Thoughts on Taiwan, The CCP, Ukraine and others

Big Al
February 23, 2023
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It is time to think seriously about political events occuring in our world!
    Feb 23, 2023 23:45 PM

    The podcast today , was like a visit to the Parrot house at the zoo. … IMO

    Feb 23, 2023 23:35 PM

    Please elaborate on that Mr. Irish. Are we getting that bad?

      Feb 23, 2023 23:46 PM

      What is an Aljoya? Why is it called that? What happened to the studio dogs?

        Feb 23, 2023 23:00 PM

        Hi EBO … What are You talking about , what is an Aljoya , please tell.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:08 PM

          I believe…it is the place Mr. Big Al Korelin is in…but I could be wrong.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:05 PM

        Aljoya is a vry nice retirement home. The studio dog is living and loved by my grandsons.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:54 PM

          I tell you, Mr. Big Al Korelin, with you there they will need to CHANGE THE NAME to BIG ALjoya.

          Feb 23, 2023 23:13 PM

          Any chance the studio dog can visit you there?

            Feb 24, 2023 24:40 PM

            Yes, and of course she will!

      Feb 23, 2023 23:56 PM

      Hi Al … Yes You two are getting that bad. You & Jim just seem to disscuss the same topics over & over. It’s like two buddies having a chat , in the pub.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:06 PM

        Look for major improvement.

      Feb 23, 2023 23:34 PM

      A Little Neocons Activity ! You 2 im off !

    Feb 23, 2023 23:57 PM

    Noray and ? Germany assisted in pipeline destruction

      Feb 23, 2023 23:21 PM


    Feb 23, 2023 23:02 PM

    Biden does not know he’s going to lose badly.

    U.S. supply lines are simply too long and highly vulnerable.

      Feb 23, 2023 23:07 PM

      Hi CFS. … There is NOTHING the US can do , if China decides to invade Taiwan . Right now it’s all talk & bluster.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:13 PM

    America has lost moral values thanks to lack of quality education, thanks to “progressive liberals”.

      Feb 23, 2023 23:17 PM

      DItto 100% SPot on………………Woke is everywhere in the school system…

      I under stand there are only about 7% people who want to be WOKE….
      Yet, we are destroying the minds of the entire nation….

      Feb 23, 2023 23:18 PM

      CFS … Disneyworld , has spread accross the nation like a plague , everything is fake.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:25 PM

    Funny…… Mises Inst…..just posted this……great minds think alike…. 🙂
    By Allen Mendenhall
    The Power of Woke: How Leftist Ideology Is Undermining Our Society and Economy
    “Woke” is not “fighting racism,” no matter how it is phrased. It is about undermining a society and its economy, declaring our social and economic institutions as illegitimate.

      Feb 23, 2023 23:27 PM

      Part of the article……………
      Wokeness is poisoning the Western workplace and constraining small and family businesses, midsized banks, and entrepreneurs while enriching powerful corporations and billionaires. It’s eating away at the capitalist ethos and killing the bottom-up modes of economic ordering and exchange that propelled the United States of America to prosperity during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It’s infecting Gen Z and millennials, who, suffering high depression rates and prone to “quiet quitting,” are not as well off as their parents and grandparents, and who feel isolated and alone even as they enjoy a technological connectivity that’s unprecedented in human history.

      What, exactly, is wokeness, and how does it impact business and the wider society?

    Feb 23, 2023 23:32 PM

    It Should Be Headed To DC , where it would do most good.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:35 PM

    You MUST remember to link increasing crime to Traitor biden’s destruction of the southern border.
    I am NOT saying the illegals commit all the crime, but am saying they commit a disproportionate amount of crime.
    Punishment for such crime should be EASY.
    If an illegal commits crime he should be repatriated to country of origin.

    biden by his actions has committed hundreds of impeachable offences, including most of arms and money given to Ukraine….all unauthorized by Congress.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:36 PM

    al and JM should avoid around minute 6:45 forward…the discussion turns to the ukraine which they support…al is as backwards as covid…actually i respect consistency,,,glta we need it…considering how peeps reason….

      Feb 23, 2023 23:53 PM

      larry…….MArmstrong gives a good outline….going back in history,.

        Feb 23, 2023 23:03 PM

        Jerry…I went to Menards…Have to wait for them to get stock of 4×12 inch white subway tile…MUUUUCH easier to work with than 3×6……yuuk…

        I will simply put a decorative band at level row 5 up from tub edge and people will thick it was all planned…lmao….note: i have a harbor freight (china )wet saw…cuts like a champ…but the wheel scribe crack gizmo is just a misery…but it is sub zero out here now…so i will just hold off till the weekend when temps allow using a wet saw…just babbling…lol

          Feb 23, 2023 23:34 PM

          They call that a feature strip…. in the tile business…… larry
          If you decide you want to go into business setting tile,…
          give me a call………….

            Feb 24, 2023 24:12 AM

            OK Jerry…Made my decision..passsss

            Feb 24, 2023 24:15 AM

            🙂 tile setting is a dirty job and plays with the mind….

    Feb 23, 2023 23:14 PM

    Traitor Joe will stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes.

    So come on, Putin, Time to take Ukraine.

    Feb 23, 2023 23:06 PM

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