Hemisphere Energy – Operations Update, 2023 Corporate Guidance and Growth Plans

March 8, 2023

Don Simmons, President and CEO of Hemisphere Energy (TSX.V:HME – OTCQB:HMENF) joins us to provide a big picture overview of the Company’s current operations, 2023 corporate guidance and growth plans.


For a quick 2022 recap we walk through the elimination of bank debt, initiation of a quarterly dividend, start-up of a tertiary enhanced oil recovery scheme, and new record production levels. Production has increased approximately 55% year-over-year to the current 3,200 boe/d level. We then discuss the $14million capital expenditures program planned for this year funded by an estimated $45million adjusted funds flow.


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    Mar 08, 2023 08:44 AM

    In the stock market there is compensation, a belief that someday we will buy a stock like Great Bear, for pennies on the dollar and hold it for a huge gain. Then drive off in the sunset in a limousine towards our mansion in Boca Raton Florida or West Palm Beach. It’s all one huge dream factory that keeps the wheels spinning for that glorious day when we can say, “I made it”. Whether you do or not is neither here nor there it is all about being set free from toil by wealth. DT

    Mar 08, 2023 08:13 AM

    Given that I’m an owner of MUX, this interview gave me some modest hope before I fly with the angels. Yes, I’m aware that hope isn’t a strategy. Here’s Rob McEwen