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Big Al
November 28, 2022
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Live the Judeo-Christian lifestyle and help others!

    Nov 28, 2022 28:26 AM

    We know that there are a number of paths by which covid or its vaccine can cause cancer.
    JUST SUPPOSE I told you in future life expectancy will drop BECAUSE OF CANCER to 30 years.
    Would you still consider zero covid a bad policy?

      Nov 28, 2022 28:07 PM

      Of course not, CFS.

      Nov 30, 2022 30:41 PM

      Suppose you are right, cancer deaths explode – Let me make the decision how to live those years, or if I survive, not some ass in Washington or Beijing. And I trust no one on this anymore, especially the government stooges covering for big pharma.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:36 AM

    Please note that I do NOT knnow if the above cancer statement is true or not.
    As regards putting people down, please name names.
    I know of two people who have stated themselves as non–Christian…..of which I am one.
    I don’t believe I have attacked indiciduals, but if I have. I apologize. and please tell me off.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:08 PM

      You may very well be a non Christian, CFS. That does not make you a non-gentleman in my opiniont. You are a decent human being.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:26 PM

      It occurred to me you might be objecting to my criticisms of biden.

      Sorry, but he comes from a crime family….crooks every one.

        Nov 28, 2022 28:10 PM

        Absolutgely not CFS

          Nov 28, 2022 28:31 PM

          My comment is not referring to Biden So say what you will. I would be amazedif he were part of an organized crime family.

            Dec 01, 2022 01:15 AM

            My 1st post on the political side of this site. Thanks for the availability here, Al

            Al, you don’t get to show up in our corporatism capital, DC, for going on 46 years without paying dues to someone in the underworld

    Nov 28, 2022 28:41 AM

    The Agenda 21 & 30 Lock Down is de industrialization So day All Work in Harmony All nationse ALL China Russia Europe Africa south America ! To realaise the Internet Phone Prison ! You’r Pastors tell you to take the Vaccine day are FAKE ! Jimmy Russia is doing Great In Ukraine ! Musk is part of the New World Order ! Yen & Yang dealectic !

      Nov 28, 2022 28:50 AM

      Ditto Franky………. on the FAKE Pastors………… especially with all the info that has been revealed to date.
      Hosea 4:6
      King James Version
      6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,

        Nov 28, 2022 28:10 PM

        Jerry, the fake pastors are very well know. Certainly by me!

        Nov 28, 2022 28:38 PM

        Iam not sufffering from a lack of knowledge nor a lack of faith.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:26 PM

      Franky, why do you say that Musk is part of The New World Order? Just curious.

        Nov 29, 2022 29:43 PM

        Unlimmitet Debt from Govermont to create Tesla and links whit Epstein ! You don’t com so Rich white permission off the Deep State !

      Nov 28, 2022 28:34 PM

      I have never heard of a Pastor giving medical advice. Have You?

    Nov 28, 2022 28:50 AM

    What about two bills in Congress which will change things forever.
    1. A bill that gives tllegals a pathway to citizenship.
    (Number of illegals now estimated close to 20 million.)
    2. Cbanging the way the senate is elected, by calling the electoral college anachronistic.
    Thereby opening a way for SCOTUS to allow direct voting)
    There is talk of Biden stacking SCOTUS.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:12 PM

      I seriously doubt that will ever happen, Jerry.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:33 PM

      Too late to stack SCOTUS.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:08 PM

    Reality…………….. Plenty of info was shared here…concerning COVID JAB…….. Prior to the JABBING AND MASKING………..Now reality as a result of ignoring the info……..

    Nov 28, 2022 28:34 PM

    There is no such thing as hate speech. What ” THEY ” call hate speech , is acctually free speech.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:58 PM


      Nov 28, 2022 28:07 PM

      Great comment Tony.
      Being told what you can or cannot say is about as close to communism or socialism as it gets.
      I love the race car analogy. Not everybody gets a trophy. Everything you get your going to have to take and chances are somebody isn’t going to like it.
      No trophies for participation.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:42 PM

    Flies I tell you…..
    Fitness Trainer Eric Fleishman Dies Suddenly
    Young Lady, 23, Drops Dead While Dancing at Cousin’s Wedding
    Tiantian Kullander, 30, Co-Founder of Hong Kong-Based Digital Asset Company Amber Group and Pioneer in the Finance World, “Dies Suddenly”
    Building Company Boss Suddenly Dies at 46 During $450 Million City Project
    REPORT: Belarus Foreign Minister “Dies Suddenly” Before Meeting Russian Counterpart
    All dying like flies !

      Nov 29, 2022 29:56 AM

      is that LIES………. or just F…Lies……..

    Nov 28, 2022 28:45 PM

    Providing the facts and history……….. must not set well , with the sheeple who fail to contribute, and stay away…………. 🙂

      Nov 28, 2022 28:59 PM

      Exactly Jerry,
      What happened to the KE family?
      Talking about sacrificing principles. Once again blowing off the release of the Kennedy assassination documents.
      To say that calling for the release of those documents is some how tied to going down a rabbit hole was not unexpected.
      To insinuate that this somehow blocks your view of the world is just as pathetic. Unfortunately Mr Mckinney will always project that his way of thinking is superior to rest of us.
      To say that Foxconn sacrificed principles and at the same time dismiss the erosion of Public trust as one of the most important issues facing us the public. is right up there with believing that the only reason Foxconn is in China making phones is cheap labor.
      No Mr Mckinney, it is you that better wake up.

        Nov 28, 2022 28:11 PM

        Hello John……….
        You have some really great thoughts in the above comment…….

        I agree with you….. On where is the KE family…… ,

          Nov 28, 2022 28:17 PM

          Look back to when Mr Mckinney became a regular on the blog. What was it then? Of course it was the terrorists. I say what happened to the terrorists? It all was a big shit show by Bush Jr to funnel trillions to the MIC.
          Now the U S finds itself in the unenviable position of run away debts and a Euro Dollar system that is about to raise it’s ugly head as it did in 2008.

            Nov 28, 2022 28:54 PM


          Nov 28, 2022 28:22 PM

          I always thought that the KE Family was doing just fine. Still no censorship. In spite of many personal insults.

            Nov 29, 2022 29:15 AM

            Hey Owl………….. John is good people……… I think he has demonstrated that several times……
            I know for a FACT….. that he supported you…….. MANY TIMES……… and gave you a LOT OF CREDIT.

            That is the reason for the quote ……………. “What happened to the KE family?

            John has been part of this group ………….FOR YEARS………….. go back to 911,…..
            that is how long it has been………..

            Thanks for listening……… Hope you are feeling better……….. ALL IS GOOD>…………..

    Nov 28, 2022 28:50 PM

    HEY JIMMY………….
    DId you get a chance to review this Post…….

    Do you think anything inside this article might be REAL……..?


    Nov 28, 2022 28:02 PM

    Breaking …. Bank of FTX … Man just how big is this scam , everyday there is more info coming out , just how many were involved in it … It’s no wonder Mr Bankman , has not been arrested yet.

      Nov 28, 2022 28:16 PM

      It’s not as big as the Biden Ukraine scam.

      The Administration has just announced that of $92 Billion sent to Ukraine……over $20 Billion is unaccounted for. (Even on paper)

        Nov 28, 2022 28:21 PM

        Are you really surprised CFS? Remember before 9/11 when D Rumsfeld announced that they couldn’t account for over three trillion.
        Where do you suppose that went?

          Nov 28, 2022 28:06 PM

          I’m pretty sure the $3 trillion went to fighting wars that Congress refused to fund….e.g. Panama, Nicaragua and south american countries….and C.I.A. replacing governments.
          John, suppose it’s mid-November and you’ve just won the election for President…..
          Would you announce “I am going to release the JFK files”.
          A month passes and you are now in office and you get to read the files.
          Now you find out JFK was shot by 2 expert marksmen hired by a group of C.I.A. operatives, still working as consultants for the C.I.A.
          Would you consider potential danger for yourself AND FAMILY, given via an anonymous warning, or would you take the high road and release the JFK files ?

            Nov 28, 2022 28:25 PM

            Hi CFS:
            Supposedly we are a country governed by the rule of law. We both know better.
            I just love pushing the Trump cult apologist’s button.
            I just finished Milton Friedman’s ten part series from the 1980’s “Freedom to Choose”
            Not only was D Trump’s approach as to making America great again inherently flawed, much like the Biden administrations sanctions, after 42 years of time passing one can see where the mistakes financially were made and the policies that continue to foster the idea that if we continue down the same path, just with different people, things will improve.
            I will add, that as bad a D Trump’s policies were a failure, Biden’s are worse.
            At some point in the future, and I believe not to far away, the financial conditions will take precedent over most everything else.

            Nov 28, 2022 28:43 PM

            You can imply that the CIA was involved and still is. That is the reason why releasing the documents is such a big deal.
            Suppose the CIA wasn’t involved? What then?

    Nov 28, 2022 28:20 PM

    The most important thing to keep an eye on is the current case at the Supreme Court. Which I posted three links about.
    Nothing from the main stream news, nothing from KER. Nothing to see here, move along..

      Nov 28, 2022 28:57 PM

      Not so… with me…………. I am keep up with the info……….. others do not get in on the details…….
      and fail to keep up……..

        Nov 28, 2022 28:20 PM

        Excellent Video …….. on the Supreme Court ….. I left you a message at the other section…..
        Here is the video brought forward…………… WAKE UP SHEEPLE……………

          Nov 29, 2022 29:01 AM

          DO NOT MISS THIS ONE ABOVE*******************************************

            Nov 29, 2022 29:08 PM

            This court case is the talk of the nation in certain circles. Most folks just don’t understand the gravity of its potential. But they ..will….
            December will be a most interesting month.
            Glad you watched the video, OOTB.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:38 PM

    The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …
    1:09 PM · Nov 28, 2022
    ·Twitter for iPho

    Nov 28, 2022 28:52 PM

    Sorry gentlemen, I am feeling really sick and am going to bed. I did enjoy the discourse this evening. Back tomorrow!

    Nov 28, 2022 28:09 PM

    Elon Musk censoring leftwing groups on twitter, is as wrong as the old twitter censoring rightwing geoups.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:16 PM

    The election was stolen.

    You do not have my consent to govern. Period.
    Non-cooperation begins.

    I have been assuming for several years I would die in jail.
    I follow Ghandi’s philosophy.

      Nov 29, 2022 29:20 AM


    Nov 28, 2022 28:28 PM
    Nov 29, 2022 29:47 AM

    For those who believe war with Russia is somehow a good idea.
    The first hydrogen bomb detonated by the U S was 650 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima which would be around 8 megatons.
    The Soviets exploded a hydrogen bomb with an explosive force of 58 megatons.
    That translates into a bomb 4,550 times as powerful as the one detonated at Hiroshima.
    In 1988, the Soviet nuclear stockpile was estimated at 33,000 war heads.
    The U S had roughly the same number of nuclear warheads at the time.
    Source- The Samson Option- Seymour M Hersh. Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy.

    Nov 29, 2022 29:54 PM


    PROOF 100% positive lab-made.


    This is a Chinese made weapon…….now you should understand why they are prepared to murder citizens ro reduce spread of covid —– this is a long-term killer.

    Nov 29, 2022 29:02 PM
    Nov 29, 2022 29:40 PM
    Nov 30, 2022 30:19 AM


    As if ongoing corruption scandals, including the FTX-Kiev regime-DNC connection, weren’t enough, the troubled Biden administration is now faced with another one. According to the latest reports, the US government is unable to account for the approximately $20 billion worth of weapons it sent to the Kiev regime.

      Nov 30, 2022 30:49 AM

      South, Blessed be the money whores.

      Nov 30, 2022 30:15 AM

      Hi South ….. The Pentagon COULD account for the missing 39 billion , it’s just they DONT want to tell where it’s gone. I say bring back the old Italian Mafia at least we knew were we stood with them

    Nov 30, 2022 30:54 AM

    Here we go. When will the MAGA crowd start acknowledging the lack of judgement?
    When will they that claim not to identify religious stereotypes finally admit that it is they who are the worst offenders?
    At least Mr Watson gave his medal back to Hitler.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:58 AM

    Gerald Celente sarcastically said that he should change his name to Geraldene and change the name of his magazine to the trans journal.
    Politics is the New Religion.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:39 AM

    You know things are bad when the credit card companies will give you $150.00 for a friend referral.
    Too bad for me, I only have 2 friends and one of them doesn’t like me. LOL

    Nov 30, 2022 30:54 AM

    The anti-Christian thin end of the wedge is driven in……

    Nov 30, 2022 30:01 AM

    Elon Musk says that Twitter interfered with elections.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:13 AM

    Is the present administration heading down the same road with Russia in Ukraine as the U S did with Japan prior to Pearl Harbor?

    Nov 30, 2022 30:19 AM

    Will these Evil Bastards ever stop ? Yes when over half the Worlds population , are killed off , & those who are left are tagged , & forced to eat bugs , & be turned into obiedent little slaves. They are going after our Health. They are going after our Children. They are going after our Energy. They are going after our Money. They are going after our Freedom , & the words we Speak. They are going after ” OUR ” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… and anything i have forgotten.

      Nov 30, 2022 30:19 AM

      Christmas is one of several holidays among diverse groups as an occasion to make merry and get through the bleakness of the Winter solstice.

      Nov 30, 2022 30:23 PM

      Census 2021 will probably be remembered as the one in which Christianity became a minority religion in England and Wales. On census day, 21 March 2021, 46.2% of people identified themselves as Christians.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:46 AM
    Nov 30, 2022 30:07 PM
      Nov 30, 2022 30:23 PM

      If you go back in KE history, you will find that I flagged R Guiliani for wearing women’s clothing as well when he joined the Trump team.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:33 PM

    Much like the commentary about H Walker being a “down home” type. Those of us here in Minnesota can remember when Hershel was a part of the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll stop there.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:49 PM
    Nov 30, 2022 30:24 PM
    Nov 30, 2022 30:40 PM

    AL Gore’s corruption and ignorance has cost the world billions of dollars:

    Nov 30, 2022 30:44 PM

    We will soon find out a lot about the Biden crime family:

      Nov 30, 2022 30:21 PM

      As you well know, Congress can only investigate and not prosecute.
      Pretty much everyone here on the blog knows that the DOJ is compromised and corrupt.
      The FBI has been compromised way back to when Pakistan obtained the components to develop a nuclear bomb.
      More bread and circus while the money whores conduct business as usual.
      The two headed snake enabled by the money whores that run American policy and politics.
      Parasites and cockroaches.

      Dec 01, 2022 01:51 AM

      Investigation brings light to darkness – critical first step, and why it is so important to get a POTUS with the guts to hire the right people to prosecute. Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr where not the right people – bad recommendations from deep state actors advising the previous president.

    Nov 30, 2022 30:03 PM

    A holiday poem from our banker overlords. …. from 2010 …. enjoy…. lol