Introducing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Big Al
April 19, 2023
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Big Al thinks Kennedy, Jr. wuld make a great opponent for Biden and Jim is not too sure.What do you think?

    Apr 19, 2023 19:20 PM

    Not sure it even matters……… at this point….
    Until the voting machine issue get’s fixed, and the FEC goes bye bye…. waste of time.

      Apr 19, 2023 19:45 PM

      “Not sure it even matters……… at this point….”

      agree 100% Jerry, makes about zero dif who gets elected federally, maybe states, countys etc matters.

      People seem to have a hard time figuring out its a uni party, 2 headed snake.

      I think George Carlin was telling people as much as many as 15 years ago and more,
      Bruce Cockburn was telling people almost 50 years ago.

      I dont believe people will ever figure it out, they simply dont care.
      We also have all the hype concerning who to vote for, tuff to ignore that.
      Loud enuff and often enuff and people believe it, doesnt even matter what nonsense it is.

      So, dont forget to vote. 😉

        Apr 19, 2023 19:16 PM

        I think you are correct b…………..
        “I dont believe people will ever figure it out, they simply dont care.
        We also have all the hype concerning who to vote for, tuff to ignore that.
        Loud enuff and often enuff and people believe it, doesnt even matter what nonsense it is.”

        .How long have we been talking about the Two Headed Snake….
        The house needs to be torn down……

    Apr 19, 2023 19:48 PM
      Apr 19, 2023 19:50 PM

      EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Having First South Carolina Event With State Senator Arrested For Molesting His 3 Year Old Son

      Read on down….
      It is also worth noting that DeSantis’s scheduled event in South Carolina with Kimbrell comes one day after the Daily Mail confirmed my reporting from December 2022 about how DeSantis’s admitted best friend, and one of his donors named Kent Stermon was under investigation for sex with a minor at the time he committed suicide.

      Apr 19, 2023 19:11 PM

      Tucker tonight…..worried about war.

    Apr 19, 2023 19:54 PM

    SGT………. Jim Willie……..LEHMAN X5,,,,,,,,,,

    Apr 19, 2023 19:55 PM

    Al is a never Trumper, eheh ehem, never best president in American history.
    What’s wrong with you Al?

    Apr 19, 2023 19:23 PM
    Apr 19, 2023 19:28 PM

    conspiracy FACT: (covid-19)

    Apr 19, 2023 19:51 PM

    Robert F Kennedy jr. squired the speech complication following a flu vaccine injection…He described this once in an interview I saw…glta…I agree w JM that he will strip the demons raw and naked and exposed…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:35 AM

    Persecuted Christians In Israel Are Being Ethnically Cleansed. Is Anybody Listening?

      Apr 20, 2023 20:48 AM

      Sorry for the FAKE JEWS………….. not going to turn out as they plan…….. IF…
      They forgot to finish the book….
      One needs to decide the question ……. are the Christians in Israel real christians?
      Are the jews real jews….?
      Not all those who say they are christians are christians….
      Not all the Jews are real…… as we have covered this several times…

      from the text/article…..
      the land of the Israeli political entity belongs to second and third generation Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews immigrants.

        Apr 20, 2023 20:09 AM

        Fake christians………. many will come in my name…..
        There are many established Christian groups and charities dedicated to promoting war with Iran and supporting IDF, but virtually nothing dedicated to protecting Christians from Jewish aggression.

          Apr 20, 2023 20:21 AM

          Romans 12:2

          2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    Apr 20, 2023 20:59 AM

    well…it may not be paradise but maybe just gangster paradise, at least…..join the government/monopolies and become a gangster and grift the world…that is the working motto of the now…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:09 AM


      Apr 20, 2023 20:36 AM

      I was reaching Jerry…not trying to be boorish…it comes easily….lol

        Apr 20, 2023 20:42 AM

        Hey larry……….. I am sorry larry, the ZZZZZZZZZZ were meant for OWL…..

          Apr 20, 2023 20:11 AM

          it is ok…i always try to have 3 simultaneous voices in my head…helps things…ya know?…lol

    Apr 20, 2023 20:16 AM

    It is well-known to geologists in general and to volcanologists in particular, that a single large volcano belching gases during an eruption, is able to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the entire human race has contributed during the entire course of its existence.

    With over 200 active volcanoes, on average, spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day of every year, it is a no-brainer to come to the correct and truly scientific conclusion: carbon dioxide emissions contributed by people and their puny activities are totally insignificant.

    Furthermore, if the volcanoes want to belch carbon dioxide, there isn’t anything we can do about it.

    There is absolutely no sane reason for the Green Agenda, no reason for cow diapers, and more to the point, no reason for “Carbon Taxes” either.

      Apr 20, 2023 20:18 AM

      Dumb sheeple………..
      The Holy Bible says, in Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” And in verse 25b, “And God saw that it was good.” It was perfect in every way,

    Apr 20, 2023 20:22 AM

    HEY OWL………… what do you think?
    from Anna

    A consortium of self-interested Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, including DOD, INC., and the infamous Gates Foundation, and all the hand-maiden franchises owned and operated by the DOD, INC. — NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ, FBI, etc. plus other collaborators of the same kind, the UN, WHO, etc. — saw an opportunity to employ their stockpile of already outlawed biological weapons for their commercial and regulatory enhancement— and personal financial gain.

    That is all that underlies the purported Pandemic: reckless commercial self-interest illegally and unlawfully and immorally imposed on entire countries and billions of people under color of law and all via pretended authority.

    Not a single new proven-to-exist infectious disease has ever been in sight, but a “gene therapy” and illegal RF tracking and monitoring nanotechnology and experimental pathogens disguised and all misnamed and misrepresented as a “vaccination” — that is in plain sight.

    Apr 20, 2023 20:34 AM

    hey al…do you think civilization, in general, will become a full out central technocracy anti-human dystopian nightmare?……common al…go for it…be creative and imaginative…..the time is now…i want to know what you think on this everything topic..glta

    Apr 20, 2023 20:42 AM

    Hey larry , …. left you a message above on the ZZZZ

    Apr 20, 2023 20:52 AM

    House Republicans pass bill to ban transgender women, girls from school sports teams

    Apr 20, 2023 20:08 AM

    Rich Democrats advocate for more tax…….

    How honest are they?

    Apr 20, 2023 20:01 AM
      Apr 20, 2023 20:09 AM

      BAR Law…………..

    Apr 20, 2023 20:09 AM

    Hey Chartster……………..
    Derek Johnson was on fire the other day , concerning the constitution…..
    thanks for the lead….