GMG – Answering Your Questions On Graphene Production And Battery Advancements

December 14, 2022

Over the past few weeks I have received a lot of emails with questions for Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V:GMG). These questions range are mostly focused on graphene production and the battery division of the Company. In this interview we focus solely on those questions to bring you all up to speed.


We start with questions on the Company’s graphene production. Graphene production data, scalability and possible competitors are just a few of the questions that we cover. We then move to the battery division with questions on future pouch pack data and the speed at which this technology is being moved forward. 


If you have any follow up questions or if I missed a question you sent in please email me and I’ll get Craig to address those for you. My email is




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