Metalla Royalty & Streaming – 3 Asset Updates; Côté / Gosselin, Centrogold / Gurupi, Fifteen Mile Stream

February 9, 2023

Earlier this week, on February 6th, Metalla Royalty & Streaming (TSX.V:MTA – NYSE:MTA) send the initial Asset Update email of what will be an ongoing process of updating investors on any non-material developments on the Company’s royalties.


Brett Heath, President and CEO of Metalla Royalty & Streaming joins us to recap the 3 assets updates included in the initial Asset Update email. The assets updated are from the Côté / Gosselin, Centrogold / Gurupi and Fifteen Mile Stream royalties.


If you have any follow up questions for Brett regarding any of these asset updates or any other assets in the royalty portfolio please email us at and


  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of Metalla Royalty & Streaming



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