West Red Lake Gold – The Balance Restarting The Madsen Gold Mine, On Going Drilling and Drill Results At Madsen and The Rowan Project

September 19, 2023

At the conference in Beaver Creek there was a lot of discussion around West Red Lake Gold Mines (TSX.V:WRLG – OTCQB:WRLGF) regarding when and how the Company will be bringing the Madsen Gold Mine (acquired from Pure Gold Mining earlier this year) back into production. Since the Company has also been releasing drill results from the Madsen Gold Mine and Rowan Project we figured it was a good time to get another update from management.


Will Robinson, VP of Exploration at West Red Lake Gold joins us to summarize the work plans and timeline to restart the mine. We recap the recent drill results from the mine and the Company’s Rowan Project to better understand what is critical for the restart. We also discuss the drilling that just started (September 6th) at the Wedge Target, which is part of the Company’s strategy to build satellite targets to feed the mine when in operation.


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  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of West Red Lake Gold Mines at the time of this recording




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    Sep 19, 2023 19:34 PM

    West Red Lake Gold (WRLG.V) CEO Message Part 3: Existing Infrastructure at the Madsen Mine

    Shane Williams (CEO) – September 19, 2023

    “In mining circles, ‘existing infrastructure’ can mean a logging road, a plywood core-shack, a rusted ball mill or a capsized Porta-potty. The West Red Lake Gold Mines’ situation is a bit different. We inherited a modern, fully permitted, virtually-unused mining facility which includes underground equipment, double ramp access, a 1,273-metre-deep shaft, expandable 800+ tonne per day mill, excess tailings capacity and a water treatment plant.”

    “The mill achieves 95% gold recovery. The tailings pond and water treatment are regularly inspected and pass with flying colours. Last month I was on site with the Ontario Minister of Mines – a former executive at Placer Dome. He is very supportive of the project.”

    “It’s difficult to put an exact price tag (value) on the existing infrastructure. The mill itself cost approximately $100 million. With rampant inflation in construction, the replacement cost would be significantly higher. But the biggest benefit of the permitted existing infrastructure is the effect on production timelines. The permitting process can take ten years…”

      Sep 19, 2023 19:16 PM

      Added some more West Red Lake after Monday’s positive action. Getting more difficult to play musical chairs with funds when all the stocks you hold look good. You guys may have hit on something big in the Erfle interview. It is very possible that intervention was intended to corner the market for the few. Regulators are not going to stop them and politicians are enablers. The thought of outright theft without interference seems beyond belief. But pretty much everything that happens falls in that category.

    Sep 23, 2023 23:56 PM

    Over the years I’ve spent a lot on junior miners with some big wins that didn’t make up for the losses. With that said I kept coming back for more, but not after these guys. The outright criminality of this company stealing PureGold cannot be understated. What they got away with was incredibly damaging to the industry and the TSX.V. I’m done with the lawless small cap market.