Sean Brodrick – USD Breakdown Below 100; Which Sectors Have The Best Set Up?

July 13, 2023

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily joins me to discuss the importance of the US Dollar breakdown and correlated market rally. Both the USD and broad market averages are back to April 2022 levels. We look into a couple specific sectors including gold and silver stocks, oil stocks and AI stocks.




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    Jul 13, 2023 13:50 PM

    NSRPF wakes from the dead

    Jul 14, 2023 14:30 AM

    sell Mortimer sell…/Es 240 minute chart….3 drive up completed w perfect time and price…symmetry…..if you are technical trader this is your intermediate sell point again….market emotionalism has caused price to pop a bit above the fib numbers….the dollar may be putting in an extended intermediate low today…possible…not sure at all…glta…i am now short once again up to my ears…

    Jul 14, 2023 14:34 AM

    12:30ish qqq up .45%…the gang of 7
    qqew down .18%

    the charade will unravel….probably w a bang rather than a wimper….glta

    Jul 14, 2023 14:21 AM

    weekly dollar chart…possible for 50 cents more down to exact .618 retrace…….

    Jul 14, 2023 14:47 AM

    does /ES give us a bearish top inverted hammer candlestick by days end…that would be a classic top……imho…..a weak close looks possible and would peg that hammer down…glta….

    bottom third…inverted hammer top