Situations that should change

Big Al
December 29, 2022
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We believe that many of the items that we discuss need to be changed in the upcoming new year.



















    Dec 29, 2022 29:45 PM

    Jimmy………..your remark at the 2 min mark…..
    concerning the exemptions…… THE CONGRESS was exempted…… along with CDC and other INSIDERS.
    Pfizer and Moderna…. people who knew what the harm was……..
    Correct me if, I am wrong EBO……

      Dec 29, 2022 29:52 PM

      See the video that IRISH POSTED BELOW……………… on EXEMPTIONS………

      sorry IRISH,….. I thought ebo posted it…… my mstake….

      Dec 29, 2022 29:34 PM

      Fauci and Wife…………….. associated with the METAVERSE……….
      All part of the plan……. which we posted an article on yesterday…….

    Dec 29, 2022 29:16 PM

    The REAL truth of Jan 6 was that IT WAS NEVER AN INSURRECTION.
    It was a DNC idea to blame Trump.
    Citizens were ushered into the Capitol buildings by the Capitol police.

    Ray Epps, supposedly an F.B.I. associate, was said to be encouraging entry on Jan 6.
    (Part of video still not released by Nancy.)
    The night before the attack, Epps was seen on video telling other Trump supporters that they needed to go into the Capitol. (Photo in Daily Mail.)

    Dec 29, 2022 29:32 PM

    List of some of the companies……
    listed partners to the World Economic Forum’s Metaverse Initiative. They include corporate actors like Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Microsoft, Walmart, and Sony. Notably, the list includes major financial services and banking enterprises, such as Mastercard, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, and Lloyds.

    Things really take a dark turn when moving down to the state and global governance partners to the WEF’s Metaverse Initiative. These partners include Interpol, the United Nations counter terrorism office, the U.S. NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute, and several additional countries’ information and communication ministries.

    Dec 29, 2022 29:33 PM

    Putin had to wait in Ukraine for the ground to freeze.
    Now, with the ground frozen, he will move in heavy equipment.
    I expect Putin to win.

      Dec 30, 2022 30:14 AM

      The Russian army crushing Ukraine is beyond any doubt.
      They are chewing up the Ukranians now, exactly as they planned, Bahkmut is wonderful for the Russians and extreamely foolish on the Ukrainian part.
      But, thats the orders from Washington and as we know Washington is quite happy to fight to the last Ukrainian.

      It seems the Ukrainians are too.

      When Russia feels they have eliminated enuff of Ukrainian forces and the ground in the south hardens Russia will move, at that point the question is will nato step in more than they are now.

      Nato could formally enter the war, if that happens……..refer to Putins speech I posted.

      A real issue now is Russia wont negotiate a peace with Ukraine or Nato and they dont know who to negotiate with in Washington as they are liers and they know full well Washington can not be trusted.

      The world is in a very dangerous place right now and the americans pressing China is making it more so.

    Dec 29, 2022 29:37 PM

    During its 2023 Davos conference, the World Economic Forum will host a press conference on its “Building The Metaverse Initiative,”

    Dec 29, 2022 29:39 PM


    Dec 28, 2022 28:31 PM

    The US >>>>> These groups were EXEMPED from getting covid shots in 2020 , The UK >>> Members of Parlament & others were exemped…………… Make You FU**ING WONDER , does it not.

      Dec 29, 2022 29:41 PM


      Dec 28, 2022 28:48 PM

      A follow-up to the above …. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS. & pass it on to family & friends.

      Dec 29, 2022 29:44 PM

      THE BASTARDS ALL KNEW………………… and have known for a very long time…….
      all you need to do is go back to Project Paperclip……..
      CONGRESS KNEW….. no doubt about it……..

        Dec 29, 2022 29:05 PM

        OOTB Jerry
        Dec 28, 2022 28:22 PM
        This crap has been going on for decades………….–full-history-of-the-wef-un-the-climate-change-hoax-covid-19-and-the-people.html

          Dec 29, 2022 29:14 PM

          Hi Jerry…. Whats the odds that AL or Jimmy will reply to any of the comments on this page, Zero … imo

            Dec 30, 2022 30:22 AM

            IMO Al has grown tired of his politics blog.
            Not sure I can blame him, bloggers disagree with his guests more often than not.

            Still, the politics thread keep it away from the investing thread, which was the point in the first place.

            Dec 30, 2022 30:02 AM

            Well ,……… I see the blog is up and running again……….

            southfan……….. you are correct……. that is obvious , as to why the ORPHAN SECTION was done the way it was and is done., set aside from the money maker , and no problem with that…

            If, we listened to most of the guest, we would be falling into the trap of what is really going on….
            THE SHEEP are asleep………. that is evident by the JAB and GOVT elections , 911, Ukraine, Afgan,
            Iraq…… JFK……. etc…..
            I posted an article from WHITNEY WEBB…… she lays it out how the corrupt GOVT of the USSA, has played every sheeple for SUCKERS for decades…… all planned to bring us to this exact point in time.

            It is very nice to know a few are awake, and like to share the info that effects us all,… and FREE OF CHARGE…………. 🙂

    Dec 29, 2022 29:36 PM

    more of the same…desperate globalists throw the medical death cartel your way once again…medical police state…al does not get it at

    Dec 29, 2022 29:53 PM

    rationing ammo?…..everyone needs to cut back in hard times..the global theater must stay open for business, ya know?……biden needs the armagedon card to eventually blame for inevitable economic system collapse…..Ruskies are bad, ya know?

    Dec 30, 2022 30:12 AM

    More in your face corruption from your gooberment masters and the dirty demonrats…someone has to pay for the corruption…and that someone is YOU…so get back to work, tax serfs.

    SBF Was Meeting With Senior White House Officials Shortly Before FTX Collapse

    Dec 30, 2022 30:15 AM


    Loy Brunson is the guest for the Saturday Night Post. Brunson will talk about his historic Supreme Court case on the docket next week that could overturn the Election of 2020. A positive Supreme Court ruling on the Brunson case could kick nearly 400 people out of Congress, and also including President Joe Biden and VP Harris

    Dec 30, 2022 30:17 AM

    Well Well Well … Twitter Covid Censorship !!! .. Dr Scot Atlas , speaks out, Remember who Dr Atlas was , he was one of the early Covid advisers to Trump , until those in power in the white house , kicked him out , or paid him to leave ……. & the rest is history.

    Dec 30, 2022 30:52 AM

    I, CFS, disagree with Greg Hunter regarding his statement; “There is no virus”.
    (I saw data very early on, from India, about isolation of the covid-19 virus, AND ITS AIDS-LIKE CHARACTERISTICS. The author of the paper was reported as deceased, and the paper was withdrawn as unavailable over the internet.
    If there “is no virus”, how come people can die from catching a non-existant virus ?
    “But, people are just dying from the flu” – so how come they test positive for coronavirus with a spike protein ?

    Dec 30, 2022 30:15 AM

    your totally lost..stick to telescopes…happy new year!

    Dec 30, 2022 30:19 AM

    virology is the quantum mechanics of biology……..basically is it terrain or pathogen that determines an outcome when pathogens are encountered…pastuer belived in the ‘terrain theory’ to account for persons who survived the said patogen…not typing more repeats….the jab is the actual bioweapon the natural thing was a mild flu…what test for covid..none was ever producec…all theatr

      Dec 30, 2022 30:31 AM

      If Stefan Lanka’s beliefs were true, how does he explain mutatrions of the virus having different effects?
      The initial strains of the virus were less infectious, but more life-threatening.
      Omicron mutation, however, is very easy to pass from humam to human, but results in almost non-lethal infections.
      The alpha version of the covid-19 virus of an INFECTED human statistically killed about 0.3%, starting in 2020.
      The most recent results (BA5 omicron) out of Sweden (based on worldwide data, mostly China numbers) gives the latest omicron mutation killing only 0.000207% of infected humans.

        Dec 30, 2022 30:56 AM

        impeccable word salad wout understanding…thank you…no isolate exists to study…posted ad nausea…mild flu like ailment w no flu reports only covid….everything covid…covid..covid is bad like flu…flu kills big time per terrain theory …brainwashed like that british nurse-man who just realized vaccination schedules are causing autism….no flue reported, all covid…99.978% survived the ‘covid’ non-thing, just like flu……but post-jab the XS death is sigma 6 or even 10…hence the jab is the weapon not the non-covid propaganda… test for covid…it was bastardized per the inventor of pcr….milieu is what pcr analyses…milieu contains the proteins but does not show the structure required to prove anything..ALL MD/stooge/whore docs referenced the pcr testing even knowing it is fraudulent…the theater is breaking and burning…

          Dec 30, 2022 30:38 PM

          I have previously stated more people have died from the vaccine than covid-19…….i.e. implying the vaccine IS THE BIOWEAPON.

          However, back in 2019, the virus was isolated in India.

          Larry, you seem to be assigning deaths to an influenza virus, because of a non-belief in a covid-19 virus.
          What’s in a name? A rose would smell as sweet, and a virus could be as deadly if erroneously called influenza.

          But, Larry, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN MUTATIONS “in a virus that does not exist”?
          If the virus does not exist….mutations do not exist.

          These are not mutations of the influenza virus.
          I realize the PCR test does not test for the whole virus, but a specific sequence only.

            Dec 30, 2022 30:21 PM

            but cfs….all respiratory virus mutate…continuously, with in their family phenotype…..that is why vaccination is a failed approach,,,,including polio vax(no virus isolated)…including tetanus(not one documented case of lockjaw)…all myth……, polio public health, was to cover for the unfortunate arsenic spraying of crops which ceased…polio’virus’ was the myth to cover the arsenic toxicity of lung paralysis etc…….public health cover ups are the norm historically…medicine is a religion and the serfs must believe the ministers or it all unravels…hummm…a confidence game on all levels…no miracle…the miracle was public sanitation and improved nutrition…that is also unraveling…..hence the decrease in longevity from peak a few years back…behold the miracle of the vacinated series of 72 shots… generations to sick to serve……….….

            Dec 30, 2022 30:37 PM

            How do they measure all the variants listed at 45 seconds in the youtube? If no virus exists.

            By PCR tests?

    Dec 30, 2022 30:32 AM
    Dec 30, 2022 30:38 AM

    The January 6th Report Takeaway: Trump Incited the Riot

      Dec 30, 2022 30:53 AM

      Bullshit…..Just listen to Trump’s speech.

        Dec 30, 2022 30:01 PM

        The Jan6 Committee was essentially a committee of ONE PARTY, namely Democrats, and was designed to find Trump guilty of a felony so that he could not be President again.

        To make the Committee APPEAR bi-partisan a few Trump-hating RINOs were included.

    Dec 30, 2022 30:07 PM

    If you want to understand why biden is supporting Ukraine, a totally corrupt regime….

    NPR should be de-funded.

    Dec 30, 2022 30:22 PM

    ‘I Also Orchestrated It’: Uncharged J6 Witness Ray Epps Transcript Released

    Hello AJ……………read zerohedge article….

    Dec 30, 2022 30:51 PM

    Ray Epps, state-wide leader of Arizona Oath-keepers, a terrorist group.
    Epps has serious problems with dates and memory, talking about Antifa.
    (There’s a 10 year gap)
    Note, how in the transcript, he is being coached…..e.g. given hint last talked back in November.
    They give the answer and then ask the question, repeatedly.

    o other witness is treated that way.

    Epps is the ONLY person caught on tape suggesting entry to the Capitol building.

    Dec 30, 2022 30:02 PM

    If you want to know what really happened on January 6th, watch this. All 100% true.

      Dec 30, 2022 30:14 PM

      Precisely Chartster.
      The only thing your Tumble video did not discuss was the 2000 Mules effort to steal the election.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:32 AM

      Thanks Chartster…………………………. Minnie is great…….

    Dec 30, 2022 30:04 PM

    Don Jr.’s J6 transcript may be found at:

    If anyone wants to read any of the 18 other individuals interviewed, ask , and I will post links.

      Dec 30, 2022 30:09 PM

      Southwest also played a role in the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 8, which is still grounded. They were Boeing’s biggest customer and pressured them to get the aircraft certified under the same type as the rest of the 737 fleet. A basic part of their business plan was to fly only one aircraft type.

      They also wanted the greater fuel efficiency of the larger engines, which required moving their mounting points on an airframe which first flew over 50 years ago with much smaller engines, seriously affecting the balance and handling of the aircraft. This likely resulted in two disastrous crashes, on foreign airlines but with U.S. citizens aboard. I’m sure the ambulance chasers have been busy with lawsuits for survivors of the victims, but try to find any news about it.

    Dec 30, 2022 30:17 PM
    Dec 30, 2022 30:10 PM

    As soon as Republicans take office, Pelosi should be arrested and charged with CONSPIRACY TO ENTICE INSURRECTION.

    So far approx 1,000 people have been arrested for Jan 6 behavior…..with hundreds yet to be identified. Pelosi employed over 150 district attorneys in all 50 states in a false conspiracy.

    Contrary to Trump’s request, Pelosi actually REDUCED POLICE PRESENCE, and used Capitol police to usher citizens into the capitol…..caught on film, Pelosi has.