Calibre Mining – Q2 Production Results; 20% Increase In Gold YTD Compared To Last Year, On Track For Over 250,000 Oz Production, Cash Grows 32% To $77 Million

July 17, 2023

Ryan King, Senior VP of Corporate Development and IR at Calibre Mining (TSX.V:CXB – OTCQX:CXBMF) joins me to recap the July 11th news release announcing Q2 production results. Consolidated gold production for the quarter was 68,776 ounces, a 15% increase from Q2 2022, and year-to-date (YTD) consolidated gold production totaled 134,526 ounces, a 20% increase over YTD 2022. Cash also increased to $77 million, a 32% increase from Q1.


I have Ryan summarize the production by recapping the number of mines, both open pit and underground, in Nicaragua as well as the production out of Nevada. We also discuss growth opportunities at the mines and where the Company has been drilling.


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Click here to read over the full news release.


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    Jul 17, 2023 17:13 PM

    Where is Ex, he must be on one of his many holidays, probably went down to the beach looking for sand dollars. You know what he’s like he always has to make a buck! LOL! DT 👍😊

      Jul 18, 2023 18:52 AM

      Hi DT. Yep just got back in the saddle today from a holiday with the family over the last week.

      Unfortunately we spent more dollars than the sand dollars we collected, but it was nice to get some time away from the glowing screen and get a little R&R in. 🙂

        Jul 18, 2023 18:58 AM

        I was sad to have missed this interview with Calibre though, but listened to Cory & Ryan here in this interview, and remain a happy shareholder of CXB. It’s been on a steady climb higher since the 4th quarter of last year, and unlike many of it’s peers, held onto those gains… and rightly so… They have continuous grade-driven growth in operations and one of the more robust exploration programs in the PM sector. (100,000 meters planned for this year). Calibre has been one of my best performing stocks since the bottom in the miners last year, and I expect it to continue to outperform moving forward.

    Jul 18, 2023 18:03 AM

    Ex, just saw your response to Integra Resources. Looks like a good time to average down, thx

      Jul 18, 2023 18:55 AM

      Hi Buzz. Yeah, I’m still constructive on the new combined entity of Integra, and am thinking of averaging down a bit more in it myself. Once the sector sentiment turns, and more analysts come back into the PM sector to start kicking tires on the development-stage projects, their ounces in the ground from Delemar, Wild Cat, and Mountain View will be re-rated substantially higher.