Who or What is in charge of you?

Big Al
February 14, 2023
Depress play key to listen
It is frightening just how controlled we all are!
    Feb 14, 2023 14:47 PM

    The antidote to control is KNOWLEDGE.
    Always doubt, Always question, always learn.

    Wishing everyone on the blog The Best Health.
    (I never carry my Iphone with me… sits on my desk at home. I do have a 4G phone for Europe and a 5G disposable phone for the US, which I do carry… I have for the last decade plus.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:09 PM

      Thanks CFS.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:18 PM

      I ned to increase my knowledge and I do need to question everything.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:05 PM

    Nice you’r ok IA AL & Sint Jimmy ! It’s Coming ! I Have No Smartphone’s ! Look Diss i Love IT !

      Feb 14, 2023 14:21 PM


      I hope that she is happy!

        Feb 14, 2023 14:20 PM

        IA Give me look diss Whay ? Decors i lai diss ! She Nice NO ? Boys ?

      Feb 14, 2023 14:15 PM

      There after an E.M.P. go I., except I have 280 lbs of charcoal stored as fuel and have to walk 1/2 mile for water out of a stream.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:05 PM


    On your phone bring up the the text, then touch the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner, touch Details then for Options touch Notifications and touch Silent. You will still get the texts from that phone # but won’t get woken up at 4 AM for any texts you get from that number.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:17 PM

      Thanks Eddy, but it did not work.

        Feb 14, 2023 14:33 PM

        Under Options there should be a way to disable Notifications. Note: I am assuming you have an Android phone, not an iPhone.

          Feb 14, 2023 14:34 PM

          I know nothing about iPhones but they must have a way to disable notifications.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:11 PM

    Not taking your phone to bed also works.

    That’s one less traitor in power.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:19 PM

      The end of Crapstein…at least in the Imperial Senate…she and her husband sure made out like bandits…and she could have had the seat for the rest of her life if she wanted…of course she’s worse than Uncle Joe on the cognitive side…but that makes little difference in the corrupt District of Criminals.

        Feb 14, 2023 14:25 PM

        Who are you referring to exactly?

          Feb 14, 2023 14:26 PM

          The criminals Dianne Crapstein and her husband Richard Blum.

            Feb 14, 2023 14:27 PM

            Sorry, of course you meant Feinstein. Thanks

      Feb 14, 2023 14:21 PM

      And you boys may wind up with Shifty Schiff…as Crapstein’s replacement…in the Imperial Senate…you can donate to Shifty’s campaign here

        Feb 14, 2023 14:26 PM

        I will not donate to Mr. Shiff

          Feb 14, 2023 14:27 PM

          I hope not…better off just flushing your money down the toilet.

            Feb 14, 2023 14:28 PM

            I agree, Eddy!

      Feb 14, 2023 14:22 PM

      I use the alarm to wake me up.

        Feb 14, 2023 14:55 PM

        Hi Al… how about going back to using old technology, like an alarm clock?
        Or, use a tablet, and have that tablet go off-line at night… my entire household wifi goes off at night.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:18 PM

    Told you so.

    Putin has repeated rail against depleted uranium weapons and said he would use tactical nukes.

    (Although I’d be seriously surprised if he did not already have tac-nukes in theater.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:25 PM

      There are very identifiable tracking indicators for nucs in theater – you don’t just sneak them in.

      If nucs do enter theater or are prepared for use in theater, you will know because of the collective pucker factor in NATO and all of Europe will be intense – lots of media freak out – and the over-reaction from the clown show running US foreign policy (or foreign fallacy) right now will make keystone cops look like professionals.

      Let’s hope we don’t get there – if I see indicators, I’ll let you know – then I am going to ground with my family – ’cause the NSC yahoos will surely screw things up more than they have.

        Feb 14, 2023 14:32 PM

        Thanks, Jim. I, of course, agree with you!

        Feb 14, 2023 14:29 PM

        I have gone to ground. If I can’t survive here, survival isn’t worth it.
        I’m actually looking forward to planting more fruit trees and a bigger garden this year.
        I was worried about blueberry bushes and elderberries surviving the 10 degrees F we had. but it looks 90% are leafing out already.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:33 PM

      Pretty scary!

      Feb 14, 2023 14:05 PM

      CFS, this article is fear porn.

      First time in 30 years?

    Feb 14, 2023 14:37 PM

    AOC should keep her mouth shut, because when she opens it, some of her IQ escapes, and she can’t afford to lose much more.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:34 PM

      Thanks CFS

      Feb 14, 2023 14:40 PM

      She is one of the serioius problems in America!

    Feb 14, 2023 14:54 PM

    Mobile phones !!!!! Get off social media sites , they are designed to feed advertising / to track you / to tell you what you should buy / to KEEP YOU DISTRACTED FROM WHAT THE BASTARDS ARE DOING & WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU. it’s a form of brainwashing. I dont own a smart phone , I do own a £20 mobile phone with buttons , That i use to make & recieve phone calls , I refuse to live in the MATRIX.
    AL if your Twitter circle bothers you , get rid of it.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:42 PM

      Of course, Tony, thank you!

        Feb 14, 2023 14:43 PM

        Tony. I refuse to take part in any social media sites because I know what you mean.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:59 PM

    And for more important news … The Duran … 30 minutes. … Running out of ammo.

      Feb 14, 2023 14:31 PM

      The msm idea of Ukraine winning has begun to face reality.
      About time, maybe the money sent to Ukraine will end soon.

      Just a reminder, military summary gives a daily update of events along the whole front line and region.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:08 PM

    Silencing NORD STREAM , W/ Dr Wilmer Leon . Lots of subjects in this podcasts , the balloons to distract from the Hirch Report , & other subjects … 1 Hour , or 1 hour 30 with the question & answer Seg. Well worth the time IMO

      Feb 14, 2023 14:45 PM

      Thanks, I have already watched it.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:43 PM

    Google reads emails……so don’t use google.

    The best private free email, in my limited opinion,

    other free emails are:

    I have not tried duckduckgo’s free VPN, but a vpn is useful if you really want no one to know where you are.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:46 PM

    I am going to use duckduckgo’s free vpn thank you cfs.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:07 PM

    Your smart devices can and probably do listen to you at all times… i have heard that google home picks up on things being talked about and that triggers related ads. I removed the google app from my tablet to reduce the chance of it listening in, but there is no way to prevent smart devices with microphones, cameras too, from spying.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:43 PM

    US scrambles t intercept Russian planes over Alaska and Netherland scrambles to intercept Russians over Poland.

    I wish I knew who was in charge of coordination.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:54 PM

    Is Traitor Joe planning on draining the strategic reserve, so we cannot do anything when China takes siege of Taiwan?

    Feb 14, 2023 14:58 PM

    Hi Jerry…Maybe you could break down this video?…..I see tremendous apprehension in the faces of those astronauts in the post flight interview…They do not look happy and relaxed as they should have..Do you think there is any validity to any ideas presented….I know you believe they never even got to the moon,,,Give it a chance…think about it….GLTA

      Feb 15, 2023 15:20 AM

      Hello larry
      thanks for the video….
      My thoughts on the vid.
      1. strange that they are coming out at this point in time, but not really….
      2. aliens, and mind control , is what I get from the video. at this time.
      3. If, you watch the tape, it talks about mind traveling through space, to connect to
      the alien world….somewhere out there…trillions of miles away…through MIND CONTROL.
      but, in order for you to do that , humans need to get their brains attached to a machine,
      (check where the pictures shows the attachment of the THREE PROBES….)
      That is exactly what they want you to believe…. GET ATTACHED to a MACHINE…
      globalist have been giving everyone the idea of a robot is going to be like you,… and
      control your brain , because you will need to be attached in some way to a machine in the future.,
      THIS IS JUST THE CONTROLLERS, ….wanting to control humanity, and be like GOD…..
      this is the REAL TAKE AWAY… otherwise the management would not be coming after the
      Catholics at this time…. IMO… All part of the plan… of the Evil ONE… Powers in HIGH PLACES.,
      Of course this is nonsense to those who do not BELIEVE…. so, I get it…, problem is they don’t
      get it….
      Their attempt is to brain wash the sheeple into thinking they can communicate with an Aliens, somewhere
      out in space….. The thought of the aliens on the other side of the MOON, JUST OUT OF SIGHT,
      is so stupid, I have a hard time in believing the nonsense…..and they prep the sheeple with MOVIES and
      If, aliens were here they would have already showed up…. but, some stay they see and communicate
      with angels , another topic…. Problem, is we have crafts that they the NAZI’s worked on since WW2,
      and got put into the SPACE PROGRAM…. that is not news…

      Since this Doctor is a relative of the person who invented the landing craft,… and NASA, told the
      astronauts remain silent, … while NASA, and the space program has fleeced the sheeple for
      decades on supporting their joke, while giving time for the ungodly, to try and make a machine to be like HUMANs and REPLACE humans…. and REPLACE what GOD created… is just a sham…
      I think the guy is on the BOOK AND TAPE CLUB……..
      I am sure there are enough sheeple who can continue to go along with the scam… for years to come,
      since they are training the weak minded in this area of thought…
      I see it boiling down to the dark side vs the enlighted spirit and soul… been going on for thousands of
      years…. MIND CONTROL ….

        Feb 15, 2023 15:00 AM

        Here is another one…… like DUH
        Elon Musk wants to put a computer chip in your brain.

        Neuralink, Musk’s neurotech startup, has been working toward this goal since its founding in 2016, and it recently announced plans to start human trials in the next several months. The idea is to translate brain signals into digital outputs — like being able to send a text message or type with just a thought. And Musk wants it to be mainstream. A “Fitbit in your skull,” as he once put it.

          Feb 15, 2023 15:43 AM

          larry…………..since you will be going over this info tonight….
          I will give you some more info…..concerning the
          Space Force…under Trumpster and the old NASA program…
          which is both folly….
          More dog and pony show for the sheeple

    Feb 14, 2023 14:11 PM

    TUESDAY, FEB 14, 2023 – 05:25 PM
    The Biden administration has denounced the actions of China’s military after a new significant incident involving the Philippine and Chinese Coast Guards. It happened on Feb.6, but has only this week been revealed.

    State Department spokesman Ned Price in a Tuesday briefing blasted China’s “provocative and unsafe” interference aimed at disrupting Philippine vessels’ “lawful operations” in the South China Sea. “More broadly, the PRC’s dangerous operational behavior directly threatens regional peace and stability, infringes upon freedom of navigation in the South China Sea as guaranteed under international law, and undermines the rules-based international order,” Price said.

    Specifically, the allegation is that a Chinese Coast Guard ship used a laser device to “temporarily blind” the crew of the rival Philippine ship, according to the US, citing its Philippine ally.

    It is my belief that once the CCP control Taiwan, they will try to take the Philippines.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:51 PM

    Kennedy’s take on the aliens/UFOs/balloons…

    Feb 14, 2023 14:58 PM

    CNN Admits to Sharp Rise in Cancer Cases Among Youth, but Won’t Mention TURBO CANCER Caused by Covid Clot Shots
    by S.D. Wells. February 14, 2023 in Opinions

    Vaccine Induced Cancer
    NOQ Report Is Moving to
    Cancer cases have been on a steep incline ever since the Wuhan virus “clot shots” have been jabbed into several billion sheeple. CNN, the “counterfeit news network,” claims cancer deaths are on the decline, but is that because so many of those deaths were labeled “died with Covid?” Now CNN is saying cancer is striking more young people than ever, while they’re in their 30s and 40s, but are they just running cover for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA turbo-cancer-causing jabs, since millions of dollars of CNN’s advertising revenue comes from Big Pharma? In fact, CNN leads the cable news network pack in terms of pharmaceutical ad revenue.

    Young folks definitely do not benefit in any way from Covid clot shots. Sending spike protein prions throughout the vascular system is just bad for health in general, but to load up young people, who are in their prime, and often engaged in vigorous workouts, sports, cross-training, weight-lifting, and physical jobs, well, that’s just asking for trouble (hence all the myocarditis and pericarditis cases as of late).

    Feb 14, 2023 14:00 PM

    I don’t think most of us “hate government”. It’s that we are disgusted with most of the current corrupt government. And want them replaced.

    And you and Al ask what can be done. Well, the most important case in US history is at the Supreme Court. Yeah, the Brunson case.
    If Americans got together and actually took action by writing letters to the court (like I’ve done) letting them know they want action, we might get it done. Instead, only 60 or 70,000 people have sent letters requesting the court to take action.
    I’m sure I’m the only one on this blog that sent letters to the court.

    And I’ll say it again! It’s the biggest case that has a chance to create a great future for America and y’all ain’t done squat!!!

      Feb 14, 2023 14:24 PM

      I have not written the court:
      1. I do not believe a court should be swayed by public opinion.
      2. I believe the court is supposed to judge, based on law and Constitution only.
      3. I don’t believe the court will hear the case – just pass.

        Feb 14, 2023 14:33 PM

        The court should know we are watching. The case is 100% factual. It’s the best remedy to remove the corrupt congress.
        If Americans actually moved on this and forced the awareness, it would actually get done.

        But hey, you can spike the ball in the end zone screaming “ I helped lose my country “.

          Feb 14, 2023 14:31 PM

          I agree Chartster.
          I bet as many write from this site as signed the free Assange petition.

          Might be an idea for Al to ask people to write on the radio program.
          Ya never know somebody might.

          Feb 15, 2023 15:38 AM

          Ditto Chartster……………..

          Some people do not read the information provided….

    Feb 14, 2023 14:06 PM

    How deep is enemy penetration ?

    Deep , deeper than you know.

    Feb 14, 2023 14:16 PM

    Looking forward to coming back in the morning, Gentlemen!

      Feb 14, 2023 14:34 PM

      Parental rights and train wreck:

    Feb 14, 2023 14:38 PM
    Feb 14, 2023 14:50 PM
    Feb 14, 2023 14:27 PM

    With regard to the Ohio train wreck, I’m sure the decision to set the spill on fire was a difficult decision.
    Anybody that immediately condemns the action is an idiot, imho.
    Setting the mostly organic chemicals on fire reduces them to mostly oxides of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen and phosphorous……much less toxic than the starting chemicals.
    However, the heat of the combustion created a large toxic cloud which spread the contamination over a much, much greater area and probably made it impossible to be fully cleaned up.
    (Not that the original smaller but more toxic area could easily have been cleaned up)

    What is more concerning AND UNDER-REPORTED is that trains re having derailments on an almost daily basis. It appears to me that this is too frequent to be lack of maintenance and not terrorism.

      Feb 15, 2023 15:33 AM

      Hi CFS… i just want to toss out as food for thought… that some train derailments are associated with earthquakes… my source: dutchsinse, the earthquake guy… what is really strange is that the derailment actually precedes the corresponding earthquake… the earthquake is not at the location of the derailment… my thought: a very low frequency electromagnetic wave may help vibrate the train and tip it over… again, this is just a hypothesis.

        Feb 15, 2023 15:52 AM

        I could easily accept that the land is stretched or compressed, PRIOR to a permanent slip – the earthquake itself.
        And that the prior displacement is sufficient to derail.
        Looking at the Turkey earthquake, the final displacement was 12 feet or so, whereas a shift of an inch or two could cause derailment.

    Feb 15, 2023 15:46 AM

    “America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths” Jimmy Dore Weighs In On The Decline Of The Empire

    The more people that figure this out the better.

      Feb 15, 2023 15:49 AM

      How long have I been saying our rulers are evil criminals? That our gooberment is a gangster state?

      Feb 15, 2023 15:52 AM

      I have said for decades that the US Government is a government of the criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals and is the greatest criminal enterprise the world has ever known.

    Feb 15, 2023 15:30 AM

    Another woke politican bites the dust . Transgender pushing stooge , Sturgen , Jumps before being pushed…. Good ridence to bad rubbish.

      Feb 15, 2023 15:32 AM

      WOKE…. stupid sheeple….
      Simply mind control of the stupid,….and perverted…. nothing more…

    Feb 15, 2023 15:20 AM

    The average American scrolls on their computer 7 hours per day.
    is that because news is so heavily censored?

    Feb 15, 2023 15:35 AM

    OOTB Jerry
    Feb 14, 2023 14:47 AM
    HEY CHARTSTER…………………..Have you read this yet……. from Paul S….and Anna….
    Monday, February 13, 2023
    What Goes On in Hell Stays in Hell.

    You might want to read it since it concerns TRUMP…… and Gitmo….

      Feb 15, 2023 15:58 AM

      I think Anna has flipped……………. IMO

      Feb 15, 2023 15:22 AM

      I’m not sure what Anna and her husband are talking about. The article isn’t clear to me.

      I do know we are at war when Trump declared it.
      I do know that the military can detain, arrest and kill foreign enemies of this country, right here in the states. I do know the military can handle government employees that go rogue against America.

      I also know the reason why the deep state is so against Trump. They don’t want him as commander and chief, because they (the deep state) is Fawked.
      I also know Trump is still commander and chief.

      And nothing can stop what is coming!

        Feb 15, 2023 15:51 PM

        I think she is off a little………. she might be spot on with the ACT of 1871,
        I do not agree with her on the space alien stuff…….
        and I do not agree with her on the Pope stuff……
        (since she is a catholic, I will take that into consideration)

    Feb 15, 2023 15:02 AM

    Hey larry…………………..left you a memo above………….

      Feb 15, 2023 15:20 AM

      ok Jerry that is a bit more than expected…I will read it slowly this eve. following trading hours…appreciate your thoughts…you have studied all the stuff and more which I only heard of…but never investigated!…🤔🤔📡

        Feb 15, 2023 15:28 AM

        thanks for the reply….
        I might have some more to go along with what I wrote….
        but, wanted to get back to you asap….

    Feb 15, 2023 15:00 AM
      Feb 15, 2023 15:23 AM

      I have a problem. In order to PROVE RACISM you should have to show the crime was committed against a race and not a general act against all races independent of their races.
      As far as I can tell, everybody was removed by the Brits from Chagos, including English, Australians and mixed breed.
      While it may be a crime to take property without compensation, but it seems a stretch to label it an act of racism, even if the majority of people removed were of one race.

        Feb 15, 2023 15:02 AM

        Was the removal of american aboriginals to reservations not raceism as there were white people living with them?
        There are many examples.

        Just wondering. Maybe your right and maybe its not important because it is possibly mislabeled?

        Not that it matters I suppose. Nothing will come of it in any case.

    Feb 15, 2023 15:07 AM

    Investigators claim Israeli group meddling in elections worldwide
    ‘Team Jorge’ reportedly deployed thousands of bots to shift public opinion

    Feb 15, 2023 15:55 AM

    “it is no coincidence at all that the key actors (Nuland, Kagan, Blinken, etc.) are all Zionist Jews. There are objective reasons for that. Yet, we must always remember the words of Saint Paul who wrote “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph 6:12). ”