Tavi Costa – Macro Gold Comments Down to The Stocks After A Rough February

February 28, 2023

Tavi Costa, Portfolio Manager at Crescat Capital join us to share his macro outlook for the gold sector, including the stocks, as well as a number of stocks he and Crescat are excited about.


Still a bullish outlook for the gold sector is timed with a very bearish outlook for the broad markets.



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    Feb 28, 2023 28:59 PM

    Great interview with Tavi. Good question on their aggressive investment philosophy and goals.

      Feb 28, 2023 28:58 PM

      Thanks Lakedweller2. Yes, it is nice to get Tavi’s insights on how he as a fund manager for Crescat allocates capital to different stage companies, where he sees the future outperformance, and in context of the larger macroeconomic picture that is unfolding.