GMG – Answering Your Questions On Thermal-XR, Battery Developments and Data

April 4, 2023

Craig Nicol, CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V:GMG) joins me to answer a wide range of questions mostly focus on the Thermal-XR and battery divisions.


A lot of Thermal-XR questions are focused on future revenue potential, the timing of significant revenues and the range of potential markets for Thermal-XR. On the battery front we discuss the outlook for partner companies, volumetric energy density data and the balance between coin cell batteries and pouch packs. Another couple questions I received were asking about the possibility of the Company moving to a US exchange.


Please keep sending me your questions. For the questions we did not get to I will keep those handy for the next call. For all other questions please email me at




Click here to visit the GMG website to read over the Corporate Presentation.

    Apr 05, 2023 05:55 AM

    I am a shareholder in GMGMF in USA.
    I think the company needs to find someone else to do interviews for the company. Craig often speaks in a confusing way, like he wants the listeners to decide what he means. If all I knew about the company is what he said in the April call with you, I would never want to hear about the company again.

    It sounded like he wasn’t prepared, was confused, was not focused, or is deeply concerned about the company’s future. It just sounds like the company doesn’t know how to grow and get things done.

    Apr 10, 2023 10:58 AM

    A small company with diverse interests. Beefing up the number of employees to support this diversity. Question remains: when will they run out of funds before they have to seek other sources of funding? If any of their ventures hits, this will be a big company. But look several years ahead. It’s clearly not just around the corner. Not for the faint of heart.