Russia in the Ukraine, Income tax, Adam Shiff and more.

Big Al
January 11, 2023
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Currently Russia is in a bad spot in Ukraine.

We never thought that the new income tax proposal would get this far.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:09 PM

    Oh Yeah , Russia is in a bad spot in Ukraine. ………….. lol

    12 hours ago


    What is known about VSU losses in Soledar alone, even Ukie sources admit that they are catastrophic. If to believe Ukie sources–they lost 14 battalions in Soledar.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:38 PM

      All Dis War”s and Covid And still the western Population is swollowing the narrative Putin bead the Western Good it’s Hopples irishtony ! Good info Irishtony !

        Jan 11, 2023 11:17 PM

        Sorry Franky I don’t understand.

          Jan 11, 2023 11:28 PM

          AL ! Don’t be afraid ! You’r Blockers are resend bull !

      Jan 11, 2023 11:07 PM

      This is a very slanted site, with little verification – unfortunately, like all sides’ reporting. Don’t be fooled by a propaganda campaign, by either side – but Russia has more control than Kyiv over reporting, and more to lose as the attacker.

        Jan 11, 2023 11:42 PM

        I am going to go back and re-read the material which Irish sent.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:12 PM

      Tony, I don’t udersand your comment. Are you saying to read the attachemts and that Russia is in really good shape.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:34 PM

    It’s with Great Regets that i will no longer be part of the KER comment section . I would not like to think , i could say , or post something that would have a Negitive impact on the site , as far as ” THEY ” who have the power to Censor sites like this.
    I will not be MUZZLED on any site , that dicktates my RIGHT to free Speech.
    I shall still visit the site every day , to read the TRUTH , that my Friends post . I wish Everyone on this Site , A Very Healthy Future …………… tony.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:52 PM

      Hey TONY………… Email me…….

      Jan 11, 2023 11:04 PM

      I agree, no censorship – Al doesn’t understand sometimes, and is afraid to lose his site. I argue we should say what we want on the blog, even if we don’t agree, as long as we aren’t threatening one another.
      I would hate to see you leave.

      But we will disagree with the Russia success or failure – Putin lost before he started.

        Jan 11, 2023 11:07 PM

        I AGREE JIMMY…………..

          Jan 11, 2023 11:22 PM

          You agree Jerry?
          Putin/Russia lost before they started?

          Ukraine lost its airforce,navy power is limited and their army is chewed up, recent losses being between 300-1000 a day.
          If they were doing well why do they scream for equipment and mercenaries?
          Doesnt make sense.

          I understand Tony, I often refrain from commenting as I dont see much point either.

          In any case, as long as the idea of Ukraine doing well continues the U.S. arms manufacturers can make big dollars.
          The U.S. intends to fight to the last Ukrainian.

          I view this conflict being won by Russia hands down, the U.S. is losing the world reserve currency, the Brics grow, the SCO grows, the world may very well go back to sound money.
          These are all positives for the world, the only people that dont want peace is the american mic. The american criminal government.
          I believe they will do so as long as they see profit in it.

            Jan 11, 2023 11:31 PM

            Southfront, We all have one of the best sites dealing with all types of politics. This is due primarily to the bloggers and to a much lesser extent the hosts. There is strength in numbers and Jim and I have no intention to stop anything that happens on this site.

            You are one of our stars and we don’t want to loose you.

            Jan 11, 2023 11:40 PM

            In the eyes of the world, Ukraine is currently the winner. Harkens back to the story of David and Goliath.

            Jan 11, 2023 11:41 PM

            south………… I was agreeing,…..
            That, Irish should not go.
            That we should say what we want.

            Jan 11, 2023 11:56 PM

            In the eyes of the world Al??

            When the west says “The World” they mean the U.S. and its vassals.

          Jan 11, 2023 11:35 PM

          As do I, Jerry.

            Jan 12, 2023 12:28 PM

            I am so sorry that I have to admit that.

        Jan 11, 2023 11:24 PM

        My thoughts exactly, Jim and also OOTB

        Jan 11, 2023 11:41 PM

        Colonel Sint Jimmy ! Russia don’t wond to take AL Ukraine only what day have know maybe little more over ! Look Syria ! Bashar al-Assad stille Dear ! The Western regime change don’t work all the time you know ! You don’t poke the Bear ! It’s all a Plane Billions will be spend and stolen ! And Europe will be de biggest Losser !

          Jan 11, 2023 11:47 PM

          Franky, your comment about Europe being the biggest could prove to be very true in the end.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:21 PM

      Tony, I believe that you misunderstood what Jim and I said. Nothing you say will ever be censored as I am not that kind of person.

      It would make me very sad if you stopped commenting. I thought that we were friends.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:55 PM

    Big Al, I will tone back the eggressiveness of my phrasiology, which might annoy the swamp people.
    However, I will still bring forth any proof of corruption and bribery, so persive among Democrat operations, which includes proof of election theft and other dirty tactics.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:50 PM

      That is really great OOTB. But don’t tone down your comments. There is absolutely no reason to do that if they are correct.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:59 PM

    Screw the Swamp………………


      Jan 11, 2023 11:08 PM

      I believe that we had this figured out a long time ago!

    Jan 11, 2023 11:05 PM

    OWL……… How is anyone going to BLACKBALL the site………
    Except ,…if, they do not want the TRUTH……….

      Jan 11, 2023 11:58 PM

      What I mean is look what happened to the company which was purchased by Elon Musk. Yes, It did win in the end as I believe would we win. I totally take back what I said earlier and will not put those thoughts into action. I believe in The Freedom Of Speech and I will stick to my guns!

      Jan 11, 2023 11:21 PM

      My comment shows you how much I distrust the government, OOTB

      Jan 11, 2023 11:24 PM

      A lot of people are afraid of the truth, Jerry. And, when people are afraid they do crazy things.

        Jan 11, 2023 11:00 PM

        thanks for the reply Owl

      Jan 11, 2023 11:52 PM

      I can see how it is hard for Al to feel safe that they (deep state censors) will not pull the rug out from under him. Look what happened to “parlor”. That was years ago. I do not want to go into details that i might not remember correctly, but essentially the web hosting service pulled the plug with notice.
      Another person who has had the rug pulled out from under him through a couple of different methods is Dr. Mercola.
      “Gab” is the only US based social media platform i know of that is safe from deplatforming. To accomplish that they own their own servers and software.

        Jan 11, 2023 11:15 PM

        Thanks Tommy

    Jan 11, 2023 11:22 PM

    Jim, It does not surprise me that Russia bogged down after their first offensive successes.After all, it quickly became a proxy war between Russia and the West plus Ukraine.
    Russia now has a hard time on foreign soil fighting against the Home team, supplied by the West.
    However, there are now signs that the West is also depleted of certain ammunitions and unable to replenish supplies quickly…….even such low-tech as 4″ mortar rounds or whatever their metric equivalent is.
    It was my impression when he started the invasion, that it was not Putin’s intention to conquer all of Ukraine, but that he had made a promise to “free” certain regions with Russian-speaking citizens; especially in the Donbas.
    It is still my belief that Putin/Russia will succeed at this.
    Whether Europe/U.S. will allow a peace to be settled or reached with partial Russian occupation of Ukraine is a different question however.
    So far all attempts for a Peace treaty by Putin have been rejected by the West.
    I currently believe that within the year China will attempt to take Taiwan and should that happen, the U.S. would be incapable of assisting Ukraine.
    I certainly further believe that regardless of what happens in the rest of Ukraine, Russia will not give back Crimea.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:17 PM

      It has become much more complicated than I ever thought that it would and, in a sense, it could evolve into a proxy was between Russia and almost the rest of the world.


        Jan 11, 2023 11:25 PM

        No offence Al, but you are really confused.

        I will only say 1 thing, you can research to find more info.
        Im just going to say, “this is no “proxy” war”.
        And its NOT Russia against the rest of the world.

          Jan 11, 2023 11:34 PM

          To say that I am confused is probably the truest statement on today’s blog. I will be out of that state of mind shortly.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:30 PM

      I agree with most of what you wrote, CFS.

      Jan 12, 2023 12:20 PM

      I believe Putin wanted:
      1. Pro-Moscow, subservient leadership in Kyiv,
      2. stop NATO expansion,
      3. protect the port at Sevastopol, and
      4. send a message to protect Lukashenko and to keep other former Soviet Republics from getting too close to EU/NATO like Georgia and Ukraine did – it worked in Georgia, for a time.

      For any strategist with half a brain, it would have been clear it would become a NATO proxy war if Russian troops invaded for 3 reasons:
      1. NATO had been working with Ukraine since 1993 to modernize its military, Ukraine was an ally who fought with NATO in Afghanistan and in the US led coalition in Iraq.
      2. In 2019 Zelensky won a massive majority election, and a pro-EU/NATO parliament – European leaders would never accept that being overturned by force (though Biden’s team might have if they killed Zelensky early enough)
      3. New NATO members/former East block nations fear and loath Russian intimidation.

      Putin is replacing his command leadership again, never good. Yes, all sides have supply issues, but Russia is at a massive disadvantage in manufacturing capabilities/infrastructure/and equipment effectiveness, proven over and over again in any conflict using Russian hardware.

      Putin lost momentum in the 1st week, and never got it back – That was before the west started giving equipment – and if you remember, Biden said he would accept a move into the East.
      Barring an exceedingly costly (economically, politically, national support for the war) full-scale mobilization, direct involvement from China/Iran/Belarus, or a mindless nuclear war, Putin’s war machine is reaching a culminating point.

      Russia likely will have to settle with some agreements to keep his fleet in Sevastopol for a price, some marginal autonomy in the Donbass, and an embarrassing withdrawal.

      I speculate Putin will be lucky to survive politically, and we possibly will see a serious change in leadership in Moscow, and some festivities like the early 90’s with possible uprisings and coup attempts from the inner circle. His leadership is failing, his propaganda arm is weakening, and his resources are diminishing. He cannot compete with western hardware or production.

      There is a point in every battle where one fights for honor, or pride, or foolishness, but if that is so, you will likely die and your nation may never recover.

      My opinion: Russia is on the tipping point, and it will turn fast, if they don’t accept reality soon – they are fighting a much smaller Ukraine, but a much larger foe who will print money and stoke the fires of the MIC forever.

      Jan 12, 2023 12:27 PM

      I don’t know how badly America will be hit if China attacks Taiwan. I do know that China will not attack if it feels that America could be a deterant. At this moment in history I am not sure just how much of a deterant , America would be. If the situation turned nuclear, of couse America woul be a huge deterant. I really don’t think that will happen.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:30 PM
    Jan 11, 2023 11:31 PM

    Your right CFS, Russia never had any intention of taking Ukraine. That has always been western propaganda.

    People ignore the speeches Putin gave, he told people what has to happen and what exactly would happen and why.
    Repeatedly people were warned Putin doesnt bluff.

    We foolishly dismissed it all.
    Except it was our intention from the beginning to get into a war with Russia.

    Well, we got it.
    Everyone enjoying the price rises and shortages? 😉

      Jan 11, 2023 11:52 PM

      Price of food, lumber…. is getting out of hand for sure…….

      Jan 11, 2023 11:35 PM

      Putin is on tape/video /record…Pleading with nato the west and Eu etc…to hear his valid concerns…the west wanted this confrontation otherwise they would have met the already agreed to rational conditions…everyone knows that…..putin is not the aggressor, he is the leader reacting to a noose at his countries door………al…you cannot worry about things that have not happened…the site is open…in effect you are saying we live in communist china and are speaking against the state…?

        Jan 11, 2023 11:28 PM

        I am kind of afraid of what you have outlined. The government is quite powerful.

          Jan 12, 2023 12:40 AM

          bizarre response…that is not at all what I was implying…no one is tracking your site al…… are arguing then to discuss fraud lying topics rather than meaningful topics and truth…bizzare…to keep your site open when no one is threatening to shut it?…and probably never will……

    Jan 11, 2023 11:41 PM


    Ya gotta love the american warmongers.

      Jan 11, 2023 11:35 PM

      I am not positive yet on this source, but I will continue reading it. Thank for the tip.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:43 PM

    Putin using reason…of no use….

    Jan 11, 2023 11:58 PM
      Jan 11, 2023 11:29 PM

      I brought this subject up several times; also China buying meat producers.

      Of course, most Pretendents screw the American tax-payer from Home improvements….Clinton did, Obama did … biden:

      Jan 11, 2023 11:37 PM

      I have commented numerous times on this subject.

      Jan 12, 2023 12:54 AM

      It is getting more play Larry as DeSantis and Noem outlaw Chinese ownership of property in FL and SD, and Bill Gates gets savaged on Reddit for buying up so much farm land.

      But it needs a lot more – problem is the Biden Crime Family and Demoncrats are subservient to the Media/Globalist/WEF/CCP influence.

    Jan 11, 2023 11:42 PM

    And another one bites the dust…..

    Vaccinated Adam Rich, AGE 54

      Jan 11, 2023 11:56 PM

      Shows who the dumb one is……….

    Jan 11, 2023 11:54 PM

    U.S. Air Traffic control comes up.
    Canadian air traffic control goes down

    Do you believe in coincidences? Or is China testing cyber warefare capability?
    Just asking a question…..

    Jan 11, 2023 11:02 PM
    Jan 11, 2023 11:29 PM

    Was the illness covid or was his immunity suppressed by vaccination?

    As I look at the disposition of CCP fleet, It would not surprise me if Taiwan is blockaded within a month.

    Want a guess at biden’s reaction or non-reaction ?

    Jan 11, 2023 11:46 PM

    What has senile Joe done to his face ?

    Jan 11, 2023 11:01 PM

    You do realize that Russia controls the sky in the Ukraine, don’t you?
    Do you realize Ukraine has never applied for boarder status since the early 90s?
    You do realize that the Ukraine territory is actually Russian territory, right?
    Go back and listen to your self talk about the Ukraine invasion in 2014. That would be the NATO/American nazi cabal… The same ones YOU are defending! ( along with a gaggle of deep state globalist traitors..)
    Spiritually, legally, and literally, you’re completely wrong about Ukraine.

    You’re a smart man, Jim. You’re not wrong about Ukraine mentally. You “choose” to be unauthentic.

      Jan 12, 2023 12:56 AM

      Sorry to see you misled Chartster – you have been duped more than once, Brunson case is the latest. I respect your positions, and listen, Russian and Ukraine agreed to separate after the fall of the USSR – that has been a long and painful split, but it was a split. And the vast majority of Ukrainians want away from Russia my friend.
      Reality is hard sometimes.

        Jan 12, 2023 12:32 AM

        Its true the vast majority of Ukrainians see themselves closer to Europe than Russia.
        That is obvious, Ukraine celebrated the nazis moving into Ukraine, there are vids of young girls crying and throwing flowers onto the german colums.
        The nazi element of Ukraine was supported by the west right after the war as the nazis opposed the comunists.

        The thing is, other than Russia wanting Ukraine de nazified, cant blame them they are evil scum. Thats not what this conflict is about.

        Russia doesnt want Ukraine, never did, they accepted the Donbass thats dif than taking it.

        This whole war which was planned from 1946 and began proper in 2014 was the work of our fearless neocon warmongering leaders.

        Russia no longer kids themselves about who and what we are, being decieved about peace agreements put an end to that.

        We are now at war with Russia, the majority of the world is supporting Russia as they know what we are.

        This could go a long time as Russia needs to drain us of our ability to make war.
        If it goes long enuff Russia runs short of men for example, they already have offers of hundreds of thousands from around the world to help.

        An interesting note, Iran is floating their navy towards the U.S.
        China is flying multiple fighters close to Taiwan.

        These actions show the rest of the world that nations are losing their fear of the U.S. and they will move away from our influence.

        We have set ourselves up for a long hard road.

        Bix better be right about thousands of tons of gold in the grand canyon, we gonna need it. 😉

          Jan 12, 2023 12:40 AM

          DITTO…………… on IRAN coming approaching the Panama Canal……….

          Bix better be right……. is correct…. hopeium……..

    Jan 11, 2023 11:06 PM

    With illegal immigration happening all over Europe and in the U.S., there is a problem with shortage of housing.
    Increasingly I hear/see talk of confiscation of vacant properties.
    I worry about abuse of property rights…..whether performed by government or individuals.

    By what stretch of logic do criminals (illegal immigrants) get to usurp the property rights of tax-paying citizens ?

    Jan 11, 2023 11:13 PM
      Jan 12, 2023 12:32 AM

      More and more information is coming to light to show the corruption in the health system, HHS/CDC/FDA, big pharma, government conspirators and the damage they have done that has killed economies and innocent, trusting people.

      Those that are waking up need to press hard for more information, more investigations, more transparency, more accountability. People need to figurative (if not literally) hang for damage they did to the human race – or this unprecedented man-made disaster will devolve further and happen again.

    Jan 12, 2023 12:36 AM

    Will the House GOP Really Walk the Plank for the Fair Tax?

    On defunding the IRS

      Jan 12, 2023 12:37 AM

      Here is the spoiler to the writer’s poo poo of a fair tax working – it is used in Europe by almost all EU members. He is obviously ignorant of the possibilities, because the Bullwork is a useless RINO demolition group aimed at Trump not breaking the corrupt DC system. It’s not working.

        Jan 12, 2023 12:37 AM

        Yep……… correct on bullcrapbullworks…….. we been saying it ever since AJ post articles……
        but, “we must hear from all sides”…………. lol…
        waste of time reading anything from that site.

    Jan 12, 2023 12:16 AM

    A Value Added Tax (or national sales tax) was promised in MOST European countries as a replacement for income tax.
    (Southern Europeans have a higher level of cheating on income tax)
    In NO country was income tax actually ever replaced. It was initially reduced.
    But ever avaricious government then raised BOTH VAT and INCOME TAX……so the tax burden was drastically increased over a few decades.

      Jan 12, 2023 12:27 AM

      That is what they will come up with…….. VAT….. and the IRS will still exist………
      No way are they going to give up on any TAX…… PIPE DREAM .

      $32 TRILLION IN THE HOLE,… and they are going to replace TAXES………… LOL<LOL<LOL…..

      Whiskey Rebellion 101…………

    Jan 12, 2023 12:29 AM

    REDUCE GOVT……….. 4million govt workers………. lol……..

    Jan 12, 2023 12:30 AM
      Jan 12, 2023 12:34 AM

      Yep………. confirmed years ago………..

    Jan 12, 2023 12:39 AM

    HEY CHARTSTER………………..


      Jan 12, 2023 12:00 AM

      The Brunson case was denied. So was Tore’s case. And several other important cases.
      I think it’s a timing thing. They won’t act on those cases until the time is right.
      It’s coming tho.

        Jan 12, 2023 12:09 AM

        concerning the timing……
        If, the cases were denied.,… Why , would they (scotus), rehear the cases….
        unless the justices are rearranged…. Who is leaving?

          Jan 12, 2023 12:26 AM

          The judges can’t un-see the case. If they denied the case (which they did), they them selves have committed treason. Now I don’t know if it was a split decision or not. But I wouldn’t want to be the judge that denied that case.
          That case was clear as day. No excuses.

          Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!

            Jan 12, 2023 12:29 AM

            I thought the vote was 5-4…….?

            Jan 12, 2023 12:32 AM

            Three appointees from Trump
            Two Obama
            Three Bush jr.

            One Biden

    Jan 12, 2023 12:27 AM

    Swamp…….. is not getting the guns……… sorry BIDENBRAIN……..
    Illinois Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Ban On “Assault Weapons”

    States Rights………..
    “I, among many others, believe that HB 5471 is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

    Jan 12, 2023 12:50 AM

    CrossTalk: Kiev’s fascist @ RT

    The Kiev regime has a Nazi problem its western backers don’t want you to know about. Stepan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator, is celebrated in Ukraine as a national hero. However, the historical record is clear – Bandera and his associates are alleged to have committed genocide against Poles and Jews during World War II. The West is largely silent about this.

    I find it interesting nazis in the Ukraine are dismissed, denied.

    At least there are some outlets informing people of the truth.

    Al, you might want to listen to what these guest are talking about.
    They talk about their shows and the american people realizing that we are supporting these nazis.

    What your show is saying is that supporting the nazis is a good thing or pretending they dont exist is acceptable.

    You just might want to take the time and listen.

    Jan 12, 2023 12:17 PM

    CrossTalk: Kiev’s fascist @ RT

    The Kiev regime has a Nazi problem its western backers don’t want you to know about. Stepan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator, is celebrated in Ukraine as a national hero. However, the historical record is clear – Bandera and his associates are alleged to have committed genocide against Poles and Jews during World War II. The West is largely silent about this.

    I find it interesting nazis in the Ukraine are dismissed, denied.

    At least there are some outlets informing people of the truth.

    Jan 12, 2023 12:24 PM

    ‘$100+ Billion Not Enough?’ GOP Lawmakers Blast Fellow Republican’s Bid to Erect Bust to Zelensky

    I had to laff when I read this.
    Can you believe it? They want to make statues of Zelinsky.

    These people are simply out of their minds, what reality do they live in?

      Jan 12, 2023 12:40 PM

      I am awestruck!

      Jan 12, 2023 12:42 PM

      Really a BUNCH OF MORONS…………… Congress should all GO HOME…….. Pathetic …….
      They tear down Robert E. Lee and want a jerk in the capitol….
      but, it is fitting sinse the DC corporation is foreign to begin with….