Project Veritas and The Ukraine

Big Al
February 22, 2023
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I cannot think of a bigger mistake than the one that Russia made in Ukraine
    Feb 22, 2023 22:09 PM

    Finally……… calling out BILL GATES AND BEZO…….

    Feb 22, 2023 22:25 PM

    Owl…….says……….”everyone wants to be . pretty baby……….. go down in history as an individual who changed society for the better”

    I think not……

      Feb 22, 2023 22:05 PM

      I would agree that some do.

        Feb 22, 2023 22:49 PM

        Then you are agreeing with yourself….
        ….I think we were talking about Soros, Gates and Bezo……
        “changing society for the better”………. NO WAY

          Feb 22, 2023 22:35 PM

          Certainly the retail world has gotten a lot more efficient and cheaper.

            Feb 22, 2023 22:38 PM

            I don’t believe that George or Alexander have made the world necessarily a better place!

            Feb 23, 2023 23:33 AM

            Retail…… and who owns the majority of retail………now?

    Feb 22, 2023 22:02 PM

    Hi AL / Jim … I really dont think You two should be talking about Ukraine , You two sound just like the BBC / CNN , & the rest of the western MSM…. There is a ceasefire , & peacetalks coming soon . The west knows that the Ukraine can not win this game. Pumping more money , & out of date weapons will not make a difference to the outcome. Russia is going nowhere until they finish the job they went in for. And bear in mind they DO NOT want to conquer , & control the whole of Ukraine.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:45 PM

      Wow, good interview.

        Feb 22, 2023 22:30 PM

        I like Alex and Alexander a lot.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:11 PM

      Not wanting to defeat and control all of Ukraine is a comment that I heard a long time ago. What do your think of its truthfullness?

        Feb 22, 2023 22:31 PM

        Hi AL , YES.

          Feb 22, 2023 22:35 PM


            Feb 22, 2023 22:40 PM

            I simply don’t undertstand your comment, Out of the Box!

          Feb 22, 2023 22:17 PM

          So you believe that it is a truthful comment?

      Feb 22, 2023 22:19 PM

      Irishtony i totally Agree wiht You ! Sorry Al & Sint You Rong and it’s no nice no more !

        Feb 22, 2023 22:44 PM

        Russia and China and Ader Nations of diss World will umilate the Western World laik never before and the Elites will take diss to conclude the construction of the Electronic Green G5 Prison ! It’s a Horrible future and the Thinking of piepole as AL and Jimmy make it all happen !

          Feb 22, 2023 22:01 PM

          ditto……. Franky………..on
          “Elites will take diss to conclude the construction of the Electronic Green G5 Prison”

          A few puppets like Bezo and Gates,…..are just little soldiers for the real Elites…
          The Real Families that have been around for centuries….

            Feb 22, 2023 22:00 PM

            Yupper Jerry.

            Mind boggling to know Gates, Besos etc are peons in comparison to the actual wealthy of the world.

            Feb 22, 2023 22:45 PM

            I think we should start …….. a check list of the Known Elites and companies they own….

          Feb 22, 2023 22:51 PM

          Just how do we make this happen, Franky?

    Feb 22, 2023 22:08 PM

    Today … Munich drama & red lines between China & collective west . The Duran 32 minutes.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:21 PM

      Thanks Irish for the min. marking……
      “These are not statesmen…” isn’t that the truth….. they are sick ooooooooos.

        Feb 22, 2023 22:43 PM

        oops…….. I thought you marked where we were suppose to listen……forget the “min. marking”

    Feb 22, 2023 22:13 PM

    Today … China’s Wang Yi in Moscow meeting Lavrov & Putin. The Duran , 18 minutes.

    Feb 22, 2023 22:26 PM
      Feb 22, 2023 22:09 PM

      I watched the entire video and was very impresed. I also have the same questions as you Irish.

    Feb 22, 2023 22:33 PM

    Be Carefull IRAQ , Otherwise DC & LONDON , will accuse You of having Currency Of Mass Destruction !!!!

      Feb 22, 2023 22:53 PM

      Down the DRAIN………….. thanks Colin Powell liar,…X Bush traitor no 1 cia jerk jfk killer,….thanks Stupid
      Bushy 2 911 mess maker….. IRAQ ….. Hung Saddam Hussein
      without a trial….

        Feb 22, 2023 22:24 PM

        I think that you re completely wrong about George Bush senior. Sorry Jerry!

          Feb 23, 2023 23:32 AM

          al…at his state of the union address…Bush sr. said we will implement a new world order…eg globalist/fascist…what is tough to fathom?…info is slow to never assimilated

          Feb 23, 2023 23:37 AM

          Owl…………. I know I am 100% correct on THE POPPY BUSH…………
          Owl……….. you have not been following all the info presented to you for over 10 yrs..

      Feb 22, 2023 22:02 PM

      Iraq going to do business in Yuan, I hear more and more countries dropping the dollar.
      Seems to be picking up steam.

        Feb 22, 2023 22:16 PM

        Yes it does seem that way.

    Feb 22, 2023 22:18 PM

    Putin has suspended the last existing nuclear treaty. This implies……either…..
    Putin intends to use small nukes…….OR……
    Putin is bluffing that he will use small tactical nukes.

    Putin is currently close to finishing training of about 400,000 new troops.
    Putin has NEVER said he wanted to take all of Ukraine.

    In the last year EVERY offer from Russia to negotiate peace has been rejected by the West.

    My personal belief is that Putin will use tactical nukes if the conflict is not settled soon.

    Feb 22, 2023 22:51 PM

    People don’t realize that Russia is an ally of the United States. The deep state has been trying to drive a wedge between Russia and America.

    In fact, Russia even saved America from being invaded during the civil war. The oligarch families (you know the names) created the civil war.

    Without the help of the Russian navy, things would have been even worse for America post civil war.

    When Trump is back, relations with Russia will be good again.

    Here is some info of the civil war.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:21 PM

      I agree with you about future relations with Russia, Charster.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:32 PM

      Pretty good spech, CFS!

    Feb 22, 2023 22:57 PM
      Feb 22, 2023 22:31 PM

      Where’s Booty Jig??? Helping the responders???

    Feb 22, 2023 22:41 PM
      Feb 23, 2023 23:37 AM

      Absolutely…………….. been going on a long time……
      Makes the body count about 110+ by now for Clinton…..

    Feb 22, 2023 22:36 PM

    Al writes, “I cannot think of a bigger mistake than the one that Russia made in Ukraine.”
    Well Al, you need to open your eyes and mind to alternatives…
    The bigger mistake was the US getting deeply involved with Ukraine… far beyond the extent of valid national interests… the neocons likely contributed to the Maidan coup… and forced an installation of a pro-western government… Hunter, corruption, and money laundering in Ukraine are significant problems… Giving Ukraine any aid under these circumstances is another bigger mistake… disregarding the Minsk agreements and failing to negotiate in good faith or at all is yet another bigger mistake…
    Zelensky, like Biden, promised to be a unifying politically central candidate… but what did he do? Ban the Russian language! And continue what could be called a genocide of the ethnic Russians by bombing the Donbas. Russia’s special military operation could be considered an intervention for humanitarian purposes.
    Stop being simple minded saying that Russia started this for no reason. Like mainstream media, presenting only half of the information is a failure of the press to fully inform and is propaganda.

      Feb 22, 2023 22:06 PM

      Al and Jim are anti Russia, pro Ukraine and as such pro mic.
      Thats why their opinions are msm.

      Not a big deal, everyone has an opinion, it simply helps to understand where they’re coming from.

      I wouldnt expect any revelations as to what is actually happening concerning Ukraine.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:57 AM

        Thanks for the reply Southfront… I agree ! … i could write more, but i will rest my typing fingers for now.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:41 AM

          Tommy………. spot on……

    Feb 22, 2023 22:53 PM

    Congressman Paul Gosar:
    “The reality is that we are falling under the shadow of nuclear war because megalomaniacs in the UN and the Biden Regime won’t settle for anything less than regime change in Russia.

    We have no business in Ukraine.”

    Feb 23, 2023 23:15 AM

    Want to connect dots? Tore Says!

    Feb 23, 2023 23:04 AM

    FTX = Sam Bankman-Fried Charged . … Lets see how much S**T , stick’s to the Congress Crooks.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:13 AM
    Feb 23, 2023 23:56 AM

    The SCUM ,Traitor Joe, even found a back door to fund illegals.
    He is irrevocably destroying my country.

    Come the revolution…..

      Feb 23, 2023 23:48 AM

      Over the weekend, I broke the news that Speaker McCarthy had no intent to *publicly* release the footage in its entirety to the “American Public” due to alleged ‘national security concerns,’ and that counsel for defendants would have to work directly with Representatives from the districts where defendants reside to attempt to arrange for specific release of the footage relevant to their case. This information was given to both me and J6 attorney John Pierce by members of the United States Congress.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:52 AM

        Releasing the footage to Tucker Carlson in an embargo agreement with Fox News, is not a *public* release of the footage.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:53 AM

          It is totally insufficient and fails to protect the Constitutional rights of the January 6thdefendants, and it is an insult to the intelligence of the American People, who are smart enough to see right through this charade. Put simply, Tucker Carlson is not the “American Public”.

            Feb 23, 2023 23:55 AM

            he(tucker) is simply one person, who works for one network, and it is unreasonable to only give the footage to one news anchor.
            besides he works for murdoch…..

            Feb 23, 2023 23:56 AM

            Gateway Pundit, as well as defense lawyers who are representing J6 defendants, took to Twitter to point out McCarthy’s deception, and asked why only one network was being given access.

            Feb 23, 2023 23:02 AM

            “IT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT”…………. this is where we are……WE THE PEOPLE VS the
            FAKE ESTABLISHMENT……….
            The current and future J6 defendants have an absolute right under the United States Constitution, as interpreted in the Brady case, to have access to all 42,000 hours of footage that is being embargoed by Kevin McCarthy with Tucker Carlson.

            Feb 23, 2023 23:08 AM

            BEST PART……………………Let’s set a “MOTION TO VACATE THE CHAIR”….. ONE AT A TIME
            And let’s be honest, Kevin McCarthy knows this. But he needs to deceive the American public into believing otherwise, or else he could possibly be subjected to a “Motion to Vacate the Chair” un

          Feb 23, 2023 23:21 AM


            Feb 23, 2023 23:52 AM

            Thanks Jerry…. and thanks for pulling out and posting all those key points from Loomer’s outstanding work.

            Feb 23, 2023 23:42 AM

            Thanks for the reply Tommy………….
            I thought is was IMPORTANT……. to highlight the article, since most will not open it up
            and read the details…….

    Feb 23, 2023 23:56 AM

    The Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty was dumped by the administration of former president George W. Bush in 2002, and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was nixed by former president Donald Trump in 2019.

    Just another clue that Trump is no dif than the rest.
    He did stop the fake nuke attacks tho, credit for that.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:14 AM

    Don’t worry, boys. Booty Jig is now on the scene of that derailment…everything is going to be just fine…ain’t gooberment wonderful? You boys sure get your tax dollars worth…

      Feb 23, 2023 23:16 AM

      Did he ride his bike…………… lol………. what a screwball……

    Feb 23, 2023 23:13 AM

    Biden asked Russia may i vicite KV in Ukraine Russia ok Biden you may GO ! Ha Ha day stil talking !

      Feb 23, 2023 23:10 AM

      cfs2000 ! ? Why Al and Jimmy don’t see the BIG Picture ?

    Feb 23, 2023 23:38 AM

    CFS, this has been screamed by people like G Celente for years now, years, you really think anyone that hasnt had that figured out will understand it now?

    Armageddon And The Second Coming Of Christ

    Maybe there are people looking forward to it, maybe some people try to make it happen.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:07 PM