West Red Lake Gold Mines – New Owners Of The Madsen Gold Mine; Restart Plan and Management Team

June 28, 2023

Shane Williams, President and CEO of West Red Lake Gold Mines (TSX.V:WRLG – OTCQB:WRLGF) joins to introduce the acquisition of the Madsen Gold Mine in Red Lake, Ontario. the focus of the interview is how the Company will turn around the mine after the past owners, Pure Gold Mining, ran into financial issues.


Shane explains the 3 part restart plan, including de-risking the resource through infill drilling, restart planning which means re-doing some of the economic studies, and finally restarting the mine. We discuss general time frame and the team in charge of the mine turnaround. 


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Click here to visit the West Red Lake Gold Mines website to read over the full Corporate Presentation.


    Jun 28, 2023 28:37 AM

    Here is another producer I have been banging the drums about, Luca Mining. (SYL-LUCA) I don’t care what Ex thinks I’m not going to start dancing. They have two mines Campo Morado and Tahuehueto both in Mexico. Morado’s mill is running at 1000 tpd and Tahuehueto (gold and silver) has just been transitioned from 300 tpd to 500 tpd. DT +1

      Jun 28, 2023 28:21 PM

      Oh come on now DT. If you are going to start banging the drums, then you need to start dancing. 😉

      We are actually talking to Luca Mining tomorrow afternoon and recording an update so stay tuned. It will likely go up Friday morning.

    Jun 28, 2023 28:44 PM

    I will be watching this project look interesting.
    The right people behind it that’s for sure.

    Good luck
    Shawn Perger