Skeena Resources – Snip Resource Update And How This Will Improve The Economics For The Eskay Creek Project

September 8, 2023

Walter Coles, Executive Chairman at Skeena Resources (TSX:SKE – NYSE:SKE) joins me to discuss the updated Mineral Resource Estimate at the Snip Project and how it will factor into the overall economics for the Eskay Creek Project. Both Projects are in the Golden Triangle of BC. 


The key aspects we focus on is how the Snip resource can be used as a satellite option for the Eskay Creek resource to improve economics through increased gold grades, higher recoveries and a cleaner feed to reduce smelter penalties. We also discuss the potential changes in mine life and average annual production. This will all be presented when the Company releases future economic studies from both Projects.


On the exploration front Walter provides an update on the drilling at the Eskay Deeps area. While no results have been released from the current drill program he shares the big picture potential of this area.


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    Sep 09, 2023 09:24 AM

    Didn`t Walter say a while ago that skeena was getting their own assay lab so that we would get results quicker?