Here’s the scoop on Ukraine and a bit on Arizona

Big Al
January 24, 2023
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    Jan 24, 2023 24:55 PM

    Never forget the US is NOT a rich country.
    IN FACT, WE ARE BROKE………and that makes us vulnerable to financial attacks.

    What is even worse, is that Democrats want to spend, spend, spend…..basically to buy votes.
    And many Republicans are economically illiterate or corrupt and getting kickbacks from military or pharma spending.
    If we don’t cut spending, however, the country IS DOOMED.

      Jan 25, 2023 25:06 AM

      We have been financially doomed for a long time!

    Jan 24, 2023 24:11 PM

    We cannot go towards a balancing of the budget by increasing taxation.
    Taxation takes away money from individuals or corporations.
    This money taken away would have been better spent by the individuals or corporations to buy goods or invest……allowing expansion of the economy. i.e. making more money for individuals or corporations.
    Money taken away by taxation is almost NEVER as well spent as by individuals or corporations.

    In the history of the world, low taxation, free enterprise countries have ALWAYS OUT-PERFORMED high taxation or totalitarian/communist or Marxist countries.
    Mankind ultimately always seeks freedom or liberty, and taxation is always a form of bondage.

    Jan 24, 2023 24:16 PM

    Joe Rogan discusses Arizona:

      Jan 25, 2023 25:10 AM

      I think that I have herd everything that he is saying from you guys!

    Jan 24, 2023 24:41 PM
    Jan 24, 2023 24:03 PM

    BOYS! The most important person in the world…HOW DARE YOU!

      Jan 25, 2023 25:10 AM

      Hi EBO , … You are a bit slow , i posted that interview days ago. Do keep up , there’s a good man .. lol

        Jan 25, 2023 25:12 AM

        And most of my posts disappear…like that last one.

          Jan 25, 2023 25:50 AM

          I am either heavily censored here or the people who run this site are incompetent.

            Jan 25, 2023 25:11 AM

            Or both…………….. I think there is some targeting going on……… without a doubt….

            after all…….this is a political section, and we already know the computers have
            been and media have been taken over by the controllers….

            Jan 25, 2023 25:17 AM

            I never thougt of us as being incompetant.

            Jan 25, 2023 25:19 AM

            Cory hired a new webmaster and I will call him tody and discuss this.

          Jan 25, 2023 25:16 AM

          Mine also sometimes disappear, Eddy

        Jan 25, 2023 25:14 AM

        And, I watched it a couple of days ago and also commented on it.

    Jan 24, 2023 24:04 PM

    The Taiwan situation is interesting
    Currently, the support of Ukraine has depleted armaments such that U.S. has hopelessly low, almost run out of long range guided missiles. Against a CCP invasion of Taiwan, the U.S. would run out of needed missiles within one week.
    (The U.S. needs long range accurate missiles, BECAUSE IT MUST STAND ITS SHIPS OUT OF RANGE OF CCP HYPERSONIC MISSILES, for which it has no defense.
    Chinese purchases of land in the U.S. has increased by a factor of 25 in the last decade.
    China needs the food, so it’s not surprising.
    WHAT HAS GONE LARGELY UNNOTICED, however, is that CHINA HAS BEEN BUYING LAND WITH WATER RIGHTS. Until the last couple of weeks of torrential rain, California had been limiting or talking of limiting water supply (not only to farms which it started limiting several years ago, but also in some North California Cities) If the CCP were to divert the water they own by virtue of farm ownership, the U.S. could have water problems in many Southern cities.
    I do not understand why the U.S. has not considered building nuclear powered desalination plants, as Israel has so successfully done.

    Jan 24, 2023 24:45 PM

    Ukraine and the Biden Crime Family: The FULL STORY

      Jan 25, 2023 25:28 AM

      This is where the story is going – and the critical element is how many RINOs/Dems in the House and Senate will be guilty of the same efforts and willing to cover it up to save their arsses. But the real problem is no major corporate media will report on the deeper crimes.

      Jan 25, 2023 25:16 AM

      Finally, some Republicans are growing spines, and playing hardball. Let’s see if it lasts.

      Jan 25, 2023 25:18 AM

      Nancy is already gone………….. the cow has left the barn…….., with a whole lot of cash

      Jan 25, 2023 25:20 AM

      TERM LIMITS………….. will take care of a lot of problems……..

    Jan 25, 2023 25:28 AM

    “We really do face a choice right now. If we do not act and do not choose wisely, we face a future of growing impoverishment, ill-health, and deprecated living standards. We are not doing this to ourselves. They are doing it to us, and they will continue on this path so long as they can get away with it.”

      Jan 25, 2023 25:37 AM

      Yep, great commentary and facts – the uprising will be vicious if the elitists keep acting like King Louis and Marie Antoinette.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:52 AM

    Could this be the future for schools, perhaps, at least in red states……..competition.
    The main problem I see is school buses.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:31 AM

    Do any of you have any comments concerning The Pelosi Act?

      Jan 25, 2023 25:07 AM

      I would say the majority of “con”gress does it……… especially, those that have been there
      a long time….
      If, it gets passed ,,,, I would be surprised….

      Jan 25, 2023 25:06 AM

      I don’t believe the Pelosi Act will pass.

      Even if it did, it would not really inhibit the insider trading. Instead of the Congress-critter doing the trading, it would be done by a sibling, a child, a parent. a friend, or a company involving one of same.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:42 AM

    The Ukraine Western TV Nerative is still buzzing ! Hitler was olso elicited Jimmy ! Ha Ha sorry 100 % Rong !

      Jan 25, 2023 25:05 AM

      Russiagate FBI official who investigated Trump arrested for ties to Russian Oligarch ! Still the same Nerative Russia Bead ! It’s Children’s Play !

    Jan 25, 2023 25:06 AM

    graff zepplin blows up, “Oh the humanity!’…pharma kills a million Germans using the MD stooge minions…sage, ya know….”Oh the profits!”

      Jan 25, 2023 25:21 AM

      It’s Ugly Larry ! The Next years will no be very fun ! Stay strong !