Weekend Show – Politics

November 19, 2022
  • Segment 1 – We open the program discussing the tenure of our economy
  • Segment 2 – We discuss the FTX crypto exchange debacle
  • Segment 3 – We discuss the impact of social media on news reporting
  • Segment 4 – We discuss Jeffrey Tucker’s article The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response

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    Nov 19, 2022 19:05 AM

    Dr. Campbell roasts WHO:

    Heavily criticizing bankers for making decisions on medical policies.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:30 PM

      Campbell is an interesting guy who shows up on my phone pretty consistently.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:25 AM

    WHO………… nobody elected these morons………
    World does not need to pay any attention to these crooks……
    Round um up…..lock um down………
    7 billion against a handful of idiots….

      Nov 19, 2022 19:51 AM

      Unfortunately the WHO makes recommendations that countries tend to adopt.
      It looks like New Zealand is about to adopt a digital vaccine passport.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:32 AM

        Unfortunately for those who are stupid enough to listen……..
        And just who gave them such a power as to act in this fashion…..
        The World Health Organization (WHO) is the UN agency
        Created in 1948 as part of the United Nations

        the WHO has become increasingly dependent on voluntary contributions, which puts pressure on the organization to align its goals with those of its donors……..humm

        Nov 19, 2022 19:29 PM

        You never know, CFS

    Nov 19, 2022 19:24 AM

    There have been major Gillet Jaune (yellow jacket) protests going on in major French cities.
    Judging by signs, they seem split between “climate change” and “no war” signs.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:10 AM

      Hi CFS … Heres todays march & protest by the Yellow Vest’s in France . One thing you have to say about the French & people in other EU contries , is at least they bother to get of their ass’es & get out there & make their voices heard …. Unlike Americans.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:17 AM

        Well the French have smaller asses….. and are easier to get off of………. 🙂

        Americans like their donuts,coke, ice cream,…and McDonalds with a big Fry….. lol…..
        (I have not been in a McD for 20 yrs…. ) ..SUPER SIZE ME….did it for me….
        Super Size was a Guy who ate nothing be McD for 30 days and almost died….

          Nov 19, 2022 19:11 PM

          That does not surprise me at all Jerry!

      Nov 19, 2022 19:28 PM

      Couple of interesting subjects!

    Nov 19, 2022 19:57 AM


      Nov 19, 2022 19:27 PM

      Was that Clinton?

    Nov 19, 2022 19:51 AM

    Jerry …. Have You had any snow yet ? If You do , i hope its not as bad as these poor sods got .

      Nov 19, 2022 19:02 AM

      Hello Irish………… Just had a light covering one day………. all gone now………
      That was last week……. The LAKE EFFECTS(as they call it )…
      wind traveling over the GREAT LAKES,….. coming from a cold blast out of Canada,
      usually, … is the problem.
      Since, we are on the edge,.. in Indianapolis….. anything could happen., from time to time, not today.
      anything over 6 inch for us is a problem…….. We never get the dump like NY.
      4 to 6 ft….. would not be good for our region…….

      Hey, and thanks for asking.
      I hope all is well with you……
      The Nut Jobs at the G20….. are trying to put the vaxs passport together…. what a bunch of IDIOTS.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:33 AM

        Jerry …. It’s Torch & Pitchforks time.

          Nov 19, 2022 19:41 AM

          DITTO…………… Sheeple need to wake up……… Voting them out is not an option… they were never elected by WE THE PEOPLE…..FACT

            Nov 19, 2022 19:09 PM

            You are obviously talking aboutThe Supreme Court

            Nov 20, 2022 20:03 AM

            The subject matter was the WHO……..
            …… not the Court., but, we did not vote for them either…….
            The courts are entirely another subject matter, but, all tied together in this ONE BIG FRAUD.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:21 PM

      None here yet, Irish.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:32 AM

    .Why Are Four Republican Senators Leading Talks With Illegal Aliens to Sneak Amnesty Through in Lame Duck Session?


      Nov 19, 2022 19:45 AM

      Well……… WHERE IN THE HELL Is JORDAN and the OTHERs……….they.. should be SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF……..

      IT IS Called and INVASION………… if, you believe there is a REAL USof A……..
      but, we have been under a FAKE republic for a 100 yrs……

        Nov 19, 2022 19:08 PM

        US of A?

      Nov 19, 2022 19:10 PM

      See my comment above

    Nov 19, 2022 19:40 AM

    do you believe in Why Are Four Republican Senators Leading Talks With Illegal Aliens to Sneak Amnesty Through in Lame Duck Session? ?

    Why Are Four Republican Senators Leading Talks With Illegal Aliens to Sneak Amnesty Through in Lame Duck Session?

      Nov 19, 2022 19:09 PM

      Has to be a joke, CFS!

    Nov 19, 2022 19:48 AM

    Oh , so free speech matters , when it suites them…. imo that judge should be locked up.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:54 AM

      Freak WOKE………….. Judge should be on the hot seat……WAS APPOINTED BY OBAMA
      Judge really has no STANDING…….. he is just a BAR attorney…. a master of the SEA LAW….
      According to the real law……
      No comments from any traitors of the BAR……. you are all guilty……..

      John 8:32
      King James Version
      32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:01 PM

        thanks for the referral to scriptures, ootb

      Nov 19, 2022 19:07 PM

      DeSantis has to be angry

    Nov 19, 2022 19:13 PM

    So the Prime Minister of New Zealand talks about vaccine passports and SHE GETS AN INVITATION TO CHINA.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:00 PM

      I didn’t know that, so thanks CFS

    Nov 19, 2022 19:19 PM

    Will someone please get that stupid moron out of the WHITE HOUSE, before he does even more damage.

    We are entering several decades of GLOBAL COOLING.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:28 PM

      THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT>……………….. Called CHEM TRAILS……… been talking about this for a long time,.. NOW OFFICIAL ……….

      from the article….
      This research would be dedicated specifically to a form of geoengineering known as “solar radiation management,” which involves spraying fine aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.
      MORONS MESSING with the wrong GOD………… Just like before,….

      Matthew 28:18
      New International Version
      18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

      And I SEE NO POWER bestowed on Nancy and JOE and Little Obamy

        Nov 19, 2022 19:44 PM

        Christ is seated at the right hand of God, where he is crowned as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. That was a tremendous blow to all worldly or satanic powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places.
        See any Marxist, and Woke in this statement………

          Nov 19, 2022 19:50 PM

          2 Corinthians 4:4
          Amplified Bible
          4 among them the god of this world [Satan] has blinded the minds of the unbelieving to prevent them from seeing the illuminating light of the gospel of the glory of Christ,

            Nov 19, 2022 19:47 PM

            Thanks and God bless you, Jerry.

          Nov 19, 2022 19:48 PM

          Marxists, yes and Wokes not sure do you?

        Nov 19, 2022 19:52 PM

        Neither do I, Jerry!

      Nov 19, 2022 19:59 PM

      Interesting comment CFS

    Nov 19, 2022 19:29 PM

    Happy Mens Day …………………………….. Or Perhaps Not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nov 19, 2022 19:51 PM

      Not funny, Irish! I am a man and so are you!

        Nov 20, 2022 20:56 PM

        Now, now…ARE YOU SURE??? You are a man??? Biden’s Supreme Court justice would beg to differ…and who can doubt Biden’s Supreme Court justice??? After all, as Biden’s Supreme Court justice famously said when explaining why she couldn’t provide a definition for the term woman, “I am not a biologist.” DO YOU think you are a biologist???

    Nov 19, 2022 19:35 PM

    Talk about left-wing conspiracies…..DIRTY TRICKS.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:58 PM

    How long COVID ruined my life (and why it won’t go away)

    The economic disaster of COVID

      Nov 19, 2022 19:46 PM

      Poor Guy!

      Nov 19, 2022 19:33 PM

      But what a pathetic excuse for a medical system.
      Waiting 15 months for a “specialist”…..Sorry, damage done….irreversible.
      Doctor Self congratulates on how quickly vaccines were developed…….
      But fails to recognize Vaccines don’t work well.
      The problem is that covid is a bioweapon engineered to largely effect caucasians.
      And the best medicine,Ivermectin, actually found quickly, but only working really effectively if given early, was politically with-held. (After a few months there appears irreversible internal damage, in some people.)

    Nov 19, 2022 19:02 PM

    Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?

    WIth half of energy-water infrastructure destroyed now, millions more refugees will flee to the West

      Nov 19, 2022 19:44 PM

      What a terrible mess, AJ

      Nov 19, 2022 19:16 PM

      Ukraine’s infrastructure will not survive. Many will die of cold, over winter.
      Globally, we are going into food shortages.
      It seems almost planned for reduction of world population is happening
      as energy shortages disrupt commerce, causing recessions world wide.
      Banks are fraising interest rates to fight inflation, but will only make recessions worse.
      Then governments will pump in money, but that will drive inflation higher still.
      We have too much money chasing too few goods as it is.
      The Democrat dimwits in the White House just don’t understand.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:59 PM

        You have covered most of the bases.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:02 PM

      “millions more refugees will flee to the West”

      Does the author of that statement have any actual knowledge of the terrain ?
      Yes, it’s fairly flat, but it’s damn cold with whipping winds this time of year and getting worse for the next 4 months. Cheap flights, if not most flights, ceased to exist as of a couple of years ago.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:36 PM

    Taiwan invasion ‘dangerous game’ for China, top US general warns

      Nov 19, 2022 19:51 PM
      As much as I hate to agree with Biden, I do not see an imminent invasion of Taiwan.
      Looking at satellitelite imagery, I do not see any build up of CCP forces.
      I see some work on Chinese mainland airfields.
      Some work on fighters is reported, but not rushed or excessive.
      Their (CCP) Naval forces HAVE BEEN VASTLY IMPROVED over the last few years.
      (And it appears CCP anti-satellite capability can “blind” the US,as needed.)

        Nov 19, 2022 19:57 PM

        I am glad to hear that.

          Nov 19, 2022 19:40 PM

          Alas, the key word was imminent.

          Ultimately, I fully expect CCP to take over Taiwan…..could be in less than a year.
          Just won’t be in next 4 months.

        Nov 19, 2022 19:04 PM

        Longer term, China is facing serious demographic, energy, agriculture, and naval challenges. If China attacks Taiwan all the valuable infrastructure (chip manufacturing) will be destroyed. If China attacks Taiwan maybe the US as a whole would realize a unified response is required…either way my outlook for the US is positive

    Nov 19, 2022 19:36 PM

    Mc Carthy used ” FTX ” cash to defeat Conservatives in 2022.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:20 PM

    Georiga Meloni ( Italian Prime Minster ) exposed France & their child labour in Africa.

      Nov 19, 2022 19:04 PM

      I had read that this Georiga Meloni video was from a discussion – presentation she had done well before she became Italian Prime Minster. She has a lot of courage and is a very admirable politician. The media tries to discredit her just as they do to any honest politician in this country.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:33 PM

    AL … A follow up for You on my link above , Re. Mens Day …. This Lady Gets it.

    Nov 19, 2022 19:52 PM
      Nov 19, 2022 19:15 PM

      Fixing our elections is simple, establish an election day rather than an election season, absentee ballots restricted to only those with a good reason to be unable to vote in person, voter ID’s required, hand counted paper ballots. The paper ballots need to be printed on verifiable security paper like banknotes.

        Nov 20, 2022 20:34 AM

        Hi Andy . Thanks for Your replies…….. And WELCOME to the KER …. Keep posting.

        Nov 20, 2022 20:23 AM

        Except, although while I believe many politicians start out with altruistic motives of wanting to help people, I also believe many soon become corrupted into believing that re-election is most important.
        So they wish to be able to stack the deck.
        They wish to harvest ballots and influence votes.
        Once you have a stack of hundreds or even thousands of ballots, it is a small, but totally illegal step, to “accidentally” lose those ballots not voting for them, or even to change the vote.
        Even better, if you pay a mule to do it ! (Total deniability)
        And so we have HAD ELECTION FRAUD increasing in recent elections.
        The perpetrators of the theft, DEMOCRATS mostly, DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM.
        Thus the system will not change until the voters refuse to accept it any more.

          Nov 20, 2022 20:16 AM

          All preplanned……….. been going on …….. for a very long time…………
          sheeple, have been asleep a very long time………….
          Past Presidents have gone along with the plan, even when they might not have known about it.
          And some certainly did know of the plan……. some informed us of the plan,…. nobody was listening.
          Too busy with life, beer and a ball game……

    Nov 20, 2022 20:35 AM


    Nov 20, 2022 20:46 AM

    Dual track Justice IS NO JUSTICE.

    The rich and powerful, BIDEN, CLINTON, etc. Steal and get away with it.


      Nov 20, 2022 20:11 AM

      The insiders are allowed to steal as much as they want…… just as long as they go along with the PLAN…
      Overall PLAN……… eliminate the SHEEPLE OF THE WORLD…….. hard to believe but,……
      A WORLD……….
      We have a Potential someone who says he is for the american sheeple , when in fact he will not denounce the JAB……… which is in fact part of the Plan to eliminate people…. not save people.
      Why……….. sheeple emit to much CO2…. ,….laugh if you want, ….. but, sheeple need to
      get informed on the AGENDA…..of the WHO…..

        Nov 20, 2022 20:58 AM

        The sheeple DO NOT EMIT TOO MUCH CO2.
        Carbon Dioxide is plant food.
        We have had in our history MORE THAN A factor of TEN more CO2 without thermal runaway.

        CO2, in fact, LAGS temperature…….LOOK AT HISTORICAL NUMBERS.
        For POLITICAL REASONS only , some insane people talked about Global Warming.
        The VERY FACT that they had to change the name to climate change should alert the sheeple to the fact that this is a big lie.

          Nov 20, 2022 20:06 PM

          I KNOW THAT………….. But, the agenda is to eliminate the sheeple……and the CO2 is …. totally a side distraction…
          The pieces all fit with a Gate’s agenda, and the NWO …. and the WHO, UN……and G20.
          These MORONS……. are trying to DUPE everyone stupid sheeple with an agenda….

    Nov 20, 2022 20:03 AM

    World headed for silver deficit – report

    The world is on the brink of a major silver supply shortage this year, the Silver Institute,……….

    We have been hearing this for more years than I can recall, what might be interesting is this is reported on RT.
    700 million viewers in 100 countries.

    Nov 20, 2022 20:13 AM

    Leaked to media, then immediately classified by Joe – I am only repeating material published before classification……
    And Hunter made business deals in many of these countries AND EVEN ON AIR FORCE 2.

    Nov 20, 2022 20:19 AM

    The cheapskate’s tax evasion alone should call for time behind bars and a loss of a mansion or two.

      Nov 20, 2022 20:12 PM

      LOL…………. there is not going to be any prosecution …….. dream world…….
      You have been DUPED…… you think the FBI, CIA , DOJ……. is going to allow that…..
      Just ONE BIG CIRCUS…..

    Nov 20, 2022 20:45 AM

    World headed for silver deficit – report

    The world is on the brink of a major silver supply shortage this year, the Silver Institute,……….

    We have been hearing this for more years than I can recall, what might be interesting is this is reported on RT.
    700 million viewers in 100 countries.

    Nov 20, 2022 20:58 PM

    Blast from the past ….. Ron 2005…….
    The public also plays a role in the erosion of our judiciary. Since many citizens lack basic knowledge of our Constitution and federalist system, they are easily manipulated by media and academic elites who tell them that judges are the absolute and final arbiters of US law. But the Supreme Court is not supreme over the other branches of government; it is supreme only over lower federal courts. If Americans wish to be free of judicial tyranny, they must at least develop basic knowledge of the judicial role in our republican government. The present state of affairs is a direct result of our collective ignorance.

    Dr. Ron Paul i

    The congressional power to strip federal courts of jurisdiction is plainly granted in Article III, and no constitutional amendments are required. On the contrary, any constitutional amendment addressing judicial activism

    Nov 20, 2022 20:09 PM

    Jerry……this is for you:

    Nov 20, 2022 20:10 PM

    Jerry……this is for you:

      Nov 21, 2022 21:11 AM

      Thanks……….. At least she has a brain and grounded in truth….and can see what is happening in Europe… Good take on the EU….. good interview…..

    Nov 20, 2022 20:30 PM

    I never cease to be amazed at how destructive to the country Biden can be……

    Nov 21, 2022 21:49 AM

    G20 agreed to digital dollar to be issued by Federal Reserve out of New York.

    Biden is oing to change the US beyond recognition !

      Nov 21, 2022 21:21 AM

      What 0bama was talking about in his keynote speech at the 2004 convention.

    Nov 21, 2022 21:39 AM

    I have only read a summary of the G20 meeting.
    What worries me is that the creation of the digital dollar “will aid international monetary transfers”.
    The question is then; will the U.S. dollar remain the sole reserve currency.

    It is what is NOT in the G20 summary that concerns me more than what is included.
    There is nothing that explains why China has been buying so much gold.

      Nov 21, 2022 21:19 PM

      I could not get The Rubin Report to come up.

        Nov 23, 2022 23:14 PM

        youtube is increasingly censoring.

    Nov 21, 2022 21:01 PM

    Sharing is Caring………….. 🙂 Where is the Money?
    By Anna Von Reitz

    Isn’t the answer obvious? It’s where it’s been (illegally) since 1863.

    It’s in the possession and control of the U.S. Military and all their various minions administering the equally illegal National Banking Emergency Act and National Securities Emergency Act: the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements — and all of which crimes against our Government and our People, remain largely unabated.

    Soldiers and sailors don’t know much about money, except how to spend it.

    Nobody from first-to-last wants to take the blame for it, because these are all capital hang-from-the-yardarms crimes.

    We could do what I’ve suggested, and blame Abraham Lincoln and FDR for it, both of whom are long-dead and who are the point sources for the worst of it, but tempers (and fears) are running high.

    The actual government of this country has offered amnesty in return for cleaning this Mess up, but some people are aware of just how Draconian the Uniform Code of Military Justice can be and they fear what their own hands have done.

    Many corporation CEOs, doctors, nurses, and attorneys are just waking up to the fact that they are occupying military offices. That means that scumbags like Bill Gates and insiders like Warren Buffett aren’t considered civilians when it comes to this.

    It also means that many of these “officers” are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, tearing up their Bar Cards and leaving their posh medical practices behind, trying to find a nice safe out-of-the way hole to hide in.

    This is adding to the overall chaos and clamor, especially in places like New York and DC. For a great many of the elite members of society, this is Cover Your Butt (and your neck) time. Entire hospital staffs have been decimated and a great many people have taken “early retirement” to avoid being complicit (or further complicit) in the jab debacle.

    Add to this, somewhere just woke up for the first time in 160 years and realized the function of Central Banks — that they are commodity rigging enterprises, and while they primarily rig the supply of money and credit, they also rig labor markets and more conventional commodities like orange juice and sow bellies.

    Since we began our quest to reclaim and recoup American gold and silver resources and hold the banks and collection agencies(IRS) accountable for failure to provide our exemptions and remedies, a giant kerfuffle has begun on a worldwide basis with all the various governments and Agencies and banks trying to simultaneously: (1) cover their butts and (2) blame someone else.

    The U.S. Military, aka, the British Territorial Raj of _________ (fill in the blank with the name of your country) is resisting the inevitable denouement and remediation. Right now the big struggle is over who gets to spawn and profit from the next generation of “notes” and what form those “notes” will take.

    The British-Chinese-controlled replacement for the UNITED STATES, INC. wants to put a Chinese-style Social Credit system in place, which would allow their government Draconian control over buying and selling activities worldwide.

    It’s just another kind of commodity rigging scheme that uses computer surveillance and “keys” and algorithms to do the same thing Central Banks do, but they do it on the level of each individual.

    You don’t like someone? You turn off their bank account and steal their money with a keystroke.

    That kind of oppressive power can never be allowed to any government.

    Especially not a backdoor British Raj Government pretending to be Chinese.

    The people pushing this are British in Chinese clothing, and they speak perfect Mandarin. They are the elite bankers of Hong Kong and Shanghai who have been schooled by the Bank of England for more than a hundred years.

    They, not the Communist Party, are the Comptrollers in China— and if we sit still for it, they will shortly be telling you which brand of state-sponsored mayonnaise you can buy.

    They will also be telling you when to sit down and when to wipe your butt and when to die, because Bill Gates sold them the technology to “imprint” your bodies with 5G “resonant Dot” technology that was delivered via the Covid-19 vaccination.

    So, you’ve got Idiot Joe, and you’ve got Trump, who is a sharp businessman, but not, apparently, able to do more than stand in the background like a cheerleader spinning narratives.

    The bid by Larry Fink (BlackRock) and the Bush Clan (Vanguard) didn’t work out, because, once again, someone woke up and realized that the entire mortgage industry worldwide is crooked, and so is the insurance industry. None of those asset claims can hold water.

    The top Barristers in England and the top Jurists in the United States have now concluded the obvious — that this entire system which has grown up over the past 100-plus years, is inherently criminal, built on fraud and coercion and unbridled racketeering under color of law, enforced by “District Courts” as in “District of Columbia Courts” which have no proper authority to exist outside of the District of Columbia.

    The fight over “going digital” –an option provided by the CIA Operation nicknamed “Crimson Door” for a reason, versus a Cash Economy is crucial. Humanity has to win this one.

    And if we go for a cash economy, whose cash do we use?

    The Government corporations are reduced to operating on somebody else’s credit (ours) so they have to use Notes. Naturally, their attention is centered on creating more and more and more credit for themselves, not on creating more valuable assets — which is short-sighted in the extreme, but nonetheless true.

    The most obvious and most immediate answer is to use the Kennedy Dollars that JFK and Marcos agreed upon and which have been sitting in “uncut” condition in warehouses since the 1960’s, but the U.S. Navy doesn’t think that they could control these well enough to keep them from disappearing like dew in the morning, straight into investor’s pockets and out of the actual economy. And we are not willing to give an “Open Endorsement” to authorize unbridled printing of gold certificates against our assets, so there would be no way to keep up with worldwide consumer demand.

    The Navy is probably right about the “snowflake on a grill” assessment for the use of Kennedy Dollars, as hoarding instincts are at an all-time high and investors are perfectly desperate to find convenient, fungible, gold-backed investment options. What is brewing now makes the shortage of MTN’s for banks and institutional investors look like a child’s tea party and it bleeds down to the consumer level.

    So, then, what? The frontrunner for a cash economy would then be the “United States Note” which would be based on the value of all US Corporations and would make the Corporations the slaves instead of the people. Of course, the Brits and certain other parties in Rome are kicking like Army Mules against that idea, but it would work, and there is a certain poetic justice to it.
    There is also our Global Federation Dollar, which would be based on the value of all resources, natural resources and created products and labor, worldwide. The GFD is a natural and desirable option because it includes everyone’s assets as a market “value” parameter and that then gives everyone a seat at the table and an incentive for doing good in the world.

    The only way the currency gains ground is if the nations get off their butts and take care of the oceans and forests, and invest in your health and your education. Such a “positively incentivized” currency has many social and practical advantages, not the least of which is its ability to act as a hedge against local market losses.

    Oh, excuse me, but you mean — where is your relief right now? Your money as in, money in your bank account? Money that our team has been fighting to get to you for months? It’s held up in the squabble of how and with what do we replace the infamous Federal Reserve Note?

    The Federal Reserve Note is going bye-bye so with what, exactly, are we going to pay you — and with what transfer system?

    Right now, your money is safe enough, piled up in vaults and symbolized as digits, but the digits have to pay out in some specific form, and if it’s no longer viable to use Federal Reserve Notes — what species of credit note can the government run on?

      Nov 21, 2022 21:16 PM

      Ever think about writing a book. I am very ervious. I do want information like you are coming up with on this site.

    Nov 21, 2022 21:15 PM

    Strange Article .. Has anyone heard of , DEAGLE ? … They predict Depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025.
    With the way people around the World are DYING from the covid shots , then maybe they are on to something …… Make of this article , what you will.

      Nov 21, 2022 21:48 PM

      Not noticed before………… BUT…….
      Edwin A. Deagle, Jr., Ph.D.
      Director, International Relations
      The Rockefeller Foundation
      CFR – Clinton Aide

      “” which is owned by Edwin A. Deagle, Jr., Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and Assistant Secretary of Defense.

        Nov 21, 2022 21:55 PM

        Tells you a lot………if, you follow the bread crumbs……….

        I Have been doing research today……………
        DEPOPULATION…Is the plan of SOME ……….. but, there is some other info which might tie some info together, which is coming from China.

        I was going to post some info…….but, some would just consider it nuts…….

        Some of which has been going on a very long time…..with “the” USofA FAKE CORPORATION, which is tied to the Act of 1871, ….which I have been reviewing for several years now….
        Realize, … these guys are NUTs…….. which are followers of the elites……

        And the Act of 1871……. takes your country England into play. Everyone should be informed of the
        Civil War….and the Debt caused by that war.

        Nov 21, 2022 21:06 PM

        Thanks again, Jerry

        Nov 21, 2022 21:11 PM

        Interesting coincidence Jerry.

      Nov 21, 2022 21:12 PM

      I did go over this information, Gordon. Pretty scary especially when you tie in Coved. Thanks

      Nov 21, 2022 21:23 PM

      IRISH…………… the last sentence in your article is interesting………
      We are not tied to any government in any way. We are not a dealer in death or in satanic worship or in weapons as there are rumors floating around the Internet about this. Be aware that the forecast is nothing more than a model, whether it is wrong or correct. It is not the word of God or some magical device that predicts the future.