Dave Erfle – Key Levels For GDX and Silver and More M&A News

February 23, 2023

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of The Junior Miner Junky joins us to share a couple key levels he is watching for GDX and silver. The 23-24 level in GDX and $21 level for silver are places where Dave thinks the charts could turn upward.


As for M&A in the PM sector, we saw 3 more transactions announced this week. This continues a significant uptick in M&A for the sector after a relatively dead period most of last year.




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    Feb 23, 2023 23:23 PM

    Rather than speculating and gambling ones $$ away, there’s online savings account which are paying close to 4-5 percent interest rate. Doesn’t keep up with inflation but you get paid for not losing your money.

      Feb 23, 2023 23:48 PM

      Cali, there are preferred corporate bonds that pay much more and with the premiums, you can get up to 9 percent. I’ve got quite a bit of my portfolio in them for over one year. They’re callable at certain dates and then they switch over to variable rates and increase with the rates as the Fed raises rates. You don’t need to hold them until their maturities if you so desire. As I get back more heavily into the PM stocks and conventional market in the future, I’ll slowly exit my positions.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:00 PM

        HI Doc

        This site has slowed to a crawl as far as postings. Guess that comes with the end of jubilation with each pop up like end of January. Then the reverse following any sight of life with this drop.
        I’ve been out end of January with I had when gold was last around 1800 or so.
        Even with the rally up around 1950 didn’t make much as with few exceptions shares lagged in performance.
        I see nothing here except for an occasional scalp or a option play until there’s greater life. Missing the big turn is BS and always has been. There will be plenty of time for investing vs scalp trading.
        I like your idea of corporate bonds, any you can post here.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:15 PM

          There were easy double-digit gains to be had by adding or buying PM stocks last fall and holding them into the Q1 run this winter. I wouldn’t say that missing that turn was BS, but then again, I actually capitalized on it, just like Dave Erfle did and a number of other savvy investors did. My overall portfolio (with roughly 70+ positions) was up double digits from Sept to January, so catching that “big turn” absolutely equated to” big returns.”

          What is BS are the people that are permanently bullish or bearish, and neglect to buy into weakness and sell into strength. Commodities are cyclical and mining stocks or energy stocks even more so, and are constantly going from one extreme to the other.

          These are not blue chip companies that people can buy and sit in for decades or many years, nor should they sit on the sidelines for years either. People need to pick their spots, get in and positioned during oversold periods, and get out with at least partial profits during overbought frothy periods. Rinse and repeat.

            Feb 23, 2023 23:45 PM

            That’s right. Like most people jon syl never learns.
            My jubilation is intact, btw. 😁

          Feb 23, 2023 23:33 PM

          Jon syl, 3 of the preferreds I own are 3 banks: citigroup, JP morgan chase and fifth third bancorp. I get these through a broker.