Why is Putin doing what he is doing and more?

Depess play symbol to listen.
Seems as though no one understrands tha real motive behind Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Not even the self proclaimed genius Paul Krugman!
    May 15, 2023 15:32 PM

    C’mon Jimmy.

    The KKK barely exists anymore.
    AND IT WAS STARTED BY WHITE TRASH DEMOCRATS, not right wing conservatives..
    The last KKK member of significance that I remember was SPEAKER Byrd of the DEMOCRATS.

    Two of the most racist and RACE-DIVIDING PEOPLE alive in the US currently are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

      May 15, 2023 15:34 PM

      ditto ……….. on who started the KKK……..
      More Tennessee history please…. lol

      May 16, 2023 16:56 AM

      I am saying it is gone, and your are right, KKK recruiter Byrd, and a host of other senior Democrat senators and congressman, along with the entire Democrat party where the oppressors and slave holders.

      My point was there is little threat from white supremacists in the US, it is a made-up threat to divide politically, repeated by the press, but pushed by Biden to use force against his political opposition.

    May 15, 2023 15:51 PM

    As regards depleted uranium, Putin said he did not wanted it used and widespread in Ukraine.
    He gave the allies fair notice, but the Brits brought in depleted uranium anti-tank shells.
    Why would it surprise ANYONE that Putin used missiles to blow up the Brit’s stock-pile of uranium shells?

    May 15, 2023 15:57 PM

    How the rest of the world is listening to the US talking about the war…..

    (Warning: language)

      May 15, 2023 15:14 PM

      L thought Putin explained quite succinctly why he was invading Ukraine.
      I reported his reasons at the time in this blog. (Pity you guys did not read it closely)

        May 15, 2023 15:16 PM

        The have not been reading the blog for years…….. otherwise they would know what is going on… JMO

          May 15, 2023 15:40 PM


            May 15, 2023 15:55 PM

            I concur.
            That was a pretty absurd statement. “Nobody understands why Putin went into Ukraine.”

            May 15, 2023 15:03 PM

            I feel no need to listen to the “interview”, blog comments tell me they still have no idea.

            China names only country irked by Syria’s Arab League reunion
            The US is unhappy that Damascus has reconciled with its neighbors, Beijing claims

            “Syria’s return to the Arab League once again proves that when the shadow of the US shrinks, the light of peace spreads.”

        May 16, 2023 16:58 AM

        And Putin is an honest guy? You are kidding, right?

    May 15, 2023 15:20 PM

    Guiliani responds to Traitor Joe’s white supremacy speech.

    May 15, 2023 15:21 PM

    J Mckinney seems to think that the history of Ukraine started when Putin moved his forces in.
    Once again a poor history lesson for those lucky to have completed the third grade.
    I’ll take Stephan Bandera for a hundred Alex.

      May 15, 2023 15:08 PM

      Thats funny john. 😉

      May 16, 2023 16:04 AM

      Yes, John, let’s compare understanding and study of Russian history. What’s your degree in? My masters is in Eastern European history, studied Russian culture, history, people and politics for 30 years, lived in the region, spent 5 years training to be a Russian/Eastern European Foreign Area Officer, served in multiple regional Embassies, and worked with Russian Military. You?

        May 16, 2023 16:58 AM

        Jimmy… you remind me of the Doctors with all their medical education and certifications that said “take the covid shot, it’s safe and effective.”
        If you do not look for, and question biases in your education and training, you cannot have an open mind. The west won the cold war; they wrote the history that you have been fed.

          May 16, 2023 16:12 PM

          Well stated Tommy. Thank-you
          Busy with spring planting, don’t have much time for the blog.

        May 17, 2023 17:29 AM

        Jimmy, all that education and experience and “Nobody understands why Putin went into Ukraine.” ?

        Thats gotta fall under the category of things that make ya go hmmmm.

    May 15, 2023 15:46 PM

    TON of info……. over in the weekend section….. management might want to do some extra homework

    May 15, 2023 15:52 PM

    I don’t know why Putin invaded his own territory?!

    Not because the election coup that the Obama administration did? Hell no..!

    Not because of the shelling and bombs dropped on the Donbass region since 2014, which is mostly Russia peoples? Hell no..!

    Not because of all the child trafficking, money laundering and weapons trafficking? Hell no..!

    Not because of the 54 bio lab / bio weapon sites that could kill all of humanity? Hell no..!

    That said, Russia is going to deplete NATO of all it’s resources and win the war!

    A war that will kill the deep state cabal. A war that is necessary to complete for the betterment of humanity.

    May 15, 2023 15:05 PM

    putin is standing for the worlds freedom, this war is more than russia ukraine.
    it is godd vs evil, think what the americans have been doing.
    Iraq, Kosovo,Syria,Libya,Venesuela,Korea,Afghanistan,Cuba,Pakistan,Vietnam,Iran
    Intimidation,snactions,overthrowing governments,Heck, look what they do to free speech.
    Iran is right, the U.S. IS the “Great Satan”, Russia,China and many other nations around the world are standing up to them and their banking and military.

    In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! Edgar Cayce 1877-1945

    Took awhile, but its happening.

      May 16, 2023 16:15 AM

      When I was in high school…a real smart history teacher….said that over the years you will discover that china and russia will become less totalitarian and that usa will become more….i guess he was one really smart informed high school teacher

        May 16, 2023 16:06 AM

        Only problem, Chaina and Russia are not getting less authoritarian…..

          May 16, 2023 16:20 AM

          The British Depleted Uranium Exploded in Western Ukraine Jimmy ! You think the Russian”s are sleeping ! A Nice presed from London ! Al & Jimmy the Boys ???

          May 17, 2023 17:22 PM

          Yes Jim M, but the point is , America is.

    May 15, 2023 15:13 PM

    off topi, but important:


    May 15, 2023 15:27 PM
      May 15, 2023 15:15 PM

      What a useless report.

      Remember the Lies SWORN to the Fisa Court by Hillary and Obama ?

      What a whitewash waste of money.

    May 15, 2023 15:42 PM

    Bobby M….. was talking about Ukraine and Russia ….. on the Ker… Mar 3 ,2014…….. 9 yrs ago…
    Thanks Ebo………
    Lot of good people were posting… no longer here….

      May 15, 2023 15:47 PM

      I dont c a post from ebo, has it gone missing?

      But ya, Bob has pretty much on top of whats happening in Ukraine.

        May 16, 2023 16:23 AM

        b……………. That old post…….. which I gave Ebo credit…….. was from 2014.
        Bird was still around, and you commented on the article or commentary..
        Lot of names then, ….are no longer around.
        Kind of a shame , since each were unique and lived in different parts of
        the world…. giving the site some other insights from around the world.

      May 22, 2023 22:25 PM

      Yeah Jerry. Some of those good people left because of how they were treated. I do not blame them.

    May 15, 2023 15:03 PM
    May 16, 2023 16:42 AM

    UN WHO WEF FEDS etc….luv all us serfs…so much…that…they offered big pharma w the help of the 99% compliant stooge stiffs medical docs…to change us all for the better…lmao

    May 16, 2023 16:20 AM

    I think I am done listening to the Al and Jimmy “It’s all Putin’s fault” show. The truth is usually complicated. They give some lip service to alternative views, but they always fall back on the “it’s Russia’s fault” position. That makes this site an excellent pro-war propaganda outlet. As pointed out by the bloggers here, Russia has many valid reasons for their actions. Dismissing all that under the position that the 1991 Ukraine border is all that matters is narrow minded, but effective to convince people – looking for a simple answer – to support Ukraine, NATO, and the war against Russia.

      May 16, 2023 16:05 AM

      I think a lot of people are done…
      You might want to pop in and get a real handle on the news…
      Most here are way ahead of the curve and have been for decades….

        May 16, 2023 16:20 AM

        The site has been good for a long time, few things last forever tho.
        Unfortunate it turned to propaganda.
        O well.

          May 16, 2023 16:35 AM

          b……. Yes it has been good for a long time…… good people make it that way……

            May 16, 2023 16:38 AM

            Thanks for the replies, Jerry and Southfront… i will definitely continue to check the blog for informative posts from you and the other seasoned bloggers.
            Years ago i enjoyed the show with a mixture of guests and diverse opinions, and i rarely checked the blog… now, i find the blog posts are more valuable than the show.

            May 16, 2023 16:12 PM

            Thanks again Tommy……… appreciate your participation … have a great week….

    May 16, 2023 16:13 AM

    US Military bases world wide…………. 750 …. that is a lot of busy bodies…. 🙂

      May 16, 2023 16:07 AM

      It’s ridiculous…all it’s doing is costing us a fortune and making us a lot of enemies….but I never heard Jimmy or OWL mention that one single base should be closed.

        May 16, 2023 16:21 AM

        if any of us went bankrupt…..we would loose membership status everywhere…lol….i never had that status or wanted it…lol

          May 16, 2023 16:32 AM

          Heck larry………… even Lincoln went bankrupt THREE TIMES…. lo…… 🙂
          Maybe ,that is why his face is only on the 1cent piece…. lol

    May 16, 2023 16:08 AM

    It looks like both Patriot systems in Kiev were embraced by the Kinzhals, one from the US and the other from Germany. Zelensky might as well by a catapult… 🙂

    Posted by: ostro | May 16 2023 13:54 utc | 1

    May 16, 2023 16:20 AM

    Will Musk stay on top f twitter or will he designate too much ?

      May 16, 2023 16:44 AM

      forget twitter…….. WHO NWO…… now in charge of the company….
      Just a matter of time before the next cut off….. for anyone with a
      real message.

    May 16, 2023 16:30 AM

    Nothing to see here…….B.S.
    Hunter Biden investigative team fired. (That should delay things until TRAITOR JOE leaves.)

    But let’s put Comey in jail anyway and squeeze hard for all his crooked hillary evidence

      May 16, 2023 16:11 AM

      Comey can not go to jail…
      Barr would have to figure out….. how much bed sheet a 6ft 8 in tall guy required to hang
      himself in a jail cell with low ceilings……. lol

    May 16, 2023 16:49 AM

    Is it possible to prosecute Steeele ?

    May 16, 2023 16:10 AM

    Is the United States Moving Its Capital to Jerusalem?
    American Politicians flock to Israel while dismembering the US Constitution in deference to Jewish power
    PHILIP GIRALDI • MAY 16, 2023

    Clearly, for the vast majority of politicians in Washington and even at the states level, allegiance and subservience to Israel and its interests are more important than protecting constitutional rights or managing a sane and responsible foreign policy. One wonders whether Ron DeSantis, if elected president in 2024, just might hold his inauguration in Jerusalem, just as he did when he became governor. It would actually be something of a relief – at last the ultimate acknowledgement of who is really in charge back here in America.

    May 16, 2023 16:29 AM

    intended to injure and kill people…kinda like the depleted uranium shells…ya know?…those shells are both safe and effective….yup……

    do not even make me laugh….lmao

      May 16, 2023 16:49 AM

      DEPOPULATION was always the plan………….
      I just do not get how slow those with a Jab… think it is OK…

      I found 40 mechanisms of injury in July of 2021 and how the Covid shots could make you sick or kill you. . .. Early on I tried to warn people . . .. The reason they are letting off the accelerator is enough people have been injected that are going to die. That was the intention. It is population control or depopulation.

        May 16, 2023 16:00 AM

        i remember that Jerry…..i learned a ton from you and have no bad thoughts of this blog…but i do wish the boyz would get on the truthful side of these trades…imho

          May 16, 2023 16:08 AM

          I agree larry……….. thanks for the reply

    May 16, 2023 16:44 AM

    Is the United States Moving Its Capital to Jerusalem?
    American Politicians flock to Israel while dismembering the US Constitution in deference to Jewish power

    Clearly, for the vast majority of politicians in Washington and even at the states level, allegiance and subservience to Israel and its interests are more important than protecting constitutional rights or managing a sane and responsible foreign policy. One wonders whether Ron DeSantis, if elected president in 2024, just might hold his inauguration in Jerusalem, just as he did when he became governor. It would actually be something of a relief – at last the ultimate acknowledgement of who is really in charge back here in America.

    This post has disappeared twice, third time lucky?

      May 16, 2023 16:47 AM

      Lucky charm…….. lol……. thanks for keeping on keeping on…. lol….

      BIG OWL NO SHOW………….

        May 16, 2023 16:55 AM

        Dont blame him, Jim has been kinda called out for his misinfo.

        Also it seems Al has had other priorities for awhile now.

      May 16, 2023 16:07 AM

      Is the United States Moving Its Capital to Jerusalem?

      Might as well. After all, this is the United States of Israel.

      May 16, 2023 16:16 AM

      i read this sort of stuff…it never makes sense to me….i still think things are better off in usa than israel…but what do i know?

        May 16, 2023 16:40 AM

        Maybe depends where in the country you live.
        Still, rockets hitting the country cant be much fun.

    May 16, 2023 16:32 AM
    May 16, 2023 16:46 AM

    After totally mishandling Covid-19 the WHO IS GOING FOR A POWER GRAB.

    WE SHOULD LEAVE the World Health Organization

    May 16, 2023 16:06 AM

    Traitor biden officials colluding with Mexicans:

    May 16, 2023 16:24 AM

    Comey must be dragged out of retirement and into the courtroom.

    He cost millions of dollars fraudulently

    May 16, 2023 16:41 AM

    In Moscow’s Shadows

    fwiw excellent podcast by Mark Galeotti

    May 16, 2023 16:52 AM

    Will AL and Jimmy support a new Lockdown from the Western World to save and keep sending MONEY to Ukraine ?????? BOYS ?????

    May 16, 2023 16:52 AM
    May 16, 2023 16:19 PM

    I am getting to the point, when i might stop listening to the AL & Jimmy chat podcasts. I feel like i’m trapped in a parrot cage , inside an echo chamber. It’s the same chat , over & over, & AL to DONT have to agree with Jimmy , 95% of the time, because He is not correct 95% of the time…… IMO

      May 16, 2023 16:26 PM

      I think you ‘rs can be correct ! Iris ! No talk havy missels attacks from Russia No talk North stream 2 No talk Depleted Uranium from the UK how exploed in Ukraine ! And More ! The Big offencive is becoming a offense to talk ! It’s tippical Western Denial ! A Big Part off Ukraine Farmland is know destroied ! Good for the Bill Gates new food projects ! Wak Up !!!!

      May 16, 2023 16:11 PM

      Getting to that point Tony?

      The contributors here still keep the blog entertaining imo.

    May 16, 2023 16:31 PM

    this seems to explain the endgame for the Biden polycrisis takedown….sad…sad

    May 16, 2023 16:38 PM

    Here’s some new’s i’m sure Jimmy will agree with. …….. What a joke. Next the will tell us The Ghost of Kyiv , had a busy night.

    May 16, 2023 16:13 PM

    The Ukraine & Nato.!!!!!?………………. The Russians are not going to be happy with this news.

    May 16, 2023 16:14 PM

    Geez it really looks like these american psychos want ww3.

    I read a mention that the Russians would accept s. africa for peace negotiations.
    How they could believe Zelinskys word is beyond me tho.

    They sure as heck understand that washington and london can not be trusted.

    May 16, 2023 16:14 PM

    This is worth a print……… THE HILL
    After announcing that he would continue building the Trump border security wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, and using the military to combat Mexican drug cartels, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that he is deploying both police and military assets to help Texas defend it’s border

    “The impacts of Biden’s Border Crisis are felt by communities across the nation, and the federal government’s abdication of duty undermines the sovereignty of our country and the rule of law,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “At my direction, state agencies including law enforcement and the Florida National Guard are being deployed to Texas, with assets including personnel, boats and planes. While Biden ignores the crisis he created, Florida stands ready to help Texas respond to this crisis.”

    Here is the list of assets the Executive Office of the Governor has deployed:

    101 Florida Highway Patrol Troopers
    200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officers, in teams of 40
    20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers
    800 Florida National Guard Soldiers
    20 Emergency Management Personnel – including radio technicians, logisticians, mechanics and planners
    Five available fixed wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams
    Two Mobile Command Vehicles and two command teams
    17 available unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and support teams
    10 vessels – including airboats, shallow draft vessels, and mid-range vessels
    On Tuesday. Gov. DeSantis signed legislation into law to combat human trafficking in Florida.

    According to DeSantis, “Biden’s Border Crisis is exacerbating human trafficking across the nation —72% of all human trafficking victims are illegal immigrants and 60% of unaccompanied alien children crossing the border were caught by cartels and exploited for drug trafficking, or worse.”


      May 16, 2023 16:28 PM

      Hi Jerry. This has nothing to do with Joe. He is Pres. in name only. He is the store shop window manaquin. Remember its the store shop , > White House < management that dress the dummy in the window … but i'm sure You allready know that. BTW , AL is becoming like no show Joe……….. lol

        May 16, 2023 16:30 PM

        Hello Irish………
        Sometimes I forget……. in frustration ….. 🙂

          May 16, 2023 16:15 PM

          Like no show Joe…….. lol……..

    May 16, 2023 16:45 PM

    Another vid from The Duran 33 minutes. The massive explossion in Ukraine , that the western media are not reporting on . They also talk about the Pope & Ukraine Nato pupped who think’s he’s important. Of course Jimmy will make out , they dont know what they are talking about. But AL appears to like listening to them.

    May 16, 2023 16:27 PM

    Common Sense, & Logic . American LT Col Daniel Davis , speaks about Ukraine. 26 minutes & well worth
    the listen.

    May 17, 2023 17:55 AM

    this war is happening in america….the corporations do the purchasing w the help of government regulations……..the 3 day effect…..jabs are too slow…glta

    May 17, 2023 17:18 AM

    does anyone know exactly what a SPOXIDIOT means?…lol…they call the presidents press manager this….

      May 17, 2023 17:02 AM


      a spokesperson.
      “the Homeland Security spox has assured us that there would be “robust and thorough security threat assessments” in place”

      I guess theyre saying the press manger is an idiot.

      May 17, 2023 17:50 AM

      shades of 1984.

      May 17, 2023 17:24 PM

      Actually…….. this should not be a surprise for anyone here……

      and YES >>>>>ANOTHER EYE OPENER…..or at least should be…
      Since it dates back to 2005…… How long have we been saying
      BILL GATES IS EVIL…. … Owl should have been all over this…

    May 17, 2023 17:22 AM

    Why is AL And Jimmy keep supporting the Biden EU War in Ukraine ? Boys ????

    May 17, 2023 17:25 AM

    Q post November 13th 2020.

    Done in 30
    House cleaning
    W H secure
    Final stage

    It was exactly 30 months to the day that the Durham report came out.
    Also, exactly 911 days.

    And yesterday at the US Capital, the American flag was seen flying at half mast, And upside down.

      May 17, 2023 17:12 PM

      thanks for the update……… I would like to see the flag upside down picture….

    May 17, 2023 17:39 AM


    There are actually HUNDREDS of mRNA vaccines now being developed for animal vaccines.

    It is not surprising, because of relative cost.
    However, during the covid-19 epidemic, it was noticed by several laboratories that the covid vaccines entered into human breast milk.

    A logical assumption would be that animal vaccines may get into cow or goat milk and thus also be fed to humans; most specifically human babies and children, but also adults via cheese.

    There is a potential danger here.

      May 17, 2023 17:22 PM

      Only way to stop it……… and people do not want to hear it….. sure as hell are not going to vote them out.

    May 17, 2023 17:43 AM

    Zimbabwe defies IMF with gold-backed cryptocurrency
    The $40 million offer is meant to expand value-preserving instruments available in the economy, according to the country’s central bank @rt

    May 17, 2023 17:44 AM

    For covid there is increasing evidence that the spike protein is getting into places it should not.

    May 17, 2023 17:44 AM

    The Hunter laptop. A short story. Tore!!

    May 17, 2023 17:45 AM
    The excellent CIA Recruitment video for Russians

    May 17, 2023 17:47 AM

    The Patriot Missile System OUT ! The UK depleted Urainium Bobs OUT ! A BIG Bead DAY for UKRAINE !

    May 17, 2023 17:35 PM

    I would recomend everyone watch & listen to this, Re the American Milatery, & other things.
    Eric Trump, speaks with Col.Douglas Mcgregar. 1hour & 3 minutes long. I would like to hear Jimmys thoughts , on what was said. I would recomend not looking at the backround , when listening, as it is distracting.

      May 17, 2023 17:51 PM

      You my be Luck eve Him look’s it ! Irish !

        May 17, 2023 17:48 PM

        Hi Franky. You are correct . But i have a plan, if i dont here from him, then i will post it again tomorrow.
        Take Care Franky.

          May 17, 2023 17:10 PM

          I SAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JIMMY >>>>>>>>>> WHAT DO YOU THINK>>>>>>> 🙂

        May 18, 2023 18:29 AM

        this McGregor makes total sense…thanks for this link

      May 17, 2023 17:27 PM

      Excellent post Tony thanks..

        May 17, 2023 17:16 PM

        Hi SF … I expect Mr Arrogant will come on & say , they dont know what they are talking about, i am the only expert around here.

          May 17, 2023 17:31 PM

          There has to be something up with it, an ulterior motive?

          He lists his experience and cant recognize a strategic withdraw, doesnt know the date the ukraine war started, hasnt got a clue about the nazis in Ukraine and claims to have studied the history of eastern Europe, is Ukraine east?
          Thinks Ukraine is winning, well, if this great offensive ever happens ya never know but right now, Ukraine is being decimated. He doesnt understand how Russia does that. Doesnt understand why Russia moved. (what!?!)
          Col Macgregor says mediocrity permeates the U.S. military, maybe Jimmy is simply a product of that, other hand maybe he is a neocon.

          I dont know but all that schooling and experience and not understanding some basics just doesnt add up.

          Anyones guess is as good as mine.

          May 17, 2023 17:40 PM

          IRISH…………… GREAT VIDEO………… OWL……. should listen to that one…. FACT, not opinion..
          Sheeple could learn a lot from the vid…..

    May 17, 2023 17:59 PM

    What is it with these EVIL fake little hats … If i came face to face with it , i would have no qualms , hacking it’s head off.

    May 17, 2023 17:04 PM

    Heck…… I think we did tell ya…. LMAO

    Bombshell Report: Two 9/11 Hijackers Were Recruited by CIA ..zhedge

    May 17, 2023 17:58 PM

    Will this movie get released , or will the powers that be shut it down ?… Elite Pedo’s dont like to be exposed.

    May 17, 2023 17:40 PM

    Organic agriculture everywhere can today, optimistically, support 4.7 billion people

    Industrial agriculture everywhere can today, optimistically, support 12 billion

    The global population is 8 billion
    biden wants organic agriculture, EVs and solar.
    you do the math

    May I suggest Gates, Soros and biden to feed the worms at a depth of 6 feet.

      May 17, 2023 17:41 PM

      I will donate the shovel…

        May 18, 2023 18:59 AM

        And i will dig the hole .. Jerry

          May 22, 2023 22:27 PM

          I thought you were a hole.

    May 17, 2023 17:24 PM

    A New Yorker ‘s view of the Russian threat…..

    (Warning: language)

    Is Big Al okay?

    May 17, 2023 17:52 PM

    I can only understand traitor biden policy if I assume he is totally bought by the Chinese.
    Nothing else makes sense.

      May 18, 2023 18:27 AM

      Hi cfs … WHO is the CCP !!! – the CCP is the WHO ……

      May 18, 2023 18:24 AM

      Sadly, China is winning/has won.

      It uses its strength to bully underdogs.

        May 18, 2023 18:45 AM

        So the Chinese have adopted the american MO.

    May 18, 2023 18:31 AM

    The third international covid conference really slammed the WHO…….

    May 18, 2023 18:39 AM
    May 18, 2023 18:51 AM

    No Al for 3 days now?, and no response from Jim concerning posts.

    Al has to be winding down.

    Thx Al for the format for as long as you have.

    So does anyone have an idea were this bunch can continue?
    Or maybe its adios amigos.

      May 18, 2023 18:29 AM

      Hi sf … We could allways go & squat on Cory’s & Shad’s page…………….. LOL

        May 18, 2023 18:45 AM

        Good one……… if, they know what is good for them….they better keep us entertained in this
        ORPHAN SECTION…. 🙂
        Otherwise I will feel like I have been abused for all these years/Decades……… 🙂

    May 18, 2023 18:42 AM

    YES , sf , We should all Thank AL, for keeping the site & this section alive for so long. He gave a great platform, to us , Truth Tellers for a long time. … Thank’s AL . Respect to You… Your pain in the arce…irish

      May 18, 2023 18:48 AM

      Irish………. ditto

    May 18, 2023 18:16 AM

    The Patriot Missile System is know a total failer system for the futer ! Boys ?

    May 18, 2023 18:05 PM

    Everybody KNEW Hillary was a crook….

    May 18, 2023 18:13 PM

    Elon Musk knows and stands firm against biased media…..

    May 18, 2023 18:54 PM

    I shall put this up here , for our resident milatery expert to comment on. Skip the first 2 minutes.

      May 18, 2023 18:30 PM

      “LIKE HE SAID……………………….” EMPIRE OF LIES”(us corporation go back to the act of 1871)……………….. even he did not do all his research…
      MANUFACTURED..War .. he says…

      You know if, you go to an american military college…. what do they teach?
      Any history in a major university …is tainted…. been that way for a long time.
      Who writes and authors those books of study….?

    May 18, 2023 18:15 PM

    i have not and cannot follow…but this is a huge scandal proving Trump innocent…have not followed…

    May 18, 2023 18:35 PM

    bottom line…an economic depression with coexisting hyperinflation….glta

    May 18, 2023 18:36 PM

    Unbelievable and it isn’t 4 p.m. Friday. Institute of Virology, Wuhan finally cut from US funding.

      May 19, 2023 19:28 PM

      So the Israeli government knew factions of the US government had arranged to bring down the twin towers (in order to destroy some records) and also part of the Pentagon, again to destroy records of corruption and theft.

      What exactly did you expect Israel to do?

    May 19, 2023 19:09 AM

    MIC(medical industrial complex) is winning the war on your health and franchising societal wide unnecessary debilitating chronic degenerative ailments and worse…Kill rate is more widely and equitably dispersed than just adult males in pointless wars that the other MIC offers for the elites……Celebrate that other MIC….or both brands if you choose…..glta

    May 19, 2023 19:46 AM

    autism rate has grown to one in 20 children from one in ten thousand back in 1970….ker and al believe docs are sage and medical cartel is providing the public a miracle…silent on the collapse of our youth health for 30 years…approves and endorses the slaughter of our future…takes all the jabs himself…sage..

    May 19, 2023 19:50 AM
      May 19, 2023 19:15 AM

      Well that kinda makes things a little bit tuffer, who should we be sending the most money to? Israel or Ukraine?

      Someone needs to ask Bob, he’s been on top of it all so he’ll know, “who gets more money Bob”, Mossad or the nazis?

        May 19, 2023 19:08 AM

        That’s not for us tax serfs to decide. We just do as we are told….pay all those taxes…we have no say…in how much our rulers take or what they do with it…I could be mistaken…but I think that is called tyranny.

      May 19, 2023 19:40 AM

      i hate that israel acts as an agent of any nations agenda…they do it for favor and weapons…not good…but everything is war in one respect or another…i hate that too….capitalism is the worst system just better than all the rest…i am tired of all the corruption…what is a mother too do?…hide?

    May 19, 2023 19:09 AM

    It’s all over the news now. They committed treason! Nothing can stop what is coming.

    May 19, 2023 19:29 AM

    Our Soros sorrows….and better not say he’s Jewish…

    May 19, 2023 19:32 AM
    May 19, 2023 19:10 AM

    I think Al is feeling poorly…I will send white light out to him…..He suffers as all do…

    May 19, 2023 19:38 AM

    19 May, 2023 11:13
    HomeRussia & FSU
    ‘Radioactive cloud’ threatening western Europe – Russian security chief
    The hazard was produced by depleted uranium munitions destroyed in Ukraine, Nikolay Patrushev has claimed

      May 19, 2023 19:36 AM

      b…you are asking for trouble…our rulers may very soon get more aggressive in going after anyone spreading “disinformation for a foreign government.”

    May 19, 2023 19:53 AM

    Florida lawmakers want to use radioactive material to pave roads

    May 19, 2023 19:01 AM

    Rooskies getting their aircraft shot down inside Russia…Got to wonder how much longer the Rooskies will take before they strike outside Ukraine…You boys got those fallout shelters done???

    May 19, 2023 19:42 AM

    The Next Wonder wapen will Be ( F 16 ) ! Let’s See !

      May 19, 2023 19:19 AM

      At the same Time we Have the Bilderberg Members Arriving in Lisbon ! No Western TV Nerative from Jimmy & AL ? Boys !

      May 19, 2023 19:36 AM

      Mean whail we have the Bilderberg Meetings in Lesbon No TV nerative from AL and Jimmy Heir ! Boys

    May 19, 2023 19:19 AM

    New York insanity, much more Austin Fitts on financial freedoms

      May 19, 2023 19:44 PM

      Got to be real stupid at this point, to pay tax on gold money….. lol……… really a moronic state of states.
      Tenn. should know better…….. but, with all those hill jacks , .. like really….
      Oh,… my family is from Tenn… so, I can speak the truth… like duh
      The Vandy builds did not pay the taxes, you can depend on it…..
      Part of the Crown…
      Like Leona Hemsley said …. “only the little people pay taxes”…..

        May 19, 2023 19:19 PM

        I paid several thousands of dollars paying sales taxes when buying silver in Indiana…It was that or not buy silver

          May 22, 2023 22:36 PM

          You could have avoided paying sales tax if you gave it any thought.

        May 19, 2023 19:35 PM

        Tennessee finally abolished sales taxes on gold and silver last year.

        Remember Tennessee does not have a state income tax.

    May 19, 2023 19:03 PM

    Volodymyr Zelensky is agin traveling all offer the plays enieware will do but note in Ukraine ! Jimmy ?

      May 19, 2023 19:22 PM

      Lizzz Trust EX UK Prim minister travel to Taiwan to be more strong to CHINA ! The western World Will Go ( GREEN ) ! Don’t Worry you will all have your pay next moned ! I’m OF !

    May 22, 2023 22:36 PM

    OWL ………. 0