Lion One Metals – Development Update At The Tuvatu Gold Mine

July 5, 2023

On June 30th, Lion One Metals (TSX.V:LIO – OTCQX:LOMLF – ASX:LLO) announced mine construction at the Tuvatu Gold Project in Fiji was 75% complete. Patrick Hickey, the Chief Operating Officer at Lion One Metals joins me to discuss what it means to be 75% complete and what work is needed to be in full production. This includes estimated first gold pour and the timing to expand from 300 tones per day (tpd) to 500 tpd.


I also have Patrick share his background in the sector focused on mines built around the world and what attracted him to focus on building this Project.


If you have any follow up questions for Patrick please email me at




Click here to visit the Lion One Metals website to read over the full news release on the Tuvatu development progress.

    Jul 05, 2023 05:47 PM

    I am glad to see you got Patrick on your show. In March I was visiting Fiji and on very short notice I was able to get a guided tour of the mine site, by Patrick. Looking at the photos in the resent press release I was amazed at the progress that has been made in the last 3 months. I hope you will get him on regularly with his updates. Cheers, Don in Trail.

    Jul 05, 2023 05:55 PM

    Condor is starting to look a little frothy everyday it goes up, I will let you decide, am I early or am I late. Luca Mining looks like a beachball getting ready to surface. As always DYODD! DT