Eskay Mining – Recapping The 2022 Drill Results From TV-Jeff and Scarlet Knob-Tarn Lake , A Look Ahead To 2023 Drill Plans

February 27, 2023

John DeDecker, VP of Exploration at Eskay Mining (TSX.V:ESK – OTCQX:ESKYF) joins me to provide a full recap of the results from the 29,500 meters of drilling completed in 2022 at the Consolidated Eskay Property in the Golden Triangle of BC. The drilling was focused on two main areas on the Project; the TV-Jeff corridor and along the Scarlet Ridge-Tarn Lake trend.


I have John breakdown all the areas drilled and and focus on where drilling will occur this year. The Company does not have a formal drill plan announced but John expects follow up drilling at all areas from last year as well as the Sib and Lulu areas.


If you have any follow up questions for John regarding Eskay Mining please email me at




Click here to visit the Eskay Mining website to learn more about the Consolidated Eskay Project.


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          Just watched your appearance on Joel Elconin’s show. Congratulations, that was an exceptional performance.

            Feb 28, 2023 28:23 AM

            Thanks Terry. Yeah, doing Joel’s show last Friday was a blast, and it was fun for both of us, since normally I’m asking him the questions, and this time the tables were turned…

            Really, it was an honor to be asked, and it was my first interview anywhere other than the KER and over at where I did a small video Q&A with one of the mods there over a year ago. Hopefully it provided a few ideas for investors to mull over. Cheers!