2022 was not a good year either domestically or internationally

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December 28, 2022
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 Welcome, 2023
2022 is in the rearview mirror, and for most, that didn’t happen soon enough. 
It was the year that common sense and common decency were shunted aside by ideologues who saw the suffering they caused as irrelevant to their pursuit of Progressive goals. In affairs both foreign and domestic, on issues as broad as international affairs and as domestic as local school boards, absurd policies reigned supreme.
The Biden Administration pushed the fiction that alternative energy could replace fossil fuels. The assault on U.S. energy independence initiated an inflationary spiral that continues to cripple the world economy and bankrupt families, all without producing any benefit to the environment particularly since China, the world’s largest polluter, ignores the whole idea. The White House doubled down on irrational economics by spending profligately, on areas that produce no long-term benefits. The national debt has reached $31 Trillion, and consumer prices jumped to an absurd 9.1% hike.
2022 was the year in which lies reigned supreme. Despite clear, televised contrary evidence broadcast into homes every night, the President and his aides continue to insist that the U.S. Southern Border is under control. Unprecedented numbers of illegals literally storm across. In at least one instance, a horde of military-aged young males carrying the flag of their home nation aggressively attacked border patrol agents. Illegals rushed into southwestern states, leading local officials to declare an invasion and begging Washington for help, which never came. Human trafficking, fentanyl pushing criminals are the chief beneficiaries.
Lies have been the hallmark of 2022. The evidence that federal agencies conspired with social media outlets to warp the 2020 election is now clear, thanks to the unsealing of records following the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter. It is also clear that Rep. Adam Schiff utterly lied about “Russian Collusion,” yet he continues to remain unpunished.
As Russia prepared its invasion of Ukraine, the Biden Administration not only failed to take steps to dissuade it, it actually encouraged the illegal move when Biden bizarrely stated, on January 20, 2022, that he would tolerate “a little invasion.”  
Lies were prominent in domestic affairs. Americans were told that remote learning was the only proper response to the pandemic. U.S. school children will suffer for years because of it. Private and parochial schools managed to stay open with no harm to their students. But one good result came from the action: Parents got a glimpse into the horrific garbage that was being shoved down their kids’ throats, both in subjects that schools traditionally teach and in topics that reflect the mental disorders of some adults.  Political propaganda and woke nonsense replaced objective teaching of civics and history.
Topics that have no place in school curriculum were inserted.  In one jurisdiction, New York City, it was reported that $200,000 was spent on drag queen shows. Objecting to this usurpation of parental prerogatives in personal issues is not being “anti-gay” or “anti-LGBTIQQ.” School officials and teacher-union bullies have no right to intervene into personal areas that are the rights of parents to decide. The actions of the Biden Administration to label outraged parents as “domestic terrorists” deserve universal condemnation.
Academic and editorial fools tried to tell us that men could give birth, and that there were more than two physical genders.
As Washington surrendered control of the borders, state and local officials gave up control of the streets to the worst criminals. Violent crime, including murder, assault, rape, and robbery in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, D.C. rose up to 40%. Despite the clear statistics, elected officials insisted there was no crime wave, and continued with their absurd bail reform and decriminalization policies.
2022, and its irrationalities, are over. America’s 2023 resolution should be to undo the damage done by the collection of dishonest and incompetent elected officials and progressive ideologues who caused so much harm to the nation.
China Strategic Farmland ThreatFrank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D.
There is growing concern that China’s purchase of American farmland represents a growing economic and security threat.
There may be a lot more than just crops being planted in the purchased plots. According to U.S. Military News China’s Fufeng Group’s planned purchase in North Dakota is on a 370-acre plot of land located about 12 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base. “The U.S. Air Force base is home to some of the top U.S. intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. The base is home to 319th Reconnaissance Wing, which is one of the major operators of the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles. The base will also host a new space networking center which will help facilitate U.S. military communications across the globe.”
Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-Fla.) along with a number of others have demanded answers from the U.S. Secretaries of Defense, Agriculture and Treasury about the transaction by the Chinese-based manufacturer with close links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)
According to Gimenez, the location is ideally suited to closely monitor and intercept military activity. He states that Beijing will be able to perpetrate espionage, including actions and activities carried out under commercial cover or auspices.
 Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) and Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) have led a group of GOP representatives in outlining concern over the issue. They have communicated their concern to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack requesting information about USDA’s process for compiling data and reporting on foreign purchases of U.S. agricultural land. Foreign ownership of domestic agricultural land has risen sharply in recent years, with Chinese land holdings alone increasing from 13,720 acres to 352,140 acres between 2010 and 2020.
Newhouse states that “Over the last decade—and continuing today—we have witnessed the People’s Republic of China invest trillions of dollars throughout the Middle East, Indo-Pacific, South America, and Africa as part of their Belts and Roads Initiative. Now, they’re purchasing U.S. agricultural assets as a national priority for the PRC. This poses an immediate threat to U.S. national security and food security.” 
All foreign holdings of U.S. agricultural land have increased by an average of 2.3 million acres per year between 2015 and 2020. At least 74 percent of these foreign holdings originate from countries with which the United States has friendly relations. However, in all foreign holding cases – potentially concerning or otherwise –information appears to be largely limited to the reporting companies required under the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA). This legislation, enacted in 1978, only requires foreign persons who buy, sell, or gain interest in U.S. agricultural land to disclose their holdings and transactions to USDA directly or to the Farm Service Agency county office where the land is located; the bill does not require details related to a company’s ownership structure or investment intentions.
In a similar vein, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and supportive legislators have proposed legislation to restrict foreign purchases of agricultural land in their state. The plan creates a new board, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States – South Dakota (CFIUS-SD), which will investigate proposed purchases of ag land by foreign interests and recommend either approval or denial to the Governor.
“With this new process, we will be able to prevent nations who hate us – like Communist China – from buying up our state’s agriculture land. We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to continue to buy up our nation’s food supply, so South Dakota will lead the charge on this vital national security issue…” With vital national security resources like Ellsworth Air Force Base, we cannot afford for our enemies to purchase land in South Dakota,” adds Representative-elect Gary Cammack.
China’s Global MilitaryDaria NovakChina is developing a modern, global basing network for its military that could reshape the global economy and international order by 2040, yet only two decades ago Brookings Institution labeled the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) a “hollow military.” The PLA scorecard is vastly different today. Chinese aggressive behavior coupled with its advanced capabilities create a formidable challenge to the US in many areas. At the same time, the 2023 Index of US Military Strength reports that America’s military is weaker than only a year ago. That raises a number of questions that the world needs to be considering right now. Most important, perhaps, is to learn why China’s pursuing an overseas basing strategy. And, second, where is China most likely to pursue its next bases. 
RAND Corporation released a new report this week that pulls together information from two longer RAND Arroyo Center reports. It notes that historical cases suggest China “could develop a global basing network within the next 20 years if it is determined to do so.” While the global role of the PLA remains clouded in mystery, the political leadership in Beijing has been more open about its determination to emerge within the next two decades as a leading global military power. Jesse Johnson, writing for The Japan Times, says that the message out of Washington this fall is “one of deep concern that the [Chinese] military has become significantly more aggressive in Asia,” and that at some point there will be a “major incident or accident involving the United States.”
China’s technological advances put it on par with the United States in many areas, including artificial intelligence (AI). With assistance from host nations, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is rapidly expanding its ability to project power beyond its coastal waters and into the Western hemisphere. China is also acquiring access to overseas military bases and port facilities around the world. The prime motivation for Beijing’s military policy calls for expanding its presence abroad to protect its growing interests. Economic growth abroad serves as the foundation for the China Communist Party’s (CCP) legitimacy. But China’s leaders are also pushing for a policy shift that requires a more forceful military response to what it perceives as threats to its national security and sovereignty. Although the RAND report suggests that imposing costs on the US or other nation’s is only a secondary consideration, it still needs to be addressed by Washington. The authors of the RAND report evaluated 108 countries, across 17 indicators, and identified 24 countries that may be especially well suited to Beijing’s pursuit of basing and access. “The four countries that scored the highest across these indicators are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar,” it says.
Most disconcerting is that China could gain rights for military bases in these countries, as they are among the most likely to face “acute security requirements that they cannot meet without foreign support.” They also pose a risk for both the US and China as domestic instability in them could end up drawing the United States into an unwanted conflict with the communist giant. The RAND report authors argue that such new large-scale overseas military bases have a potential to disrupt local balances of power and risk triggering both internal and interstate wars. “In the longer-term future, China’s global basing ambitions might touch off peripheral wars with the potential to draw in China and the United States.” To offset China’s military rise overseas, some western analysts are advising Washington to build and strengthen its overseas partnerships.
There are a number of steps Washington policymakers can take to slow China’s aggressive behavior. They require decisive, well-planned steps and leadership, and the time is growing short. The Biden Administration needs to develop indications and warning for new overseas PLA locations and prioritize efforts to slow or impose costs on China’s quest for overseas basing before Beijing becomes to well-imbedded overseas. Economically, Washington still has the advantage in leveraging nonmilitary means to slow or minimize the PLA’s growing reach. RAND concludes that by strengthening our economic and military policy, the US could retain the capabilities and posture needed to protect America’s allies and partners in preparation for an expanded Chinese threat environment. Washington needs to recognize that China is no longer a “hollow threat” and respond from a position of strength. Daria Novak served in the U.S. Dept. of State
Growing Unrest in ChinaDaria NovakThe CCP leadership in Beijing is concerned about growing domestic unrest this fall and the long-term implications for stability within the country. Chinese citizens are upset and demonstrating over the government’s zero Covid-19 policy which has led to tragic incidents and a downturn in the economy. In one case, fire and rescue personnel were unable to reach victims when a fire broke out in a locked down high-rise apartment building. Citizens were incensed by the needless deaths of the apartment dwellers. The demonstrations across China are bringing about comparisons to the 1989 demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. The government is censoring news about the deaths and demonstrations. Photos of demonstrators holding blank white placards symbolizing their lack of free speech quickly spread across the Internet.
The earlier demonstrations, beginning in April 1989, were sparked by the death of the reformist Chinese Communist Party Chief Hu Yaobang. Protests spread to major cities across China, along with violence and the student occupation of Tiananmen Square in Beijing. More than 100,000 students took to the streets in the capital. More recently, on the 30th anniversary of Hu’s death, the Chinese government removed mentions of him on Weibo and the Chinese Internet. Leaders again feared unrest and chaos could spread and threaten the Party’s tight grip on the country.
Last month, just as protests were starting to calm down, former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin, passed away at the age of 96. “The timing of Jiang’s death was striking as it occurred amidst the largest public pushback against CCP rule since the student protest movement in spring 1989, which culminated in the June 3-4 Tiananmen Square massacre that preceded his assumption of CCP leadership at the 13th Central Committee’s Fourth Plenum that same month,” notes John S. Van Oudenaren of the Jamestown Foundation.
Similarly, the CCP leadership feared the current wave of demonstrations, ostensibly about the severe Covid lockdown, could morph into a more general renunciation of the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party and its principal leaders in a similar way to 1989 Tiananmen Square protest. President Xi has found himself trying to balance between totally shutting down society with a severe lockdown to stem the spread of the new variant of the virus, or bend to civil society and loosen the restrictions while risking increased cases of the virus. In response to pressure from the mass demonstrations President Xi Jinping folded and chose to relax Covid restrictions. In this case, the power of the people, won over the authoritarian dictates of the Chinese Communist Party leadership. Citizens in Western democracies often find ways to make their voices heard and change public policy. In China, such “luan” or chaos is not tolerated by Xi Jinping or the CCP leadership. It makes what happened this week all the more remarkable and brings into question the true strength of the Communist Party.    Xi Jinping, recently re-elected to a record third term as president in October, faces a domestic economy that is struggling. He is continuing to use a strong-armed interventionist approach against private sector businesses that is hurting business growth. The CCP has maintained power in the country mainly due to the expansion of the economy in recent decades. If the Party can’t produce good economic results, and the broad base of the population is suffering both economically and physically, the legitimacy of the CCP and its leadership could be called into question. 
Analysts this week suggest that Xi Jinping and the top leadership recognize this possibility and view themselves as in a weakened position, despite Xi’s directly overseeing all important levers of power, including the military, judiciary, police, propaganda, and foreign policy establishments. Looking to history for lessons learned from the 1989 demonstrations, it appears Xi Jinping chose the pragmatic course. 
There are differences between 1989 and today. The middle class is larger in China, their expectations are higher, and they are more connected to the outside world. Thirty-three years ago, students had little practical understanding of democratic practices, free market economics or advanced technologies common in the West. All that has changed. Xi may have taken the only action possible in the short-run to quell unrest. However, it may have opened the door to the eventual downfall of authoritarian rule in China.Daria Novak served in the U.S. State Dept.
Azerbaijan in the Crosshairs?Daria NovakMoscow has more to worry about than the war in Ukraine. As winter approaches and the ground begins freezing, Putin is also facing new concerns to his east. In the central Asian state of Azerbaijan, there are mounting concerns about a potential border war with Iran after November protests in Tehran spread across the country and the Iranian government attempted to destabilize Azerbaijan. “We will do everything possible to defend our way of life as well as the secular direction of the development of Azerbaijan and of Azerbaijanis, including Azerbaijanis living in Iran. They are part of our nation,” announced President Ilham Aliyev. Salam New Agency reports that the president’s words were intended to win support at home for those Azerbaijani living abroad. Some politicians in Azerbaijan see their secular nation as a divided people, similar to the situation on the Korean peninsula. They are vocally pushing to rename the Republic of Azerbaijan, Northern Azerbaijan. One parliamentarian in Baku, Gudrat Gasanguliyav, argued that renaming the state would serve as a “stimulus” for those religious individuals living south of the Aras River. They account for about one-third of Iran’s population, according to Paul Goble of the Jamestown Foundation. Azerbaijanis in the south are increasing dissatisfied with the repressive regime in Iran. 
Statements by politicians in Azerbaijan have lit a fuse in Tehran that could lead to a full-scale conflict that Putin might not be capable of stopping. The Russian publication Real Tribune reports that with heightened tensions between the two states, “the Kremlin is actively expanding shipping routes between Russia and Iran in the Caspian Sea to avoid having to rely on land routes that it once hoped could be used to circumvent Western sanctions,” notes Goble. He adds that it has “sparked fears in Tehran and elsewhere that either the Iranian authorities will try to use such language to gin up patriotic support in response to the current wave of protests or that the tit-for-tat moves by Iran and Azerbaijan along their common border may escalate into a full-scale military conflict.” It is an “indication of just how worried Moscow is about the current state of affairs,” notes Goble.  In, one Russian commentator, Stanislav Tarasov, wrote that while these statements may not lead to any immediate war, they are likely to have potentially far-reaching consequences not only for Azerbaijani-Iranian relations but also for the relationship between Baku and Ankara, thus representing a seriously destabilizing development for the greater Middle East. Tarasov says it is evidence that Baku is working with Turkey to destroy Iran but that “the actual facts of the case may be far different and lead to Azerbaijan becoming more independent of Turkey with regards to regional geopolitics.”
Aliyev’s decision to “play ‘the Iranian card’” is part of Baku’s efforts to create a kind of Azerbaijani world rather than to extend the Turkic world eastward, according to Tarasov. In what could turn out to be a potential geopolitical culture war Azerbaijan, formerly part of Persia and not Turkey, is again part of a Persian empire. Goble says that if Baku focuses its efforts to the south rather than to the west, there could be a complete reordering of the Middle East chessboard. There are still wider implications as President Aliyev’s words could prove even more threatening to Russia than any conflict between Azerbaijan and Iran. “This is because the Azerbaijani president’s statements suggest that Baku may now be interested not only in expanding its influence southward into Iran but also northward into Russia,” says Goble.
Last month in Baku, when Aliyev hosted Rustam Minnikhanov, the leader of the Republic of Tatarstan, he announced that “the Turkic world consists not only of independent Turkic states. Its geographic borders are much broader”—that is, it includes places such as Tatarstan, currently within Russia’s borders, and Eastern Turkestan (Xinjiang), currently within the borders of the People’s Republic of China. This is the first such meeting between Tatarstan and Azerbaijani leaders since 2011. Goble suggests it is a sign that Baku is now looking to extend its influence deep into the Russian Federation. 
While Turkish President Erdogan has “never publicly and directly declared that Iran must give up Southern Azerbaijan,” just as he has never made demands that China should “free Eastern Turkestan,” Russian commentator Dmitry Rodionov, such statements threaten Moscow’s control of Turkic areas within its borders and China’s control of its Turkic-majority areas. Goble argues that to the extent that this is true, Aliyev’s most recent statements about Iran, its minorities and the treatment of its population as a whole, appear likely to have a broader echo, potentially setting in motion events that could re-order not only the Middle East but the two largest countries in Eurasia as well. It is going to be a cold winter everywhere Putin turns this year
This is perhaps the best article which I have read summarizing events of 2022 and I can hardy for JIm and I to cover the events of 2023 which promises to be a circus called, “The Greatest Show on Earth” complete with clown cars and lion tamers.
    Dec 28, 2022 28:22 PM

    Traitor Obama gained re-election by censoring free speech and killing the Tea Party:

      Dec 28, 2022 28:30 PM

      Unless Pretendent biden is removed from office (e.g. impeachment for breach of oath of office in failing to protect the borders), 2023 will be worse than 2022.
      It is clearly his intention to destroy the US as we once knew it, and he is succeeding at very high speed, including stealing elections.

        Dec 28, 2022 28:27 PM

        I don’t know if that is his only itention, but he certainly is certainly accomplishing that one!

      Dec 28, 2022 28:24 PM

      you only mentioned two of his mistakes

    Dec 28, 2022 28:38 PM

    Aint that the truth !!!!!!!!!

      Dec 28, 2022 28:25 PM

      One of them!

      Dec 28, 2022 28:27 PM

      Yes, it is the truth.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:46 PM

    HI AL… Instead of spending time posting the above article ( which i dont see the point of ) i think your time would be better spent replying to the comments that your LOYAL blogers take the time to post . Try starting with the weekend show …. Just Saying.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:05 PM

    And sticking with the topic of these criminals while bringing you some hearty cheer…

    DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court For Grand Jury Investigation Into Pfizer, Moderna

    In Florida, it is against the law to mislead and misrepresent, particularly when you’re talking about the efficacy of a drug,” DeSantis said. “So, today, I’m announcing a petition to the Supreme Court of Florida to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any wrongdoing with respect to the COVID-19 vaccines.

    TRUMPSTER BETTER GET THE LEAD OUT………………….. and come out against the JAB…..

      Dec 28, 2022 28:57 PM

      Trumpster…missing in inaction…but we are to trust the plan…

      Dec 29, 2022 29:35 AM

      I agree with some of the actions that DeSantos is currently taking.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:07 PM

    JAPAN………….is catching onto the JAB…………………….

      Dec 28, 2022 28:27 PM

      I’d like to see that guy get in the ring with the Fraudci elf…He would give Fraudci the ass kicking he so richly deserves…

      Dec 29, 2022 29:38 AM

      “Help, I am having a coincidence” is a great line!

    Dec 28, 2022 28:08 PM

    Some are a day late and a dollar short……………….
    Some are just way ahead of the curve……………….

    Dec 28, 2022 28:35 PM

    Rather than itemize each and every mistake of biden, and they are legion, I jumped straight to my conclusion.
    I am sure most, even here, would disagree with me. After all, how could or would an American, even if he was receiving bribes from China, give up his country to China.
    Is greed so overwhelming that it could destroy commonsense?

    I know I would not. But I’m not sure about biden. He clearly does not follow the same moral compass.
    I would not plaguerise someone else’s work…..biden actually did.

    I do know China recognizes biden’s frailty (or senility) as a sign of weakness.
    I truly believe the Chinese are long-term thinkers, who plan to become the world’s sole super-power.

    I currently believe China is opportunistically seeing a chance, while we deplete armaments in sending munitions to Ukraine, to test our resolve and intentions regarding Taiwan.

    I believe China fully intends to retake Taiwan at a time of CCP choosing.
    (This will give them electronic design capability which they currently do not have.)
    Perceiving biden as weak and indecisive presents a good time for China to test the U.S.
    and/or to even to start a war with the US.
    It is not yet a perfect time, but such a time draws closer the longer biden stays in office destroying the U.S.
    I doubt we will get a stronger President before a Sino-Taiwan war starts.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:38 PM

    Psrt of the decay of the U.S. was started by Jimmy Carter when he created the Department of education, taking away local control and slowly putting it in the hands of school boards, unions, etc..
    Gone was religion soon, but not to be replaced by ethics or morality classes.
    Even parents would eventually be denied input to school boards, and the socialist/communists had their way. (While conservative parents were relatively impoverished by home-teaching or paying for private education, while also paying yet again for public schooling via taxes.)

      Dec 28, 2022 28:55 PM

      Now with the omnibus bill – you didn’t read it, because you, stupid moron, let the DNC hide all kinds of crap in it. The Democrats have provided THEMSELVES BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
      No it did not directly fund the DNC, but it did give Soros and his ilk billions of dollars, freeing up his own money for more direct bribery.

      Yes, the Republican leadership is spineless. It will not stand on principle because it is scared of being accused of stopping giveaways to taxpayers and tax-payers are too stupid to realize the government is broke and does not have any money. It merely steals from Peter to bribe Paul for a vote.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:13 PM

    Hard to connect the DOTS……………when the info gets DELETED……………. just saying…….

    Dec 28, 2022 28:20 PM

    Okay, Campers, here is another wonderful tidbit consolidation brought forward by one of our Rat Watchers Extraordinaire — a concise history of the entire globalist /WEF run down, which explains the new taxation scheme (carbon credits, etc.) in tandem with the Globalist push to adopt “population suppression” measures (C -19) and collapse of the banking system. This report was first published on and I am simply providing the link to it. ……Anna Von Reitz…..

    Dec 28, 2022 28:23 PM

    Corporations have no redeeming social value. They were dreamed up as “protected” business models that would encourage investment in dangerous things like gunpowder factories, without the nicety of personal liability.

    Instead, the public is purportedly responsible for the debts and liabilities of these corporations; the shareholders and boards of directors get off Scot-free.

    If you, as a member of the General Public, find this unacceptable, please be aware that the Municipal Congress promised Big Pharma that they would hold the pharmaceutical giants harmless from any claims made against them as a result of harmful vaccines.

    No matter what they put in vaccines or what horrendous harm they caused, Congress promised to hold them harmless and unaccountable.

    That is what the President of Moderna firmly believed, that he and his corporation were in the clear, based on those guarantees. So far as he knew, he really could have put snake oil in the “vaccine” injections, so long as they were called “vaccines”, and nobody could hold him or his corporation accountable.

    He forgot about the Law of Admiralty.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:28 PM

    The following examples that were pulled out of the 1.7 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill were discovered by the Heritage Foundation…

    -$1.2 million for “LGBTQIA+ Pride Centers”
    -$1.2 million for “services for DACA recipients” (aka helping illegal aliens with taxpayer funds) at San Diego Community College.
    -$477k for the Equity Institute in RI to indoctrinate teachers with “antiracism virtual labs.”
    -$1 million for Zora’s House in Ohio, a “coworking and community space” for “women and gender-expansive people of color.”
    -$3 million for the American LGBTQ+ Museum in New York City.
    -$3.6 million for a Michelle Obama Trail in Georgia.
    -$750k for the for “LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming housing” in Albany, New York.
    -$856k for the “LGBT Center” in New York.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:31 PM

    Speaking of admiralty law. Check this out.
    This guy David Jose is a constitutional genius!
    It’s a must watch, to learn.

      Dec 28, 2022 28:37 PM

      Ok…….. but, make sure you read of copy my above post from rumble on NWO…… fills in a lot of dots…
      I posted it three times, and someone does not like it…. lol

        Dec 28, 2022 28:57 PM

        Great tape……….. at the 18 min mark…… is a great comment…….

          Dec 28, 2022 28:25 PM

          Man we are in deep doo doo…… with the court system…….
          Just listen to the last few mins….

            Dec 28, 2022 28:09 PM

            No one knows this. That’s why we shine the light on it.
            It’s not the system. It’s our “ obedience” to the system.
            That’s the problem.

            Dec 29, 2022 29:30 AM

            Ditto Chartster……………. Blind Obedience…………..

    Dec 28, 2022 28:38 PM
    Dec 29, 2022 29:59 AM
      Dec 29, 2022 29:33 AM

      Humm………. ZBIDEN of a Fake corrupt govt………….

    Dec 29, 2022 29:02 AM

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m living in the twilight zone…….

    FACT: The EU decided Russia will be responsible for rebuilding Ukraine.

    restoration of Ukraine Ukrainian News – ukranews com May 18, 2022
    Cost Of Restoring Ukraine Estimated At More Than USD 349 Billion.

    09 September 2022, 17:53 European Commission Approves Plan For Restoration Of Ukraine
    Recently confirmed by United Nations.

    CFS: Apparently most of the world believes Russia can be forced to pay reparations of $349 Billion.

    Blackrock has been assigned to be in control of the restoration of Ukraine. Now that is most interesting.
    Blackrock is a big investment company worth about $10 Trillion. (That is trillion with a T)

    You should know often Whitehouse advisors become executives at Blackrock, and retiring executives from Blackrock often become White House advisors.
    Do you think if biden keeps funnelling funds to Ukraine, the big guy might get a kickback from Blackrock?
    (Or maybe Blackrock was assigned because they had already made a large campaign contribution.)

      Dec 29, 2022 29:19 AM

      Anyone that knows anything………….. already knows that BLACKROCK is an INSIDE GROUPIE……..

      Just go back to 2008…….. on the housing ……..

      Sheeple will continue to be conned out of everything…..

        Dec 29, 2022 29:25 PM

        The reason I mentioned twilight zone, is that I DON’T THINK THE RUSSIANS WILL LOSE IN UKRAINE.

        The Russians may well pay for the re-building, but that is because they occupy captured territory.

        Russians KNOW how to fight in this terrain.