Daily Editorial, Part 2

Big Al
March 8, 2023
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    Mar 08, 2023 08:59 AM

    PART 2 IS THE SAME AS PART 1……………….

      Mar 08, 2023 08:39 PM

      Thanks Jerry.
      I must be getting old!

        Mar 08, 2023 08:47 PM

        To error is human……….. 🙂

        Btw…….. I had a great bible study last night….
        going over Romans 1-7..and Acts …
        transitioning into Paul’s message…

    Mar 08, 2023 08:00 PM
      Mar 08, 2023 08:20 PM

      Charlie Sykes
      TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PAID SUBSCRIBERS………. lol…….10,000 nut jobs..

      By The Bulwark
      Analysis and reporting on politics and culture in America.” No partisan loyalties.” No tribal prejudices.

      IT SAYS…………………………………………………………………………^^^^^^^^^^above^^^^^^ BS

      Mar 08, 2023 08:20 PM

      By the way AJ, I just read an article entitled “Capitol Police chief blasts Carlson over “misleading”Jan 6 footage. The article is dated today, March 8, I suggest that you google it and read it.

    Mar 08, 2023 08:02 PM

    The 759 Digital Devices Tucker Carlson Didn’t Review

    “Hundreds of lawyers would love to have been able to tell a story about peaceful tourists. With few exceptions, those efforts have always failed in court.”

      Mar 08, 2023 08:11 PM

      Mike Pence’s seat or that he “considered it a win” that Members of Congress had to “hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker.”
      LOL………. woosey………….

      Sad that we have so many Idiot and Sheeple who believe in these morons…..

    Mar 08, 2023 08:13 PM

    Former US President Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social that members of the now defunct Democratic-led January 6 House Committee “should be tried for fraud and treason,” after US journalist Tucker Carlson released excerpts of surveillance footage from the Capitol protests of 2021.
    “Great job by Tucker Carlson tonight,” Trump wrote on Truth Social following the bombshell video release.

      Mar 08, 2023 08:06 PM

      Trump is correct, they all committed treason.

    Mar 08, 2023 08:48 PM

    Trump controls McCarthy and the committees.
    Trump is commander and chief.
    This is a military operation.
    Tucker is watched more than anyone.
    Murdock is told by military to let it happen.
    Tucker is told how to slow roll the information, as to not cause an uprising, yet wake America up to what’s happened on January 6th.

    What happened on January 6th was:
    2 million Trump supporters came to back their president. The largest gathering ever in DC.
    The deep state had several groups working together to create massive disturbance. The groups were breaking windows and breaching fences.
    The Capitol police were in on the op to open doors and let people in. Nancy controlled that with the police chief.
    The reason for the op was to breach the capitol, so that congress could use it as an excuse to certify the fraudulent election.

    Tucker and the house committee members will expose this seditious treason and fraud.
    They will bring the court of public opinion to the truth. And then,, the Brunson case happens and many members of congress are removed and we have special elections.

    That’s what’s up!
    Enjoy the show🍿

    Mar 08, 2023 08:55 PM

    Fact….Jabbed folks successfully transfer the essential MRNA contents to the un-jabbed…A hoped for attribute of the vaxx campaign……To commence spike protein manufacturing in those hapless un-jabbed individuals…To create the same reactions as in the intentionally jabbed…Well the DOD is now going to get at you by using supposed animal yard viral outbreaks to jab those creatures in order to protect you from them…lmao…Then ‘animal farm’ will at last prevail and transfer the spike protein to you…maniacs….

    Mar 08, 2023 08:09 PM

    The Prisident of Georgia Salome Zourabictvill currently hanging out in the USA ! Mmm ? CFS ? Boys

      Mar 09, 2023 09:36 AM

      Thanks Franky ! Very interesting situation in Georgia !

    Mar 08, 2023 08:39 PM

    OWL……….. they are not leaders…… that is a total joke.
    3 min mark…….
    Jimmy spot on with “they are covering up” what they have done for years.
    Jimmy is spot on with NANCY.
    Jimmy is spot on with the Horned Hero…
    Jimmy is spot on with the masks(still stupid)

    Most important event….. Owl says….
    Jimmy Russian collusion…. ditto….
    Jimmy Big Corporations…. ditto on the LARGE CORPORATIONS
    Jimmy……spot on with the Media…

    Mar 08, 2023 08:43 PM

    BREAKING NEWS… Brought to you first, by IRISHTONY. The NYT’s story if fake news. Here are the real people behind it …… The GERMANS.

      Mar 08, 2023 08:33 PM

      Ha Ha Irish Nice ! You make me open a Bottle of Medoc Chapelle De Petensac ! Ha ha !

        Mar 08, 2023 08:35 PM

        2014 and 2015……seem to be a good year…. 🙂 Cheers…enjoy

          Mar 09, 2023 09:00 AM

          Bardeaxu best years ! 2009 , 2010 , 2015 , 2016 , and 2019 whit lower Price from Covid ! today a 2016 !

      Mar 08, 2023 08:35 PM

      Good one IRISH…..

    Mar 08, 2023 08:55 PM

    HEY LARRY………………………
    According to a 2020 investigation published in the Columbia Journalism Review, media coverage that tends to depict billionaires like Buffett and Gates as leaders, geniuses and benevolent stewards of society is linked to the fact that as funding for media collapsed over the last decade, the Gates Foundation stepped in to fill the gap.

    In 2020 alone, for example, the foundation gave more than $250 million to news organizations including BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting, BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund.

    Mar 08, 2023 08:25 PM

    Ashli Babbitt hoax. All crisis actors to fit a narrative.

      Mar 08, 2023 08:48 PM

      Very interesting…… thanks

      Mar 09, 2023 09:05 AM

      I would like to see some more comments on this video……Fake or Real…. !!!!!

      ANYONE AWAKE YET……?………. 🙂

    Mar 09, 2023 09:29 AM

    Georgia Protests…

      Mar 09, 2023 09:47 AM

      As a former (the first) Security Assistance Officer in Georgia in 2000-2001, (my wife was the Public Affairs officer there at the same time) I can tell you that the vast majority of the population hates the Russian influence and intimidation, with the exception of the corrupt political leaders and businesses that depend on Russian support and money.

      Russia has been playing God in Georgia for decades, cutting off power, starting wars to protect military and energy interests, killing people regularly. Most Georgians don’t like them.

      Putin put in place the same law that Russian puppet lawmakers in Georgia are proposing in order to cut off assistance and support from EU and western ideology that threatens Russia’s corrupt influence.

      I am not saying this against the Russian people, they have no say in this – like in most places these days, it is about a small group of political powers that want control in Georgia, like in Russia, and the same as here in the West. And the people are fed up with it. Unlike here in the US, the Georgians are willing to stand up and fight against those powers.

    Mar 09, 2023 09:22 AM

    Georgia Protests: US Seeks to Open 2nd Front Against Russia

    The New Atlas
    217K subscribers

    nuff said?

    Mar 09, 2023 09:28 AM

    Whoa, did I just see censorship of somebody’s post on opening a second front? Was that your post Jerry?

      Mar 09, 2023 09:03 AM

      Jimmy…… thanks for the question…….
      Nope not mine today…. of course I have not tried to post anything ,yet!

      And thanks for the reply on Tommy’s question…..above…on the Republican Florida BS
      on censorship .

    Mar 09, 2023 09:38 AM

    Georgia Protests: US Seeks to Open 2nd Front Against Russia

    The New Atlas
    217K subscribers

    nuff said?

    This was deleted, I’ll try again

      Mar 09, 2023 09:00 AM

      Watched it – this guy has little understanding of the situation in Georgia. And BTW, Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 but failed because of logistics short falls. Georgian’s want to be part of the EU/NATO, they do not want to be under Putin’s thumb.

        Mar 09, 2023 09:09 AM

        Jimmy………… NO ONE WANTS TO BE UNDER ANYONE’s Thumb…..

        I would think, we have a whole lot more troubles in the US, which need
        immediate attention., …and I think you would agree.

          Mar 09, 2023 09:30 AM

          Yes I do agree, and Georgia should sort itself out – it’s their future.

    Mar 09, 2023 09:15 AM

    Common sense has gone by the way side.
    A man is a man….. that is a fact.
    A woman is a women…..that is a fact.
    Any deviation from the fact,,…becomes perverted…..Fact.
    Uncle Wally……1988…….. 🙂

    Mar 09, 2023 09:37 AM

    Why is the truth coming out now?
    Who is above Murdock to let Tucker speak?

    Tucker is agency/alphabet clown.
    I think the mockingbird got captured.

    Mar 09, 2023 09:30 AM
    Mar 09, 2023 09:13 AM
    Mar 09, 2023 09:17 AM

    Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis censured in Colorado for false election claims

    “As part of an agreement in the case, Ellis admits that multiple statements she made in late 2020 about the presidential election being stolen were “misrepresentations.”

      Mar 09, 2023 09:50 AM

      oops………. Humm Democratic Judge of the BAR …. lol
      Judge Large has been involved with the Colorado Bar Association and has held leadership positions in several of Colorado’s diversity bar associations. He served on the boards of the Colorado LGBT Bar Association, …..
      I did not know there was LGBT BAR. Assoc.
      More political than anything else…
      Poor lawyer got caught in a perverted court room…..IMO

      More to the story than …. Plea agreement more likely….as most of the cases that go before the bench
      are Plea agreements….. any lawyers out there want to refute that statement????????

      BESIDES………….. THIS IS JUST >>>>>>A “”DISCIPLINE Judge”…for attorneys…
      Presiding Disciplinary Judge Bryon M. Large, who oversees lawyer discipline

      DID SHE have to give up her license….???

        Mar 09, 2023 09:20 PM

        She was………………….”censured”


        express severe disapproval of (someone or something), especially in a formal statement.

    Mar 09, 2023 09:31 PM

    IMO . This Ukrainian Thing , is falling apart for the West.

    North Stream / NYT Story / Mc Carthy / Modified MiG’S . The Duran , 40 minutes long.

      Mar 09, 2023 09:36 PM

      Hello Irish……………..The ding dongs are now ramping up for China….

      Mar 09, 2023 09:37 PM

      Hope the Taiwanese see what’s happening in Ukraine because they are being set up to play a similar role against China. Some words to describe the Americans include cowards, weasels, scumbags, bottom feeders..

        Mar 09, 2023 09:49 PM

        I think you might consider AMERICAN GOVT. and the Cabal and Large Corporations
        … not the WE THE PEOPLE

          Mar 09, 2023 09:36 PM

          Goes without saying Jerry, I meant the GOVT