Nazi’s in Ukraine

Big Al
February 16, 2023
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History proves that this is common, but the numbers are small
    Feb 16, 2023 16:14 AM

    Hi AL / Jimmy . That podcast was a total waste of time. IMO Why dont You two talk about Hirsh / North Stream, Or why not the Ohio train disaster. Or all the woke transgender garbage , that is invecting the US like a cancer. Or perhaps the fact that the US & the rest of Nato are turning cool on Ukraine , because they know Ukraine is in a no win situation.

      Feb 16, 2023 16:47 AM

      You are right Irish

        Feb 16, 2023 16:30 AM

        Hi ! Jimmy ! A Question eve i my ask you ! ? You’r a Republican soo do you know the ( BAIN & Company) ? You may answer on Air ? Tank U !

          Feb 16, 2023 16:34 AM

          GOOD ONE FRANKY…………………..

          Romney has stole more money than most…. generations ….His daddy stole more…

            Feb 16, 2023 16:43 AM

            Yes Jerry ! Quite a fellow a Mitt Romney and the Boston Rain Boys !

            Feb 16, 2023 16:58 PM

            Franky…………. Jimmy is not going to answer you…. 🙂
            You out rank him…… lol

        Feb 16, 2023 16:15 PM

        Hi Jim … Yeah i know … Thanks.

          Feb 17, 2023 17:51 PM

          Dit AL take the Booster in Seattle Dit Jimmy Boy start too ? We will only know Next Week on The ???

    Feb 16, 2023 16:44 AM

    By the headlines,…before I open and spend any time listening…..
    “History proves that this is common, but the numbers are small”….the headline says….

    SO, why was it not acknowledged a year ago…….hummmmm

    Seems to me,….. we wasted a year with the babble…. JMO

    Feb 16, 2023 16:15 AM

    I mentioned this over a week ago…….
    Was HAARP Responsible for the Turkey/Syria Earthquakes?
    On the 3rd of February nine western countries either closed their embassies in Turkey or issued travel warnings to their citizens that they should leave Turkey. On the 6th of February a massive 7.8 quake on the Richter scale hit early in the morning with a 7.5 earth quake following twelve hours later. So far the body count between Turkey and Syria is above 41,000 dead with the damage in billions of dollars.

      Feb 16, 2023 16:43 AM

      OOTB Jerry
      Feb 07, 2023 07:45 PM
      Another topic….Turkey….. and the earthquake…….
      Sgt out with the idea, with pictures at 3 am , the day of the earthquake…
      HARP weapon used …

      I might post it…….but…… control board might not like it….

        Feb 16, 2023 16:49 AM

        Feb 7, 2023 at 2:26pm QuotePost OptionsPost by OOTB Jerry on Feb 7, 2023 at 2:26pm
        EARTHQUAKE…………info……….HARP Weapon used?………. just go to
        55 min mark……

        Feb 16, 2023 16:01 AM

        It’s interesting that so many embassies cleared out and closed “ 3 Days Before… “ the earthquakes hit Turkey.
        The American, Canadian, German, France and several others closed-up before it happened.

        They did the earthquakes to send in assassination teams. They want “their puppets” in Turkey and Syria. NATO is in a blind panic of fear that Turkey leaves NATO.

          Feb 16, 2023 16:36 AM

          Yes………….. I thought that was interesting,……. JUST puts more dots together on the entire
          agenda….. Sheeple really need to start connecting the dots……….
          I bet OWL and Jimmy do not even mention it….. till maybe NEXT YEAR… lol

            Feb 16, 2023 16:38 AM

            I have never seen any of your questioned answered concerning the missile at the PENTAGON….
            the movie clip from the plane, was fantastic…..

            Feb 16, 2023 16:26 PM

            I understand (crudely) how haarp works.

            I have watched :

            I understand some of the physics involved in earthquakes.

            I am not able to predict earthquakes from physics.

            I might be able to predict earthquakes from solar behavior, but that is using historic incidences, not physics.

            HAARP primarily is designed to radiate energy into the atmosphere/clouds etc., not into the ground.

            KNOWING THE AMOUNT OF SOLAR ENERGY REQUIRED TO TRIGGER AN EARTHQUAKE and comparing it to possible maximum output energy from HAARP, according to my calculations, haarp falls short by at least between 3 and 4 orders of magnitude.
            There is considerable difference between ionizing upper atmosphere with relative low density,
            and warming up much denser rocks enough to trigger an earthquake.
            (Even if 100% of the haarp output was absorbed localized (and it isn’t) it still would not come close to softening enough rock.
            (The physics is actually quite simple)

            Feb 16, 2023 16:45 PM

            DID YOU view the SGT report …. ? at the 55 min mark..

          Feb 16, 2023 16:38 AM

          I tend NOT to believe in coincidences……most of the time there is a causal or at least correlative relationship to explain the “coincidence”.
          Can a high power machine designed to modify the ionization of the upper atmosphere cause earthquakes?

          This was an extremely large earthquake, which did have foreshocks and minor aftershocks, so it was predictable Dutchsince)

            Feb 16, 2023 16:45 AM

            Dutchsince issued an earthquake warning for Turkey the day BEFORE the actual quake.

            It would not surprise me, therefore, if researchers in Europe prognosticated an impending quake a couple of days earlier.

            I do not believe Haarp as causal.

            Feb 16, 2023 16:46 AM

            Let’s see……..
            You post an article from Yahoo…….. which is kind of BS…..

            What are you EXACTLY saying…. ?

            U SAY……..”I do not believe Haarp as causal.”
            OK,……..EXPLAIN………… the 3am iphone clip. showing the extra lighting….from sgt report…

            Feb 16, 2023 16:02 AM

            In Your VID………… CFS…..
            Question……………… was there a similar WARNING…. in 2012 for the region…?
            (taken from the video at… 12;30 min mark….)

    Feb 16, 2023 16:27 AM

    Where’s CFS???

      Feb 16, 2023 16:07 AM

      Earthquakes happen. They have been happening since long before HAARP was built.

      If the earthquake in Turkey was predicted BEFORE its occurrence, it seems both unnecessary and somewhat stupid to suggest as cause something NEVER proven to have ever caused an earthquake and not designed to cause an earthquake.

      Also there appears to be some correlation between solar flares, coronal mass ejections and earthquakes (and Marsquakes) and the sun was fairly active before the Turkey quake.

        Feb 16, 2023 16:15 AM

        Question again…….
        The earthquake in Turkey………. Was recorded at 8.1….. THE LARGEST EVER…
        according to the vid…
        So,…… could there have been outside force….. a little extra push from a Weapon as
        from HAARP……..

        2nd Question………..
        according to SGT report…………. the pre flash of light…….. as recorded on video…
        Has there ever been a recording of a pre flash of light at any other recorded earthquake…

          Feb 16, 2023 16:46 AM

          HAARP is at high radio frequencies…..not close to light frequencies, so any flash should not have come from haarp.

          I am not aware of light preceding earthquakes.

          I am aware of highly anomalous green light seen coming down out of the sky while the Chinese balloon was crossing the US.

          Looking ar photos it looks like argon laser light to me…..coming (?) from
          multiple satellites.

            Feb 16, 2023 16:54 PM

            concerning ……..

            “I am not aware of light preceding earthquakes.”…. CFS says….

            see Sgt report, my answer. down below…..
            some how the computer is jumping…..

            Dang thing just disappeared ….. I must be close to the answer….. 🙂

            Feb 16, 2023 16:56 PM

            CFS……………. I just view YOUR green light coming from above…….

            THIS IS NOT the same as I am referring…….

      Feb 16, 2023 16:20 AM

      Was there a warning in 2012? I on’t know, but I doubt it. Technology improves.

      I was personally involved through OXFAM in the aftermath of the Skopje earthquake in 1963, which was much smaller but still made 100,000 homeless. OXFAM distributed water, food blankets and tents.
      There are still so many homes built even now with no thought of earthquakes.

      Feb 16, 2023 16:52 AM

      Isn’t Tennessee on a major fault???

        Feb 16, 2023 16:50 AM

        Close to New Madrid fault…..about 40 years overdue, but I also lived just north of San Francisco, also overdue.

      Feb 16, 2023 16:28 PM

      There was too much foreshock quakes on the same Turkey – Iran faultline to think haarp played any role.

      Listen out passed 13 mins.

        Feb 16, 2023 16:48 PM

        CFS……Did YOU……… watch the video…. from SGT…at the 55 min mark…?

          Feb 16, 2023 16:20 PM

          There is some indication of warming of the mesophere due to the earth’s decreasing magnetic field more ionized particles are getting in and warming despite constant flux from the sun:

            Feb 16, 2023 16:42 PM

            CFS……….. You did not answer my question on …..if, you listened to SGT report at the 55 min mark…..
            Your comment does not pertain to my question …… unless you are having me go down another rabbit hole…

            Your article is from a Chinese Lab … btw… hummm

          Feb 16, 2023 16:47 PM

          Have I watched the x22 video from the 55 minute mark ? yes. several times.Those flashes on the video were random,
          My best guess is the collapsing properties had live electricity and the flashes are shorts occurring as buildings collapse.


          HAARP and Turkey/Syria Earthquake? What’s going on? NATO, UN and USA? [09.02.2023]

          The Truth About HAARP Weapons and Earthquakes in Turkey Exposed
          3 days ago
          The Truth About HAARP Weapons and Earthquakes in Turkey Exposed
          The Alex Jones Show

          HAARP technology as cause of the EarthQuakes in Turkey
          6 days ago
          HAARP technology as cause of the EarthQuakes in Turkey
          The Invisible War in DUMBS and UNDERGROUND

          5 days ago
          Deception Byte
          The earth ripped apart in Hatay, Turkey because of the Earthquake: HAARP?
          4 days ago
          The earth ripped apart in Hatay, Turkey because of the Earthquake: HAARP?
          踹靈果40 |列車出軌劇毒洩露,趕緊跑。土耳其地震疑似Haarp製造。小明教授指導美國韭菜不交稅。
          1 day ago
          踹靈果40 |列車出軌劇毒洩露,趕緊跑。土耳其地震疑似Haarp製造。小明教授指導美國韭菜不交稅。
          The strange HAARP sky above Turkey and Syria seconds before the earthquake
          4 days ago
          The strange HAARP sky above Turkey and Syria seconds before the earthquake

          7 days ago
          Deception Bytes
          HAARP and the Turkey & Syria Earthquakes – “PEOPLE HAD TO DIE & IT’S NOT OVER YET”
          2 days ago
          HAARP and the Turkey & Syria Earthquakes – “PEOPLE HAD TO DIE & IT’S NOT OVER YET”
          AWK – 2.11.23: WEEK in REVIEW, Amazing TAKEDOWNS, LUNA attacked by DEMONIC MSM, HAARP! PRAY!

          I examine papers/ discussions for specifics and hard data

          Sorry to take time getting back, but I was busy.

            Feb 17, 2023 17:22 AM

            Hello CFS….
            I viewed this video… at the 15 min mark.,…
            they claim a rep at HAARP, confirmed they have a “weapon,or system”, that
            can penetrate below the earth’s crust….. 15 min mark…
            (might need a little more info search)
            Deception Byte

            Thanks for the follow up….

    Feb 16, 2023 16:38 AM

    More biden crime family on Tucker Carlson:

    No investigation will occur because DoJ is in biden’s pocket

    Feb 16, 2023 16:49 AM

    biden took documents to give to Hunter for negotiating the various deals

    Feb 16, 2023 16:57 AM

    This has actually been happening for over 50 years, ever since the “El”. the elevated subway. put a station inside the terminal.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:25 AM

    I know after living most of my life in the Midwest, but having visited every state in the union, California was my dream retirement destination second to Hawaii.
    However, by the time I was ready to settle into retirement and picked my perfect location in California, it had changed fundamentally from the easy-going conservative state of Reagan to the corrupt and bankrupt state of the Pelosis and Newsoms. It still had glorious weather, but the character of the people had markedly changed.
    I don’t believe I was actually in the vanguard of the leavers, because i left the state almost four years ago. But what shocks me are the numbers still leaving… a rate of a quarter of a million per year.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:32 AM

    BIDEN ………can reduce the debt by $2 TRILLION………..
    SIMPLE………. JUST ASK THE PENTAGON to give back the $2.3 TRILLION they took on 911….

      Feb 16, 2023 16:44 AM

      The real debt is about 6.5 trillion.
      The question is…. who do we owe the rest of the debt too?
      Does anyone ever ask who we owe?
      Does anyone ‘know’ who we owe?

      I know who we owe, and exactly how much.
      I’m just asking others to see if y’all know.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:15 AM

    The Monster From Hell , speaks … klaus schwab & The Masters of the World . As we have said on this blog , ” THESE EVIL BASTARD’S ” dont even hide it anymore.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:00 AM

    What Blinken should have said to Ukraine. There is not a hope in hell of You taking Crimea , you hav’ent got the army or the weapons for such an undertaking.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:04 AM

    What an amazing report!
    And we know!

    Feb 16, 2023 16:49 PM


    Your comment…”I am not aware of light preceding earthquakes.”

    Answer:… Did you review my submitted vid from SGT… the 55 min mark…?

    this should have been posted under cfs comment above…

    Feb 16, 2023 16:22 PM

    CFS…………….. I posted a comment …….concerning your green light from u tub, which is NOT the one I am referring…….I also, gave you a link, WHICH VANISHED,….to the Sgt report on the EXTRA LIGHT,
    which was filmed at 3 am.. just before the earthquake….

    Feb 16, 2023 16:28 PM

    Sorry Jimmy…………. Nazi where shipped over here to the USA……. to run the space program….
    We just keep using them all over the world…. they are part of our corrupt system….
    Fauci…. was allowed to exist in this corruption.,,,,same thing with GATES, (IBM)…
    and the WATSON Team…and Hilly and Billy….

    BIDEN…….just is part of the corruption extension…..
    Kerry, Romney,Pelosi…….. corruption …. in Ukraine, and we are
    voicing an opinion of some Nazi vs. Russia….

    Feb 16, 2023 16:44 PM

    Nazi won WWII.
    All of the companies that funded Hitler expanded and took control of what we see in industry now.
    Operation paperclip imported all the Nazi here to the US.

    The artillery used in the Ukraine by the Zelensky regime are the ones bombing civilian people of Ukraine.
    Zelensky wears the Nazi cross. He flies the Nazi flag. Guess what? He’s a Nazi!

    As far as I’m concerned, the people voting to send Zelensky arms, Are Nazi scum!

    The Russian troops are not bombing the civilians.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:47 PM

    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky suggested during congressional testimony Tuesday that the organisation will never change its policy on masking for children, despite multiple studies showing that the face coverings do nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:01 PM

    4 derailments in 5 days…………TOO MUCH OF COINCIDENCE NOW.

    Another train with hazardous loads in some cars that stayed on line.

      Feb 17, 2023 17:30 AM

      What did you say about COINCIDENCES….

      Feb 16, 2023 16:38 AM
      I tend NOT to believe in coincidences… (commenting on turkey earthquake)

    Feb 16, 2023 16:21 PM

    I think these derailments are domestic terrorism.
    Gee, I wonder who’s done all the domestic terrorism for the last 70 years?
    CIA does it? FBI covers it up?

    Groundhog Day meets twilight zone ?
    Until the sheep wake up?
    How much more pretending?

      Feb 16, 2023 16:33 PM

      Anna….out with another good one today……
      So now you know that there is nothing sacrosanct squatting in the halls of our government. The USA, Inc., doesn’t have any state immunity. Neither do its State-of-State franchises.

      The USA, Inc. is really just another misdirected, unaccountable, lying, cheating, thieving, murderous, racketeering influenced foreign commercial corporation.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:06 PM

    George Soros talks Blomberg ! I don’t boder to look him too old ! Jimmy in Lokdown whit AL in Seattle off Booster BILL !

    Feb 16, 2023 16:13 PM

    The Plastic General Speaks . All those medals on his chest , did he win those , for tiddly-winks & masterbation competitions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feb 16, 2023 16:18 PM

    Jim and Al
    Jim your right concerning nazis being popular, the Ukrainians not wanting Stalin.
    You guys got it figured out 😉

      Feb 16, 2023 16:49 PM

      The Gillespie family is not alone. According to a new report, approximately 700 families have moved to East Palestine within the last week alone

      Maybe , the perverts are burning up the tracks,…. the californy are losing their meal tickets… lol

      They can not move out quick enough…..

        Feb 16, 2023 16:53 PM

        Ilhan Omar Withdraws Support For East Palestine After Learning It’s In America

        Real MORON…………… and she does not deserve to be here in America in the first place…

          Feb 16, 2023 16:55 PM

          WASHINGTON, D.C. — Representative Ilhan Omar has canceled a planned rally to support the victims of the East Palestine chemical spill after learning East Palestine is actually in America.

          “Oh… East Palestine is just a small town in Ohio? Is that where all the white people live?” said a disappointed Omar to her brother while they were out on a Valentine’s Day date. “Who cares about Ohio? Some trains did something. Who cares?”

            Feb 16, 2023 16:00 PM

            According to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) has denied his state’s request for federal assistance for the residents of East Palestine.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:07 PM

    For you Franky…………… George Soros………….gave these Prosecutors…MONEY….
    campaign contributions are:

    CA: Contra Costa, County (E. of San Francisco), Diana Becton

    CA: Los Angeles, County (LA, San Diego, Long Beach, Anaheim), George Gascon

    FL: Ninth Circuit (Orlando), Monique Worrell

    GA: Henry County (SE of Atlanta), Darius Pattillo

    IL: Chicago (Cook County), Kim Foxx

    LA: Caddo Parish (Shreveport), James Stewart

    MO: St. Louis, Kim Gardner

    MS: Circuit Court District 16 (Columbus-W. Point-Starkville), Scott Colom

    MS: Hinds County (Jackson), Jody Owens

    NM: Bernalillo County (Albuquerque), Raul Torrez

    NY: Manhatten (NYC), Alvin Bragg

    NY: Ulster County (Kingston, SE NY state), David Clegg

    PA: Delaware County (22 southwest of Philadelphia), Jack Stollsteimer

    PA: Philadelphia, Larry Krasner

    TX: Austin (Travis County), Jose Garza

    TX: Dallas County, John Creuzot

    TX: Ft. Bend County (SW Houston), Brian Middleton

    TX: Houston (Harris County, Texas) Kim Ogg

    TX: San Antonio (Bexar County), Joe Gonzalez

    VA: Falls Church (Arlington County, City of Falls Church, a suburb of Washington, D.C.), Parisa Dehghani-Tafti

    VA: Fairfax County (SW suburb of Washington, D.C.), Steve Descano

    VA: Loudon County (NW of Washington, D.C.), Buta Biberaj

    VA: Norfolk County (home to NATO’s Norfolk Naval Base), Ramin Fatehi

      Feb 17, 2023 17:49 AM

      Nice to know Jerry !

    Feb 16, 2023 16:29 PM

    For those that can handle a mother load of truth bombs, and a few f bombs, Tore Says…
    She’s never been wrong, since 2017.

      Feb 16, 2023 16:30 PM

      Just wake up !

      I listened to 15 mins of opinion with zero information content.

        Feb 17, 2023 17:45 AM

        It’s not my fault you have an attention span of a microwave biscuit.

    Feb 16, 2023 16:51 PM


    Feb 16, 2023 16:53 PM

    I have a use for a tactical nuke……

    Why did our idiot politicians take out Qaddafi?

      Feb 17, 2023 17:35 PM

      Hillary wanted a war to give her donors oil contracts in Libya, and cover up her BS arms deals. The most corrupt women in politics in history.

        Feb 17, 2023 17:14 PM

        Did Bill corrupt her or was it the other way around?

    Feb 16, 2023 16:03 PM

    Here’s biden’s idea of value for money…..
    It’s Looking A Lot Like Biden Used A $400,000 Missile To Shoot Down A $12 Hobby Balloon

    Feb 17, 2023 17:39 AM

    The death of Raquel Welch is a marker on the road to the CV19 bioweapon perdition. Welch’s agent said she died “after a brief illness.” Is “brief illness” a new fatal disease or is it the new term for “died suddenly”? Most of Hollywood was forced to get the bioweapon/vax in order to work with SAG/AFTRA contracts.
    cliff high…….usawatchdog….today early…..

      Feb 17, 2023 17:39 AM

      this is the book……….I mentioned below….
      page 335

    Feb 17, 2023 17:04 AM


    Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet
    By Brad Olsen

    Read page….335 …… says HAARP……can penetrate into the earth and cause disturbances ….

      Feb 17, 2023 17:52 AM

      Of course radio frequency radiation can penetrate in to earth, but radio-frequency electromagnetic waves do not penetrate in sufficient power into depths required to loosen up or soften rocks and cause earthquakes by many orders of magnitude – even if you assume 100% reflection from the ionosphere, where much of the energy is actually absorbed.

      Note: I’m assuming the physical mechanism of causing an earthquake is:
      Assume a shallow part of the earth’s crust is under pressure and ready to slip, but some rocks are locking the fault area. Assume a certain volume of these locking rocks need to be shaken, or softened so a slip can occur.
      I tried various crude assumptions of the amount of power input needed.
      e.g 100 cubic feet of rock 10 degrees C warming. Haarp cannot do that, even if you assume all power is absorbed in the 100 cu ft of rock.
      (To get a feel for heat dissipation I assumed conduction only and linearized the problem rather than use spherical coordinates.)
      Since earthquakes can be miles deep, taking 100 cu ft has to be a low side estimate of power required.

        Feb 17, 2023 17:28 AM

        It says…………….. that IT CAN CAUSE EARTHQUAKES………………….

        Hell I graduated college….. way ahead of my class…. LOL…..

          Feb 17, 2023 17:10 AM

          Where is the article ?

            Feb 17, 2023 17:25 AM

            Go back 6 spaces….. or comments…
            … see page 355 , which is what I have been talking about

            Feb 17, 2023 17:20 PM

            oops…page 335….. not 355…… sorry for any inconvenience……

      Feb 17, 2023 17:36 PM

      Basically the article says that IF the earth is right on the edge of having an earthquake then HAARP can push it over.
      Whopee, so can dropping a sledge hammer……….just as one extra snowflake can cause a avalanche.

        Feb 18, 2023 18:57 AM

        CFS…………You CERTAINLY DID NOT READ……………PAGE 335……………..

        About 20 sentences down the page……it say….HAARP …….CAN……cause earthquakes

        does not say “if”… the earth is right on the edge..”

    Feb 17, 2023 17:43 AM

    Best explanation of the Treasury absorbing the Fed. As well as the ticking time bomb of foreign exchange currency swaps.

    I’ve known since it happened that the treasury took control of the fed. But don’t know the affects of the exchange swaps against the dollar.

    Now big dots connect.

      Feb 17, 2023 17:23 AM

      interesting……….ESF…..(.Now I see where you are going…..)
      The Exchange Stabilization Fund was a fund set up in 1934, and most people didn’t know existed. It was completely controlled by the Treasury and the President, exempt from Congressional approval.

        Feb 17, 2023 17:26 AM

        Has Rickards or Armstrong ….ever mentioned this…….. ?

          Feb 17, 2023 17:33 AM

          No clue what Armstrong or Rickards thinks.

          When Q said, ‘ gold will kill F.E.D. ‘, I thought it was the federal reserve. Now I know it’s the foreign exchange dollar. Completely makes sense given the info in that article.

          If your in the markets, might wanna watch out next week. Could get interesting.

            Feb 17, 2023 17:17 AM

            thanks for the Reply……..and thanks for posting that article…. puts a lot more dots on the board to connect what is happening…..

            Yes….that is interesting…… F.E.D…….

        Feb 17, 2023 17:54 AM

        just a note… from the article……
        I thought was interesting……what was happening in 2008…and China…………..
        Notably, NY Fed President Geithner transferred US$15 Trillion to China in 2008, doubling China’s GDP in one year, creating China’s “Economic Miracle”. 0bama appointed Geithner to be the Secretary of Treasury in 2009, ending the criminal investigation of the illegal cash transfer.]

          Feb 17, 2023 17:03 AM

          Interesting fact…
          six out of seven total positions(appointed by Trump) and near full control of the Federal Reserve.
          The dots….are connecting…. 🙂

            Feb 17, 2023 17:11 AM

            Now this would be interesting……..(from the article)
            I believe Trump used the plandemic the enemy launched on the world as the excuse he needed to roll the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury, which the President controls as part of the Executive Branch.

            Unfortunately….. congress exempted themselves…

            Feb 17, 2023 17:41 AM

            Yes, Spooked connects many dots in many topics.
            I’ve been following him in telegram for a while now. He’s a super smart “ex-spook”.
            He’s a patriot.

            Spooked and Tore are buds.

    Feb 17, 2023 17:52 AM

    maybe this article is new?..glta
    also note…the transfer of pathogenisis from jabbed to unjabbed is real and should be topic here…imho

    Feb 17, 2023 17:46 AM

    The charts look like a big move downward is coming. Time for me to clear-out.

      Feb 17, 2023 17:26 PM

      Things are going from horrible to catastrophic.

        Feb 17, 2023 17:42 PM

        Thanks JIMMY……………..for posting……..great article….

          Feb 17, 2023 17:36 PM

          Wow, Jim. That article made excuses for congress not giving 10 days to explore fraud, which was already proven by all the intelligence agencies.

          They are controlled opposition, and have Zero basis for their stupid claim.

          2020 election ain’t over!
          Etch it in stone!

          I doubt the Brunson case will move forward on this round. Only because of timing. Not merit. It has all the facts which gives it merit. And it is constitutional.

          Feb 17, 2023 17:46 PM

          That article is from a controlled opposition group.

            Feb 18, 2023 18:45 AM

            Chartster……….. thanks for the reply…………..

        Feb 17, 2023 17:13 PM

        The Sint Jimmy is Raising !

    Feb 17, 2023 17:56 AM

    The East Palestine, Ohio, train wreck didn’t have to be this bad

    ‘The train derailment and chemical spill was the culmination of a long trend of cost-cutting in the rail industry’

    Feb 17, 2023 17:31 PM

    discussion: currently known piece of the jabbed to unjabbed transfer mechanism…glta/we need some…the transfer thing is volatile and becomes airborne and communicable….

    pending show

    Feb 17, 2023 17:33 PM

    Scum floats to the service…..what wrong with choosing always the best person for the job, regardless of sex or sexual preference or race or racial preference.

    Feb 18, 2023 18:31 AM