An even busier day in the political world than yeterday.

Big Al
April 20, 2023
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Could this be sayonara for the Biden team?

    Apr 20, 2023 20:10 PM

    Bite’em ain’t going anywhere….nothing will happen to him or to Hunter or any other member of his crime family…Bite’em will run again and win again because Demonrats and the Deep State will do whatever needs to be done to win…cheat, murder…you name it.

      Apr 20, 2023 20:54 PM

      …and if you don’t believe that….well, just ask Seth Rich…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:14 PM

    Donald Kushner-Netanyahu needs to come clean on Operation Warped Speed. He needs to admit the whole thing was a huge evil instead of continuing to tell everyone how wonderful the “vaccines” are.

    Apr 20, 2023 20:46 PM

    al whats with trolling on behalf the medical cartel for all these years …could you provide a rational for that please,,,,,thank you

    how is doc freda number one medical troll?…do you still not care about the autism epidemic caused by the childhood vaccination series?…sage

      Apr 20, 2023 20:00 PM

      A busier day in politics. What a joke. The whole moronic political orchestra may be playing away as the country burns, but they don’t understand how they waste and destroy by incompetence.

    Apr 20, 2023 20:54 PM


    Apr 20, 2023 20:54 PM

    Mr. Big Al Korelin, Seattle is a zoo…maybe you’re going to have to call your place Fort Aljoyan…it might be too dangerous for you to get around by car…but there ‘s no reason you can’t get around with these…you could fly right off the Aljoyan roof…and don’t forget your rifle…like the guys in the video…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:03 PM

    More Biden Bananas…Biden Banana Republic Corruption…no wonder Uncle Joe and Hunter are smiling…

    And Merick Garlick committed a felony…being the lying little weasel he is…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:09 PM

    An Evil Demonrat semi-Congress Critter is threatening Taibbi with prison…

    Apr 20, 2023 20:21 PM
    Apr 20, 2023 20:34 PM

    The rest of the world looked away from America for 30 seconds and missed the changeover to banana republic……

    Apr 20, 2023 20:48 PM
    Apr 20, 2023 20:56 PM

    Piling on? ……. Of course. are Joe or Hunter even charged yet?

    Apr 21, 2023 21:11 AM

    genetic toxin …nonrecoverable/un-reversable…jab forever…glta
    jabbed to you by the 99% plus conforming anti-health anti-human stooge conforming brainwashed docs….for a commission of 250 to 750 dollar/jab….follow the money…sage…..childhood vax series very profitable for the good docs…thousands of those corrupted incentives…

    minute 2:30 or so…glta

    Apr 21, 2023 21:02 AM

    liar, LIAR…………biden

    Apr 21, 2023 21:00 AM


    Apr 21, 2023 21:07 AM

    Apr 21 3 Ways the World Order is Changing Ray Dalio YT @321gold

    If ray is right it looks like everything thats happening now is entirely normal.

    Apr 21, 2023 21:40 AM
    Apr 21, 2023 21:38 AM

    Real Clear politics

    I might have run across this site here but in case I didnt , thought I would post it as people here are interested in american politics.

      Apr 21, 2023 21:59 AM

      “”No one f–ks with a Biden.” That statement by President Joe Biden last year to a Florida mayor seems more than just a boast after a whistleblower at the Internal Revenue Service recently surfaced. “

      Apr 21, 2023 21:01 AM

      “CBS News reported last year that more than 150 SAR reports involve Hunter and Jim, the clan’s two main influence-peddlers.”

      Apr 21, 2023 21:02 AM

      People better be very careful what they say about Biden…The Clintons aren’t the only ones who can have a kill list…

    Apr 21, 2023 21:52 AM

    This is pure genius, and so important to see:

      Apr 21, 2023 21:07 PM

      To be blunt, it’s a widely recognized really indisputable fact that every piece of computerized voting equipment in use at polling places today can be easily compromised in ways that have the potential to disrupt election operations, compromise firmware and software, and potentially alter vote tallies in the absence of other safeguards.

      from your submitted text/vid………………… I THINK I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS…..
      If, you run down the OWNERSHIP of the Machines.. you can see that plain and simple.
      I submitted that info….. last year.

    Apr 21, 2023 21:16 PM

    What I think is funny is cyber attacks on voting machines keep getting blamed on foreign entitys. Why does it have to be foreign?

    Our government doesnt need anything foreign to be corrupt.

      Apr 21, 2023 21:26 PM

      Foreign owners of the machines…… just to confuse the crowd….
      The voting machines are all owned by a company overseas….
      I need to dig the info back up……

      Apr 21, 2023 21:29 PM

      “OUR “……so called govt was taken over back in 1871……

    Apr 21, 2023 21:33 PM

    EXCLUSIVE: National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’
    Some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers, including election officials in key swing states are gathering to discuss the 2024 election at a secret summit at the “Spy Museum” in DC.
    APR 21

      Apr 21, 2023 21:36 PM


        Apr 21, 2023 21:45 PM

        And now, ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, a group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including Secretaries of State, are set to have a secret Elections summit in Washington DC from May 8-May 9 called “Summit on American Democracy”. One would think that Election officials who are concerned about Democracy would be transparent with their actions, and invite members of the public to attend their summit. But, this upcoming election summit is “invite only” and not open to the public. Additionally, in their effort to openly mock election integrity advocates who they have dismissed and defamed as “conspiracy theorists”, the summit is being hosted at the “International Spy Museum” in Washington DC.

        The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is organizing and hosting the conference. CEIR was founded in 2016 by David Becker, who also founded the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN). Becker previously worked at Pew Charitable Trusts, where he organized the creation of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Prior to working at Pew, Becker was the Director of People for the American Way (PFAW) and also worked in the U.S. Department of Justice as a litigator. However, in 2005, a formal ethics complaint was filed against Becker when he was a trial lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. At the time, Brad Scholzman, was the acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division, and he said Becker did one of “the most unethical things I’ve ever seen” and called Becker “a hard-core leftist and a classic case of someone who should have been disbarred.” Scholzman also added that Becker “Couldn’t stand conservatives.”

        Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a multi-state partnership which claims to allow states to share voter registration data with each other. It is currently used by over 30 states within the United States, but its critics argue that it enables election fraud and violates data privacy.

          Apr 21, 2023 21:48 PM

          However, founded by Becker, a hard core Leftist activist, CEIR is documented as being a SOROS tied advocacy group that provides grants and conducts research to increase Democrat voter turnout in swing states. Becker created CEIR in 2016 in response to President Trump’s election, which Becker claims was the result of “foreign interference”. However,Becker and CEIR clearly have no issue with election interference, because in August 2020, less than three months before the Presidential election, CEIR accepted $69.5 million from Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife, Priscilla Chan to create more mail in ballot drop boxes in key swing states under the guise of “COVID-19 safety precautions”.

            Apr 21, 2023 21:49 PM

            David Becker wrote a book titled, “The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of the Big Lie.” His book paints all MAGA supporters who question the legitimacy of the 2020 election results as naive, brainwashed, or subject to an effective disinformation campaign. Mind you, Becker not only believes, but also perpetuated the lies that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, that Jan 6th was a “violent insurrection”, and that the 2020 election was the most transparent and verifiable election in US history.

            Becker’s upcoming summit has an invite only hidden guest list, and a Speaker list and agenda that currently features six Secretary of States (NV RI, CO, GA,NM, NJ), Major Garrett, CBS New’s Chief Washington correspondent, Sarah Longwell, Publisher of The Bulwark, an American anti-Trump conservative news and opinion website, and Ben Ginsburg, the Co-Chair of the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN).

            Of the election officials who are listed as speakers at the CEIR summit, some have received national exposure for their refusal to look thoroughly into reported voter fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections, including Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling, the chief operating officer of Georgia’s Office of the Secretary of State, and Bill Gates, the County Supervisor in Maricopa County, Arizona.

            These elected officials have been brought together and invited to speak by David Becker because of their use of ERIC, the program he created. ERIC is a voluntary contract membership between states and ERIC. States that use ERIC must pay up to $2 million of tax-payer- money annually. In March of 2023, Becker resigned from ERIC after three GOP states dropped ERIC due to Becker’s radical Leftist associations and financial ties to George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg.

            Apr 21, 2023 21:51 PM

            After being exposed as a radical Left-wing activist who pretends to be non-partisan in an effort to interfere with the outcome of US elections in key swing states (with funding from Soros and Zuckerberg), it appears that Becker is using CEIR to continue his partisan election activism, but behind closed doors.

            Apr 21, 2023 21:52 PM

            It should concern all American voters that elected officials, including Secretary of States are secretly convening in our nation’s capital ahead of the 2024 Presidential election with a Leftist activist who resigned in disgrace and has a documented history of acting in an unethical and corrupt manner to push his Leftist political agenda.

            While CEIR’s website only features about eight speakers as of now, the agenda for the summit indicates that there are several panels and additional speakers who have not been listed on the site. However, the event is invite only by design to conceal the contents of the summit from the public. The Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) is a project of CEIR, and is listed on CEIR’s website. EOLDN says its purpose is to connect licensed, qualified, pro bono attorneys with election administrators who need advice or assistance. As a branch of CEIR, EOLDN advisory board members have also been invited to attend the secret election summit in DC.

            Apr 21, 2023 21:35 PM


            If you havnt, take te time to watch Dalio @ 321 gold.

            The american empire is finished and the pattern of demise is being followed almost to a “T”.

    Apr 21, 2023 21:39 PM

    Appearing on the most-watched US news show, the presidential candidate called Kiev’s casualties unsustainable

    Many Ukrainians are dying for the sake of a US proxy war against Russia, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said, shortly after announcing he would challenge President Joe Biden for the presidential nomination as a Democrat.

    “We’re killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers,” Kennedy told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday evening. “Nobody talks about this. There’s 14,000 Ukrainian civilians that died, but 300,000 troops. Russians are killing Ukrainians at a 7:1 to 8:1 ratio. They cannot sustain this. What we’re being told about this war is just not true.”

    More people are coming out and reaching the msm with the truth of it.

    Apr 21, 2023 21:40 PM

    Back in late March, top American General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the United States of America would be doubling its military budget in case the Kiev regime was defeated by Russia.

    Last days of ROME…… if, the sheeple do not REVOLT……
    the bankerster have had it planned for a long time…… ever since 1700s..
    Problem with sheeple , they like circus and bread….
    Oh, and their F150 Truck, that cost $75,000 …. lol
    Pride goeth before the Fall….

    BTW….. I watched Ray D…..thanks

      Apr 21, 2023 21:18 PM

      Last days indeed and the pigs at the trough are going to get everything they possibly can from us. And you got to watch the pigs at the local level. They just got a sales tax increase through last November and before that they jacked up the sewer tax then after they sales tax went through they jacked up the sewer tax again. They are now in the process of increasing the building fees on new houses. It’s going to add $19,000 to the cost of a new house. And for most here houses are already far too unaffordable. Anyway, most of this money will wind up going to the city’s pension deficit, a bottomless hole.

        Apr 22, 2023 22:38 AM

        GOVT VS SHEEPLE…………… and the pigs within…..

    Apr 21, 2023 21:53 PM

    The TRAITOR biden is pushing “equity” NOT OUT OF ANY DESIRE FOR FAIRNESS.

    The Traitor biden is pushing equity to bust neighborhoods into voting for HIM, the piece of corrupt scum.