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Big Al
April 26, 2023
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Did Aoc’s comment last Sunday cause Tucker to be fired?
    Apr 26, 2023 26:56 PM

    Where is IRISH………….??

      Apr 26, 2023 26:21 PM

      KER jail???? ☹️

        Apr 26, 2023 26:24 PM

        Not even close! He and all of you are way too important!

      Apr 26, 2023 26:23 PM

      I really hope that he is okay!

        Apr 26, 2023 26:27 PM

        Hi AL … Nice of You to take the time , to join us !!!!!!!!!!!

          Apr 26, 2023 26:32 PM

          It is going to be interesting to see how you generally feel when you move out of you family home; after your wife dies and you put you dog of eighteen years down because she is sick and then very shortly your youngest daugher has to put her dog of 19 years down with cancer. Yeah, I am a litle emotional down right now.

            Apr 26, 2023 26:46 PM

            Hi AL … So sorry to hear about the Dogs. Although i have never owned a dog , i have family & friends , who do, & i can see how a pet can become a member of a family. So i understand loosing a long loved dog , is like loosing a member of the Family…. Look on the bright side, they are having fun in doggy heaven, chaseing cats……….. lol

            Apr 26, 2023 26:23 PM

            Hi Al… you have my sympathy on your losses… any dog reaching 18 or 19 yrs has had a good long life… hopefully with many happy memories…. my 16 yr old dog is sick right now with pancreatitis… uncertain about her prognosis at this age.

        Apr 26, 2023 26:30 PM

        THANKS for popping in IRISH…… I was getting a little concerned…..
        appreciate you commenting….

        Apr 26, 2023 26:53 PM

        Thanks for the comment Irish. It is not simply the dogs. It is the whole phucking world!

        Don’t want to loose your friendship!


      Apr 26, 2023 26:37 PM

      CFS2000 ! Mast Know Where is IRISH ? ? ?

    Apr 26, 2023 26:01 PM
    Apr 26, 2023 26:01 PM

    OWL……..No doubt in my mind……… The Book of Revelations is correct.
    I think I will leave it at that. No use confusing the sheep.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:13 PM

      Stay Strong Man ! it’s all coming ! Jerry !

        Apr 26, 2023 26:02 PM

        Thanks Franky……… you do the same….

      Apr 26, 2023 26:55 PM

      Anyone who does not believe The Bible is really loosing out!

        Apr 26, 2023 26:57 PM

        By that I mean either The Old Testament, The New Testament or both! But then again, you know that about me!

        God Bless you!

          Apr 26, 2023 26:04 PM

          Thanks Owl for the followup……..
          And God Bless You……. Stay Strong… This World is temporary…..
          The Devil is ticked , his time is short… pray for the lost souls,
          God would like them all to be saved,…that is why he extended GRACE.
          Faith, Believe…. Do not fold…..

    Apr 26, 2023 26:16 PM

    Sint Jimmy , Al , Cory , The Boys The Transgenders infiltrate everywhere even in the Highest Class Pleases !

      Apr 26, 2023 26:51 PM

      I enjoyued the video a lot. Thank you Franky!

    Apr 26, 2023 26:42 PM

    COPIED ……. from other page………….. I THOUGHT this was worth a comment…..
    thanks b……………

    southfront fan
    9 hours ago
    Daniel Mcadams from the liberty report on cross talk @RT says people can now get 10 years for disagreeing with the governments actions.

    Free country? free speech. 😉 lol

    OOTB Jerry
    7 hours ago
    lol….. is right……… FREEDOM is everyone’s RIGHT……..
    Only the ignorant do not get it.

    OOTB Jerry
    7 hours ago
    I DID NOT KNOW……………….. RT……out of business in US……..
    In this context, it is little surprise that last week RT America, with its connection to the government of Russia, ceased broadcasting. The silencing of the news organization arises from a Russia scare relentlessly fueled in America and several other countries in recent years that reached its highest manic level in the last few weeks.

    The departure of RT America from television is a loss for free speech and diversity of information.

    Apr 26, 2023 26:44 PM

    Yesterday Chartster posted a U Tube link to Jimmy Dore and their take on the Tucker firing.
    After watching that video and listening to todays commentary, IMHO I will say that Mr Mckinney and Al are once again pushing a narrative that someone wants you to believe.
    Cable news, specifically FOX news pays their bills with advertising dollars, not Blackrock dollars but big Pharma dollars. ie. the big “cash cow”
    I just spent four months watching television after a three year abstinence and I was totally blown away by the amount of advertising Big Pharma does on the cable T V stations.
    How is it that the Sackler Family kills thousands and no one does any jail time?
    Once again Mr McKinney likes to label people as leftists and progressives. but the minute I point out the make up of the Biden administration he will be the first to label me as an anti-semite.
    Al talks about morality and I will come back and say : How can you have morality when the people that run this Country worship money, don’t believe in the Bible nor do they accept Jesus as their savior.
    It’s time to call a spade a spade.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:50 PM

      Thanks John,

      I have said that many times,


      Apr 26, 2023 26:01 PM

      I started watching Fox and am absolutely astounded at the ads of older people that come on after five o’clock or so! and, they are all for “feel good pills”

        Apr 27, 2023 27:24 AM

        BIG PHARMA………………… LILLY……. head was in the trumpster admin….. what a joke….

    Apr 26, 2023 26:45 PM
    Apr 26, 2023 26:46 PM

    FREE SPEECH……………. ?? and JAIL…… ??
    southhfront fan
    10 hours ago
    Daniel McAdams. from the liberty report says on cross talk @ RT
    that people can now go to jail for disagreeing online with the Biden regime.

    Free country? ok.

    OOTB Jerry
    7 hours ago
    Spreading truth……. the commies are really scared….
    they will keep trying to divide people in the banana republic…..

    HEY b………….. You might want to post the interview.. … I think it worth a listen…

    Apr 26, 2023 26:56 PM

    Until the American people wake up to the fact that , the FAKE Little Hats, run America , then nothing will change. I warned about these people about 10 years ago on this blog , & suffered push back. They hate Christians , & are out to destroy every las one of them.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:00 PM

      Yes you did………. and I think I posted a list……….and went to the KerJail… lol….

        Apr 26, 2023 26:04 PM

        I don’t elieve that you went to the KER Jail.But then again, I love everybody!

      Apr 26, 2023 26:00 PM

      Exactly IRISHTONY !

      Apr 26, 2023 26:03 PM

      not so sure about that my freind

    Apr 26, 2023 26:01 PM

    Jimmy…about the pedophiles in Minnesota…it is evil and look below what JERRY posted earlier…this is what our rulers want for us…that is why they are letting evil criminals into our country and promoting pedophilia….OUR RULERS ARE PURE EVIL

    OOTB Jerry
    10 hours ago

    HEy larry……………………… this is what BIDEN AND DEMS LET INTO OUR COUNTRY……
    cows are one thing, but, this goes way beyond….

    ‘This is Demonic’ – Convicted Felon Affiliated with MS-13 Gang Murders, Dismembers Florida Uber Eats Driver While Making Delivery

      Apr 26, 2023 26:03 PM

      saw that Ed….soon the government will no longer need the mafia to do their crimes….to pricey…..just hire the new ambitious mexican labor for way less….USA government crime syndicate can only afford imported thugs…says it all…good value though…maybe they actually could balance a budget if they chose….nah…just print more…ya know

        Apr 26, 2023 26:31 PM

        I tell you, Larry, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that article OOTB posted. It’s is incredible that an evil criminal could get in this country and commit all those crimes and law enforcement and immigration allow him to go lose and he commits that unbelievable murder.

        But this is not uncommon. MS13 has a large presence in this country and it’s not by accident. It is what our rulers want for us.

        Our rulers are pure evil.

    Apr 26, 2023 26:11 PM

    Seeing that I am back in Minnesota, I just read where Minneapolis will repeal their noise ordinance so they can blast call to prayers for the Muzzy’s.
    When I was at my daughter’s graduation from the University of Minnesota, Keith Ellison was the keynote speaker. Anybody paying attention could have foreseen what was coming down the road for Minnesota.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:25 PM

      NOW I get the comment…………..
      Ellison was raised Catholic and attended a Jesuit high school but converted to Islam while a student at Wayne State University in Detroit.

        Apr 26, 2023 26:31 PM

        At various points in his life, he has gone by names associated with American black Muslim culture, including “Keith X Ellison” “Keith E. Hakim,” “Keith Ellison-Muhammad” and hosted a “Black Power Perspectives” radio show in Minneapolis as “Keith Muhammad.” 12

        Ellison is a supporter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and has been supported by them in turn, publicly dismissing concerns over CAIR’s alleged connections to Islamist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. 13 14 In 2014, he received CAIR’s “American Muslim of the Year” award at its 20th anniversary gala

          Apr 26, 2023 26:35 PM

          MORE INTERESTING>>>>>>>
          In 2016, Ellison announced his candidacy for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, promising ****to take the party in a more radically leftward direction*******. 21

    Apr 26, 2023 26:22 PM

    Reminder: FREE SPEECH is not a license to say anything you like.

    The classic example: You cannot shout “fire” in a movie theater, unless there really is a fire.

    However the general principle of not knowingly repeating a lie holds. It is a sin to bear false witness.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:51 PM

      Teaching from the OLD TESTAMENT……… living under the LAW…VS ….GRACE……
      there is were the SHEEPLE ARE LOST…… they know nothing of the mystery of GRACE….

      The 10 Commandants are laws that were established under the
      The Mosaic covenant (named after Moses), also known as the Sinaitic covenant (after the biblical Mount Sinai), refers to a covenant between God and the Israelites, including their proselytes, not limited to the ten commandments,

      As a guideline…….. the 10 Commandants……. would help you stay out trouble…
      but, there is a whole lot more…..

      Apr 26, 2023 26:17 PM

      Now………. the context of mentioning ………..FREE SPEECH……….
      was to point out…..from the articlef from…. b..southfan..
      “that people can now go to jail for disagreeing online with the Biden regime.”
      Going to JAIL for DISAGREEING…………with the PERVERTS….

      Apr 26, 2023 26:03 PM

      Good video CFS…
      I repeat my opinion from a few days ago: Tucker was fired to ensure the RFK jr Presidential campaign does not receive any favorable press… mainstream media will ensure he is ignored, or if mentioned, labeled as an anti-vax conspiracy theorist extremist.

      Apr 25, 2023 25:06 AM
      IMO, Tucker was fired because he was threatening the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex… talking to RFK, jr. cannot be allowed… the main stream media is ignoring RFK jr as a viable presidential candidate…

        Apr 27, 2023 27:28 AM

        good one Tommy……………. BIG PHARMA………… draining the pockets of EVERYONE…..
        The kids are shot up at an early age and become dependent their entire life….
        Medical boards should be abolished…… larry covered it very nicely for a couple of years…

        From the beginning of Rockerfeller and Getty…. Standard Oil… 1910-approx. started the

    Apr 26, 2023 26:36 PM

    I have posted many times about the Muslims and their pedo abuses of children.
    Yet how easily people will dismiss this , turn a blind eye to the 2 billion Jared took. Liv Golf and D Trump’s connection. The Saudi’s influence in the United States is far reaching, there are no shortages of money whores here in the Unites States.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:04 PM

      You know UK Price William and Katie visited Epstein ieland !

        Apr 26, 2023 26:19 PM

        That is a new one……….. I did not know that….. interesting….

          Apr 26, 2023 26:58 PM

          Freedom to speak.
          U.S. MSM and in particular FOX brilliantly out-smarted Tucker Carlson …..AND HAS PROBABLY SILENCED HIM.
          Under Tucker’s contract, which has just under two years to go, AND FOX WILL CONTINUE PAYING HIM FOR THE DURATION OF THE CONTRACT, TUCKER HAS A NON-COMPETE CLAUSE.
          There is also a non-disparagement clause.

          So if Tucker tries to join another news organization, OR if Tucker criticizes Fox, he is going to be living in a court-room.

          It would not surprise me if Tucker simply retired for now, on his nice Fox-paid salary.

            Apr 26, 2023 26:27 PM

            thanks for the extra info………….. Looks like bye bye Tucker…… Silence……..
            J 6 TAPES……..OUT THE WINDOW………

    Apr 26, 2023 26:22 PM

    Argentina drops dollar in trade with China
    Buenos Aires will pay for imports in yuan, after signing a currency swap deal with Beijing

    Its on RT so maybe people cant see this.
    In any case the american dollar just took another hit.
    Brazil and Argentina are making arrangements about currencies between them as well.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:11 PM

      Chinese are slick…….. they figured out the new trade route in the middle of South America….
      bypassing the US…

    Apr 26, 2023 26:34 PM

    Looking at the charts in this interview, it’s hard to see how residential real estate doesn’t take a big tumble. But who knows? The world is insane.

      Apr 26, 2023 26:26 PM

      Nick Gerli is way TOO young to be an expert.

      The Fed is going to talk raising interest rates, but it is only a few months away from a sharp about turn and dropping rates.
      Then as we run into banking problems, the government will start printing money.
      House prices will climb as dollars sink.

        Apr 26, 2023 26:49 PM

        The biggest effect of Tucker’s firing is that it has clearly taken Trump out of Presidential candidate viability, since the major networks are all anti-Trumpers.

    Apr 27, 2023 27:34 AM
    Apr 27, 2023 27:40 AM
      Apr 27, 2023 27:00 AM

      GOOD ONE……………. HOAX ……
      .. sheeple can not remember what they ate for breakfast yesterday… 🙂

    Apr 27, 2023 27:26 AM

    Trump tells reporter: “Joe Biden is a criminal! And You’re a criminal for Not Reporting it!

    Criminal for Not-Reporting? Yeup!

      Apr 27, 2023 27:40 AM

      100% SPOT ON………….

    Apr 27, 2023 27:46 AM

    On Monday, Loy Brunson case bypassed the tenth circuit court of appeals ( via title 11 -emergency status ) and was picked up by the Supreme Court for docket.

    It’s coming.\22-1028.html

      Apr 27, 2023 27:48 AM

      Thanks for the INFO……….. and keeping up with the court case……..

    Apr 27, 2023 27:47 AM

    The remarks were made by US counter-terror expert Scott Bennett.

    Carlson and Fox News “parted ways” on Monday with speculation still raging as to the specific reason why the network canned its highest rated and most popular host.

    According to Bennett, Carlson posed too much of a threat to institutional power because he turned Americans into proper “researchers and thinkers”.

    zerohedge today

      Apr 27, 2023 27:32 AM

      Ms (?) Wee in the garden variety type….. JmO….

    Apr 27, 2023 27:13 AM

    Disinformation 🤡 clowns exposed.

      Apr 27, 2023 27:37 AM

      GITMO……………. better hurry………….FREEDOM is going quickly….. JMO

        Apr 27, 2023 27:47 AM

        They moved GITMO operations to Guam.
        At least for now, is what they say.

          Apr 27, 2023 27:05 AM

          I think everyone is getting PLAYED….. JMO……….. that seems like a lot of BS…..but,
          maybe they need more than one court….. who knows….
          We will see…………………. THANKS FOR the UPDATE

            Apr 27, 2023 27:48 PM

            That is just about Desantis , being a guard at GITMO…… which is another topic , I do believe.

    Apr 27, 2023 27:49 AM

    I think we covered this potential a few weeks ago…..

    UK Confirms Depleted Uranium Munitions Being Used Against Russians In Ukraine

      Apr 27, 2023 27:50 AM

      The British military has confirmed that thousands of depleted uranium rounds are now in Ukraine, despite prior vehement Russian warnings not to follow through with the transfer.

      “We have sent thousands of rounds of Challenger 2 ammunition to Ukraine, including depleted uranium armour-piercing rounds,” British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said while fielding a question from Scottish MP Kenny MacAskill.

        Apr 27, 2023 27:52 AM

        When it was first revealed in March that Britain would send the armor-piercing tank rounds for Challenger II tanks to Ukraine, the reports triggered a fierce reaction from the Kremlin, with a strong-worded statement emphasizing that such a weapon will be treated as tantamount to using a nuclear dirty bomb.

        “Yugoslav scenario. These shells not only kill, but infect the environment and cause oncology in people living on these lands,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at the time,

          Apr 27, 2023 27:56 AM

          THIS GOES WAY BACK……………… and George Webb covered a lot of dumping in Ohio,
          several years ago……. when Dyncorp/Epstein were running dumping operations out
          of Wright Patterson….the videos are out there… I covered this back then and nobody
          seemed to care…..

          During the US occupation of Iraq, use of depleted uranium by NATO allies was linked to cancer and birth defects among the Iraqi population.

            Apr 27, 2023 27:26 AM

            Yup definatly using depleted uranium.
            I brought that up awhile ago, Jim decided it was of no consequence if you recall.

            Which (among other things) keeps me wondering about the value of “bin daredonedat” at ker.

            Apr 27, 2023 27:44 PM

            b……… thanks for the comment………..
            I do remember,…. that is why , I post the article…..for FURTHER REVIEW…….

            We know there has been spent uranium dumped in Ohio….from research by
            George Webb…..
            I questioned Jimmy on “did he know anything about Dyncorp….at the time…

    Apr 27, 2023 27:02 AM

    the battle is good and evil…..period

    Nefarious 2023….april 14 in theatre near you…hopefully

    Apr 27, 2023 27:11 AM

    The Brunson brothers Case’es” are really heating up! Response due by May 27th.

    Apr 27, 2023 27:13 AM

    OOTB Jerry
    9 hours ago
    When it was first revealed in March that Britain would send the armor-piercing tank rounds for Challenger II tanks to Ukraine, the reports triggered a fierce reaction from the Kremlin, with a strong-worded statement emphasizing that such a weapon will be treated as tantamount to using a nuclear dirty bomb.

    “Yugoslav scenario. These shells not only kill, but infect the environment and cause oncology in people living on these lands,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at the time,

    “cause oncology” …….. the study of cancer. ??? not cancer ???

      Apr 27, 2023 27:23 PM

      Good question CFS…………. I just copied and pasted…… the info………..

        Apr 27, 2023 27:34 PM

        and you are correct……”the study of”………oncology.
        I think it should say “causes cancer,””” but, then the soldiers would wet their pants when
        they found out they were handling cancer causing materials… 🙂
        Making and handling the material….. warmongers do not give a rats a** about the sheepls soldiers.
        that has been evident since the first war on earth….