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December 31, 2022
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  • Segment 1 – We begin the program discussing Ukraine.
  • Segment 2 – We discuss the lack of transparency in many of Americas current events.
  • Segment 3 – We opine on Covid The Southern border and and other events of the past year.
  • Segment 4 – We discuss our political predictions for next year.

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    Dec 31, 2022 31:32 AM

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????? No Comment.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:27 AM


        Dec 31, 2022 31:41 PM

        OOTB my comment to Tony is also to you.

          Dec 31, 2022 31:43 PM

          I think ,…..IF, you are going to post an article, or have verbal commentary…….. YOU should not ask us to COMMENT……. and then YOU, do not comment for days…….. After a few days,…the comments and the post become meaningless………. Just saying.
          Just a suggestion……… Thanks and respectfully submitted…….

          Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR………… 🙂

            Dec 31, 2022 31:36 PM

            I will be making a lot of comments in the future. Just you wait Enery Higgins!

            Jan 01, 2023 01:29 PM

            I have taken your comment seriously.

            Jan 01, 2023 01:03 PM

            Thanks for reading……..

      Dec 31, 2022 31:40 AM

      Hi Tony… i tend to agree with you…
      Why does the media, including Al and Jim, want to discuss the 2024 election two years in advance?
      At least Al and Jim touched upon the failed response to covid. But nothing is going to change. CDC and other public health entities need to be defunded – no compromises, reform is not possible. Some places are talking about masking again. New year, but political mistakes will repeat.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:28 AM

        This is a country ruled by criminals. It is hopelessly corrupt.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:42 PM

        We discuss 2024 because we are looking for a trend.

          Dec 31, 2022 31:51 PM

          Sorry Al… people discuss 2024, because they avoid dealing with the present.
          The trend is established… the west, the neocons are on a trend to all out world war blooming in Ukraine… keep talking that Russia is our enemy… keep enabling our sending money and resources to the corrupt Ukrainian regime… the buildup to world war is obvious… only a matter if time before NATO engages… people need to wake up before Russia is backed into a nuke lunching corner or the west tries a first strike to take Russia out… Please discuss Russia’s point of view… the special military operation was justified… Russia tried to win with limited destruction of infrastructure… failing that, the war expanded to all out conventional war… Ukraine is being reduced to rubble… but their fight for democracy (in name) is so worth it.

            Dec 31, 2022 31:20 PM

            WELL SAID TOMMY……………………. YOU ARE SPOT ON…………. IMO

            Dec 31, 2022 31:34 PM

            Fair enough we will discuss Russia’s point of view. Remember I have strong Russian heritage.

            Dec 31, 2022 31:52 PM

            Thanks Jerry… And Thanks Al…
            And Happy New you to you both, Jimmy, and all the KER bloggers too!

            Dec 31, 2022 31:30 PM

            Big Al
            9 hours ago

            Fair enough we will discuss Russia’s point of view. Remember I have strong Russian heritage.

            And Chinese…don’t forget Chinese.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:40 PM

      Tony, I assume that you did not like something about the program.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:46 AM

    Mr. Hahn, My advice to you is lawyer up. The truth is a defense. You should be able, if you wish, to retire on this.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:25 AM

      GET a NON BAR LAW ATTORNEY…………….. would be a good suggestion……….. 🙂

      Dec 31, 2022 31:46 PM

      That is the dumbest on-air comment that I have ever hear and that is why I am very cognizant about what I say on the air.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:02 PM

        I ment herd and not hear.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:49 PM

      Note my comment down below!

      Dec 31, 2022 31:51 PM

      That is an interesting point you make CFS2000

    Dec 31, 2022 31:03 AM

    On the afternoon of January 6, Ray Epps texted his nephew about the events at the Capitol: “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.”
    I wonder why he was never charged and why he’s the only person whom Kinzinger and Cheney will defend.

    (Hint: Because Nancy orchestrated the whole non-insurrection.)

      Dec 31, 2022 31:54 PM

      It is possible that she actually did, but I would doubt it. We may not like her ,but, she is very bright.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:03 AM

    The Ukraine war reported from a Russian POV.

    My comment would be it is getting damn cold, and without electricity, it is probably necessary to increase food intake by 50% just to maintain body heat. It is not pleasant living there and a third of the population has probably left already.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:20 AM

      The temperature in Kviv will hardly go above freezing for two months.

      Water and food will be a problem. Wells will work without electricity, but rivers cannot be used as a water source and deeper city wells need electricity – some will have local generators with limited fuel.
      My guess is that Ukraine can survive 223, but not 2024. But the world situation may have drastically changed by then, with the CCP invading Taiwan.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:58 PM

        Great point about the source of water.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:57 PM

      I had a lot of trouble undersanding the host. You do make a great point about food intake.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:32 AM

    Now for something completely different:
    Robert Schock of Sphinx-dating fame:

    (The truth is that we have lost at least one civilization with the Younger-Dryas event)

      Dec 31, 2022 31:06 PM

      I really don’t view it as a restart I am starting to view it as an end point.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:35 AM


      Dec 31, 2022 31:19 AM

      Change it to “recorded history” and I will agree.

      I imagine the years of pulses 1 & 2 of the Younger Dryas event might have been worse; and whatever
      wiped out the Indonesian Gunung Padang civilization might have been worse.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:21 AM

      Hi Jerry… yes, 2022 bad…. and 2023 will be worse as the situation in Ukraine escalates.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:15 PM

        Tommy, I think that Ukraine will surprise a lot of people as it certainly has up to this point.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:44 PM

        Thanks Tommy………. Have a Happy New Year………

      Dec 31, 2022 31:30 AM

      536 AD Jerry absolutely no fun.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:12 AM

      Yes It’s Bad Jerry ! And It’s No over yet !

      Dec 31, 2022 31:00 PM

      I have been saying that since last Spring. But then again I have been saying that since 2000. I have been correct regarding all of those years.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:54 AM

    ‘Where Are We Heading?’: Wartime New Year Prompts Russian Soul-Searching

      Dec 31, 2022 31:21 AM

      Hi AJ… Thats the first article you ever posted , that i read all the way. And i agree with a lot of it .

        Dec 31, 2022 31:48 AM

        I also agree the moscow times article was good.
        Two minor corrections….
        not hundreds of thousands of new forces, but 130,000 to be more precise.
        New recruits must be trained to be less trigger happy….

        I expect the continued Russian attack to move higher and carpet bomb from out of range. Not very efficient, but will avoid being shot down.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:18 PM

        Based on your comment Irish, I will go back and try to get the swritten portion which I was unable to do the first time I clicked on the link.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:09 PM

      I could not get past the picture on Moscow oon New Year’s Eve. Was there a longer article after that picture?

        Dec 31, 2022 31:47 PM

        I figured out what I did wrong the first time and I was successful in posting the entire article. I am tempted to subscribe to the Moscow Times. Please give me some opinions on that.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:31 AM

    maybe al asks JM to dumb down the show…to pay homage to the past decades?…no idea…glta…and happy new year

      Dec 31, 2022 31:49 AM

      I think Al should simply get permission to play a video interview of someone that understands Ukraine.
      Unless he interviews someone himself, cant see that happening tho.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:13 PM

      I don’t imderstand your comment about “dumb down the show” Please elaborage Larry.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:42 AM

    what putin wanted for russians was normal……no missiles in the non-nato/ukraine zone…for 15 years he could not negotiate this simple idea already provided for in previous agreements…an idea exactly like what usa wanted during the cuban missle crises…..JM never mentions this…would al think it crazy when JFK threatened war over the cuban missles?…yet, his deep mind process calls the russians crazy and mad for an equivalent response…………simplistic …also, he does not yet grasp and connect the medical cartel to our legally mandated enslavement and health collapse here in usa…total lame for decades and decades…glta

      Dec 31, 2022 31:56 AM

      Whoever engineered the bioweapon was playing with fire to incorporate part of the HIV (AIDS virus) into the added spike protein to damage immunity.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:29 PM

      Who is Loy Brunson. I personally think that Mr. Peters has a lot of poential. How about you?

        Dec 31, 2022 31:32 PM

        We posted sfuff about Brunson much earlier in the week.

        Fact: Both the 2020 and the 2022 elections were manipulated.

        I would personally say both elections were illegally stolen. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT.
        By false ballot printing. By ballot destruction and by counting machine manipulation.
        The problem is NOT a single court has heard an election theft case.
        There is no mechanism in the Constitution on how to deal with widespread chicanery.
        The Brunson case could overturn both elections, but will SCOTUS take it up?

          Jan 01, 2023 01:40 PM

          I am sorry that I missed the information that you guys posted earlier on Brunson. That was my loss.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:37 PM

      I forgot to mention yesterday that the Cuban Missle Crises did have the level of proximiity to America which Ukraine does not. That makes a lot of defference psychologically in thinking. That difference is a really big deal and really big diffference in the situations.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:50 AM

    The only things transparent in the 0bama administration were the teleprompters.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:32 PM

      Rufust 445, I like your comment, thank you.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:58 AM

    I’ll post a few sources for Ukraine info 1 more time.
    Scott Ritter, Col Macgregor, Alexander Mercouris, The New Atlas, Moon of Alabama, Southfront, RT

      Dec 31, 2022 31:48 PM

      Thank you Southfront.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:38 AM

    best virologist on earth…but the whole presentation includes ideas you need to grasp al…glta

      Dec 31, 2022 31:35 PM

      I think that you posted the wrong Stew Peters show.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:59 AM

    Russia ! Is Multiplying Missiles and Drone-strikes on Ukraine ! The West is Lossing Big Time !!!!

      Dec 31, 2022 31:38 PM

      Tony, I assume that you did not like the program

        Dec 31, 2022 31:04 PM

        Al i lissen you’r Show So i mast like ! Dear Will be Much on are Plat next Year ! Ha Ha Happy New Year !

          Dec 31, 2022 31:00 PM

          Happy New year to you Franky.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:50 PM

      Franky, I think that it depends on where you get your intormation from. I will agree that Russian forces are not doing as well as commone sense tells us they should.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:23 PM

    AL & Sint Jimmy And the Boys ! Bill Clinton – Way Question Would You Ask Karl Rove ?

    Dec 31, 2022 31:06 PM

    Hi AL ….. My first post at the top of the page was a protest , against You & Jimmy’s lack of responce to the comment’s we on the blog post . Had You have read the comment section , over the past week & before , You would have seen , i asked about your absenss in the comment section. Go back to last weekends show & read those comments …. Oh & why do you sometimes call me Gordon ?
    With Respect … tony.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:57 PM

      I addressed more comments for the Dailies last weeek than I normally do. For the Weekend Program I, so far, have spen a lot of my Satureday on it and I think that the number of my comments proves that.

        Dec 31, 2022 31:03 PM

        When we used to talk on Skype, I thought you said your name was Gordon. My mistake and sorry.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:13 PM
      Dec 31, 2022 31:09 PM

      106 thousand views so far. Kind of makes a statement about the Lock Downs doesn’t it?

      Dec 31, 2022 31:39 PM

      A bunch of interesting comments!

    Dec 31, 2022 31:45 PM


      Dec 31, 2022 31:35 PM

      Jerry, of course, I second that!

    Dec 31, 2022 31:00 PM

    2022 ended with great disclosure of many things.
    2023 will be the year of the whistle blower.
    Remove the 0 from 2023 and you have 223.
    The opposite of 322, the Illuminati number.
    The cabals end is this coming year, 2023.

    Happy New Year!!🥂

      Dec 31, 2022 31:22 PM

      We will see………………. Happy if the cabal is ended, and the corrupt usa govt…. gets on the right track.

        Jan 01, 2023 01:46 PM

        Who do you define as being members of The Cabal?

          Jan 01, 2023 01:09 PM

          see answer below………

            Jan 01, 2023 01:42 PM

            Owl……….. I left you the answer below……… and it disappeared……….
            concerning the cabal……

            Jan 01, 2023 01:15 PM

            I havd no idea wy it is not there.

      Dec 31, 2022 31:33 PM

      What do you base that on, Chartste?

        Jan 01, 2023 01:01 AM

        I base that on:

        The renovations of GITMO to hold over 10,000 people.
        The thousands of sealed indictments that will be unsealed.
        The sting operation of the 2020 and 2022 elections, that sucked-in everyone from media to the local AG, to the local sheriff to 335 members of congress.
        The new mega media that is exposing all the lies and fraud in the system. (Twitter)
        All the lower level traitors turning on the high level traitors. And all the whistle blowers that are about to come foreword in all the agencies.

        And of course the global military operation to house the gold in treasuries and keep from central banks. The same military that houses the gold houses the weapons.
        Yes, it’s game over for the cabal.
        The dam of lies is breaking wide open, and nothing can stop what’s coming.

          Jan 01, 2023 01:50 PM

          I think that t he new transparency of Twitter is opeining a lo of eyes aroun the world. Don’t you?

          Jan 01, 2023 01:22 PM

          One more thank you Chartster!

    Dec 31, 2022 31:43 PM

    I noticed a lot of comments where I asked for replies and there were no replies to be found

    Dec 31, 2022 31:13 PM

    HEY OWL……………….. this is for YOU………………ON LOY BRUNSON and the SUPREME COURT…. Jan. 6..

    Dec 31, 2022 31:23 PM

    It is incredible to me that ALL COVID VACCINES HAVE NOT BEEN RECALLED.

    Not only do vaccines not work fully, they do harm in significant numbers.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:34 PM

      This is certainly Jimmy’s theory.

    Dec 31, 2022 31:35 PM

    al does not like health ranger and his 160 iq…… ranger continues to fathom the future with accuracy and precision…….al still thinks docs are great sage humanitarians curing disease rather than causing it…….lmao….

      Jan 01, 2023 01:53 PM

      I have no problem with either you or Health Ranger. In fact I honestly feel that both of you are extremely bright people and I would like to get to know both of you persoally, and I mean that!

    Jan 01, 2023 01:11 AM

    New Year greetings of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Powerful stuff. It is notable the Soviets are changing tactics again, instead of destroying critical energy infrastructure they are back to targetting civilians in residential areas.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:27 AM

      We will discover the truth about the U.S.–Ukrainian partnership to research and develop bioweapons. Congress has allocated in excess of $100 billion to defend something in Ukraine, but it sure ain’t democracy. While their personal investments in Burisma—or in weapons manufacturers like Raytheon—may be prime motivators, all indications are that the country is a rat’s nest of CIA operations.

        Jan 01, 2023 01:26 PM

        Are you referring to the entire CIA operation?

          Jan 01, 2023 01:56 PM

          I was referring to the CIA,….. if, you start from the very beginning, and
          couple that thought with what Whitney Webb has divulged in the last couple
          of interviews…. You would need to listen to the tapes to tie it all together

      Jan 01, 2023 01:56 PM

      The Russians are very definitely back to targeting people. I pray for each of “those people”!

      Jan 01, 2023 01:16 PM

      I listened to the entire speech and it was truly one of the truest and inspirational speeches that I have ever herd in my entire life! Thank you and God Bless you AJ!

        Jan 01, 2023 01:10 PM

        He is a play actor………..

    Jan 01, 2023 01:56 AM

    The delusion about the military state of the war is even worse when it comes to the political side.

    Putin, unaccustomed to losing, is increasingly isolated as war falters
    A new gulf is emerging between the president and much of the country’s elite

    The above headline is from today’s Washington Post. The unfounded basic assumption of the piece is that Russia is failing in its war. Its conclusions rest on some Carnegie ‘expert’ and anonymous sources in Russia. It is contradicted by the reality of the war and the results of current polls in Russia which show strong support for Putin and the government. It also ignores the fact that Russia has good relation with most of the rest of the world and that it also has powerful allies:

    article at 321…….. Dec 30
    Lack Of Good Analyses Contributes To The Decline Of The ‘West’

      Jan 01, 2023 01:20 PM

      A number of contradictions in that article, don’t you think?

        Jan 01, 2023 01:07 PM

        WaPo………….. humm ……MSN…… twisted truth……

          Jan 01, 2023 01:10 PM

          Of course most of it is tainted truth, Jerry

      Jan 01, 2023 01:29 PM

      Napolitano and Macgregor certainly disagree and I have to say thatI put a lot of credence in their words. Time will tell!

      Jan 01, 2023 01:31 PM

      I you happen to pay any attention to Macgregor and Napolitano. I certainly did.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:22 AM

    December 28, 2022
    Remember the ‘horse paste’ hullabaloo about ivermectin?

    According to the Epoch Times (subscription only):

    In a meta-analysis of 63 studies of ivermectin versus COVID-19 in humans, 100% of these have shown positive results. Studies were from all continents except Antarctica. Considered individually, 29 of those studies were found to be statistically significant regarding use of ivermectin alone. Over the 63 studies in meta-analysis, pooled effects showed 69% improvement in early treatment, and prophylactic use showed 86% improvement. Of those studies in the meta-analysis that were peer-reviewed, overall improvement in early treatment was found to be 70% (64% in randomized controlled trials), and 86% of those in which ivermectin was used prophylactically showed improvement (84% in randomized controlled trials).

    Mortality from COVID-19 over all time periods of delay in treatment was 76% improved over controls (69% in randomized controlled trials), whereas mortality was improved 84% in early treatment of COVID-19 (82% in randomized controlled trials). Forty studies were excluded from the meta-analysis for complicating factors or insufficient detail reported, and these also showed 100% positive results.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:44 AM

      Hi Jerry … Pop on over to the other page . Shad had some kind words to say about You & I …. Ah the good old days , when we had a good laugh on the site, remember we used to give Big AL the run around , & play up like kids when he went away for a while. The comment section used to be buzzing , with hundreds of comments & a lot more bloggers than we get today.

        Jan 01, 2023 01:29 AM

        Happy New Year IRISH…………… thanks for the heads up……… I will go and see……

          Jan 01, 2023 01:36 AM

          Irish…….. I saw the post, and it was nice…….. I also, left Mr. Shad… a note…… 🙂

        Jan 01, 2023 01:24 PM

        Some are coming back IIrish, that to all of you!

      Jan 01, 2023 01:23 AM

      I believe the Ivermectin results ARE TOTALLY AND SIMPLY understandable.


      While long-term use will slowly remove spike proteins, spike proteins damage a body’s innate immune system.


        Jan 01, 2023 01:16 PM

        Main Point………………. IT WORKS………………. and the cabal did not want you to know….
        The Govt stooges, as larry would say…… are LIARS….

          Jan 01, 2023 01:29 PM

          I too believe that many of them are liars!

        Jan 01, 2023 01:18 PM

        Next they will find out the HAIRDRYER worked…………. 🙂

        I would like to go back and read all those post….. from all those MASKED IDIOTS

          Jan 01, 2023 01:20 PM

          The hairdrye worked?

            Jan 01, 2023 01:09 PM

            Hairdryer …………was an on going joke,………. but, actually it was said to have worked on some cold issuesj,…Hot air or heat killing the germs,………But, Chartster was the one who handed out the info…….

        Jan 01, 2023 01:26 PM

        I agree with Jerrry and a lot of my local Republican friends when they all say, “bottom line it works”

          Jan 01, 2023 01:04 PM

          Thank you…….. appreciate the comment………

            Jan 01, 2023 01:08 PM

            Ispent a lot of time yesterday on your comments, guys, and as mucha as I needed to spend today.

            Jan 01, 2023 01:09 PM

            By the way, I learned much, much more than I thought that I would.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:23 PM

      Jerry, from personal experience and numerous conversations, I have a lot of time for folks at the Epoch Times.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:52 AM

    I have a Jimmy question. Since an admiral outranks a colonel does that mean Jimmy would have to follow orders from Biden’s admiral Rachel Levine if Jimmy gets called up again?

    Jan 01, 2023 01:13 AM

    Will Ukraine ever have enough Fire Power? Col Doug Macgregor at 3:00p est TODAY

    Judge Napolitano

    “The Russians have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith; therefore we must crush the enemy. And that’s what’s coming.” Colonel Douglas MacGregor (9:35 minute)

    “Strictly speaking, we haven’t started anything yet.” Vladimir Putin

      Jan 01, 2023 01:40 AM

      Just out of interest for you Al.
      At the end of the video viewership is mentioned.
      A year ago they had about 100 a week, today over 1 million a week.

        Jan 01, 2023 01:02 PM

        I definitely picked up on hat Southfront!

      Jan 01, 2023 01:26 PM

      southfront fan…thank-you and happy new year as well…..i just listen to the judges interview w that general…that IS still truth for me….all the rest is propaganda…..glta

      we need luck w this gaggle of maniac politicians running the global scams…

      Jan 01, 2023 01:00 PM

      Really a great conversation. Napolitano and Macgregor taught me more about the Ukrainian situation than I ever knew. MANY THANKS SOUTHFRONT.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:06 PM


    noun \ kə’bäl \

    : a small, powerful group that seeks to establish control

      Jan 01, 2023 01:19 PM

      Thanks for the article, Jerry.For some reason it was put on hold and I have absolutely no idea why!

    Jan 01, 2023 01:43 PM

    STOP …. Not This Time USA.

      Jan 01, 2023 01:04 PM

      I personally agree with that Tony. Soon Irish, soon!

    Jan 01, 2023 01:12 PM

    Whitney Webb knows all about the ‘elites’……I never met one of them……My good fortune…lol

    Glenn says this is his most important interview ever….

      Jan 01, 2023 01:18 PM

      I am going to watch it, and see if, she covers the same things , …as the interview that was posted last week….THANKS larry

      What is funny I tried to post the info. on her run down of the FBI,…and could never get by the censors……
      Dec 28, 2022 28:04 AM
      Boys, face it, your country and society are hopelessly corrupt and perverted.

      OOTB Jerry
      Dec 28, 2022 28:14 AM
      Maybe…….. I should post some info…. from Whitney Webb on the FBI……… and Hoover….
      what do you say……. It might disturb some of the sheeple….

      Dec 28, 2022 28:22 AM
      I think Mr. OWL needs to see it…

      OOTB Jerry
      Dec 28, 2022 28:58 AM
      Not until he says………. GATES IS A CROOK and conspired with the JAB………
      Ok……. I might be temped……… 🙂

        Jan 01, 2023 01:02 PM

        Finished the tape larry……………………and it was another good one……..
        some details were missing,………… Some of the info…….. George Webb uncovered
        several years ago…… on Wexner, Dyncorp, Wright Patterson AFB….
        She did not tough on BARR and Epstein….. connection…

      Jan 01, 2023 01:45 PM

      Long Whitney Webb interview (couple of weeks old) after Beck’s

      Jan 01, 2023 01:54 PM

      I tried but didn’t have much success getting others to listen to the interviews in the link below.

      If you can only listen to one, listen to the Mercola interview but you should listen to both if you can.

      I tried to get Mr. OWL and Jimmy to listen to them but no luck…I hope Jimmy can listen to them soon in case Biden’s rear admiral Levine or Lord Austin calls Jimmy back to the military…

      Jan 01, 2023 01:01 PM

      I will try this post again but leave out the link to see if it does not disappear…

      I tried but didn’t have much success trying to get others to listen to these.

      If you can only listen to one listen to the Mercola interview but you should listen to both if you can.

      I tried to get Mr. OWL and Jimmy to listen to them but no luck…I hope Jimmy can listen to them soon in case Biden’s rear admiral Levine or Lord Austin calls Jimmy back to the military…

    Jan 01, 2023 01:58 PM

    More posts going missing…just another day in the KER orphan section…

      Jan 01, 2023 01:06 PM

      Hard to have an ongoing conversation……….when the info gets deleted…….

    Jan 01, 2023 01:01 PM

    Kingston – sgt report on vaccines

      Jan 01, 2023 01:04 PM

      You have to be a freaking idiot,… get any jabs now…..

    Jan 01, 2023 01:17 PM

    The RUSSIANS NAME NAMES (FAUCI) and point fingers of blame for covid-19

    Jan 01, 2023 01:28 PM

    IT SEEMS TO ME, perfectly reasonable to put the traitor BIDEN on trial for TREASON for compelling use of a bioweapon on AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    All the leadership of the CIA and FBI and DHS must be fired.

    This was genocide

      Jan 02, 2023 02:36 PM

      Of course they are looking for votes, CFS

    Jan 01, 2023 01:03 PM

    An Electric vehicle drawback they don’t talk about…..

    Let’s go Brandon

      Jan 02, 2023 02:34 PM

      Most of my friends experienced these shortcomings.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:25 PM

    Four crypto oligarchs have died in recent weeks.
    Some of them have died under mysterious or odd circumstances.
    Three of these crypto wizards were “billionaires,” at least on digital paper.
    One of them was a multi-millionaire that was considered the “biggest crypto scammer in Spain.”
    The deadly fate of Nikolai Mushegian has been the most striking tale to capture the public’s imagination.

    A crypto entrepreneur with a penchant for paranoia, the twenty-nine-year-old washed up on a beach in Puerto Rico, according to a report by Kyle Becker.
    He was discovered by asurfer at Ashford Beach on October 29, fully clothed and still carrying his wallet.

    Hours before his death, he tweeted a cryptic message: “CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands.
    “They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex [girlfriend] who was a spy.
    “They will torture me to death.”

    Mushegian was an early developer of Maker DAO, which was the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol and he was a key architect of stablecoin systems — currencies without government backing.
    He was petrified of the world banking elite, whom he often railed against.
    His mother, however, insists that his death was not the result of “foul play.”
    “He had mental problems,” said the source, who spoke on condit
    “He smoked a lot of pot. A tremendous amount.”

    “Some of his paranoia was based on fact,” the source added.
    “He’d discover things. He knew things.
    “Nikolai got bored a lot with the mundane of life.
    “He’d go after things, constantly putting himself in weird positions.
    “He was interested in why things were the way they were and the corruption behind it.”

    Another sordid case that has fueled speculation about a “crypto purge” is that of Russian oligarch Vyacheslav Taran.
    On November 25, 2022, Taran died in a helicopter crash near his home in southeastern France.
    “The Russian Embassy confirms the death of Vyacheslav Taran in a helicopter crash that occurred on Friday in the area of Villefranche-sur-Mer commune,” Alexander Makogonov, a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Paris, told the state news agency TASS.
    French public broadcaster France Bleu wrote in a November 25 report that the crash occurred in “very mild” weather.
    The downed helicopter was an Airbus H130, a multimillion-dollar “top-of-the-line” touring aircraft.
    Taran was 53 years old and was considered, at one point, to be worth $20 billion.

    Then there is the case of Javier Biosca, a 50-year-old man who has been dubbed the “biggest crypto scammer in Spain.”
    While he wasn’t a billionaire, he resided at a spectacular mansion in Marbella, where he paid $15,000 a month in rent.
    He is reputed to have installed four safety deposit boxes and leased several luxury cars.
    Biosca was a digital currency guru who is reputed to have swindled 300 Spanish investors.
    He was reportedly harassed persistently by international mafias.
    In an in-depth profile at El Pais, it was reported that Biosca was “an uncharismatic, quiet fellow – presented himself as a digital currency expert.”
    “He lived in anguish that the Russian and Bulgarian gangsters whom he had defrauded would kill him,” explained one attorney.
    I believe that [the money] is still in the hands of his wife and son.
    “She was the one who handled the codes and had access to the money.”

    Biosca jumped from a balcony to his death on November 22.

    That brings us to the mysterious case of Tiantian Kullander, who died suddenly “in his sleep” on November 23.
    Kullander, the co-founder of Amber Group, was only 30 years old.
    Crypto News reported that the Hong Kong-based businessman — known to his friends and family as “TT” — launched Amber Group along with a group of pals from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in 2017.
    According to the New York Post, news of Kullander’s death comes as Amber Group was on the cusp of landing a big investment.
    He was reportedly in the process of raising around $100 million.
    Amber Group, which is based in Singapore, didn’t reveal in its statement where Kullander had passed away.
    Kullander was reported to be worth around $3 billion.

    If these deaths were taken alone, then it would be easy to designate any one of them as an odd coincidence. But there’s too many coincidences for my liking or believing.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:32 PM

    The work of Traitor Biden:
    DHS statement: “The border is not open, and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws.”

    This comes as November just saw the highest migrant encounters ever recorded. November saw at least 73,000 known gotaways in a single month.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:29 PM

      In my world, Biden has side stepped this question every time he gets the opportunity. Personally knowing wha tthe numbers are, I have completely lot repect for him.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:37 PM

    THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT……eventually.

    Proof is mounting for the bioweapon.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:15 AM

      CFS has done a great job presenting covid information.

      My summary analysis:
      Covid jab is not effective unless one focuses on only a relatively short window of time.
      The jab has zero evidence that it prevents transmission.
      The jab was mandated for absolutely no logical medical reason.
      Repeat boosters as a solution to ineffectiveness is nonsense.
      The jab is not safe – original trials, VAERS, V-safe, excess death data.
      Conclusion: bioweapon attack.
      The jab has not been pulled.
      People are ignorant, complicit, compromised, or active participants in the continuing bioattack.
      Conclusion: supporting the jab is a crime against humanity and treason.

        Jan 02, 2023 02:56 AM

        Tommy if it comes out that you and Jimmy are correct that will certainly hurt Americans more than help us.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:40 PM


      Jan 02, 2023 02:07 AM

      Ms Wolf has some pretty strong creentials.

    Jan 01, 2023 01:44 PM

    The TRAITOR Biden knew, YES…..KNEW, the vaccines would kill millions.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:57 AM

      I disagree with you on this CFS2000.

    Jan 02, 2023 02:44 AM

    NO CLIMATE CHANGE………………………………NO EMERGENCY………………..
    The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’, has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a ‘World Climate Declaration (WCD)’ signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals. There is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. Climate science is said to have degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:54 AM

      I too have read and discussed with others what you just wrote and many folks agree with you and I.

        Jan 02, 2023 02:51 AM

        thanks for the follow up

      Jan 02, 2023 02:31 AM

      Thousands of records shattered in historic winter warm spell in Europe

      Tmin in Germany on New Years Eve was higher than an average July! Warsaw/Prague almost 35F!
      “the most extreme event ever seen in European climatology”
      Probably just a coincidence.

        Jan 02, 2023 02:26 PM

        The flip side is that there was a historic cold spell in my portion of America in December.

    Jan 02, 2023 02:52 AM

    Good grief…………. deleted again……….. lets try one more time………
    The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’, has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a ‘World Climate Declaration (WCD)’ signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals. There is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. Climate science is said to have degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:52 AM

      I am sorry Jerry, I will yet again look into this.

        Jan 02, 2023 02:50 AM

        HEllo…….BIG OWL………… HOPE THE DAY finds you well………
        thanks for the follow up……….
        I see it finally appeared……
        Just a suggestion…….. You might have EX, find out what is going on with the computers on your end.
        There have been several weeks, when the site was down, …or slow to process the comments.
        I would think by this time the situation would have fixed itself …..
        But, there seems to be an on going situation ….of deleted, ….or SLOW authority checks.
        I only mention this, ….because some might become discouraged, and not post as much.
        or they may think you are trying to edit their comments.
        Either way…….. It, would be appreciated by many of the regulars …. I do believe.
        Hoping I am not speaking out of turn for those on the blog.
        Respectfully submitted…………………..

          Jan 02, 2023 02:18 PM

          All I have to accomplish is finding someone who has expertise in this field because it is way above my pay grade.

            Jan 02, 2023 02:44 PM

            Thanks for reading………..
            I bet EBO could figure it out,…… he is a compute expert……….I think

          Jan 02, 2023 02:24 PM

          Suggestion definitely taken with thanks to you Jerry.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:22 PM

      I completely agree that climate science has generated into a series of beliefs most of which are based on emotion.

    Jan 02, 2023 02:05 AM

    The FDIC insures $9 TRILLION of bank deposits with only $125 billion worth of assets. The FDIC cannot insure everybody in a crisis when many people want to withdraw their money all at once. A critic on Twitter wrote: ‘If this goes down during 2023 … we can expect the mother of all Fed QE … $5 trillion instantly on the balance sheet expansion to bailout the banking system and massive amounts of Congressional stimulus and bailouts.” The article concludes that Federal Reserve-orchestrated bail-outs – and more inflation – are inevitable if there is a market crash.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:51 AM

      Yet another great comment that most Americans are totally unaware of. Thanks Jerry!

        Jan 02, 2023 02:45 PM

        Thanks again……… I thought you might like that one……

    Jan 02, 2023 02:13 AM
      Jan 02, 2023 02:12 AM

      Not surprising that proper infrared heat helps kill the virus. Fever, when not extreme, helps the body kill pathogens. Consider the negative efficacy of acetaminophen on treating covid-19:

        Jan 02, 2023 02:03 AM

        It’s nice to see things hang together

          Jan 02, 2023 02:10 PM

          CFS, specifically what is hanging together?

            Jan 02, 2023 02:06 PM

            The effect of infrared on covid virus, the effect of various medications.

        Jan 02, 2023 02:03 PM

        Better HEALTH……………
        1.turn off the lights when going to bed
        2.get in bed by 9 pm
        3.get some sun
        4.get fresh air more fruits and veggies
        6.take a little walk
        If, some of the listeners would have been paying attention 15-20 yrs ago, this is OLD HAT…. 🙂
        some of the above can be found at the 25 min mark,….if you want the professional 🙂 take….

          Jan 02, 2023 02:08 PM

          :Pretty hard for me to be in bed by 9 p.m. How about you?

            Jan 02, 2023 02:01 PM

            see my comment below……… on the 9 pm sleep habit…..

            Ever wonder ….why you were call OWL……….. lol

          Jan 02, 2023 02:23 PM

          Have you made a list and follow it Jerry?
          Cant say I know anyone that does.
          Obviously these people that go to school do tho. 😉

            Jan 02, 2023 02:58 PM

            I do not make list any more…….. I have everything memorized…….. 🙂

            The list above….. 1-3 was from the tape……….
            The rest come from other sources….. which I kind of do out of habit……
            Except 9 pm bedtime , might not be as regular… but I do fall asleep earlier now
            than before…… so , I get plenty of sleep…… 🙂

      Jan 02, 2023 02:19 PM

      Too technical for me to understand, but thank you.

      Jan 02, 2023 02:06 PM

      Telsi did a great job!