Coved did originate in China before it reached America

Big Al
February 28, 2023
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It is now definitely the Chinese Virus
    Feb 28, 2023 28:21 PM

    Fauci…….. has been in the CDC……. for how many years……
    under the view of both REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT…..

      Feb 28, 2023 28:24 PM

      We will be hearing a lot more about him probably pretty shortly!

        Feb 28, 2023 28:20 PM

        I doubt there will be anything done to him……….. Have we heard anything on the 33,000 emails from Hilly…..

        You should listen to Trey Goudy….and his experience with the members of
        the committees …. I posted my comments on the other section….

          Feb 28, 2023 28:38 PM

          where is the other section?

            Mar 01, 2023 01:16 AM

            Try the day before…….
            Sorry for the delay……but, we are on two different schedules…..and time zones.

        Feb 28, 2023 28:51 PM

        What about Sonny?

          Feb 28, 2023 28:39 PM

          Sonny is one of the residents at Aljoya

        Feb 28, 2023 28:07 PM

        Why do you think I have been calling Fauci a traitor and a murderer ?
        I do not simply throw insults around.

        But I do recognize that the truth is an adequate defense against libel lawsuits

          Feb 28, 2023 28:12 PM

          Fauci………….. Was NOT ALONE……… in this MESS……..
          How about we get some other people here………..LIKE GATES

          Does anyone really think, Fauci pulled this off by himself… duh

            Feb 28, 2023 28:49 PM

            No, I don’t think that he did, I think that he was approached some other people.

          Feb 28, 2023 28:40 PM

          It usuallly is or at least should be!

      Feb 28, 2023 28:07 PM

      By reading the HEADING…

      “Coved did originate in China ”

      ..I would say that is not what happened ….

      When was the first meeting of the PLANDEMIC…..?
      Pre planned Covid Plandemic…….. sure was not in China.
      and the Wuhan Lab was not the originator….from what I have been reading
      for the last 3 yrs.
      Hard to believe we have to cover the same tracks over and over again….

        Feb 28, 2023 28:41 PM

        My guess is that it was the originator.

          Mar 02, 2023 02:24 AM

          Wrong again……..
          Try looking at what the cover up is directing you towards…..
          FBI says…. lol….. seriously…..”look over hear”…fox in the chicken house news.

        Feb 28, 2023 28:43 PM

        I am not sure why we have to do that and so, I agree wiith you, Jerrry!

    Feb 28, 2023 28:25 PM

    Losing Bakhmud , losing Donbass … The Duran 26 minutes long. Of course Jimmy may dissagree.

      Feb 28, 2023 28:30 PM

      Volodymyr Zelensky Sacks Top General of Donass is the Ukraine army note wining ? Irishtony Sint Jimmy what you tink Sint ?

      Feb 28, 2023 28:48 PM

      From what I know at this point I agree with Alexander from the program which airs on rumble..

    Feb 28, 2023 28:00 PM
      Feb 28, 2023 28:53 PM

      I have to agree with Senator Daines.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:17 PM

    Now this is WEIRD , are they getting rid of patriots , to put in Yes Sir puppits. !!!!!

      Feb 28, 2023 28:56 PM

      Are you really surprised, Tony?

    Feb 28, 2023 28:18 PM

    Mueller’s ass was covered by A REPUBLICAN …Named BARR………..

      Feb 28, 2023 28:42 PM
        Feb 28, 2023 28:59 PM

        I agree with James. (the author)

      Feb 28, 2023 28:49 PM

      Braun, responding to that comment via Twitter, said: “Let the American people decide for themselves. Declassify all COVID origins intel.”

    Feb 28, 2023 28:36 PM
      Feb 28, 2023 28:49 PM

      There is a lot of great info…… in this article…..

      Feb 28, 2023 28:51 PM

      MIT Professor Noam Chomsky: US/NATO Interference and Expansion to Russia’s Border Led to the Ukraine War

        Feb 28, 2023 28:12 PM

        Hi , Jerry ! Make Sint Jimmy and AL look dis ! 2016 Lindsey & McCain in Ukraine to preper proxy WAR !

          Feb 28, 2023 28:14 PM

          Yes………..MCCAIN THE TRAITOR………….. Oh, he was such a wonderful person….LMAO…
          Republican member of the cabal….

            Feb 28, 2023 28:21 PM

            I would not call McKain a traitor!

            Mar 01, 2023 01:17 AM

            Just WHAT would you call….McCain………. ?????????
            I really am not expecting an answer……

            Mar 01, 2023 01:54 AM

            A backstabber ! Remember when McCain voted NO on GOP healthcare reform bill… undermining Trump.

            Mar 01, 2023 01:26 AM

            Thanks Tommy……..
            It is Wed……… you will not see Owl….come back here to answer anything….
            If, he does it will be historical…. lol…… 🙂

            Mar 02, 2023 02:43 AM


        Feb 28, 2023 28:02 PM

        I agree with Professor Chomski.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:12 PM

    chernobyl scale disaster…affects your water your food…the gov. is hiding it…as usual…war against the peeps

      Feb 28, 2023 28:07 PM

      I read an interesting editorial on this earler today.

        Mar 01, 2023 01:32 AM

        very interesting al

          Mar 02, 2023 02:23 AM

          Wonder what the editorial said………. 🙂

    Feb 28, 2023 28:45 PM

    I do not believe Democrats can win a fair election in 2024.
    1. The economy will be in collapse
    2. Not only will food price inflation be at 20+% per year, there will be shortages.
    3. There will be world-wide shortages in chickens, eggs, milk as well as bread and rice, which will lead to overturn of governments.
    The biggest problem for biden is energy shortages directly attributable to biden’s policies and incompetence.

      Feb 28, 2023 28:23 PM

      I agree with you completely, CFS

    Feb 28, 2023 28:57 PM
    Feb 28, 2023 28:16 PM

    It is my opinion, that because of the culpability of the vaccine makers, by virtually no safety testing, te manufacturers should be stripped of ALL profits of the last 4 years and that money be held in trust for those damaged by the vaccines.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:27 PM


    The situation is changing.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:39 PM

    So you think the Wuhan lab was dangerous…….

    But you only have been told a fraction of the truth.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:16 PM

    China must be amazed at their good fortune to have biden as president.(I really believed he has been bought by the CCP)
    But let’s play along and pretend he’s not a traitor.
    Hitherto as coal-fired electrical plants got older, they were mothballed and could be quickly restarted in the emergency event of grid sabotage or even unexpected cold spells.

    Now instead of having aging stations as reserve power back-up, biden has ordered them dismantled.This at a time when we barely have enough basic capacity.
    The guy does not care or really is a moron.