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January 28, 2023
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  • Segment 1 – We discuss possible dangerous Pfizer research.
  • Segment 2 – We discuss the current experts in the Covid field and highlight Dr Robert Malone
  • Segment 3 – We discuss the question dealing with Covid in our society, are we approach overkill with our methods.
  • Segment 4 – We discuss the future of The Republican Party.

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    Jan 28, 2023 28:51 AM

    H. L. Mencken, (1880-1956), described when he stated:

    “The most dangerous man, to any government [especially a corporate industry-captured government, which governments are by nature or become], is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable

    Jan 28, 2023 28:12 AM

    Just for you larry……….
    Lewis Thomas, MD, (1913-1993), a former president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a former director of Squibb Pharmaceuticals, are instructive in that regard:

    “The history of medicine [=official allopathic medicine] has never been a particularly attractive subject in medical education, and one reason for this is that it is so deplorable a story. […]. It is hard to conceive of a less scientific enterprise among human endeavors. […]. It was, in retrospect, the most frivolous and irresponsible kind of human experimentation [“was” and still IS because it’s ONGOING with the YEARLY staggering medical mass murder caused by properly used medical interventions [43,147] AND the current highly destructive human experimentation with official EXPERIMENTAL (=basically untested) Covid-19 vaccines –ALL recurrent violations of humaneness and morality] […]. It is astounding that the profession survived so long, and got away with so much with so little outcry. Almost everyone seems to have been taken in. Evidently one had to be a born skeptic […] to see through the old nonsense [=the everyday medical lies/propaganda of what they PROCLAIM to the public they are and do versus what the true reality is] […]. Most people were convinced of the magical powers of medicine and put up with it. Medicine was, in truth, a kind of superstition [=a kind of delusion].” [336]) [emphasis & explanations added]

      Jan 28, 2023 28:14 AM

      Yep Jerry…the medical colleges select compliant stooge type conformists as medical indoctrination fodder…That way only maybe 1% of the good docs every report on the abomination of rockefeller allopathic medical non-care and its associated ill effects on the health of our nation…look at the data…health collapse…..

      Al…you just now realize Covid/ and the jab is a dangerous scam?,,,,,,You should have gone to med college al…..
      Also, no al….the only indication for the jab is not obese or elderly…those groups have compromised enough health…the jab further weakens them…there is no indication for the experimental jab…why…it has no benefit to anyone and only deleterious/deadly effects to most..all risk no benefit to anyone……why?…because it is a bioweapon….the covid threat was not…the threat is the jab for the covid propaganda sysop….how can you not grasp this after 3 years or just now somewhat might think the jab is bad for anyone’s health?…V for Vendetta total 100% spot on facsimile…

        Jan 28, 2023 28:39 AM

        Owl…… might be still clueless,… to the agenda……..

    Jan 28, 2023 28:19 AM

    “[Everyone should] know and have an ever present consciousness that this is a world of fools and rogues, blind with superstition, tormented with envy, consumed with vanity, selfish, false, cruel, cursed with illusions –frothing mad!” (Ambrose Bierce, 1842-1914, US Journalist & Author [264]) [explanation & emphasis added]

    “This world is not for freedom lovers, or truth tellers [but for conformists, followers, cowards, slaves, controllers, rogues, liars, psychopaths, delusionists, fools, fakes, ignoramuses, immoralists].” (Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, Retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, Farmer, And Writer, in 2019 [268]) [explanation added]

      Jan 28, 2023 28:48 AM

      ” TRUE ENEMY”……………. are the elites nut jobs trying to run the world…..

    Jan 28, 2023 28:52 AM

    The morons of government in he US and Europe seem determined to start WWIII.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:09 AM

    Tucker tonight:




      Jan 28, 2023 28:49 AM

      Figure out …………they were not elected either…………

    Jan 28, 2023 28:24 AM

    It matters not one jot whether the police are black or white.
    It matters not whether the citizens are white or black: Usually there is no racism involved.
    What is involved is a CHALLENGE TO AUTHORITY.
    The police are empowered to be in control. They believe they have a duty to act. This may involve violence, which mistakenly be excessive.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:14 AM

    “possible” dangerous Pfizer ………… NO IT IS A FACT………. Sheeple stupid…….

    Jan 28, 2023 28:15 AM

    Whats her face talks about the mask.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:22 AM

      OWL………….still has not responded to the MILLIE QUESTION…… 🙂

    Jan 28, 2023 28:17 AM

    A new guest to OUR SITE………………. put up a great article yesterday………


    His name is RAMM………..
    HERE IT IS…………………………
    IRREFUTABLE (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… https://www.rolf- )

    Jan 28, 2023 28:20 AM

    IRREFUTABLE (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… )

      Jan 28, 2023 28:46 AM

      Clueless sheeple need to read this article…………
      figure out your enemy…. then you might make it…

      Jan 28, 2023 28:58 PM

      Great site. I hope Mr. OWL and Jimmy read that.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:21 AM

    A NEW guest posted the above……….. I gave some acknowledgement…….. but,
    it was removed within seconds….. THANKS RAMM

      Jan 28, 2023 28:46 AM

      Why is RAMM being censored?

        Jan 28, 2023 28:49 AM

        RAMM is not being ………. my comment is being ,…. I was posting an article along with recognizing his contribution …..

        Jan 28, 2023 28:51 AM

        You have a message in the jail……… lol

    Jan 28, 2023 28:34 AM

    Lindell or Dillon would have been much better than Rino McDanial. But I’m glad McDanial won. This is the end of the Republican Party. The democrat party is all communist, so it’s over for them too.

    MAGA constitutional independents will win the day.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:41 AM

      Better fix the voting machine problem……..FIRST

        Jan 28, 2023 28:11 AM

        Paper ballots for sure.
        The 2020 fraud spectacle isn’t even close to being over. All concerned with the 2020 fraud will go down! It ain’t over….

          Jan 28, 2023 28:41 AM

          this is a big problem….

      Jan 28, 2023 28:47 AM

      SECOND………… better recognize the ELITES have the cash and the tools to control the sheeple
      , and the sheeple are too stupid to know they are being controlled…..
      by the UNELECTED……..

    Jan 28, 2023 28:08 AM

    We are ruled by morons, WHO STOLE POWER, by communists, WHO WERE NEVER ELECTED.


    Jan 28, 2023 28:12 AM

    Sending a $Trillion to the corrupt scum in power in Ukraine was never the will of the American People.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:48 AM

      I agree CFS… sending money to Ukraine is not justified at all.
      The politicians sending money or armaments to Ukraine are in violation of the Constitution, IMO. There is no declaration of war and no treaty to justify it.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:15 AM

    Speaking of a political party.
    In Germany you had the SS nazi party. They were comprised of corporation heads, media, government officials and your garden variety nut job that would do the dirty work.

    In America you have the Democrat party which is now known as the communist party. They have a garden variety not job element that organizes the riots and stupid stuff.
    The democrats work in concert with the unelected brach called the SES (senior executive service), they much like the nazi ss are in government, and corporation heads, and corporations that parade around like they are government.
    They are trying to take over America just like they did in Germany, because of apathetic uninformed brainwashed morons.

    However, now, the great awakening is exposing this rot in our country. Getting the Americans to give up their guns won’t happen like it has in other spineless brainwashed counties.

    It’s all coming to a head. 2023 is the tipping point.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:43 AM
    Jan 28, 2023 28:59 AM

    Biden’s incoming Chief of staff Jeff Zients Has Big Connections whit Vaccines ! ! Starting a coverup ?

    Jan 28, 2023 28:19 AM

    The FDA and CDC are so politicized they are FAILING TO FOLLOW their own rules and CONDEMN USE OF mRNA VACCINES.

    If the failure to ban the vaccines is not due to politics, it is incompetence.
    Either way, the heads of these organizations should be fired immediately.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:56 AM

    ” WOW ” The Russian’s must really be sh**ing themselves . ( NOT ) as the West plan to send about 100 tanks to Ukraine … What a bloody joke.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:54 PM

      The Russians are quietly laughing their heads off.
      Semi-trained and untrained personnel in tanks dribbled into theater over about a year is NOT a serious threat.

      It appears almost as if the West is deliberately trying TO DESTROY its own military.

      In fact, I can’t think of a more effective way to destroy one’s capability……other than building up a weapons stockpile and then walking away, abandoning it, and the U.S. has already tried that in Afghanistan.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:10 PM

      Next ! Troops Western Troops ! The LGHTQ Fag”s will need to Wak Up !

    Jan 28, 2023 28:57 PM

    The Specter of 2016

    So the guy in charge of the Russian collusion investigation has been colluding with the Russians, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:59 PM

    The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr’s probe into the Russia-Trump investigation

      Jan 28, 2023 28:53 PM

      Sorry……….. ………
      Twisting the truth, …. with in the article….

    Jan 28, 2023 28:48 PM

    my bold prediction….. coming to a neighborhood near by in 2032……9 out 0f 10 Amerikans will someday hope to live as well as “This Guy”….glta–96f/

    ok, i admit i could be off by a few years….more like 2028…..lmao

    Jan 28, 2023 28:29 PM

    North Korea , has just gone public , to support Russia. … The game is afoot , to quote Sherlock Holmes.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:35 PM

      Hey IRISH………. You did not put out the welcome wagon for RAMM……..
      They posted a great article in the other section…. It is a great read,
      ask EBO………….

        Jan 28, 2023 28:55 PM

        Irish.,,,,, I posted the article above…. 2nd attempt,…. the moderation monitor computer, … slowed me down a little,…..IT THOUGHT……… 🙂

        Jan 28, 2023 28:14 PM

        Hi Jerry … I did not visit the other page today , so i shall pop over there & have a word , thanks for the head’s up.

          Jan 28, 2023 28:49 PM

          Thanks for the follow up….

    Jan 28, 2023 28:16 PM

    Oh. Darn it. I almost forgot.
    But, I guess you knew it was coming.
    What is it? You ask.
    What were you expecting……..other than
    Yet another one bites the dust…..

    Jan 28, 2023 28:31 PM

    Is the Rand Corporation pushing back against the US involvment in Ukraine . Very Interesting !!!!!
    Perhaps some are awake.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:36 PM

      Rand…….. now that is interesting…… CYA , would be my guess

    Jan 28, 2023 28:07 PM

    Boys! Get your juniper oak (firewood?)…our rulers just can’t into enough foreign entanglements (wars)…and with our good friends the Israelies…

      Jan 28, 2023 28:20 PM

      Hi EBO , Imo Isreal needs to be very carefull about poking Iran , otherwis the could have their asses handed to them on a plate … Iran , is not Palastine.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:20 PM

      Well lets hope we get Trump as prez, he is very pro Israel, he killed Qasem Soleimani for Israel, bombed Syria, moved the embassy etc

      Why shouldnt we serve Israel? lol


      People gotta figure out there is only 1 party….the owners.
      Otherwise its war war war.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:35 PM

    Hello RAMM … If You are reading this Welcome to the Truth Machine, I missed Your post yesterday , but Jerry brought You to my attention. … Keep posting.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:50 PM

    America , like all Empires of the past, is going to crash & burn , right now it has one foot in the grave , due to its disregard for the past.

      Jan 28, 2023 28:25 PM

      Isn’t it amazing how quickly a traitor for Pretendent in 2 years can destroy an economy and by so doing a country?

        Jan 28, 2023 28:47 PM

        Hi CFS … It was all planed , many moons ago.

          Jan 29, 2023 29:28 AM

          Uncle Joe…….. is just one………. look back to several other con job prezs…….
          and con -gress jokers……

    Jan 28, 2023 28:13 PM

    Every City has its Attractions.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:46 PM
      Jan 28, 2023 28:51 PM
      Jan 28, 2023 28:58 PM

      Hi Tommy . IMO. Poking Iran , Is as dangerious as poking Russia. And the two Countries behind it , America & Isreal. = Sodom & Gomorrah.

        Jan 28, 2023 28:59 PM

        Poking Iran is about 5,000 nukes less dangerous than poking Russia.

        But more dangerous, because Putin is cautiously sane and Iran has fanatical crazies.

    Jan 28, 2023 28:55 PM

    Pfizer’s Press release:

    Jan 29, 2023 29:05 AM

    Has Anybody got any more info on this ?

    7 hours ago

    * FLASH * Iran Under Attack!

    Jan 29, 2023 29:15 AM

    Posted by Meyer Bauer , a blogger over at Zerohedge. The Truth Hurts … some people.

    30 minutes ago

    Ret. Col. Douglas McGregor speaks the truth – I have listened to all his statements over the past few months – just go to his channel on youtube. One of only several sane voices here in the land of tyranny.

    Firstly, I’m with Gerald Celente – no wars EVER and peace to rule the planet.

    But that ain’t gonna happen entirely because of us -the failing, most elite Empire.

    Virtually and without relevant competition, the eminent state motivated, enriched state terrorist entities are us, the United States of America and Israel with a lame third place effort by the UK. These are the “state sponsored terrorist nations”.

    However, the current, careful to avoid civilian casualties actions of Russia (absolutely forced into a corner they neither desired, deserved nor wanted) during their special operation assault of the USA appointed, dictated Nazis in Ukraine caused 100% by us and our pathetic NATO/Israeli alliance of murderers needs explanation which is easy to locate and shows them forced into this tragedy.

    “Bucha style mass killings” pfft… you Russians needa’ learn from us, the failing but still most virulent, efficient, effective, terrorist empire EVER upon how to really massacre people – we started with the Indians in the 1800s and haven’t let up yet to this day. All treaties broken – our record perfect.

    The situation in Ukraine is 100% caused by us, the glorious United States of America, period. With a little help from our sycophants’ viz. NATO participants such as Canada, the EU morons, the pathetic UK

    We re-established a Nazi regime in Ukraine booting out the elected leader from late 2013 through February 2014 with Vicki the cookie monster and rallied, supported, armed, incentivized (ho-hum like our brothers in the small eastern Mediterranean terrorist “country”) them since then.

    Thankfully, apparently no one remembers that we, the United States of America, have since World War II:

    Conservatively, according to confidential Pentagon estimates, killed, murdered, assassinated, bombed to death, poisoned, maimed, raped, wounded, tortured, given disease to, burned, starved, attempted mind-control techniques and made homeless over 34,546,600 persons;
    Outright invaded numerous countries;
    Overthrown, murdered or assassinated elected leaders of many democratic countries;
    Bribed, coerced, threatened with same, numerous foreign countries’ leaders/ dictators to entrap their citizens into slavery;
    Financed, organized and facilitated military and other coups of foreign countries;
    Conducted outright terrorist attacks to this day on foreign countries;
    Engaged in the theft of natural resources from numerous countries, gold, oil, etc. via financial means through the Federal Reserve, USA paid “economic hitmen”, central banks, IMF, BIS, World Bank, assassination, murder and straight up military force;
    Incited color revolutions around the world;
    Invented, organized, financed, trained, outfitted and provided medical facilities for – Al Qaeda and ISIS, etc. with much assistance from our Ashkenazi friends in the eastern Mediterranean; and
    Last but not least, inflicted tragedy upon our own country and its population via false flag events (like buildings that got blown up (OK) and far more blatantly…such as – the only three massively steel framed buildings in history that ever fell – happened on one day and one of them not damaged at all??)
    Assassination of our political leaders and gross stripping the Constitutional Rights of Americans through lies and illegal Acts of Congress.

    These acts have been carried out variously against:

    Vietnam (never mind civilian casualties – over 1,769,040 accredited women and children poisoned, murdered, bombed, raped, tortured and given disease to according to Pentagon statistical estimates)
    Syria – statistics not available to date
    Iraq (not counting total civilian casualties – over 650,000 women and children murdered, poisoned, raped, bombed, tortured and given disease to by us). Madeline Ashkenazi Not-too-Bright a senior Bush SS leader remarked “Yeah – it’s a big number but well worth it”
    Yemen- 377,000 civilians – women and children – killed by mid-2021
    Ethiopia – 600,000 Tigrayans including 300,000 women and children
    China via Hong Kong
    China via Taiwan
    Germany (000s of prisoners starved after the war was over)
    El Salvador
    And others

    But NOT to our spiritual and dual citizens leaders in beloved Israel.

    Jan 29, 2023 29:26 AM

    Meanwhile supposedly on Mars:

    Jan 29, 2023 29:33 AM

    A Must Read , IMO … It’s from June of last year. think , Hunter B.

    Zelensky Ordered Destruction of All State Doc’s Associated with ” METABIOTA ”

    Jan 29, 2023 29:29 PM

    the latest additional medical fraud…a new direction and dimension…lol

    ya know?…if the public looses confidence in medical non-care…well advocating the illusionary carbon problem should re-establish the all important confidence between the stooge doc and hapless patient…

    Jan 29, 2023 29:04 PM

    The latest commentary on Ukraine.

    Please note how Russia is out-smarting the Moron in the White House, AND the idiots in the deep state.
    (Also remember Russia is a major producer of REAL THINGS (commodities)
    Oil, Gas, Uranium, Nickel….

      Jan 29, 2023 29:27 PM

      84k views in 3 hours, I wonder if Ker gets that?

      Obviously this can not be true, Jim told us that Russia is getting 10 times? the casualties as the Ukrainians.
      The Ukrainians are winning, he knows that from the bbc.
      That dozen or so tanks are bound to turn the war around.

      Ridiculous, I wonder if that has anything to do with the dif in viewership.

      Who else would like to trade Biden for Putin? Heck we could throw in the congress too.

        Jan 29, 2023 29:47 PM

        101 K……. in 3 hr. plus……….
        Hey thanks for the info……………. DOLLF…… have a great one….
        A whole lot more pumping on this one………..

          Jan 29, 2023 29:14 PM

          Hi Jerry … I love this site , so many Conspiracy Realist’s , live here.

            Jan 29, 2023 29:44 PM

            ditto…….. IRISH

    Jan 29, 2023 29:56 PM

    You follow the US debt clock.
    Check this out.
    Dollar to gold ratio. 0
    Dollar to silver ratio. 0
    Dollar to oil ratio. 0

      Jan 29, 2023 29:02 PM

      I think that is the wrong site.
      The official US site is a .gov

        Jan 29, 2023 29:10 PM

        I don’t think so.
        It looks like the dollar is being pegged to assets.
        That’s why all other countries de-dollarized last week. The bond cycle expired.

        Jan 29, 2023 29:04 PM

        cfs……. the us debt…………..and is the one which we have been using….and
        Has the same number….. ZEROs……just like CHARTSTER SAID……….

      Jan 29, 2023 29:03 PM

      Hi Jerry … We have been talking about that , over at Wallstsilver , for days … Very strange.

        Jan 29, 2023 29:35 PM


      Jan 29, 2023 29:31 PM

      Hello Chartster ………. thanks ……..for the DEBT CLOCK…….
      I was just on it two days ago, and was making comments…
      and some of my comments got deleted….. then came back….

      and I have been following the us debt clock for YEARS……..

      Does have something to do with the money supply…………….

        Jan 29, 2023 29:38 PM

        Yea, the dollar to gold and silver ratios were astronomical for years. And now that most (if not all) countries have stopped using the dollar in their native lands has ceased.
        And now that it’s all zeroed out. ?

        And most don’t understand sovereign bonds that mature in 20 year cycles. Which were fiat bonds. And new bonds might be asset backed, which is a new money supply and new exchange rates.

        The euro and dollar were used for the last 20 years, since the inception of the euro.

        I think that game is over as of now.

        It’s significant.

          Jan 30, 2023 30:14 AM

          Hello Chartster……….

          Sorry ….I just got back to the site…. Monday ….
          Thanks for the added info.

          I think you are spot on……..
          There has been a change for sure……… Oil …..Saudi In your FACE BIDEN,…is shoved aside,
          Not looking good going forward.

      Jan 29, 2023 29:07 PM

      Hi CFS … Tommy brought that story up , further up the page.

    Jan 29, 2023 29:20 PM

    It’s 01.30 am on a monday morning here in the UK , & not one comment from , Rip Van AL Jimmy on the blog. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
    It’s not good enough , chaps.

      Jan 29, 2023 29:32 PM

      Ditto Irish…………..

        Jan 30, 2023 30:45 AM

        I would like to see Al get a guest that understands whats happening in Ukraine.

        Its been months with no discussion that I recall concerning the change in reserve currency for example.

        Ukraine is ending the american empire and nato.
        Big events and all we hear is Ukraine is winning.

          Jan 30, 2023 30:19 AM

          You know that we know that……… there is a change taking place….

          I say, keep up your good work , filling in the pieces for the lost SHEEPLE…

            Jan 30, 2023 30:51 AM

            Discussion on what to expect, how to prepare, what can be done to protect ourselves and families would be positive.
            But ignoring whats happening, like an ostrich with its head in sand doesnt do anyone any good.
            Worse is decieving people into thinking nothing of consequence is happening.
            People are going to be blindsided big time.

            Jan 30, 2023 30:08 AM

            b………… I would agree with that…………..

    Jan 29, 2023 29:49 PM

    Hello to all the Conspiracy Realists here…

    How about this food for thought:

      Jan 29, 2023 29:55 PM

      Interesting thought…………..

        Jan 29, 2023 29:06 PM

        I find the hypothesis far-fetched, but not any more unbeleivable than the propaganda that Russia is losing and that the West is bleeding them dry.

          Jan 30, 2023 30:20 AM

          Good point……… I think I am with you on that one….. thanks for the reply

    Jan 29, 2023 29:21 PM

    I’m not sure I agree with the peer reviewed papers.
    Yes, 5G radiation can cause bond breaking and mutation, but I’m not positive it can do what is claimed

    Jan 29, 2023 29:29 PM

    Doomsday Clock update…
    Bad news: advanced 10 seconds… 90 seconds left…
    Is anybody working on turning the clock back??

    Jan 29, 2023 29:46 PM

    If people really understood what Pfizer and Moderna were actually doing, the execs would all be locked up in JAIL.

    Jan 29, 2023 29:26 PM

    Because the covid jab has been officially said to be “safe”, could there be a problem with this year’s flu shot?

    Jan 30, 2023 30:44 AM

    “As a result, Washington’s proxy war against Russia is failing. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was unusually candid about the situation in Ukraine when he told the allies in Germany at Ramstein Air Base on January 20, “We have a window of opportunity here, between now and the spring,” admitting, “That’s not a long time.””

    The Rand corporation said the west is losing and a peace should be negotiated as well.

    Maybe there are some people coming to their senses?
    They can negotiate something now, if they wait it will all be dictated by Russia.

    Jan 30, 2023 30:51 AM

    Boys…I hope you can “get your affairs in order.” That’s what they tell people whose days are numbered…

    Jan 30, 2023 30:53 PM

    Milatary Reality vs Political Reality. Putin vs The West. ………………… The Duran.

    Jan 31, 2023 31:36 AM

    Post missing again – ?

    Probably my eyesight not seeing a typo……time to quit.