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February 25, 2023
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  • Segment 1 – On the one year anniversary of the Ukrainian invasion we summarize where it stands today.
  • Segment 2 – We discuss the new proposal by the World Health Organization.
  • Segment 3 – We discuss the integrity of voting in America
  • Segment 4 – We wrap up the program discussing the major political events of this past week.

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    Feb 25, 2023 25:28 AM
      Feb 25, 2023 25:00 AM

      Completely true…but the sheeple couldn’t care less…it used to be that people used to at least bitch about the inflation, corruption, etc….now they don’t even do that…where I live they just voted themselves another tax increase…the American people are vile idiots.

        Feb 25, 2023 25:13 AM

        I think that the sheeple care a lot, but the problem is that there is so much going on in American society that there minds are on overload. I am not joking about that statement, by the way.
        Eddy, how do you know so much about where I am living?

          Feb 25, 2023 25:30 AM

          You’re a big wig, Mr. Big Al Korelin. Your move was in all the papers. 🙂

            Feb 25, 2023 25:31 AM


            I am serious. How were you make aware of my move to Aljoya?

            Feb 25, 2023 25:33 AM

            You mentioned Aljoya in one of the podcasts and said it was in the north part of Seattle.

          Feb 25, 2023 25:30 AM

          I think I used to live in that place in a prior life. 🙂

            Feb 25, 2023 25:34 AM

            I did not realize that you spent part of your life in Seattle.
            Aljoya, which means “happiness” is actually a pretty pleasant place.


          Feb 25, 2023 25:31 AM

          I don’t know anything about it except what you had said in the podcasts.

            Feb 25, 2023 25:35 AM

            Many thanks for the clarification, Eddy. You are a great guy!

            Feb 25, 2023 25:38 AM

            From yesterday……………..
            Big Al
            21 hours ago

            How familiar are you with Aljoya Thorton? Yes, that is where I live.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:10 AM

      Yep, now we know!

    Feb 25, 2023 25:59 AM

    With regard to the WHO we see yet again the destruction being continued by the illegal biden scum, which ignores the U.S. Constitutional prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.
    My government does NOT HAVE THE POWER TO DELEGATE RIGHTS and powers that itself does not have.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:04 AM
      Feb 25, 2023 25:29 AM

      Thanks Tommy…………..

      Feb 25, 2023 25:38 AM

      Thanks Tommy,
      Your comment included a form to fill out and I did that.


        Feb 25, 2023 25:36 PM

        You are welcome Al and Jerrý… i am glad to hear people are filling out the form… it is one way to exercise our right to free speech. Thanks to all who exercise that right.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:21 AM

    Apparently I am in censorship Jail yet again.
    “J’accuse” the united states government of funding and the CCP of creating the virus that causes covid-19. GIVEN THE ADMITTED PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE, in my opinion, that makes these two governments GUILTY of millions of murders.

    I demand punishment of these murdering politicians.
    Such IS one of the reasons for the very existence of the UNITED NATIONS.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:37 AM

    zelensky is getting desperate , because he know’s he is loosing the battle in Ukraine. He can also see that he is begining to lose some support from European leaders.. I have stated a few times on here that i believe there will be peace talks & a ceasefire in the near future , before things get out of hand

      Feb 25, 2023 25:47 AM

      I question his statement that America will loose Nato and its leadership position in the world if it does not continue to support Ukraine.

      I personallly don’t believe that the world leadership position enjoyed by America is going to be long-lived.

      What is your opinion of my statement regarding the leadership position?


        Feb 25, 2023 25:53 AM


    Feb 25, 2023 25:45 AM

    Nigel Farage . Speaks of EU./ Nato expansion. … Listen to his speach in the link.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:57 AM

      He’s absolutely right…(but don’t tell Jimmy or Mr. Big Aljoyan…)

        Feb 25, 2023 25:06 AM

        “entirely predictable” result of European Union and NATO expansionism, according to Nigel Farage.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:51 AM

      I personally agree with Nigel.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:52 AM

    Anyone interested

    Trish Woods substack interviews Col Macgregor and Eva Bartlett who is in Donetsk Donbas, explosions from shelling in the back ground.

    Ukraine shelling civilians in Ukraine, Russia trying to stop it.
    Sure not reported here.
    Bartlet mentions nazis are “prevalent” NOT random.
    Its good to get honust reporting instead of the msm narative we are fed constantly.

    I like Col Macgregors comment, “if you support the troops, bring them home”

      Feb 25, 2023 25:07 AM

      anything new?
      anything we did not already know, or have not gone over several times..?

      I think the core group of bloggers already are on top of the info….
      IF, there is anything new…….. I am all ears….. THANKS

        Feb 25, 2023 25:36 AM

        If you want info from a witness of whats happening Eva is excellent.

        Better than bbc. 😉

          Feb 25, 2023 25:41 AM

          I will use it as a reference………. in a couple of years……when we are still going over the same TOPIC
          It, will be decades before the sheeple figure it out…. 🙂

            Feb 25, 2023 25:11 AM

            No issues, if your not interested your not.

            Eva does talk about journalists being attacked by governments near the end.
            She figures she will be attacked in Canada.
            Others have bank accounts frozen etc

            Our governments do not want truth getting out.

            1st amendment? Reality, tortured for speaking.

            Feb 25, 2023 25:40 AM

            . I flashed through Eva………. for me nothing “NEW”
            I said “if”…there was anything NEW……
            I did NOT say ….”I was not interested”

            Always glad to share any info….. and thanks for sharing yours…..
            Oh , the parts that I reviewed…. WERE GOOD FOR BACK UP,…info LATER
            WHEN THE SHEEPLE CATCH UP……and have questions…

          Feb 25, 2023 25:57 AM


          I listened to the entire conversation with Eva and she certainly gives a diferent story about Ukraine than the conventional press.

          How credible, in this area, do you think that he is?

          Thanks for resonding,


      Feb 25, 2023 25:20 PM

      I listrened to Eva and she has a completely different view than Jimmy and I. I will look into this with Jimmy within a week.

        Feb 25, 2023 25:20 PM

        Any point Al? Eva ” is on the ground witnessing what is happening, Jim gets his info from the bbc etc.
        OBVIOUSLY it will be entirely dif.

        Jim has made his position clear and you support that.
        Not a big deal.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:55 AM
    Feb 25, 2023 25:06 AM

    So who is America’s REAL ENEMY !!!? Iv’e known for years, & have stated on this blog many times , that it was NOT Russia.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:34 AM

      Ditto Irish…………. A few have been talking about it for years……….
      Where is Harlin…. LOL

        Feb 25, 2023 25:25 PM

        I don’t call Harlan anymore because our chemistry did not seem to be very good. I do respect the man.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:28 PM

      I personally believe that our real enemy is the CCP. How do you feel about this Irish?

        Feb 25, 2023 25:55 PM

        Hi AL … Yes China IS the real enemy , & i have been saying it for a long time on this blog , pay attention.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:50 AM

    THIS IS BREAKING NEWS: Explosive testimony at the Senate elections and house oversight hearings in Arizona alleges that judges, cops and government officials have been bribed by the Sinaloa cartel and elections in Maricopa county have been rigged since at least 2004. Governor Katie Hobbs and Runbeck election services have been specifically named as recipients of cartel bribes via deeds of trust and phony mortgages, the means of receiving untraceable bribes.

    Total amount of BRIBES SINCE 2004…………… $7.5 BILLION……..
    at SGT report……fresh off the press…….. 🙂

      Feb 25, 2023 25:14 AM

      Fortunately for them they own the justice system, the whistle blower will probably die, maybe from the vaccine.

        Feb 25, 2023 25:43 AM

        Kind of like the engineers and the plane crash over the Clinton air field…
        that were going to Ohio….New PAL…..

      Feb 25, 2023 25:31 PM

      It is actually not a bad idea by the CCP

    Feb 25, 2023 25:22 PM

    A parting song for , mr. zelensk

      Feb 25, 2023 25:34 PM

      A great song and a great philosophy!

    Feb 25, 2023 25:24 PM

    I am in censorship jail,but perhaps Mr. Korelin will read this.
    I assume I’m being censored for my lack of respect for an illegitimate President.
    How can you give any respect to a person who ordered the blowing up of pipelines and by that action potentially taking the U.S. into WWIII. ?
    I just do not understand your logic. Do you serious believe biden did not so order?
    If you believe he is too senile to be in control, why do you not criticize him for not resigning ?

    Feb 25, 2023 25:33 PM

    China wil start to talk ( UP ) to the Western US Neocon Policies ! The Western WAR corruption will com in to View ! Next month XI Jinping wil vicite Russia !

    Feb 25, 2023 25:41 PM

    How Putin blundered into Ukraine — then doubled down

    fwiw with the add-on “Bypass Paywalls Clean” in Firefox you can evade the paywall on most major newssites.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:44 PM

    Hard Numbers … after a year of war in Ukraine

    300,000: Human losses on both sides of the conflict are mounting (and disputed), but there have been a whopping 300,000 military and civilian deaths on both sides, according to high-end estimates.

    2.1 & 0.3: Russia’s economy contracted by just 2.1% last year, far less than predicted, due to continued sales of its discounted crude oil and adaptability. The IMF predicts a 0.3% growth rate for Russia this year thanks to high export prices.

    51,000 vs. 40,600: Having seized roughly 51,000 square miles of Ukrainian land by late March last year, Russia has since lost roughly one-fifth of that. The Kremlin now controls about 40,600 square miles (17% of Ukraine), entirely in the south and east.

    18 & 60: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has decimated the country economically, with roughly 60% of Ukrainians now living below the poverty line, compared to 18% before the war.

    35 & 139 billion: Ukraine’s GDP has diminished by 35%, and Russian targeted attacks are slamming the country’s infrastructure, having caused US$139 billion worth of damage (so far). Well over a third of the country is now dependent on humanitarian aid to live.

    Up to 1 million: A reported 8,087,952 Ukrainian refugees are now spread across Europe, with close to 5 million seeking temporary asylum. Millions more are displaced within Ukraine. An estimated 500,000 to 1 million Russians have fled their homeland, driven by economic unrest, politics, and military mobilization.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:51 PM

      Again AJ, Many thanks as most people are not aware of this and they should be.

        Feb 25, 2023 25:55 PM

        Every srious person should read The Financial Times!

        Feb 25, 2023 25:56 PM

        Every serious person should read The Financial Times!

          Feb 25, 2023 25:06 PM

          The neocons ( Can’t Lete Go ) Print and spint ! You’r old BAS AL ! The Europeans a soo stupid to follow diss ! And the US is following the deindustralzation of the western Seville sat-ion !

      Feb 25, 2023 25:54 PM

      The Western Neocon Blunders lets not talk diss ! ? Erdogan dit not meete whit Biden ! Bay de way Dis WAR wil put the West in A similar Electronc system lake the Chinese population No bye Chine Bay the Western Governments Day al Work for the same PLANE !

    Feb 25, 2023 25:49 PM
    Feb 25, 2023 25:06 PM

    Covid Vaccine Attact on Red Republican States. … The rabbit hole is deep … Worth the read.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:23 PM

    MORE ON THE RED STATES COVID VACCINE ATTACT. …… This needs to be looked into , a lot more.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:40 PM

      You are late for wotk!

    Feb 25, 2023 25:45 PM

    I’m posting in batches so I get a few minutes before being censored.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:46 PM

      Yes…the posts are disappearing…again.

        Feb 25, 2023 25:59 PM

        …business as usual…

        Feb 27, 2023 27:11 AM

        I’m seeing your posts CFS, and Reece has a frightening analysis that must be examined.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:02 PM

    I am in censorship jail,but perhaps Mr. Korelin will read this.
    I assume I’m being censored for my lack of respect for an illegitimate President.
    .s’eriously, I ask…….
    How can you give any respect to a person who ordered the blowing up of pipelines and by that action potentially taking the U.S. into WWIII. ?
    I just do not understand your logic. Do you serious believe biden did not so order?
    If you believe he is too senile to be in control, why do you not criticize him for not resigning ?

      Feb 26, 2023 26:22 AM

      ALL GOOD QUESTIONS………… cfs…………

    Feb 25, 2023 25:04 PM

    Elon Musk calls 2014 Ukraine regime change a ‘coup’
    The billionaire described Viktor Yanukovych’s election as ‘dodgy’ but said the coup was beyond question

    Feb 25, 2023 25:41 PM

    China & Russia align to challenge collective west. … The Duran 36 minutes long, WELL WORTH THE LISTEN IMO , one of their best yet. They talk about the Chinese papers , which i posted further up the page. Advice to Jim M , dont read the Chinese papers , or listen to the Duran , as it could blow Your mind. The PEACE talks , are getting closer with every passing day . IMO. Eu leaders are starting to questing US policy , from what i am picking up from the EU press , doughts are setting in , about Nato’s role in the Ukraine. Here in the UK , the Govt. seem to be moving closer to China. I believe the day is fast approaching , when the US stands alone. IMO peace talks are approaching fast.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:07 PM

      I listened Irish…makes total sense…a china russia co=operative…sad…the dioxin laden food supply has me really saddened…i mean…the humans totally f’d up in every way doable except for a nuclear exchange….what will fresh food mean going forward….it almost makes me weep and that is not me…there is no way to protect family and friends from this onslaught……glta

        Feb 25, 2023 25:41 PM

        All I can say….is the USCORPORATION is making a fortune and the USheepleA are in
        serious trouble…..
        Anna Von Reitz
        While it would be impossible for a direct alliance with China at this time, owing to the gross misrepresentations that have gone on, the venerable Russian-American (also called American-Russian Alliance) of 1858 still stands.

        Russia has numerous peace and prosperity alliance agreements in place with China. So, it is to China’s advantage not to attack Russia’s Allies, our organic States of the Union, just as it is to our advantage to pursue peace with China and Russia.

        Once you understand that all the nastiness that has been going on has been promoted by renegade commercial corporations masquerading as governments, it is easy to put things in proper perspective.

        Feb 26, 2023 26:33 AM

        Hi Larry … This is were we are.

    Feb 25, 2023 25:07 PM

    Hi AL … As a friend , i would advise You, NOT to believe everything that Jim tells You about Ukraine & Russia.

      Feb 27, 2023 27:25 AM

      Facts are facts Tony – keep believing the extremes you will lose perspective.
      Putin has failed in his objectives so far:
      NATO is expanding,
      Kiyv gov is intact,
      Russian Troops aren’t gaining ground,
      Russia has less access to EU and US markets.
      He is losing way too many troops to keep public support over time.
      He can’t sustain this indefinitely without significant help from China.
      If China helps, they will lose a lot in European and US markets, not good for them right now.

      Zelensky faces a similar problem, without US/NATO help, he dies.
      He is barely holding on, but he has a lot of globalist and neo-con support – the arms keep flowing, the MIC gets richer, and the world turns.
      I don’t think the MIC, the FED, World Bank, IMF, EU, EBRD and Biden regime will let him fail before Russia is depleted.
      After that, anyone’s guess, ask the Ghani gov.

      Feb 25, 2023 25:02 PM

      And tax slavery, of course….including the tax of inflation…

    Feb 25, 2023 25:07 PM

    Another crazy Clinton body count episode…

      Feb 25, 2023 25:08 PM

      Clinton body count at least 34 short…

      Feb 25, 2023 25:10 PM

      …and what a way to go…hung with an electrical cord and shot in the chest with a shotgun….but maybe better than having to attend a KamalToe Harris speech…and listen to the cackling…

    Feb 25, 2023 25:33 PM

    That article that AJ posted …………….was not the The Financial Times!

    Feb 25, 2023 25:11 PM

    Five people killed in Arkansas plane crash were en route to investigate deadly metal factory explosion in Bedford, Ohio

      Feb 25, 2023 25:37 PM

      Plane crash, just happened to be over or around the Clinton Air Port…..
      any connection…. to Hilly and Billy… except they are card carrying
      cabal assistants…

      I expect Barr, to come out of the woodwork, and say…”nothing to see here”

    Feb 25, 2023 25:49 PM

    wrong action

    Typical biden modus operandi
    (From Afghanistan to Palestine.)

      Feb 25, 2023 25:51 PM

      BIDEN IS JUST THE PUPPET…………. You are not exposing the RIGHT PEOPLE…..

        Feb 25, 2023 25:22 PM

        I’m lucky to post anything

    Feb 25, 2023 25:11 PM

    Seymour Hersh on why the US blew up the Nordstreams, compares his source to Edward Snowden!

    Feb 25, 2023 25:22 PM

    biden has issued a mandate for equity……..

    I pray he thinks more.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:50 AM

    СIA Boss Admits Kiev Gets US Intel ‘Throughout the Course’ of Russian Special Op

    The US’ Central Intelligence Agency has provided the Kiev regime with intelligence “throughout the course” of the ongoing Russian special military operation in Ukraine, CIA Director Bill Burns has admitted in an interview with a US media outlet.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:12 AM

    It does seem like we are getting to the apex of the curve in the flight of the boomerang.
    The final 7 moves on the chess board where as the “best” actually comes.

    2020 election overturned.
    members of congress being rolled up.
    the deep state being rolled up.
    The impeachment of Obama.
    the whistle blowers being front center.
    the main stream news traitors being rolled up.

    I guess the nuclear scare and financial collapse / bank bail-in will shake the sleep walkers awake. (the sleep walkers deserve it)


      Feb 26, 2023 26:27 AM

      They have been told for decades now…….
      .. prepare MENTALLY…….
      There should be no new surprises for those awake.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:21 AM

    Cackling jackass…

      Feb 26, 2023 26:03 AM

      Lol…… cameltoe…….. is WORTHLESS as a leader, but we all know that…..
      Just funny to see her mumble jumbo jiving show ….”I’m speaking”…..

        Feb 26, 2023 26:17 AM

        I tell you, Jerry, there are hundreds videos of her that are hilarious…but to think this cackling jackass and he ilk are costing us a fortune is infuriating.

          Feb 26, 2023 26:19 AM

          Ditto………… it is insane…………

            Feb 26, 2023 26:23 PM

            Ditto for this one!

          Feb 26, 2023 26:20 PM

          Hundreds of videos of who, Eddy?

      Feb 26, 2023 26:06 AM

      VERY NICE……….. these are the HEROs……….BRAVO……..

      Feb 27, 2023 27:18 PM

      So true… and even more of the bill will fall on our children and grandchildren.

      Feb 26, 2023 26:57 AM


      Ukraine is the new Iraq.

      Our country is run by stupid warmongers that are so clueless and disconnected with what the American people want that they are literally leading us into World War 3.

      That’s why I’m introducing a resolution to find out exactly where OUR money is going.

        Feb 26, 2023 26:17 AM

        Go down a couple of pictures and you will see BODY DOUBLES of the Ukraine Puppet….. 🙂
        This is a GOOD ONE………… I posted some body doubles a few days ago….
        Starting with POPPY BUSH’s surprise in the WhiteHouse

          Feb 26, 2023 26:19 AM

          Interesting…and rense had some articles about Biden body doubles a while back.

            Feb 26, 2023 26:22 PM

            No sure what the point of this comment happen to be!

          Feb 26, 2023 26:27 AM

          Plus the masks…

          Feb 26, 2023 26:28 AM

          We are ruled by evil, POS, criminals…who will try to steal every cent they can from us.

            Feb 26, 2023 26:33 AM

            And they have done a PERFECT JOB……..
            $150 TRILLION… world wide debt…. I think that is the number…..
            Of which they have bought asset for themselves…..
            (the cabal)

          Feb 26, 2023 26:24 PM

          What is the point of a smart guy like you posting body doubles?

            Feb 27, 2023 27:00 AM

            Do I still need to answer the question on the body doubles and masks ….
            I think I answered it below, and well, …I think most can figure out,
            that there is a whole lot of DECEPTION ….going on in the FAKE GOVTs
            around the world.. and. certainly a CIA/cabal working tool.
            And certainly to keep the sheeple stupid…

        Feb 26, 2023 26:33 PM


        I personally don’t think that we are approaching WW3. The players are way too smart!

      Feb 27, 2023 27:14 AM

      Great consideration – something I haven reinfirced much – if the Europeans fear Russia, they need to step up and fund this debacle, not the US taxpayer and the US military.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:12 AM
      Feb 26, 2023 26:25 PM

      I have absolutely no idea what the point of this is!

    Feb 26, 2023 26:14 AM

    If this gets deleted…….. I will post it again under …… DOUBLES……… 🙂

      Feb 26, 2023 26:19 PM

      Why would it get deleted as I personally deleate nothing.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:56 AM
      Feb 26, 2023 26:07 PM

      These FACE MASK………… are NOT the covid masks….. but FULL HEAD KIND…..
      Never know who you are listening to or talking to…..
      Goes along with the BODY DOUBLES……….

        Feb 26, 2023 26:10 PM

        Thanks fugiosa!

          Feb 26, 2023 26:02 PM

          Who is fugiosa??? A roommate at Aljoya???

    Feb 26, 2023 26:49 PM

    Short video by Tore.

      Feb 26, 2023 26:09 PM

      Chartster, I don’t understand it because I am getting so old!

        Feb 26, 2023 26:26 PM

        Crowd sourcing is using a large group of people that are interested in your idea, problem or quest, to do research for the common good of the person or group wanting the knowledge or answers.

        As in: two heads are better than one. Just like two hundred thousand heads are better than one.

        The power of collective group gets it done without using a false narrative media source.
        As in: we Are the news.

    Feb 26, 2023 26:59 PM

    Traitor Hillary sells off U.S. Uranium.
    Traitor biden is draining out strategic petroleum reserve.
    Now he’s blown up Russian pipelines, so the chances of buying uranium or oil from Russia are zero.
    Further exploration on government-owned land is banned.
    What traitorous morons our democrat leadership has been.

      Feb 26, 2023 26:06 PM

      I think that “inefficient is a much better word!

    Feb 26, 2023 26:12 PM

    EPA Temporarily Halts Norfolk Southern Waste Shipments from the Site of the East Palestine Crash;

    Does the left hand of government (which wants a speedy clean-up) know what the right hand is doing?

      Feb 26, 2023 26:04 PM

      I would guess that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing, which is pretty typical!

      Feb 26, 2023 26:02 PM

      I have the same problem with my dog and I too am an old fart, Clif!

    Feb 26, 2023 26:49 PM

    So when will Congress start investigating biden blowing up pipelines?

    Feb 27, 2023 27:46 AM

    I’m Not Sure What To Say About This !!!!! What do you people think. watch the twitter link vid

    Feb 27, 2023 27:16 AM

    Alert ( BELARUS ATTACKED ) ! ? Western news is note talking dis ! Boys ?

      Feb 27, 2023 27:29 AM

      Thanks Franky………… since the cia controls the news………. americans do not get the real news
      on anything………

        Feb 27, 2023 27:36 AM

        The findings in the study, while not free of a margin of error, are robust enough to take seriously.

        These are:

        For the 6.3 billion people who live outside of the West, 66 percent feel positively towards Russia and 70 percent feel positively towards China, and,

        Among the 66 percent who feel positively about Russia the breakdown is 75 percent in South Asia, 68 percent in Francophone Africa, and 62 percent in Southeast Asia.

        Public opinion of Russia remains positive in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

        Sentiments of this nature have caused some ire, surprise, and even anger in the West. It is difficult for them to believe that two-thirds of the world’s population is not siding with the West.

          Feb 27, 2023 27:42 AM

          well Jerry…..that is some proof that bloggers here at ker have a sensibility regarding usa/nato expansion/war mongering…thanks for that find

            Feb 27, 2023 27:53 AM

            Hello larry…………
            thanks for the reply,
            and you are welcome.

            Have a wonderful day… and hope your tile setting is going well…..

          Feb 27, 2023 27:59 AM

          I find it interesting the americans wont even have a clue why the world views them the way it does.

          More evidence propaganda works.

            Feb 27, 2023 27:04 AM

            americanos..and canadians….. are really stupid at this point…..
            Heck the world is stupid…. when you have 1.7 Billion
            catholics who can not connect the dots on the HOLY SEE….
            and the invention of the Vatican….established….1937…
            Just deceived……
            No hate mail…… love ya all…….. just do your own homework.

            Feb 27, 2023 27:39 AM

            1937? Hmm. I thought the Vatican was created as a separate state in 1929 on a deal with Mussolini. In Europe 1937 seemed to be the last year for any semblance of peaceful life for years to come. For many 1937 marked the beginning of World War II, with the bombing of Shanghai. That bombing started with the first successful application of a British-American invention, the aircraft carrier. The bombs came from Japanese planes launched from a carrier off the coast of China, not to mention Pearl Harbor a few years later. There have been successful commercial applications of other American inventions by the Japanese, like VCR’s, microwave ovens, and digital cameras.

            Feb 27, 2023 27:29 AM

            Hello Rusfus……..

            Although the Holy See is sometimes metonymically referred to as the “Vatican”, the Vatican City State was distinctively established with the Lateran Treaty of 1929, between the Holy See and Italy, to ensure the temporal, diplomatic, and spiritual independence of the papacy.
            So, Rusfus,…. You are correct….
            Now, that you have corrected me to some extent…..I am going to see where I came
            up with 1937…(oh, and thanks for reading)
            Let’s explore , WHY,…. there is a Separate State, so called the Vatican…
            since none was required for about 2000 yrs…..
            This is the DEEPER ISSUE…….

            Feb 27, 2023 27:54 AM

            Here is the 1937…………
            Since it was involving HITLER…….
            Pius XI (reigned 1922–39) and Pius XII (reigned 1939–58). Although the papacy often spoke out against communism during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39), it was silent on the subject during World War II, when Pius XII adopted Benedict XV’s policy of strict neutrality. Although criticized during and after the war for its position, the papacy had enunciated its opposition to the secularist and racist programs of the totalitarian regimes, most notably in Pius XI’s encyclical Mit brennender Sorge (“With Deep Anxiety”), which was read from Catholic pulpits in Germany on Palm Sunday
            (March 14) in 1937. Pius planned other pronouncements condemning Nazism but died before he could deliver them. His successor, Pius XII, who played a much more controversial role during the war, has been criticized for failing to speak out more forcefully……….DOA……….

            Feb 27, 2023 27:47 AM

            More DOTS……….will be uncovered………… the sheeple are asleep

            Feb 27, 2023 27:22 PM

            US, LONDON ….ROME……..
            the pyramid….. on the all “See “ing Eye…….

      Feb 27, 2023 27:36 AM

      Thanks Franky ! KER bloggers can be a great source for breaking news…

        Feb 27, 2023 27:52 AM

        Ukrainian militants used six drones in total. Most of them, four, were shot down on the way to the military airfield. One drone was shot down already in the sky above the object, and its fragments fell on the service equipment. The last Ukrainian UAV was still able to complete the task and dropped explosives on a Belarusian Air Force plane, the fire from which spread to Russian equipment.

        Feb 27, 2023 27:05 AM
          Feb 27, 2023 27:13 PM

          Confirmation on MSN……… in with the scum………

            Feb 27, 2023 27:44 PM

            Thanks Jerry, for highlighting that point… western media is extremely biased… the opening sentences in Newsweek do not start with fact based news, but anti-Lukashenko, anti-Putin propaganda… and there is no mention of the strong possibility the attack was by Ukraine.

    Feb 27, 2023 27:22 AM


      Feb 27, 2023 27:18 PM

      I will try to go over it today……….THANKS……..
      I wonder how much we have covered in the last 20 yrs…..that will be New….
      that has been ignored here on the ker…by the management…
      I will let you know….. thanks

        Feb 27, 2023 27:14 PM

        Iverson……….. is an infant on the Info…………
        Global leaders……… she is a little behind…
        this has been going on since Rhodes Scholars….Lugar, Clinton…

        Community banks……… were put out of business with cross state, and
        cross county banking back in the 70′ 80s.

        Those who control money………32 min mark….
        She is clueless……. 55 min mark proves it.
        Where does money come from…..been over this a million times in the last 20 yrs
        Small community banks…… are not the cure……..sorry

        I will give her credit…… at least she is talking about….. it….

      Feb 27, 2023 27:36 AM

      IN 2015,………Rothchild accuse Putin to be a traitor to the NWO…….

        Feb 27, 2023 27:31 AM

        Absolutley Putin is a traitor to the nwo, he states clearly 1 of his goals is independant sovereign nations.

        Feb 27, 2023 27:54 AM

        Of course Putin is a traitoer to the NWO, he has stated clearly one of his goals is independant sovereign states.

          Feb 27, 2023 27:56 AM

          I posted this ……………so, Jimmy and Owl…….. could gets some dots connected…

            Feb 27, 2023 27:11 PM

            Good one Jerry… i have yet to win the lottery… 🙂

            Feb 27, 2023 27:15 PM

            Thanks Tommy…………

    Feb 27, 2023 27:26 AM

    even more bite the dust……Too many to list 20+ mRNA vaccine related (Trialsite news)

      Feb 27, 2023 27:43 AM

      More are going down…. Jabbed deaths……. and we called that one in 2020……..
      (we …..meaning a couple of others here)

    Feb 27, 2023 27:42 AM
    Feb 27, 2023 27:28 AM

    Ex-White House doctor warns of Biden danger

    Former White House physician and Republican Representative Ronny Jackson has hit out against US President Joe Biden, arguing that his declining mental state poses a danger to the entire country.

    “It’s TERRIFYING for our country that Biden is our commander-in-chief,” Jackson wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “He doesn’t know where he’s at half the time and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war with Russia and China. His cognitive decline is going to get people KILLED!!”

    From RT so its probly just Putin propaganda, no worries then. 😉

      Feb 27, 2023 27:46 AM

      That is why they need the body doubles…… more than ever……… CYA……….

    Feb 27, 2023 27:39 AM
      Feb 27, 2023 27:05 PM

      Thanks Jerry… that is great news – returning bribe money… almost all of the covid relief money was bribe money, IMO… and without the covid relief bribe and punish system, important facts about covid would have reached the public: early treatments work; the jabs were improperly tested, never safe, and not sufficiently effective.

        Feb 27, 2023 27:20 PM

        You are welcome….. good news …. a little at a time….

    Feb 27, 2023 27:57 PM

    Ursula visits Great Britain ! Meets King Charles ( BREXIT BETRAYAL ) Rishi Sunak Nr 1 Jobe It’s all Planed ! Betrayal the British Peipole !

      Feb 27, 2023 27:42 PM

      Hey Franky……. could you expand on this topic……