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November 26, 2022
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  • Segment 1 – We opine on the changes in street violence in America.
  • Segment 2 – We discuss the voting results in Maricopa County.
  • Segment 3 – More discussion on Covid and the recent action by Missouri.
  • Segment 4 – How complete are the Covid statistics?

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    Nov 26, 2022 26:29 AM

    Nov 26 The Richest Man in the World UNZ

      Nov 26, 2022 26:03 AM

      GReAt Article………. kind of what we have been saying for decades…………
      Jewish financiers in the background. Today, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others are in this category, firms that could not possibly have attained their extent of market control without both heavy financing and intense planning originating elsewhere.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:52 PM

        I don’t think that I agree with you on this one!

          Nov 26, 2022 26:02 PM

          But Jerry you seem to be correct yet again you old SOB

      Nov 26, 2022 26:07 AM

      not widely-known, that one of the Rothschilds financed Rockefeller’s creation of Standard Oil, and did the same with Andrew Carnegie’s steel empire and the Harriman railroad fortune in the US, among others. The financing was usually done through J. P. Morgan, who was a Rothschild agent for all of his career, and in fact Morgan’s banking interests themselves were much more European Jewish than they were American.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:54 PM

        OOTB what difference does that make and that is an honest question from an old collegue of yours

          Nov 26, 2022 26:38 PM

          The big difference is ……….. who really…….is running the BIG SHOW…………

        Nov 26, 2022 26:59 PM

        I just verifed your comment and, by God, you are correct. Thank you Jerry, I learn something new every single day from my friends on the blog. God Bless you.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:09 AM

      as few as 400 companies, and perhaps even as few as 250 companies, own outright or at least have control of, more than 40% of all the value listed on all stock exchanges everywhere.[3]
      But behind those 400 or 250 companies is that same number of men controlling those companies. Even though most large corporations are listed as public, with sometimes hundreds of millions of shares outstanding, we cannot know where the true control lies. Increasingly, many of the shares are held by proxies like Blackrock or Blackstone or other investment groups,

        Nov 26, 2022 26:55 PM

        That is surprising to me, Jerry. Can you please provide a source. Thank you

          Nov 26, 2022 26:33 PM

          OWL………. this is just paste and copy …………FROM THE Article above……… 🙂
          You should read the Entire article……………. Irish would be proud of you , if you did,…and
          so would a few others……………….here….. 🙂

      Nov 26, 2022 26:17 AM

      Internet-related firms like Google, Meta, Amazon, Dell, Oracle, again all Jewish,

        Nov 26, 2022 26:10 PM

        Jeff Bezos parrents financed Amazon while he was still running it out of his garage. I don’t believe that they are Jewish.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:35 PM

          Do not believe that is the case………… Jeff was all set up way in advance….. check his grandfather…
          No way does a used book seller come into such fortune ……..

            Nov 26, 2022 26:50 PM

            Similar arguments are true for Zuckerberg, Bezos, the Google Twins and others. None have the knowledge or ability, nor the enormous financing to do the things they are supposedly doing. Neither their fortunes nor their abilities can possibly be real.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:20 AM

      The main North American media companies (all owned by Jews)

        Nov 26, 2022 26:13 PM

        I dono’t believe that is the case with The New York Times or The Washington Post which is owned by Bezos.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:39 PM

          I think the article was talking about…….. TV media………. which is the case.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:53 PM

          In was in the news very recently that Evelyn de Rothschild died at an old age.[70]
          The NYT wrote a thoroughly fictional obituary notable primarily for the astonishing lies, as the NYT does for every Jewish criminal who departs this world. You might care to read the NYT’s loving treatise on Madeline Albright to refresh your memory of the criminal insanity of the NYT’s editors. According to them, this Rothschild “Initially showing little promise, he eventually joined the family firm and rose to chairman, wielding vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs.” That part is certainly true. The man had banks, investment banks, investment subsidiaries and much more in about 30 countries, and there was no question of his “vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs”, since he was the primary man involved in Margaret Thatcher’s selling off all the UK assets to Jewish bankers. But then the NYT told us that Evelyn de Rothschild was worth maybe a paltry $2 billion.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:32 AM

      The Jewish Wallenbergs in Sweden have been in business for 200 years, where today they own most large Swedish industrial groups like Enskilda Bank, Ericsson, Electrolux, ABB, SAAB, SAS Group, SKF, Atlas Copco, and Nasdaq………………….. AND YOU THOUGHT NASDAQ……… was a fair trading place>>>>LOL……….. Graphs and charts are WORTHLESS……….

        Nov 26, 2022 26:31 PM

        Nasdaq, Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation that owns and operates three stock exchanges in the United States: the namesake Nasdaq stock exchange, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and the Boston Stock Exchange, and seven European stock exchanges: Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq …

          Nov 26, 2022 26:41 PM

          Better figure out the ownership of all the stock exchanges……. all come back to the same cabal…..

      Nov 26, 2022 26:35 AM

      AND THE BIG >>>>>>TAKE AWAY………..
      but it should be noted that these Khazar “family fortunes”

        Nov 26, 2022 26:18 PM

        The Khazars were a semi-nomadic Turkic people

          Nov 26, 2022 26:43 PM

          Better run the entire history down………not just parts…..and pieces…………

      Nov 26, 2022 26:37 AM

      LIKE DUH……. BITCON…….
      began hundreds of years before this. We had the (Jewish) Dutch Tulip bubble, the (Jewish) South Seas bubble, the (Jewish) British and Dutch East India Companies and many similar. There were the centuries of slave trading, of tax farming and so much more. I will omit all of that.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:25 PM

        And, you are say that they all are reminiscent of the “exchange” that went down. Remember that Bit Coin is not out of business yet!

          Nov 26, 2022 26:43 PM

          Yet………… is the key word…………

      Nov 26, 2022 26:47 AM

      AND NOW WE HAVE THE MILITARY…………… and of course it is to SPREAD DEMOCRACY……LMAO

      It isn’t widely-known but, as part of America’s Monroe Doctrine, the US used not only its powerful bullying “diplomacy” but also the CIA and the full force of its military to arrange for a few Jewish bankers (and the US FED) to obtain the position of “investment managers” of all the cash assets and central bank holdings of the countries under its control. This included Latin America, but also countries like the Philippines and the 50+ countries where the US overthrew a government and installed a compliant dictatorship.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:54 AM

      This included Latin America, but also countries like the Philippines and the 50+ countries where the US overthrew a government and installed a compliant dictatorship.

      The scheme was simple. These nations were forced to turn over all their liquid assets to the Jewish bankers in the US who would “prudently manage” all that cash for the benefit of these smaller nations. In practice, the Jewish bankers invested the money in New York real estate and profited in the billions while paying those nations 3% on their money.

      ANYBODY SEEN WILBER……and a Trump Organization here………

        Nov 26, 2022 26:06 AM

        Hi Jerry … Remember in my early days of posting on the blog . when i tried to put the information out there that the ” TRIBE ” were the controlers of almost everything around the globe. In the day’s when AL & others on this site , would come back at me for what i wrote……….. Was i wrong then !!!!!!!! ? Today in most Western Countries , if you call ” THESE ” people out , you are accused of been Anti Semite , & could face prison ….. The Anthem for these people is the song …. If We Ruled The World , Everybody Would Be Worse Off……………… lol

          Nov 26, 2022 26:09 PM

          Hello Irish……….
          I do remember………
          and If, you remember…. I mentioned the Jews (K and A)in Trump administration……. AND GOT THE BOOT…..
          I WIN the AWARD FOR THE MOST BOOTs>………….. 🙂
          This is not hate speech……… just facts…….

          Nov 26, 2022 26:28 PM

          I am far from anti semetic. I just really don’t like people to be categorized by their religions.

            Nov 26, 2022 26:46 PM

            No one is anti religion anything………. just doing a history lesson………
            When someone is messing with the cash……. time to tell the story….
            BONDAGE through usury……………. at high interest rates…..and
            lies and theft…….

      Nov 26, 2022 26:17 AM

      HOOT OF THE DAY………………. Wonder why China might be a little ticked…..
      The Chinese have always hoarded gold, individually, as security, and they were certainly doing so in 1902 when Citibank came into China on the verge of bankruptcy and needing a clever way to rebuild its asset base. Citi found it. The bank advertised throughout the nation the insecurity of keeping gold bars in a sock under the bed, and managed to convince at least 100 million Chinese to deposit their gold in Citibank’s vaults where it would be safe. After more than 40 years of this, when war clouds were gathering, Citi loaded literally dozens of US military vessels with all that Chinese gold and closed its doors without even saying good-bye. The gold, of course, would all have been turned over to the FED in return for paper.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:42 PM

        I agree with your implication, Jerrry, that is just plain dishonest given the circumstances which you described.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:51 PM

          Owl……… you should read the entire article…………. more than just the Chinese…….
          The USmilitary has been front man for a lot of the shames……. stealing and killing…..
          Read the Iraq into…………. Looted the entire country………
          This is going to relate back to 911……… and the Gold Treasury Note……. Bearer BONDS….

      Nov 26, 2022 26:40 AM

      One for the Russian …..
      For one thing, after the Jews completed their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, they looted the entire country, beginning with all the gold in the central bank which was shipped to the US as payment to Jacob Schiff for financing the revolution.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:08 AM

        An interesting point that article made was the resurgence of Germany after the banks were dealt with.
        Makes ya wonder what that war was about.

        1.1 trillion in interest payments by the Canadian government since Pierre Trudeau.
        Nice bit of pocket change.

        The central banks are evil of course or the owners anyway, which is why the money changers got thrown out, unfortunately…goy are sheeple.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:13 AM

        Wrong… it was not Jews. It was the Kazahrian mafia posing as Jews.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:22 AM

          Chartster the kazarians jews are the people that got caught between moslem and christian armies, they chose judaism. I forget the details. Been awhile since I read the story.

          They are still jews, there are thousands of dif christians with dif beliefs etc but they are all still christian.

          I dont doubt they are mafia tho.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:42 PM

          …… READ the article that b…southfan posted…………
          Great article……
          Many of the sections in the article have been covered before, bits and pieces,,,, but not all the names
          surfaced and corporation were so well defined….as in this article.
          Rothschild….. history…. only is current, you have to go back even further, (all covered before)
          as a history lesson, but,….. the article connects a lot of PRESENT DAY PLAYER ,
          and PUTS THE US MILITARY, as the whipping boy…..

            Nov 26, 2022 26:43 PM

            That was a great article. I’m going to save that link for reference. The Rothies are not Jews. They are devil worshippers.
            If you think Jews would make a vaccine to kill everyone, something is wrong.
            These people forcing the shot are satanic devil worshippers.

            I’ll prove to you the owners of these clot shot companies are not Jewish, okay…?

            We are currently living in the book of revelations.
            Remember the 144,000? The tribes of Israel?

            Quote from revelations-7

            144,000 Sealed

            7 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree. 2 Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: 3 “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” 4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.

            Those who “ were sealed “.

            Your DNA is sealed. You have your mother and fathers DNA. 144,000 nucleotide’s.
            The MRNA shot (according to their own fact sheet) gives 72,000 nucleotides changing your DNA from 144,000 (the blood of Jesus) to
            216,000 nucleotides. Making you non-human.
            The mark of the beast.
            600 x 60 x 6 = 216,000
            No coincidence.

            Nov 26, 2022 26:16 PM

            I said …….many times………There are.. FAKE JEW…..just like FAKE FED………..

            I save the article also……….

            I am familiar with the 144,000 and the tribes…….

            Very interesting on the 216,000 nucleotides….

        Nov 26, 2022 26:01 PM

        Hi Jerry:
        I don’t think many understand the Russian resentment towards the jews and the part Jacob Schiff played.
        I will say that I read that in 1910, the Jewish Bolsheviks took over the Russian Government, killed 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy and destroyed 40,000 churches.
        I always read books by the order they come in the mail. Remember I said the next one was going to be IBM and the Holocaust,. Well, “The Samson Option” Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy” -Seymour Hersh arrived and I started reading it.
        D Eisenhower while warning us of the Military Industrial Complex, knew that the Israeli’s were building a nuclear reactor and a reprocessing facility with the assistance of the French in the Negev desert as evidenced by reconnaissance photos provided by U-2 fly overs. The Israeli’s were equally concerned with the Russians as the Arabs. At this point one has to start questioning the whole cold war narrative and how much the Zionist Israeli’s were influencing policy.

          Nov 26, 2022 26:21 PM

          In 1906 Schiff and other influential Hofjuden formed the American jewish Committee. There first major objective was the abrogation of the Russo-American commercial treaty, the legal basis for all friendly relations with Russia.
          William Taft issued a campaign promise of abrogation, he refused once elected.
          Calling upon friends and resources, the Committee began a wide spread public appeal to have Congress force the President to end commercial relations with Russia.
          On Dec 13, 1911 the house voted 300 to 1 to abrogate, and two days later Taft capitulated and ended the treaty.
          Source- The transfer agreement-Edwin Black

          Nov 26, 2022 26:31 PM

          This here is very telling as I can remember how Bob Moriarty was the first one to suggest on this site that Israel had nukes.

            Nov 26, 2022 26:56 PM

            Thanks John………
            for the comments……. appreciate the details……… and man there are a lot of details , the American people never learn ….
            Always great to have the info you provide…….

            Owl…….. is part Russian…… he should know more than most……. he should know the connections , I would think……
            Owl……… did you not do Russian Lit…..

      Nov 26, 2022 26:51 PM

      Thanks South, I will read this dilligently and possibly subscribe.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:12 AM

    First they say: “Take the vaccine and you won’t get covid”.
    Then they say: “Take the vaccine, and f you get covid, it won’t be as bad.”
    Then it turns outof the people “dying of covid”…..more have been dying having been vaccinated than are unvaccinated.
    Now I’m only a Ph.D. not an M.D., but I will bet that the probability of dying increases with the number of times you are vaccinated/boosted.
    WHY ?
    Your immune system has two parts:
    An innate part; not dependent on whether you had the disease or been vaccinated before.
    A part that simply recognizes alien cells in your body.
    A second part of the immune system recognizes alien cells because the body has been previously infected or because of vaccination.
    Further: The damage to the innate part of the immune system WILL MAKE A VACCINATED PERSON MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO OTHER DISEASES. e.g. Cancers.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:19 AM

    193 of house and 94 of senate.
    HUGE developments.
    If you don’t pay attention to this, you just don’t pay attention.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:20 AM

    More worrying is Iran going nuclear next year.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:49 AM

      Hi Chartster…. I just watched& listened to this twice. I am no expert in Law , but my understanding of the American Contitution… leads me to believe that this person has a valid & winable case, if it is’ allowed to procede without hinderence…. And that Mr Brunson is ALLOWED to stay alive to persue the case.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:28 PM

        There are some huge things about this case that makes it legit.
        (a) it’s the first case I’m aware of that ever made it to the Supreme Court that is “ pro se “, as in, no attorney to re-present. Which means it’s going to be upheld under the constitution. No bar attorney is huge!
        (b) they never gave an answer by the 23rd. They are basically admitting guilt.
        (c) they “actually did commit treason”, which is fact.

        This is probably the biggest Supreme Court case ever in history.


          Nov 26, 2022 26:11 PM

          DITTO ON……………….. NO BAR ATTORNEYS…………….. GOOD ONE………

            Nov 26, 2022 26:35 PM

            Go to the 36 min mark….37 min mark………. LAND LAW……. under the Constitution…..
            people need to get with this information……… been going over this for a couple of years….
            thanks charter……

    Nov 26, 2022 26:21 AM

    Hi AL … Its nice to see you are finnaly seeing the light. I have been saying for years thet America was been destroyed from the inside , im on record , people have only got to go back over the comments section to confirm i said that . I have also said , & warned people the Russia was not the enemy , & that they were not a threat to America . ( it was allways the other way around ) Futhermore i warned that China was a danger to America , look around they have so much influence over Politicans & multinational American Companys , they are buying up everything they can get their hands on in Americe . Land ETC ETC. And just look at the amount of sway they have in American Universitys.. I would go on to say , that around 90% of American Politicans in Congress , & the Senate are bought & paid for , & are doing the BIDDING of THOSE who want to turn the most powerfull Country on the Planet , into a Third World Country. Does anyone know how many State Coverners , that SOROS has in his back pocked. And who does the Supream Court Work For…. Because it’s sure as hell , not working for the benifit of the American People……………. I know of ONLY one solution., to get the American Republic Back , it was done in the past , COULD IT BE DONE AGAIN ? Is there enought TRUE Americans left , with the BALLS to do it ? I dont know , but i Pray there are. ….. I do not want to be excused for my rant because i care.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:36 PM

      Sorry, Clif’s knowledge of physics is clearly lacking.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:40 PM

    Covid 19 is the Flew ! Only you TV tell you it’s Whit a Test you have Covid 19 ! I M OFF ! It’s Hop-less ! Brains !

      Nov 28, 2022 28:45 AM

      LOL………………………. GOOD ONE>………………………. HEINZ KERRY………cabal member for sure.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:58 PM

    Dr. Fuller, one of the persons responsible for obtaining FDA approval for cpvid vaccines died recently. (Born 1955)
    I find it difficult to believe that ANY research doctor can insist that ANY RNA SEQUENCE taken from a known boweapon is safe without extensive testing. What was she thinking ?

    Nov 26, 2022 26:18 PM
    Nov 26, 2022 26:09 PM

    Trump’s Day in Court (and Court and Court and Court)

      Nov 26, 2022 26:12 PM

      Considering it is a BAR COURT…….
      Corporation being sued…….. no one going to jail….
      Considering he has been in court 3500 times, and his sister in a Federal Judge…..
      NO BIG DEAL………………..

    Nov 26, 2022 26:33 PM

    I have been watching whats been going on in China , since the end of 2019 with regard to the Wuhan flu.
    Today i see the the start of the greatest REVOLUTING in history , the World has ever seen…. Billions of Chinese are finally pissed-off with the lockdowns, the protests are breaking out all across China.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:08 PM

      This is a very interesting development………….
      Something is about to change……..
      Will the House of Roth benefit……….. humm
      A second fleecing of all the gold they have collected over the last 20 yrs…
      Nothing is out of the question……….

      Nov 26, 2022 26:17 PM

      two of the greatest acts of cultural genocide in the history of the world were both perpetrated by the Khazar Jews, and both in China, another piece of history they have managed to completely bury. The one that concerns us here is the looting and burning of China’s Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan, which contained more than ten million of the finest and most valuable historical treasures and scholarly works gathered in one place from 5,000 years of Chinese history.

      AND JUST WHO delivered the VIrus with bioweapon in China……. humm
      Third times a charm………………….

      Fact from ….WW2………
      There has emerged substantial and irrefutable evidence that the Americans had learned of Golden Lily and had captured and tortured one of those individuals, who revealed the existence and locations of at least some of the sites. Since Japan could hardly make a claim to this loot after the war, and since the hidden billions were now essentially orphans, they were available for the Americans (and the Jews) to quietly spirit away. The problem was that this was a huge crime, even in American minds, since it was clearly a theft from friends rather than enemies, who would want their property returned. The Americans found the perfect solution – the provision for forfeiture of reparations in the treaty of Japan’s surrender would in fact mean these nations – and their nationals – renounced their claims to all treasure looted by Japan, thus serving to make the Americans’ actions “legal”, provided only that all parties signed the treaty. And all parties, save China and Russia were indeed bullied into signing……………….

      NOTICE CHINA……………. and RUSSIA…………….

    Nov 26, 2022 26:15 PM

    A German MEP speaking the Truth………. A hat tip to him. People should take the time to read some of the over 3 thousand comments , below this article.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:42 PM


    The world has FOREVER BEEN CHANGED.

      Nov 26, 2022 26:02 PM

      WHO IS GoINg tO do that…………. CONGreSS… DOJ… DOD, FBI, CIA…….Pretend. President BIDEN….. Nancy

      Nov 26, 2022 26:23 PM

      Must WATCH….multiple boosters becoming lethal.

        Nov 26, 2022 26:25 PM

        Is there any lNEW news………. on covid ,that we do not know at this time……..
        There is a lot of repeat news…….

          Nov 27, 2022 27:54 AM

          New news…….Cobalt.
          Well it’s not new news, but when Biden started office he closed down cobalt production in U.S.
          (But cobalt is needed in Lithium batteries)
          So we have to get it from Chinese-owned mines in the D.R.C mostly mined by CHILD LABOR.
          You think Biden knows ?
          You think Biden would care, if he knew ? ….. As long as he gets his kickbacks….

            Nov 27, 2022 27:07 AM

            Thanks for the comment…………. appreciate the news……..

            BIDEN WITH A PLAN…………. NOT FOR THE >>>>>>WE THE PEOPLE………….
            It becomes more evident daily…….. these scum bags need to be removed.
            Hoping the Supreme Court hears the new lawsuit as described in Chartster’s post.

    Nov 26, 2022 26:32 PM

    BUSH………. bought and paid for……………… REPUBS are GUILTY as WELL…………
    Notice Jenna…… given a nice position………
    There was a recent media report that Rothschild had to form a new bank just to hold all the arable land that had been confiscated by these methods. The Khazar Jews are also after the water, the president of Nestle publicly claiming that “drinking water is not a right. It is a commodity and should be priced and sold like any other commodity”. A few years back, Jenna Bush, GW’s daughter, took over for a paltry sum the ownership of the largest water aquifer in South America – on behalf of her Jewish friends. There are countries where more than 70% of all infrastructure, including railways, airlines and airports, shipping ports, banking, arable land – and water – and much more are owned by these same Jewish bankers in the City of London.

      Nov 27, 2022 27:00 AM

      supports a sovereign state bank, modeled on North Dakota, to help stabilize his state’s economy. A state depository for gold is also proposed. Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and New Hampshire are issuing “gold-backs” that actually contain gold. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is dangerous because bankers own and control it.

      I WOULD AGREE…………………… Banks need to kick out the BIG BANKS,…TBTF…….. and go back to local banks. A sovereign bank would be a start…..The banking cartel,(rothshild and associates) are killing humanity.
      CBDC is indeed dangerous for every human on the planet.


        Nov 27, 2022 27:20 AM

        Gold backs. Those are Aurum sold by Valaurum.

        They are 24k gold in incriments of grams of gold, there are a couple notes that are 1 gram.

        For some reason they are having issues selling to foregn buyers lately.

        I’ve been putting them in xmas cards for years, they make them with santa,snowmen etc at xmas time.

        Some time ago they got a few states to accept them as legal tender,check their site out any gold bug thats never seen them will want some.

          Nov 27, 2022 27:55 AM

          Interesting………….. I think I will just stick with real coins

            Nov 27, 2022 27:09 AM

            I dont know if there is a coin that is 1/10 a gram of gold.

            Smallest gold coin I have is 1 gram.

            Venesuala uses scales when dealing in small amounts of gold.

            In any case th aurum is great in xmas cards.
            Course I could be the last person using “snail mail” 😉

            Nov 27, 2022 27:16 PM

            Once you get into smaller transaction amounts there are always silver coins. No need for exotic hybrid PM products. Junk pre-1965 US 90% silver coins fit the role for every day purchases very well. They are easily verified (rarely counterfeited because the counterfeit effort payback is so low) and now they carry the necessary common purchase values. That’s opposed to the large wealth preservation values that gold coins have. In 1965 you could purchase a gallon of gasoline for one quarter. Today that same quarter will buy that same amount of fuel (silver value is now $3.88).

    Nov 27, 2022 27:13 AM

    Ghana’s vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, revealed this week that the government wants to pay for oil imports with gold instead of US dollars. He explained the plan as an attempt to protect the country’s dwindling foreign currency reserves.

    Nov 27, 2022 27:21 AM

    Gold backs. Those are Aurum sold by Valaurum.

    They are 24k gold in incriments of grams of gold, there are a couple notes that are 1 gram.

    For some reason they are having issues selling to foregn buyers lately.

    I’ve been putting them in xmas cards for years, they make them with santa,snowmen etc at xmas time.

    Some time ago they got a few states to accept them as legal tender,check their site out any gold bug thats never seen them will want some.

    reposting, last comment didnt post again.

    Nov 27, 2022 27:25 AM

    West African country ditches dollar in oil trade
    Ghana will buy crude with gold instead of the US currency
    West African country ditches dollar in oil trade

    Ghana’s vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, revealed this week that the government wants to pay for oil imports with gold instead of US dollars.

      Nov 27, 2022 27:48 AM

      Looks like the next country…….. to be invaded by the Rothschild US Military……….
      If, history is any indication,…from your article you provided…….

      The US citizen, is so asleep…….to everything going on…….
      Poverty is going to increase in the US very rapidly…..
      40% of the citizens make less than $20,000 according to a report I read.

        Nov 27, 2022 27:04 AM

        Exactly Jerry.
        This always brings me back to D Trump, and now Biden not releasing the Kennedy assassination documents.
        It is also interesting to me how Mr Mckinney and Al have never addressed how this one event in the Presidency of D Trump will continue to add to the continued erosion in public trust.

          Nov 27, 2022 27:36 AM

          John, Did you ever consider the Pressure that is placed on Trump by the “establishment”?

          It never ceases to amaze me What MSM omits or covers up AND GETS AWAY WITH.

            Nov 27, 2022 27:23 AM

            Of course, I do.
            At this point CFS, would you care to elaborate on the establishment and the history of who and what is exactly in play here?
            Hint. It’s not a u-tube video either.

            Nov 27, 2022 27:08 PM

            So in effect you are saying that D Trump was just another puppet, unable to make executive decisions.

            Nov 27, 2022 27:30 PM

            I am using the word “establishment” to mean those people in power.
            It varies over time, but basicly for the last few decades it has been a mixture of the MIC with the DNC.
            Ocassionally the CIA or FBI join forces with the establishment.
            Trump had some power when he was first elected at suprize of the Establishment. But not for long and he has been fighting to stay alive and free ever since)

            As regards a cover up of crimes……
            Hunter Biden’s laptop alone provides proof of crimes committed by him and his father.
            Drug use.
            Lewd behavior, prostitution.
            Failure to pay taxes.
            Influence peddling.
            Violation of Foreign agent laws.
            and Joe is a self-admitted black-mailer of Ukraine’s previous administration.

            Nov 27, 2022 27:52 PM

            I would suggest CFS……… read the article provided by southfan…… at the very beginning of this blog.
            One of the BEST ARTICLES posted here at the KER.. covering the SLIM in CHARGE of EVERYTHING.

            Nov 27, 2022 27:17 PM

            should be SLIME…….. not SLIM………. SLIM is the amount of HOPE we have for change….SLIM TO NONE…..

          Nov 27, 2022 27:00 PM

          THANKS JOHN…………….for the FEED BACK……………
          I agree with you on Donald Trump,…should have released the JFK files………

    Nov 27, 2022 27:54 AM
    Are searches on twitter useful ?

    Nov 27, 2022 27:07 AM

    Why Bother Voteing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nov 27, 2022 27:07 PM

      I been saying that for years Tony.
      All voting does now is tell those in control how many people are still decieved.

      Which is why I said dont forget to vote many times on the blog.

      No worries tho, Trump will save everyone, dont forget to vote. 😉

        Nov 27, 2022 27:10 PM

        @none of the above.

          Nov 27, 2022 27:38 PM

          lol John, I actually never read the thread before I posted, so ya, my coment was not directed at anyone.

          On voting day I write a name in, hasnt changed anything tho. 😉

      Nov 27, 2022 27:54 PM

      Good one TONY…………………
      Today’s “servants of the people” have zero accountability to their constituents. They answer only to the donor class, i.e., the MIC, multinationals, oligarchs, Wall Street, and the Zionist Lobby. The bills they introduce on the floor but never read are written by K Street corporate lobbyists. Politicians no longer need us. They certainly don’t fear us. So why vote? Whatever you think of Emma Goldman’s politics, she was right when she said, “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

        Nov 27, 2022 27:57 PM

        Ron DeSantis wants to make criticism of Israel a felony. Do you think his loyalty is to you, or his corporate overlords?

          Nov 28, 2022 28:47 AM

          That should tell you a lot………..

    Nov 27, 2022 27:45 PM

    You can fool some of the people all of the time.
    You can fool all of the people some of the time

    Nov 27, 2022 27:22 PM

    It seems like there’s a number of really strong women in the world like Giorgia Meloni in Italy and Kari Lake here in the US that we can look to lead us out of the hell bound trajectory that the western world is now on.

    In another positive development, it looks like the Brazilian military stands with Jair Bolsonaro with that stolen election

    Nov 27, 2022 27:35 PM

    Segment 1:
    Well, Do you feel Lucky ? Punk.

    Nov 27, 2022 27:16 PM
    Nov 27, 2022 27:53 PM
    I have explained how this happens.
    Do you really have to wonder why China is maintaining a ZERO COVID policy ?

    China is even burning down apartment buildings WITH LIVE PEOPLE INSIDE in attemps to stop covid spread.

    Nov 27, 2022 27:21 PM

    CCP butning down apartment building for zero covid:

      Nov 28, 2022 28:51 AM

      Demonstrators…or sheeple in the know…….. being burned alive……….. most likely…………
      nothing is as it seems…… this world of evil

    Nov 27, 2022 27:49 PM

    FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES……..the origin of life:

      Nov 28, 2022 28:54 AM

      the ROCK theory……….. and is just a THEORY…………. lol………….

      Besides……… what is your purpose……. ?

      We already know the universities have all been perverted by Marxist thinking.
      Proof is evident today, more than at any time.

        Nov 28, 2022 28:10 AM

        1 John 5:19 (NIV)
        19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

        A REAL EDUCATION……… is not in any university……..

        Nov 28, 2022 28:27 AM

        Indication of life elsewhere in the galaxy seems important.

          Nov 28, 2022 28:32 AM

          Of course it is CFS, and its interesting.

          A good lecture, ask some questions. 😉

          Nov 28, 2022 28:03 AM

          So..,,… to conserve time……since you said it was for educational purposes….
          You say…….” Indication” of life elsewhere in the galaxy seems important.”

          Where is this “indication ” mentioned in the video….. approximately…. thanks….
          Wondering minds would like to know………

      Nov 28, 2022 28:37 AM

      good one

    Nov 28, 2022 28:17 AM

    Paul Cottrell on covid cancer

    Nov 28, 2022 28:13 AM

    Are you worried about the U.S. medical system being corrupt ?
    .Throwing light……

    It’s always what you didn’t know that gets you

    Nov 28, 2022 28:37 AM

    An awesome interview with one of the Brunson brothers that filed the lawsuit at the Supreme Court. This has the potential to be the biggest win for we the people since post civil war and the act of 1871. HUGE….🇺🇸

      Nov 28, 2022 28:04 AM

      Thanks for the video………. I will catch it later…… on the run today……….

        Nov 28, 2022 28:17 PM

        BRAVO Chartster………………. Excellent ……….. EVERY AMERICAN needs to hear this one……..