eliminate 87,000 IRS agents……… through budget….. according to House

        Nov 19, 2022 19:31 PM

        Kind of hope so.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:53 PM

      Certainly some thought=-provoking actions!

    Nov 18, 2022 18:54 PM

    Do we live in a Democratic Republic ?
    Where ls the Justice Department investigation. ?

    Looks like to me we live in a Democrat Oligarchy

    Nov 18, 2022 18:04 PM

    Tucker Carlson tonight….

    Seems to me we live in a Democrat oligarchy.

    The Sheriff and Mayor are both SCUM Democrats.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:42 PM

      I agree that The Reds need to devote some efort to younger people.

    Nov 18, 2022 18:21 PM
      Nov 19, 2022 19:40 PM

      I have heard that a lot of people are cancelling Thanksgiving or at lesst not have a big Feast!

    Nov 18, 2022 18:02 PM

    AL and the Boys ! Live from The Eropean EU all Europeans Don’t Wond !!!!!!!

    Nov 19, 2022 19:29 AM

    FTX crypto (Bankman-Fried) alone donated over $11 MILLION to Biden over the last two years…..

      Nov 19, 2022 19:35 PM

      We also discussed this on the Weekend Radio Program.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:34 PM

      Jim and I discussed this in passing on the Weekend Radio Program.