Mind Control is Possible

Big Al
January 31, 2023
    Jan 31, 2023 31:43 AM

    Elon Musk was very interested in this kind of thing, but the technology is still very much in its infancy.
    AI applied to lie detector test increases effectiveness of lie detectors.
    It would not, at this time, hold up as evidence in a court of law.
    Also implantation of an electrode into the brain WOULD VIOLATE THE NUREMBERG CODE.

    BUT we also know Traitor Biden had no problem violating the code by mandating vaccinations.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:39 PM

      The Nuremberg Code is considered by some to be the most important document in the history of clinical research ethics, because of its massive influence on global human rights. In the United States, the Code and the related Declaration of Helsinki influenced the drafting of regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services to ensure ethical treatment of human research subjects, known as the Common Rule, which is now codified in Part 46 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations.[16][17] These regulations are enforced by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). In 1966, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights was adopted by the United Nations, and after enough nations had ratified the Covenant, it came into force on 23 March 1976. Article Seven prohibits experiments conducted without the “free consent to medical or scientific experimentation” of the subject.[14] As of September 2019, the Covenant has 173 states parties.

        Jan 31, 2023 31:09 PM

        Thank you CFS as I now know a bit more about this than I did a couple of days ago. (At 70 the memory does shorten.

    Jan 31, 2023 31:51 AM

    We know that Traitor biden took VP documents……totally illegally. The rules are different for a VP and a President.
    FURTHER, these top secret documents were SEEN BY HUNTER and used by Hunter, selling information, as indicated by his laptop.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:14 PM

      Hunter’s involvement in this was featured earlier this evening on Hannity. How does the Biden family get away with this?

        Feb 01, 2023 01:01 AM

        OWL………… are you serious…… ??

    Jan 31, 2023 31:53 AM

    Boy’s It will be Total Control whit Total destruction !

      Jan 31, 2023 31:18 PM

      Very, very interesting and, of course, scary. Of course it is also a look into the future!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:56 AM

    George Webb talks to Paul Cottrell, about covid and drug pushing by big pharma.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:24 PM

      I lost my faith in GEORGE WEBB……. when he got the jab…..
      other than that…. was a great journalist in investigation …..

      This is really getting redundant …………
      Just give us the main junk and move on… … THANKs.

        Jan 31, 2023 31:20 PM

        This subject is getting a bit redundant. You are correct OOTB.

    Jan 31, 2023 31:19 PM

    DOJ…………. oxymoron …………

      Jan 31, 2023 31:20 PM

      Of course it is!

        Feb 01, 2023 01:03 AM

        Owl………. then YOU HAVE THE ANSWER……. to YOUR question to CFS………….

        relating to BIDEN,…… “how do they get away with it”…….

    Jan 31, 2023 31:27 PM

    Another very important topic we should be talking about , is wether or not, the TARDIS has a toilet in it. /s

      Jan 31, 2023 31:23 PM

      The Tardis does not appear to be large enough!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:35 PM

    Another important topic , that perhaps AL & Jimmy could talk about is the mateing habbits of politically left leaning LGBT Mice. I’m sure thats a subject we could all comment on .

      Jan 31, 2023 31:47 PM

      Thats funny Tony, been awhile since I got a laff.
      Thats why I liked Bird so much, I got alot of laffs from his posts and responses to them.

      The saker is giving up on his blog, I’m gonna miss that one.

        Jan 31, 2023 31:58 PM

        Hi South … Yeah i miss BIRD aswell , Perhaps we could get a petition going , to have him reinstated.

          Jan 31, 2023 31:27 PM

          I would welcomed Bird back with open arms!

        Jan 31, 2023 31:25 PM

        Okay guys who is The Saker?

      Jan 31, 2023 31:24 PM

      Southfront is corrrect, that is very funny. (At least to me!)

    Jan 31, 2023 31:50 PM

    Havnt listened to the interview yet.

    But mind control, yupper, just tell people loud enuff and often enuff.

    Sheeple believe anything.

    Been used for thousands of years.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:29 PM

      I personally thought that it was a fascinating discussion!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:12 PM

    In keeping with the topic .. Mind Control .. It’s time for a song .. In the Year 2525 .. Zager & Evans.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:23 PM

      Watch it,….. you might get ban from laughing and singing next…… LOL………
      Great TUNE……….

        Jan 31, 2023 31:39 PM

        A great video for a really great tune!

      Jan 31, 2023 31:37 PM

      Really a great video that make a person stop and think!

      Jan 31, 2023 31:41 PM

      Can someone explain this to me, pleeeees!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:49 PM

    Boy’s Where ar Sint Jimmy & Al ? It”s feels laik a disc ten sing ? Of the flock !

      Jan 31, 2023 31:47 PM

      The flock, …. has lost it’s herder…….. maybe they both went over the cliff………..
      Owl, is moving to Seattle….. I understand he is joining BLM…
      Banking Long Money….. or Ball Loss in Motion..
      Just joking Owl… Have a great day…..

        Jan 31, 2023 31:53 PM

        Hi Jerry … I hope he is not going to be Sleepless !!!!!

          Jan 31, 2023 31:29 PM

          what do you mean ….”going to be”…… lol

        Jan 31, 2023 31:46 PM

        I am actually moving into an independant living facility which I really like. I also like being closer to my girlsl!

          Feb 01, 2023 01:05 AM

          Assisted Living………. and they got you hooked into the system………

        Jan 31, 2023 31:47 PM

        What is wrong with ALL LIVES MATTER?

          Feb 01, 2023 01:13 AM

          All LIVES DO MATTER………….. but, that is far from the agenda, the cabal has planned for you…….
          They have figured out, how to get BLM and WOKE, to break down society as we know it….
          Not really that hard to figure out……

          Problem, you have to much faith in a corrupt system……

        Jan 31, 2023 31:15 PM

        OOTB, Can you come up here and help me to move and rent a truck at the same time?

          Feb 01, 2023 01:10 AM

          Hello OWL…………… the best thing to do,….. is HIRE a professional moving company, and they are
          not cheap……… figure $15,000 …. I would think would cover you…..
          I think you have about 2200 square feet…..with a lot of stuff….
          The price, of course might seem high…. but, you could hire some flunkies and
          then get another surprise at the end….

      Jan 31, 2023 31:43 PM

      Big Al is right here and has been reading and commenting since 8:20 p.m. (West coast time)

        Feb 01, 2023 01:21 AM

        THink of IRISH………… who post at 1 am in the morning…. 🙂

    Jan 31, 2023 31:01 PM

    Our problem is NOT mind control; it is MORON control.
    In my opinion, the behavior of the West is absolutely insane with regard to Ukraine.
    In My opinion, Russia was always going to defeat Ukraine TO THE EXTENT IT WISHED.
    I believe at the outset, Russia had no intention of taking all of Ukraine.
    However, with NATO injecting arms and supporting the TOTALLY CORRUPT REGIME in Kviv, Russia will deny the West of any further foothold in the area……It will take longer and cost money and lives, but the Ukrainian army will be destroyed.
    If the West is stupid enough to provide Nukes, then China and Russia will damage the West, even at the cost of a lose-lose WWIII. (fast forward 32 mins)

      Jan 31, 2023 31:49 PM

      I could not agree more CFS!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:43 PM

    Same old story………. but, will help with the thought of something is not new…. or Nothing new under the sun….

      Jan 31, 2023 31:56 PM

      I like this guy,

      I met him years ago at The Silver Summit in either Spokane or in Wallace, Idaho. I personally invested in nothing but silver for a long time!

        Feb 01, 2023 01:11 AM

        imo thats unfortunate for yourself Al.

        Gold for example has kept pace with rising prices, silver has done nothing for years.
        Silver spikes every decade 20yrs? and should be sold then, if your goal is profit in fiat.

        Investing only in silver means you missed the pot profits and bitcoin profits for example.

        Silver jr mining for example, IPT went from what 1.25? to .25?
        Not good at all no matter the pumping on your site.
        imo silver and related gambles (investments) are for trading and timing is required.
        Ya gotta watch it.

        I stopped buying silver when I had more than any other kid on my block, and that was probly too much. Its bulky and needs storage.

        Another thing with silver, when silver does spike, the hoarders will sell, bringing the price down again.
        No shortage, never has been. Isnt now.
        Check the retailers, they have sale prices, that doesnt happen in shortage situations.

        Gold, retains purchasing power and is a good thing to pass down to family.

        Bird was right years ago, silver is issues.

          Feb 01, 2023 01:00 AM

          Ditto b……………. spot on with the bulk……..
          Gold has done a better job……… for sure…
          in the last couple of years. GOLD PRICE….
          1971…. $35
          When China , and Russia , are stackers.. of GOLD…. I think that should have told
          a few people what was going on.
          Silver……. Hoarders like JPM….. can hold that price down forever, until
          they are ready., and who knows when that will be….. JMO
          I still like silver, but not as much……. Rare coins in silver more of my style.
          Not Canadian silver coins, just US…

    Jan 31, 2023 31:20 PM

    Seen as how AL or Jimmy cant be bothered to visit the blog , means we can post anything we like , , so i’m going to post some comedy. Please feel free to post anything you like, you have my permission & if AL complaines , tell him … Irish made me do it.

    The Front Fell Off.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:00 PM

      Australian humor can be very funny!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:27 PM

    You have to question the Deep State or Traitor Biden or whoever is running the country…..
    Almost EVERY ACTION of the excutive is imho AGAINST THE COUNTRY.
    The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, supposed to be for emergencies.
    The only reason I can think of: IS that traitor Biden cut exploration and pipelines, so he need a quick fix to stop prices which were rapidly increasing…..
    Drain the emergency reserve……This could turn out disastrous if China invades Taiwan.

    Traitor Biden’s handing Covid-19 was purely stupid, possibly deliberately EVIL.
    Locking people out of work, when not in serious danger (if not old and obese) was guaranteed to cripple the economy. What was the Traitor thinking? Taking advice from China?

    Is he cutting spending? NO
    Is he stimulating the economy by cutting interest rates or taxes? NO, he’s doing the reverse.
    MANDATING AN UNTESTED VACCINE WHICH has and will continue to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Might save on pensions in an EVIL WAY.
    He’s planning on the IMPOSSIBLE switch from gasoline to electricity.
    So where is new nuclear electrical planning?……No Where.
    Surely he realizes, wind and solar CANNOT REPLACE oil, gas and coal without nuclear.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:35 PM

      US adopts and finds a way to justify any cruel, inhumane techniques on their perceived enemies and encourages allies to do the same.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:56 PM

      US adopts and finds a way to justify any cruel, inhumane techniques on their perceived enemies and encourages allies to do the same.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:12 PM

      Hi CFS … Chill out man , take some time out , dont bother yourself with what Biden is doing , you cant change it. … Just Phone……..

      Hookers R Us
      Coke R Us
      Booze R Us
      Pizza R Us
      And place some orders , have some fun man , Biden will all still be there when you sober up
      I’m just mucking about………… lol

        Jan 31, 2023 31:19 PM

        Sorry, Irish, but I cannot remain silent as my country is destroyed.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:04 PM

      The green philosophy is so phuxked up it makes me sick. And, it is failing a lot of people.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:13 PM

      He just defines “emergency” diferent than we do. Seriously, CFS, Ireally don’t get it either!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:05 PM

    just a thought…i am not disputing the comforts of this modern life…but us peeps are totally detached from the constant news that living in nature provides and which we would instead be constantly monitoring……instead we have replaced that natures news with endless propaganda and corporate products and political stimulants(upthearss)…this must be against our natural genome and/or instincts on some level…we are all interpreting synthetic derivative man-made chit…detached from all reality…we be all going mad…lmao plus glta

      Jan 31, 2023 31:25 PM

      Hi Larry … I agree , i woke up this morning & found i had gone totally bonkers …………………………………. lol

        Jan 31, 2023 31:11 PM

        I am close to where you are Irish!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:37 PM

    I appreciate that Irish…i had my thought prior to reading this Howard Kunstler article…I will copy and paste it,,,,due to naughty title…..glta

    The question you might ask these days: how did we weaponize everything in American life against ourselves? Can you name an institution that is not at war with the people of this land? The exact mechanisms for all that bad faith stand in plain sight these days, and persons responsible can be easily identified. What’s missing are discernible motives. For now, it just looks like the greatest collective act of ass-covering in history.

    It’s pretty clear, for instance, that all the criminal misconduct in the FBI / DOJ — continuing to this moment — emanates from the years-long effort to cover up the seditious campaign to nullify Donald Trump starting well before Nov. 8, 2016. All the players in the agencies, and their news media accomplices, stand to lose at least their reputations, if the public cared about how dishonestly they acted. Many of those still working would lose their jobs and their livelihoods too, and quite a few would lose their freedom in prison. So, their motive to keep up the skullduggery is simple self-preservation.

    The Covid-19 pandemic looks like a pretty large-scale racketeering operation gone awry with plenty to hide. You have the reckless, symbiotic relations between the US public health bureaucracy and the pharmaceutical companies, and tons of money at stake, plus the colossal ego of hapless Dr. Anthony Fauci wishing to pose as an historic world-saver, another Louis Pasteur or Alexander Fleming. And then you have the amazingly foolish act of imposing an untested, dangerous “vaccine” on the world, and years of lying and covering-up its repercussions of injury and death. And then the opaque and nefarious roles of other actors in the story ranging from the CCP to the WEF to the Bill Gates and George Soros empires of money in what looks like genocide.

    It’s harder to unpack the enigma of the obviously unfit “Joe Biden” getting installed in the White House. My guess: the Obama claque behind him knew that “JB” was easily manipulable, and that his lame rivals, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Liz Warren, and especially the proud socialist Bernie Sanders, could not be counted on to do exactly what they were told. The Obama claque especially needed a president to appoint agency heads who would cover-up its creation of an Intel Community Frankenstein, and all that monster has inflicted on the American public.

    Of course, the main device the claque had for pulling “Joe Biden’s” strings was the flagrant record of his many years of bribery and treason. The major effort to cover-up all that criminality was the DOJ and FBI’s suppression since 2019 of the Hunter Biden laptop, and the most stunning upshot was that the incendiary evidence of bribery and treason came out anyway, because so many copies of the laptop’s hard-drive got distributed. And absolutely nothing was ever done about it, nor about the actual persons — Christopher Wray, William Barr, and Merrick Garland — who worked to squash it, making themselves accomplices to ongoing bribery and treason.

    All this criminal misconduct is connected in a foul matrix of lawbreaking. The fact-patterns are well-established. Dozens of excellent books have catalogued the misdeed of RussiaGate and scores of websites daily dissect the shady intrigues around the “vaccine” crusade. The infamies of gross election interference have been systematically laid-out in the Twitter Files of the past two months. Many books, published essays, and videos substantiate the reality of massive ballot fraud in 2020 and 2022, including the felonious role of Mark Zuckerberg’s front org, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, and the election law manipulations of Lawfare goblin Marc Elias.

    There’s an understandable wish that upcoming hearings in Congress will lead to a reckoning for all of this. To banish consequence from public life, as we have done, is a pretty grave insult to nature, but who can tell whether accountability might restore our institutions at this point. We may be too far gone. The US is visibly collapsing now: our economy, our financial arrangements, our culture, our influence in world affairs, and our basic consensus about reality. We’re entering a phase of disorder and hardship that is likely to moot the further depredations of a government at war with its people. For one thing, it’s becoming impossible to pretend that this vicious leviathan has the money to carry on because the money is only pretending to be money.

    It’s no wonder that the collective ability for sense-making has failed. It will be quickly restored by each of us in the scramble to survive these disorders and hardships. The bewildering hypotheticals of recent years begin to dissolve like mist on the mountain and things come back into focus: your health, your daily bread, your shelter, your associations with other people close to you, your values, and most of all the power of your own choices. Nature, much insulted and maligned, will sort out the rest.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:30 PM

      great post…..larry…….

        Feb 01, 2023 01:52 AM

        howard kunstler…cut and paste…lmao

          Feb 01, 2023 01:22 AM

          You are still a great writer….. 🙂

          Just facts, no fluff…… 🙂

      Jan 31, 2023 31:19 PM

      You are one great writer, Larry! And, I really mean that!

      Jan 31, 2023 31:23 PM

      I have heard that “War is Hell”, but this is worse!

      Feb 01, 2023 01:40 AM

      donor organs in order to be viable must be harvested from living beings… you think that anesthesia is being used?…..”THE ROAD”…look up the movies scene of harvesting meat from living humans stored in a basement of planetary survivors….
      the world is already a place of savagery…Like this is not to be expected?

    Jan 31, 2023 31:22 PM

    Tucker tonight………….but the vaccines did not work.
    Traitor biden is scum.

      Jan 31, 2023 31:25 PM

      Probably actually worse CFS!

    Jan 31, 2023 31:10 PM

    Israel attacks Iranian drone factory

      Jan 31, 2023 31:31 PM

      As of this morning when Jim and I recorded, this was not known.

        Jan 31, 2023 31:59 PM

        This is scary. Biden appears to be blackmailed by Zelensky into supporting Ukraine.
        It looks like Ukraine will join NATO.
        Boris Johnson would not have allowed that, but he resigned.
        I just cannot see who will vote no.

          Feb 01, 2023 01:27 AM

          They will take out Z………. when they want…………

          Both are useful idiots of greed………. both are puppets…….

          “They “,… you can figure out….

          Feb 01, 2023 01:29 AM

          CFS, how would he have blackmailed Biden?

    Jan 31, 2023 31:13 PM

    I now have a feel for Taiwan timing.
    Taiwan elections one year away will be stolen by CCP operatives, or at least they will try.
    If they fail an invasion will happen quickly after the election.
    (I am even wondering if CCP were partly responsible for the US election theft)
    Even going back, the Hong Kong elections looked fishy to me ….. Hong Kong was so Westernized.
    But the Brits handed over Hong Kong to the CCP, who controlled elections.

    Feb 01, 2023 01:32 AM

    Thought for the day…………from a puppet of the cabal….. 🙂

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors… and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    – Karl Rove

    Feb 01, 2023 01:49 AM

    Believe we are returning to the MOON…..


    In Bart Sibrel’s book Moon Man, a death bed confession revealed the Apollo missions hoax and the military base where the first ‘moon landing’ was filmed. What wasn’t in the book but which can be revealed here now, is that the coverup of the greatest hoax on mankind also involved a deathbed confession of murder. Bart Sibrel returns to SGT Report to discuss NASA, Kubrick, moon buggies and murder.

    Locate at SGT ….. I will not post the link….

      Feb 01, 2023 01:58 AM

      i believe that is correct…primarily due to the shielding required beyond the Van Allen? belt is impossible to do…..Right?…you posted a few yrs back jerry…that belt protects the planet from all the radiation and beyond that the astronauts are on a suicide mission…sort of correct?…ruins my childhood fantasy…lmao

        Feb 01, 2023 01:28 AM

        Just for the record/educational purposes: Please understand the earth’s magnetic field only partially shields against charged particles. It does not shield against alpha (He atoms) or gamma (high energy photons).

        Feb 01, 2023 01:05 AM

        larry……….. I think you are correct………

      Feb 01, 2023 01:03 AM

      The link is stupid. It contains supposed statements by NASA admiting they faked the lunar landing, which are untrue. It also contains physics statements which are moronic.
      e.g. a rocket goes through a layer of the outer earth atmosphere which is at 2,000 degrees, but the rocket has components that melt at 1,500 degrees, and therefore the rocket would have melted. Ergo the moon trip was impossible.
      Here’s a physics lesson:
      Temperature is a way of measuring the kinetic energy of the molecules in a region.
      If the molecules in the upper atmosphere are moving very quickly the temperature could be 2,000 degrees, but they are in almost a vacuum. The thermal capacity of the rocket, however, is much, much greater than the almost vacuum, so the very presence of the rocket cools down the region immediately with negligible melting.

        Feb 01, 2023 01:11 AM

        CFS……………. Your back ground in teaching at PURDUE, was in what field……..??
        I think I know, I want you to ……….SAY ……for the history book…….

        And I think it has a little to do with SPACE……….. and Flight…. hummm

          Feb 01, 2023 01:37 AM

          My Ph.D. is in physics. (Actually it is a D.Phil. from Oxford U., England.)
          I was contemporary with Bill Clinton.
          I taught Electrical Engineering, after working several years doing research and design for I.B.M.
          (Watson labs, N.Y.)

            Feb 01, 2023 01:04 AM

            A DPhil is the Oxford equivalent of a PhD. Both ‘PhD’ and ‘DPhil’ are abbreviations for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’,


            Feb 01, 2023 01:39 AM

            impressive credentials there CFS!

            Feb 01, 2023 01:33 PM

            Now which of the below……….would be your expertise…..
            All graduate courses offered by the Department of Physics
            Astrophysics DPhil
            Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics DPhil
            Atomic and Laser Physics DPhil
            Condensed Matter Physics DPhil
            Mathematical and Theoretical Physics MSc
            Particle Physics DPhil
            Theoretical Physics DPhil

    Feb 01, 2023 01:15 AM

    Yes, the moon landing was b s.
    (Speaking of mind control, lol)

      Feb 01, 2023 01:57 AM

      If you claim the moon landing (Apollo 11) was a hoax, what is your opinion about Apollo 13. Why was this performance done?

        Feb 01, 2023 01:42 AM

        CFS … To carry on the hoax. To many people were asking , why the Yanks were not sending more maned missions to the Moon.

      Feb 01, 2023 01:24 AM

      Why would the moon landing be a hoax?

        Feb 01, 2023 01:36 AM

        Hi AL … Because the Russians put the first man into space , the Americans , in order not to lose face to the Russian’s , had to go one better … Hence the FAKE Moon landing , America does not like the idea , of been No 2.

      Feb 01, 2023 01:14 AM

      Fake?? Well somebody has been to the monn, I have seen pictures of buildings and a pyrimid on the moon. So we obviously got close. 😉

        Feb 01, 2023 01:27 AM

        I think the monkey on the Sputnik 1, took the picture……………. lol……….. 🙂

      Feb 01, 2023 01:16 AM

      Take a spoon and a cup of water.
      Heat the spoon up till almost glowing red.
      Dunk spoon into cup of water.
      The spoon is well above the boiling point of water.
      Therefore, according to the idiot, the act of dunking the spoon ought to boil away all the water.
      In fact, the spoon is cooled and the water is warmed slightly.
      Our “idiot” has not considered the thermal capacity of the objects.
      An “almost vacuum” has almost no thermal capacity and thus is cooled by the rocket, instead of the rocket being melted.

        Feb 01, 2023 01:21 AM

        Boiling water is not 1500 degrees……………
        What is the degrees off the sun?

    Feb 01, 2023 01:53 AM

    I could care less about the fake moon landing and why they did it.
    The question right now is: why is there a guy wearing a Joe Biden mask and posing as the false president? When will the January 6th coup be dealt with?
    Why are people so stupid to fall for this stupid sh~t?

    And if you don’t realize There’s a guy posing as Biden by now, can’t help ya. You’re fried.

      Feb 01, 2023 01:15 AM

      The SPACE HOAX …………… is all PART OF THE mind control, ….for the cashing out of AMERICA….
      The Govt…. which is FAKE,…. in almost every department……
      Has allowed that FAKE BIDEN…… even exist, and many before him..
      That is why , we keep mentioning it …….
      Showing the FAKENESS……… opens up the other stupid stuff, the Sheeple thinks is Real….
      Been FLEECED for 100 yrs…
      BIDEN is JUST a CONTINUATION …….. of the madness.

      Feb 01, 2023 01:19 AM

      How about those ZEROs on the US DEBT CLOCK>………………..

        Feb 01, 2023 01:27 AM

        I got a theory (that’s prolly correct) about the debt clock. Have to do it later. Just got busy.

      Feb 01, 2023 01:26 AM

      I have never seriously considered biden as capable of winning the election campaigning from his basement. Thus EVERYTHING that followed is fake. Whether it is a senile corrupt piece of trash as figurehead “leader” of the country, or a bunch of Chinese communists, I don’t trust the policies, and will speak out against them.
      If you examine the policies they appear to be designed to kill the economy and ultimately the country.

      If a sick biden or Pinocchio actually sits in the White House, it changes nothing.

        Feb 01, 2023 01:29 AM

        You obviously,……………Have not done done your total research on the ELECTION machines,
        nor who and where those machines come from….

        Freaking BIDEN IS A SIDE ISSUE……………..

    Feb 01, 2023 01:36 AM

    Believing the SCIENCE…………got us FAUCI………………… 🙂

    DEPT. OF EDUCATION……….. got WOKE……..

    DEPT OF EDUCATION……….. got most BROKE on SCHOOL DEBT…… 🙂

    Feb 01, 2023 01:48 AM

    And, you knew it was coming……