More Black marks for The Big Guy

Big Al
August 22, 2023
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How can the American Oval be so disfunctional and embasassing for America?

    Aug 22, 2023 22:20 PM

    I am going to change the comment below the photos of our two hosts , to . How can our two hosts be so DISRESPECTFUL , to their guests in the comment section . A good host , will at least speak to his guests , to show them RESPECT , But alas our hosts choose to IGNORE those guest who show up in the comment section . …. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU .

      Aug 23, 2023 23:31 AM

      Why so hostile Irish? I have been quite sick the last few days – it was hard enough to do the daily.
      C’mon man, as creepy uncle Joe would say! Cut us some slack (-;

      Aug 22, 2023 22:27 PM

      Soros and Hillary have plans for you…for starters no more meat and no car for you…not that you’d need a car…as you will have to be holed up in that Al Joyan joint…because it will be too dangerous to drive a car in Seattle, anyway…

        Aug 22, 2023 22:17 PM

        its American members include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.

        So 14 leftist cities in the U.S. have signed on to this commitment to take away freedom of choice from their citizens, while people suffer under rampant crime and children perform poorly in schools, but their priority is to take away milk, meat, and gas-powered cars.

          Aug 23, 2023 23:34 AM

          Humm 🧐 looks like woke to me 😲

    Aug 22, 2023 22:34 PM

    The biggest mistake on Maui, at Lahaina was:



    Aug 22, 2023 22:52 PM

    In my opinion the education administrators on Maui should ALL be fired and the administration turned over to a suitable PRIVATE ORGANIZATION, of which there are several.

    As a n indication of the quality of education in the whole state of Hawaii, I quote from the “Kids Count” book for 2022…..

    ● 72% of Hawai‘i eighth-graders scored below proficient math levels, ranking 42nd in the nation.

    ● Approximately 5,000 teenagers between ages 16 and 19, or 9% of that population, didn’t attend school or work — ranking the state 43rd.
    ● 111,000 children lived in families that spent more than 30% of their income on housing, which is considered a high cost burden. This equates to 37% of all children in the state, ranking Hawaiʻi 48th.
    “Compared to other states, Hawaii ranks in the bottom third in the education domain. Policymakers have recently made investments to expand access to early learning and to address the impact of the pandemic on learning loss, but there is still room for improvement, and these investments must continue in the years ahead so that we can provide this generation what they need to lead the state.”

    Aug 22, 2023 22:01 PM

    In short, the socialist blue states have succeeded in dumbing down our school education system to produce many morons who vote for people like Biden, who deliver promises and more poverty.

      Aug 23, 2023 23:33 AM

      You nailed – idiocracy is what the elites want. Don’t think, don’t question, just follow the other lemmings off the cliff

    Aug 23, 2023 23:09 AM
      Aug 23, 2023 23:32 AM

      Yes, jailing Trump should.cause a. split, let the people go … ….. the few elites and commies perverts should go gather in their little world 🌎 The government of the people, not the few .The split would be away..from the DC Fed….

        Aug 23, 2023 23:39 AM

        I hate to see it coming, but it is getting close. Would be bad news for the elite and urban idiots, they won’t last long in a challenge – they don’t have guns, they don’t grow food, they won’t even have power, water and transpo for long in a real fight. And the Army ain’t big enough or loyal enough to the Pretender in Chief anymore to do a domestic take down. They lose.
        I pray it doesn’t ever get that bad, again.

    Aug 23, 2023 23:21 AM
      Aug 23, 2023 23:50 AM

      He was capable enough to take Moscow, but dumb enough to quit and even dumber to trust Putin.
      Who knows what is really happening behind the intrigue – a bunch of Wagner guys were missing from Belarus this week, could this be a deception plan?
      The plane was shot down, you can hear the interceptor aircraft in the background of the videos.
      If he was on board, he was a dumb shit – if he was not, brilliant move to either retire to a tropical island out of sight, or sneak up on Putin.

      Aug 23, 2023 23:15 AM

      No worst than Hilly AndBilly list of 108

    Aug 23, 2023 23:09 AM

    The TRAITOR Biden and the Commie Totalitarian democrats are going to retry 2020 tactics.

    The senile moron Biden will stop campaigning and the lying, cheating democrats are going to push for mail-in ballots again without ID verification.

      Aug 23, 2023 23:28 AM

      Lock downs are not going to work the same..,.ding dongs have already been exposed…. better learn how to get ready

    Aug 23, 2023 23:34 AM

    Country Sheriff’s have already begun.
    To organize,

    Check see if they took an oath of office In your area…Big cities are no place to be going forward., Obviously 🙄

    Aug 23, 2023 23:52 AM
    Aug 23, 2023 23:56 AM

    Prosecutors: Trump Mar-a-Lago security aide flipped after changing lawyers

      Aug 23, 2023 23:03 PM

      That is exactly…Why BAR Law does not work stupid sheeple ,,, not designed to work for WE The People After the Act of 1871🧐🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    Aug 23, 2023 23:58 AM
      Aug 23, 2023 23:00 PM

      E Pluribus Fool’em…

        Aug 23, 2023 23:45 PM


    Aug 23, 2023 23:09 PM

    Irish Tony posted. …. Barnes the other day…concerning Georgia….l suggest Jimmy And Owl 🦉 take the time to comprehend the contents and that goes for everyone