Sean Brodrick – Solar Stocks, Green Energy Stocks, Gold Stocks and Oil Stocks; All Balanced With US Dollar Technicals

May 30, 2023

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily joins me to share a new solar stock pick along with comments on how he views the green energy sector from an investment front.


We then discuss the chart for the US Dollar. This ties into moves in gold and US markets. Finally Sean shares his big picture outlook for tech stocks, gold stocks and oil stocks.




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    May 30, 2023 30:07 PM

    I decided to pull the trigger today on adding another tranche to my positions in Coeur Mining (CDE), Gatos Silver (GATO), and enCore Energy (EU). Had done some nibbling adding to positions in other stocks the end of last week as well like Karora Resources (KRR), Triple Flag (TFPM), Gogold Resources (GGD), and the Jr Uranium Mining ETF (URNJ).

    There are plenty of other attractive looking risk/reward setups in the mining stocks, for those investors with a 1-2 year time horizon. Too many to take advantage of, but if I had a bigger cash horde, I’d be looking to deploy it over these summer doldrums. Even some of the drill plays that are starting up exploration programs this month and next are still sitting dead in the water on minimal volume, so they could be worth a punt as well, with a smaller risk-adjusted position sizing.

    Personally, I’m biding my time to add to others with my remaining dry powder (which is starting to get depleted after the last 2 weeks of buying), as we may still see another month or two of weak prices in the Gold, Silver, and Uranium resource stocks. Medium to longer-term though, the current market cap valuations in many stocks are quite compelling. By this time next year, people are going to wish they had been accumulating more into the present weakness.

      May 30, 2023 30:38 PM

      It’s pretty obvious who you’re talking about when you mention …drill plays that are starting up…’ !!

        May 30, 2023 30:51 PM

        I wasn’t thinking about any one company in particular as there are dozens and dozens of drill plays gearing up for this year’s exploration program in the next month or two. Plenty of companies to choose from really.

    May 30, 2023 30:50 PM

    Just thinking ahead…do miners go up in Fascist countries? Something must make them go up.

    May 30, 2023 30:27 PM

    Somebody recently asked Lobo Tiggre about gold. My interpretation of his response is… I don’t have an effing clue.

      May 30, 2023 30:43 PM

      Very accurate projection …

    May 30, 2023 30:43 PM

    Sean says, ‘ long as you pick the one you want, you should be okay.’
    Expert advice. Just pick the one you want.

      May 30, 2023 30:20 PM

      Yep, as the song goes…. “Love the one you’re with.”

    May 30, 2023 30:30 PM

    I already got 40 I want but I want at least 40 more. It would be nice if more than a couple went up. I probably should pick 40 EX wants.

      May 30, 2023 30:19 PM

      +40 Haha!
      –> Yes, there are always 40 more junior stocks that I want to add to the mix Lakedweller2….

      I’ve already got over 40 PM stocks though, so I’m pretty much fully allocated to gold & silver stocks at this point, and just adding to a few existing positions on dips to improve my overall cost basis. I reviewed my portfolio today and identified about a half dozen PM stocks that I’d like to add more to at these depressed prices.

      There are also a few base metal/critical metals stocks I’d like to initiate new positions in, along with a few more oil/nat gas stocks down the road, as I harvest some PM gains…

      Ever Upward!

    May 31, 2023 31:48 AM

    Appears managed money wants to own the mining business (privatize with Fed Gov help) and not pay a fair price, as usual. No Regulators to stop them.

    May 31, 2023 31:03 AM

    This Is The End Of A Mega-Cycle

    May 30, 2023 by Michael

    “Have we finally reached the end of the road? When it comes to the economy, most of us focus on short-term cycles. In recent years there have been times when the economy has been growing and there have been times when the economy has been shrinking, but all of those short-term fluctuations have happened in the context of a long-term trend of debt-fueled “growth”. We have been relentlessly stealing from the future in order to make the present more pleasant, and most of us pretend that the piper will never have to be paid. But of course the truth is that a day of reckoning is fast approaching, and that day of reckoning is going to be immensely painful.”

    “Earlier today, I came across a tweet by @EndWokeness that really does a great job of pointing out the harsh reality of what we are facing…”

    US national debt, 1960: $286 billion
    US national debt, 2023: $31.4 trillion

    Are our roads better?
    Are our streets safer?
    How about healthcare?
    Is it easier to raise a family?
    Did we improve our schools?

    If not, then what the hell did they do with that $31,124,000,000,000?

    “I can actually answer that last question. They bought time. By kicking the can down the road over and over again, they have been able to delay the severe economic consequences that myself and so many others have been warning about all these years.”