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April 22, 2023
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  • Segment 1 – We introduce the program with some overall comments about the upcoming primaries.
  • Segment 2 – More potentials in the upcoming primaries.
  • Segment 3 – Potential problems in the upcoming primaries for the candidates.
  • Segment 4 – How is America viewed in the international theater?

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    Apr 22, 2023 22:20 AM

    I believe biden STOLE the 2020 election to acquire control as Pretendent, simply because without control of the DoJ he WOULD BE IN JAIL ALREADY.
    If not suggested by Obama, this action was a pretty obvious move for biden, because Obama had used similar tactics.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:23 AM

    I believe biden STOLE the 2020 election to acquire control as Pretendent, simply because without control of the DoJ he WOULD BE IN JAIL ALREADY.
    If not suggested by Obama, this action was a pretty obvious move for biden, because Obama had used similar tactics.

      Apr 22, 2023 22:51 AM

      If you don’t believe the 2020 election was stolen, please explain the 2000 mules operation, which took immense organisation. (Why was the effort made by the DNC?)

    Apr 22, 2023 22:24 AM

    Appearing on the most-watched US news show, the presidential candidate called Kiev’s casualties unsustainable

    Many Ukrainians are dying for the sake of a US proxy war against Russia, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said, shortly after announcing he would challenge President Joe Biden for the presidential nomination as a Democrat.

    “We’re killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers,” Kennedy told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday evening. “Nobody talks about this. There’s 14,000 Ukrainian civilians that died, but 300,000 troops. Russians are killing Ukrainians at a 7:1 to 8:1 ratio. They cannot sustain this. What we’re being told about this war is just not true.”

      Apr 24, 2023 24:45 AM

      The Ukrainian losses your present are not even close to true. If so, the Russians would be taking significant ground.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:27 AM

    Biden’s Lies Are Collapsing James Bovard, New York Post

    Apr 22, 2023 22:31 AM

    Most Democrats don’t want Biden to run even as he readies announcement

    Apr 22, 2023 22:33 AM

    Trump Wants to End DeSantis’s 2024 Campaign Before It Even Begins
    Story by Nancy Cook and Mark Niquette • Yesterday 1:25 PM

    (Bloomberg) — Former President Donald Trump is girding to take a swing at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on one of the things his chief rival is proudest of: his handling of his state’s economy.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:39 AM

    Big Al, you appear not to understand how dangerous the mRNA vaccines are.
    Based on the preponderance of the evidence indicates, NOT ONLY does the vaccine damage every individual’s innate immunity for all diseases, IT DOES IT FOREVER (no cure known). BUT ALSO for some individuals there are other examples of serious damage caused by the vaccine, such as pericarditis, myocarditis.

      Apr 22, 2023 22:54 AM

      Owl…… did not listen before, do you think he is listening now…. ?
      Owl if, you read this, ……. thanks for having the program available
      for potentially helping others open their eyes to different subject matters.
      Respectfully…….. OOTB

        Apr 22, 2023 22:10 AM

        My thougts as well. I dont think Al has the same enthusiasm as he once did.

        I dont find american politics entertaining, I would rather this site go all bible/koran/buhda etc
        Throw in some Graham Hancock.

        At least there might be some interesting conversations.

        Course there are people that find politics interesting.
        Al does 😉

          Apr 22, 2023 22:31 AM

          Once you find it is all rigged….. against the sheeple…… it is not funny anymore….
          Term limits and ending the Fed…….. just a pipe dream….. for the dreamers coming to
          america….. Disney was dream land…. Coke for hope…… Drugs and trafficing….
          When politicians become multimillionaires on the back of the sheeple….something is wrong.
          Jabbing the hell out of the sheeple is and was wrong…..
          Political justice…. is coming for the nut jobs , sooner or later….

          Apr 22, 2023 22:42 AM

          As an elderly person myself, recognizing the difficulty of inputting and storing data in my own brain, I fear Big Al is begin to have problems with age. I believe he recognizes the problem, but has not found any easy solution.
          The only solution I have found is tedious repetition.

        Apr 22, 2023 22:58 AM

        low awareness low iq sheeple brain…no help is possible

      Apr 22, 2023 22:34 AM

      If you are ignorant on the dangers of the covid vaccine, please allow this professor to enlighten you….

    Apr 22, 2023 22:49 AM

    April 21, 2018
    The Media War On Truthful Reporting And Legitimate Opinions – A Documentary

    Early in life I have noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper, but in Spain, for the first time, I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship which is implied in an ordinary lie.

      Apr 22, 2023 22:28 PM

      I miss the chance to be able to goof off in the Algarve or around the corner in the Costa del Sol.

      Covid-19 changed my life in perpetuity.
      Fauci has a lot to answer for.

      Apr 23, 2023 23:34 PM

      There is a lot of meat in that article………….. thanks….b.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:53 AM

    U.S. Cuts Itself Off From Future Chinese Profits
    Yesterday Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen gave a speech on the U.S.-China economic relationship. It’s a bit like of declaration of war:

    Our economic approach to China has three principal objectives.

      Apr 22, 2023 22:00 AM

      USCORPORATION/Banker fraudster……… make their money by War….. drugs…ect…
      Yellen is part of the problem.. I think she is part fake jew….
      It is all an inside operation…. every sheeple should know that by now.
      Some sheeple need to go back and do the homework on the creation of the FAKE FED.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:02 AM

    Lack of Arms? Start of Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Reportedly Postponed ‘Indefinitely’

    The US and its allies have already supplied arms to Ukraine worth billions of dollars, something that comes amid concerns over some of the weapons ending up on the black market.
    Kiev planned to begin a counteroffensive against Russian forces this month, but the lack of weapons “has pushed the launch date back indefinitely,” Ukrainian lawmaker Alexandra Ustinova told a US news outlet.

      Apr 23, 2023 23:08 PM

      I have come across what I know at this point as just rumors that NATO has gathered 250K troops in Poland in preparation for an invasion of Russia. Does anyone else know anything about that? If that is indeed the case that would be a very troubling development, foretelling WW III in which we here in America would not get away as untouched as the population was during those prior wars.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:46 AM
    Apr 22, 2023 22:30 AM

    Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, has proposed a bold exchange involving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and convicted Russian nationals Vladimir Kara-Murza, Paul Whelan, and Evan Gershkovich. The controversial offer comes amidst ongoing international tension surrounding espionage and treason allegations.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:31 AM

    De-dollarisation: Bangladesh dumps US currency, becomes 19th country to trade with India in rupees

    Apr 22, 2023 22:01 AM

    Hah! Commiefornia was taken in by Mr. Poopy Pants…and even Dianne Crapstein….

    “And it wasn’t hard: Someone claiming to be U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein got paid. There was a John Doe and even a Mr. Poopy Pants. They all got money.”

    But what do you expect from Fecefornia?

    Apr 22, 2023 22:07 AM

    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” – Aesop

      Apr 22, 2023 22:48 PM

      Petty thieves aren’t hanged in Commiefornia…they are allowed to steal and are given money.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:07 AM

    What would be a blogger’s list of the Best changes biden has made for the country ?

      Apr 22, 2023 22:49 PM

      Ask AJ…

    Apr 22, 2023 22:58 AM

    WE THE PEOPLE……………………………………..Saturday, April 22, 2023
    The war on freedom
    April 18, 2023 7:00 AM

    Craig Johnson, Yaak

    The current earth’s population of humans is estimated to be approximately 8 billion souls.

    And within that number not a single one or group of ones has the right to initiate force, threat of force or fraud against another’s life, freedom and property.

    Force, retaliatory force is justified only in defense against the one’s initiating force, threat of force or fraud.

    No exceptions exist.

    This premise applies irrespective if one claims to be a group of voters, tribes, governments, corporations, etc. One cannot grant or vote a right to another or groups (irrespective of the numbers), that they themselves do not have.

    The nature of life requires humans to create and produce the values necessary to sustain one’s life and as value creators our relationship to each other is the voluntary fair exchange of values.

    Value Creator’s life requires the freedom to create and not be harmed by another.

    Survival pressure dictated that men form societies with the division of labor concept wherein one could trade the products of his/her creation thus becoming more efficient then if one had to produce all the values necessary to sustain one’s life.

    For these societies to peacefully function and prosper men had to operate on the basis of honesty, fairness and accountability, allowing all to be more efficient and productive while providing more values to exchange and accumulate.

    Creating prosperity through value creation requires freedom and honesty, as opposed to the value destruction of the external authority cult we have today that’s based on fraud.

    Throughout history, attempts have been made to protect individual freedom through concepts of justice and law. Some good examples have been the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the latter being resisted by the federalist while debating ratification of the American Constitution as being unnecessary due to the fact that the proposed constitution only granted “few and defined” enumerated powers in a federal government (See: Federalist and anti-federalist ratification debates).

    And look at this fraudulent corporate monstrosity we are currently tolerating.

    Long before the Magna Carta, war of independence the bill of rights, it has always been immoral/wrong for conscious man to initiate force, threat of force and fraud against his fellow man.

    Let’s be clear, nowhere during man’s history did any man/woman gain the right or permission to be an authority over another (parents have limited authority over their dependent children).

    The American Bill of Rights (Dec. 15, 1791) with its 10 articles codified this fact in law. Yet today we see those article’s being infringed upon repeatedly.

    You can see how vigorously the 2nd Article is being infringed. The 2nd article is codified law with its language recognizing the natural right to defense with arms and the Americans lawful remedy if and when the state of freedom was not being preserved.

    Men who attempt to gain the unearned and undeserved insist on placing themselves in positions of perceived power as your authority and plan to get away with their crimes. They have used the ill-gotten gains derived from that power to remove your common law courts and means of redress, justice.

    They spray you from the skies above with chemical concoctions, they have monopolized the control and production of the products we have become dependent upon, they contaminate your food and body care products, they have distorted and monopolized the information sources, the education sources, food production, medicine and the sciences.

    Disinformation and propaganda are the norm. All in an attempt to control your resources, health, perception of reality and also to retard the evolution of your consciousness, for if only you could see through the fraud, there goes their (the self-proclaimed ruling class) way of life.

    Take for example the insistence on convincing you that their motive and role is to provide for your general welfare and safety, just look what that has brought us with untold fraudulent wars and death, the war on/of terror and the destructive war on drugs.

    While I do not condone the irrationality and destructive nature of drug abuse, there is great evidence that the drug war is merely serving as a means to increase police state powers while infringing on our freedoms. Many have suggested evidence that the drug cartels are being partnered and managed by government agencies (see one example in the San Jose Mercury News The series, DARK ALLIANCE: THE STORY BEHIND THE CRACK EXPLOSION).

    In my small rural community of approx. 500 they have installed a license plate reader/camera in the guise of the war on drugs making us all collateral damage of this warrantless surveillance. While in other communities they use the war on drugs to rationalize roadside body cavity searches, no knock raids, civil asset forfeitures and many other infringements all in the guise of keeping our community’s safe.

    These value destroying leeches on humanity are bringing us into a worldwide state of severe survival pressure, and in the problem, reaction, solution dynamic they will offer you continued false flags, NSA surveillance, population reduction, financial collapse, central bank digital currencies, weaponized injections, GMO foods, social credit scores, 15 min. cities, kill boxes and a top-down world governance where reportedly you will own nothing and be happy.

    These value destroyers will not stop their war on freedom until we muster the courage to stop them and stop them we must! It has always been the responsibility of all to defend their freedoms. If you are a free American, act like it!

    The technologies of destruction are advancing to the point that our children and grandchildren will be nearly powerless against them.

    And even if you are not ready to rise and assume the responsibility of self-defense, at least see the need to get informed and stop voting for your and my enslavement and definitely stop licking the boots of these pretend authorities, giving them the semblance of legitimacy.

    It’s pathetic.

      Apr 22, 2023 22:22 PM

      well said Jerry…..

        Apr 22, 2023 22:41 PM

        thanks larry……………..

        Apr 23, 2023 23:58 AM

        I agree Jerry, thing is, what I see is young people want to be controlled and watched.
        Strange thinking if you ask me but, when I explain to people the consequences of not using cash as an example, they prefer digital.
        Even when they understand they give up privacy and freedom.

        It looks to me there is a collective conciousness happening and thats the direction it wants to go.

        I believe something has to happen to get those people to “shake their heads”, what that is I have no idea.

          Apr 23, 2023 23:52 PM

          Youth are brain drained…… from a public education , all designed.
          The board of education, should not exist… almost total perversion at this
          time , and the parents are way behind the curve… Boomers fell asleep,
          trusting the fake govt…

    Apr 22, 2023 22:25 PM

    The Green Climate Fund

    Obama gave $3 Billion of our dollars to this fund.

    biden just made another contribution which brings his gift our money up to just over $ 2 Billion.

    What does this fund do ? Some of what it is supposed to do…..look it up…..interesting.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:54 PM

    And 9/11 wasn’t an inside job???

    Nothing to see here, boys…just move along now….

      Apr 22, 2023 22:10 PM

      Did congress ever come up with anything……. lol………..

        Apr 22, 2023 22:07 PM

        Hi Eddie, Jerry:
        As far as 9/11 goes, there is only one question that needs to be asked.
        How many people were prosecuted for aiding and abetting the 9/11 hijackers?
        Of course they had no help.
        With that being said; I’m sure everything will be just hunky dory after the next Presidential election.
        Question #2. How will the next Presidential election solve this? U S Debt clock .org.

          Apr 22, 2023 22:52 PM

          John, where you been? How were the crops this year? Hell of a time to be in ag.

          Apr 22, 2023 22:57 PM

          Not many know it…but Commiefornia is a very big ag state…the biggest ag state in the whole country…but it’s got to stop sending checks to Mr. Poopy Pants and John Doe….a waste of ag money…

          “And it wasn’t hard: Someone claiming to be U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein got paid. There was a John Doe and even a Mr. Poopy Pants. They all got money.”

            Apr 22, 2023 22:00 PM

            Hey, if the Gooberment of Commiefornia wrote a check to Mr. Poopy Pants do you know what that means? Gabby Newsom wrote a check to himself…

          Apr 22, 2023 22:59 PM

          You are right, John. And the Us Gooberment is the biggest criminal enterprise the world has ever known.

          Apr 22, 2023 22:45 PM

          Hello John
          Glad to hear from you…….
          Every time 9/11 comes up , I think of you… and your efforts.
          I always appreciate hearing from you.
          Stay safe…….

          Oh,…..and TWO GREAT QUESTIONS…….

            Apr 22, 2023 22:01 PM

            John………… you already know this………but , I know you like reading…
            the answer to one of the questions… NO. 2

            Quote from “Theft by Deception”

            “On the night of December 23, 1913 the United States Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and thereby committed the greatest act of TREASON in history.” [NOTE: THE GROUP TAKING THIS ACTION IS THE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS.]

            “It surrendered this nation’s sovereignty and sold the American people into slavery to a cabal of arch-charlatan international bankers who proceeded to plunder, bankrupt, and conquer this nation with a money swindle.” [NOTE: THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY POWER TO “SURRENDER THIS NATION’S SOVEREIGNTY” — THIS WAS AN IN-HOUSE BUSINESS SWINDLE INVOLVING THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION AND ITS “CITIZENRY” — FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES AND THEIR DEPENDENTS –NOT RANK AND FILE AMERICANS.]

            Apr 22, 2023 22:03 PM

            There is a wonderful expose that has been kicking around the patriot community since 2010, called “Theft by Deception”. The Author did a great job of painting the framework of The Great Fraud — the problem with it is that the people reading it don’t have the background to interpret it correctly.

            So today, we are going to take a direct quote from “Theft by Deception” and I am going to annotate it, so that you can read it and know who is doing what and make sense of what is being said.

            Start by realizing that wherever you see the words “the United States” the Author is talking about a foreign commercial corporation which is a Subcontractor of our American Government.

            Wherever you see the words “the United States of America” the Author is talking about another foreign commercial corporation Subcontractor of our American Government, which sometimes acts as a rival of “the United States” Incorporated.

            Since the 1870’s both these foreign Service Vendors have been operating as incorporated entities, and their business has been overseen by the members of the District (Territorial) Congress acting in two separate capacities.

            As the District Congress, what you are familiar with as “Congress” today, they oversee the District of Columbia Territorial Government, organized as a commercial corporation in the business of providing government services– that is, the United States of America (Incorporated).

            As the Municipal Congress, the same members put on a different hat and serve as the plenary government of Washington, DC, and serve the interests of a different commercial corporation: the United States (Incorporated).

            Throughout the following except from “Theft by Deception” the entities being described are these corporations and actions undertaken by Members of Congress acting as their respective Boards of Directors.

            Always remember that the actual American Government is unincorporated. Also remember that only incorporated entities can go bankrupt. So our American Government is not and never has been bankrupted, sold to anyone, or merged with any other corporation at all.

            All that talk about bankruptcy that has been the focus of so much concern, directly impacts our foreign Service Providers — not us.

            Even though I disapprove of using all capital script, I am going to use it today to distinguish between the words of the actual quoted material from “Theft by Deception” and my annotations which appear in all capital text below:

            SHEEPLE NEED TO WAKE UP…………..

            Apr 22, 2023 22:06 PM

            “The “money” the banks issue is merely bookkeeping entries. It costs them nothing and is not backed by their wealth, efforts, property, or risk. It is not redeemable except in more debt paper. The Federal Reserve Act forced us to pay compound interest on thin air. We now use worthless “notes” backed by our own credit that we cannot own and are made subject to compelled performance for the “privilege”. [NOTE: THIS IS A GOOD EXPLANATION OF WHAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT PROMOTED AS A FRAUD SCHEME, BUT WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO IT. THIS SWINDLE WAS ADOPTED BY A COMMERCIAL CORPORATION AND APPLIES ONLY TO ITS OWN “CITIZENRY” — IT’S EMPLOYEES AND DEPENDENTS.]

            “From 1913 until 1933, the United States paid the “interest” with more and more gold. [ACTING IN BREACH OF TRUST, THE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ‘BORROWED” OUR GOLD; HAD NONE OF THEIR OWN.] The structured inevitability soon transpired: the Treasury was empty, the debt was greater than ever, and the United States [THE CORPORATION] declared bankruptcy.


            “In exchange for using notes belonging to bankers who create them out of nothing on our own credit, we are forced to repay in substance (labor, property, land, businesses, resources, life in ever-increasing amounts. This may have been the greatest heist and fraud of all time.”


            “When a government goes bankrupt, [THEIR CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, NOT OURS] it loses its sovereignty. In 1933 the United States [MUNICIPAL CORPORATION] declared bankruptcy, as expressed in Roosevelt’s Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, and 6260, House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, confirmed in Perry v. United States, (1935) 294 U.S. 330-381, 79 L.Ed 912, as well as 31 USC 5112, 5119, and 12 USC 95A.”

            “The bankrupt United States [CORPORATION]went into receivership, reorganized in favor of 115 creditors and new owners. In 1913, Congress turned over America… lock, stock and barrel to a handful of criminals whose avowed intent from the beginning was to plunder, bankrupt, conquer, and enslave the people of the United States of America and eliminate this nation from the face of the earth. [NOT “AMERICA”– THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION ONLY.] The goal was, and is, to absorb America into a one-world private commercial government, a “New World Order.”

            “On March 9, 1933 President Roosevelt called for the passing of The WAR POWERS ACT TITLE 12 USC. Section 95 (a) and 95 (b). This act declared all United States Citizens [THAT IS, THE CITIZENRY OF THE OTHER COMMERCIAL CORPORATION, THE DISTRICT SERVICE PROVIDER] to be the enemy of the United States Government, and placed us [THEM] under permanent Emergency Rule, bypassing Constitutional constraints on government. [NOTE: WAR POWERS WERE NEVER GRANTED TO ANY INCORPORATED ENTITY; ALTHOUGH THE ACTUAL GOVERNMENT IN CHARGE OF THE CAPITOL IS “PLENARY” IT IS PLENARY FOR ONE PURPOSE ONLY — TO PROVIDE A NEUTRAL MEETING GROUND AT THE FEDERAL CAPITOL.]


            “We are now in an international private commercial jurisdiction in colorable admiralty-maritime under the Law Merchant.” [NO, WE AREN’T — THEY ARE, AND THEY ARE TREATING US ‘AS IF’ WE WERE PART OF THEIR UNFORTUNATE CITIZENRY WHEN WE ARE NOT.]

            “We have been conned and betrayed out of our sovereignty, rights, property, freedom, common law, Article III Courts, and The Bill of Rights has been statutized into “civil rights” in commerce. You have destroyed the Republic. America has been stolen.” [NOT EXACTLY. THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC WAS RENDERED INOPERABLE IN 1860, SO NO NEWS THERE. THE FEDERATION OF STATES RECEIVED BACK THE REPUBLIC’S DELEGATED POWERS BY OPERATION OF LAW. NO PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT WAS “STOLEN” BY THESE CON ARTISTS, INSTEAD, WE HAVE BEEN MISREPRESENTED AS MUNICIPAL CITIZENS, AND AS SUCH SUBJECTED TO THEIR LAW. IT REMAINS FOR US TO REPUDIATE ANY CLAIM OF MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP.]

            End of the quoted and annotated material from “Theft by Deception”.

            As you can see, the situation and position of the actual Americans is very, very different from the situation for Federal Civil Servants who work for and are dependent upon “the United States, Incorporated”, but if you were to read this without the specialized knowledge contained in the annotations, you would be left with the idea that we were all bound to the same circumstance as the Federal Civil Servants.

            That’s what the Perpetrators always wanted you to think and assume, so that they could continue to play their deceptive games and go on plundering and pillaging the General Populace — not just Federal Civil Servants who make up the “citizenry” of the Municipal Corporation.
            It remains for us to gain the skill needed to read material like “Theft by Deception” from our own point of view — not theirs. And asset our standing and status as Americans who are not “members of the city or the district”.

    Apr 22, 2023 22:06 PM

    The real origin of covid-19:

    Apr 22, 2023 22:58 PM

    You boys see this???

    And Stoltenberg said Ukraine will become a member of NATO (NUTSO)

      Apr 23, 2023 23:48 AM

      all that makes sense..allmost none of the nato centric propaganda makes sense…thanks ED

      Apr 23, 2023 23:27 AM

      Good post EB.
      I recall reading about that attack, southfront or military summary maybe.

      Kinda proves the point yet again msm isnt worth following other than entertainment or to see what people are believing.

      Interesting thoughts about the beginning of the end of nato and very interesting it being suppressed to avoid a nuke war.
      Thats a positive thought I would say.

        Apr 23, 2023 23:42 PM

        ditto……… on… worthless MSN…….. waste of time..if, you are looking for truth …

      Apr 23, 2023 23:24 PM

      Very interesting report Ebo…. important bunker hit…. 200 dead…. possible, but that’s a lot of important dead to cover-up… hard to verify…
      Found this:

    Apr 23, 2023 23:05 AM

    Americans pressing for war Eb, standard procedure.

    I just listened to a Martin Armstrong interview, he explained how the americans were brought into ww2.

    Very few people understand the americans had broken the Japanese codes and Pearl Harbour was not surprise at all.

    Herbert O yardly broke the codes in the 30s, he writes about it in, The Education of a Poker Player.

      Apr 23, 2023 23:47 PM

      The Fake USCORPORATION.GOVT…… wanted war….. that is all they know…
      sheeple can not figure it out……. Pearl Harbor, 9/11……. so slow….pathetic …

    Apr 23, 2023 23:24 AM

    And the trannies are going to war….against you…

    Apr 23, 2023 23:51 AM

    I had to post this one.
    We are getting reports of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering in numbers, but not just surredering, they are changing sides, joining the Russians saying they have had enuff of the Zelinsky regime.

    ISW Updates. A Riot Is Brewing In The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.04.23

      Apr 23, 2023 23:22 PM

      Meanwhile….. Did the New York Fed hire Blackrock to crash the dollar ?

        Apr 23, 2023 23:55 PM

        Blackrock…….. is part of it……… connect the dots to all the corporations…..
        they have all assisted in the demise of the country….

    Apr 23, 2023 23:19 PM
      Apr 23, 2023 23:35 PM

      The enemy is within…… the state……..

        Apr 23, 2023 23:28 PM

        So true Jerry… the enemy is within.
        China is a competitor… like Russia, another convenient distraction for our corrupt government… sure, China wants Taiwan reintegrated… but we agreed to a one China policy… and our support for continued Taiwan independence needs to be restrained… sorry, Hong Kong did not turn out very well, and Taiwan may follow a similar path… but like fighting to the last Ukrainian, fighting to the last Taiwanese will not turn out well.

          Apr 23, 2023 23:43 PM

          Glad you joined us Tommy…………
          Thanks for the input….. appreciate your contribution….

    Apr 23, 2023 23:10 PM

    HEY BIG OWL…………………………… DEMWHITS will NOT DEBATE……….
    going to put Kennedy in a now win position……… jmo

    After Disastrous Debates in 2020, Democrats Have Decided to Not Hold Presidential Debates in 2024

    Apr 23, 2023 23:11 PM

    Democrats would get rid of debates for the 2024 Democrats running for President. Democrats and communists know that you don’t need debates when the election is in the bag. Why debate? What a waste of time.

    It was reported on Friday that the Dems don’t think they need a debate.

    Well, this is disappointing news. The Washington Post reported Thursday that “the national Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.” It’s understandable: the Dems have a president, of sorts, and so they’re counting on the power of incumbency to help their superannuated kleptocrat get over the top again. However, it’s also immensely disappointing, because after years and years of Democratic presidential debates being dreary displays of candidates trying to out-socialist one another, 2024 Democratic primary debates would have actually had something to offer.

      Apr 23, 2023 23:38 PM


      Apr 23, 2023 23:22 PM

      More gifts to the poor……. why should anyone what to have a high credit score now…..
      Fleecing of the credit worthy….
      Of, course …….the usury of everything is out of hand.
      The jewish cabal has created this mess……. world rulers of the old kind.
      Another nail in the coffin of the sheeple…….
      Biden is a criminal…..

    Apr 23, 2023 23:10 PM

    Great explanation of why the covid shots are so dangerous…starts at 1:08:40 but listening to the whole thing if you can.

    Apr 24, 2023 24:34 AM

    I think this is worth re posting…Ray explains the cycles involved w the collapse we in USA are undergoing…It is sooo serious…the structure is already established…It does not appear to be a reversible or curable event at this stage…Please listen again…I have, 4 times, while working….It is real, It is cyclical, it has not even barley begun yet…It is the reality that the investing side correctly harps on daily….But Ray described this ‘thing’ in as few words as possible…post it to your wall and stare at it…glta

      Apr 24, 2023 24:30 AM

      Its a good vid Larry.
      If you look around you see its all happening now.

      Apr 24, 2023 24:52 AM

      Thanks larry…………….
      I agree with b……. and John
      John is spot on with DEBT PRINTING.

      Obvious to anyone paying attention, for years we have been in
      More obvious within the last 6 months.

      Apr 24, 2023 24:13 AM

      thanks for the video

      I agree with both b and John,,,,,

      John is spot on ,,, with it is DEBT…

        Apr 24, 2023 24:21 AM

        sorry for the double post….. but, one went missing for a few min…

    Apr 24, 2023 24:03 AM

    another scary Deagel report…they find USA a 3rd world country by 2025…assuming no hero steps up of course…glta

    Apr 24, 2023 24:44 AM

    Corrupt third world presidents should go to jail…..or worse.

    May that fate meet the members of the crime family that deserve ir.

      Apr 24, 2023 24:53 AM

      I just saw that…………..very interesting……… BIDEN AND THE SCUM….
      are really concerned …… There will no longer be anything close to the
      truth at Fox. Fox was just playing with everyone, allowing Tucker to speak,
      pretend and extend until election time, ….. getting close, and the sheeple
      will be blind sided again. Tucker only had 3 million viewers….

      Exposing the truth gets you fired , and this is control MSN, no truth allowed…

    Apr 24, 2023 24:03 AM

    Tucker is Gone ! The More Kinks Change The More Day stay the Same ! The Internet Prison The Cole !

    Apr 24, 2023 24:00 PM
      Apr 24, 2023 24:23 PM

      That is a good one………

      Apr 24, 2023 24:32 PM

      Yes Cool ! Chartster !

        Apr 24, 2023 24:43 PM

        Yes, but nothing will happen. The Clintons killed all sorts of people and operate an enormous charity fraud, the largest charity fraud the world has ever seen and probably will ever see.

        Yet nothing whatsoever happened to them. The same will be true for the Biden Crime Family.

          Apr 24, 2023 24:33 PM

          You are right EBO………………. NOTHING happened to Hilly and Billy……

    Apr 24, 2023 24:16 PM

    Susan Rice…………heading for the hills……… she is stepping down…..
    Sees the writing on the walls….

    Apr 24, 2023 24:42 PM

    OOps…………. DON DONE……………..
    And Now A “Stunned” Don Lemon Out At CNN

      Apr 24, 2023 24:46 PM

      A real lemon.

    Apr 24, 2023 24:05 PM

    An almost 10 year old Hillary speech,
    quite a contrast from recent speeches. She, too, is senile.

    Apr 24, 2023 24:11 PM

    An older Hillary speech.