Brian Leni – Episode #1: Field Notes Video Series Introduction

September 20, 2023

Our good friend Brian Leni, Editor of The Junior Stock Review is starting up a new video series call Field Notes. This video series is geared to help resource investors make better investing decisions by following Brian on site visit and through interviews with well known successful resource investors.


This is the introduction to the Field Notes. Stay tuned for future videos.



    Sep 20, 2023 20:34 PM

    Brian Leni is such an upstanding investor that shoots straight with people about the junior mining sector strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. He is also an outstanding human being.

    I hope people will take time to watch the upcoming series of videos he plans on putting out as he goes on site visits, where he peels back the layers of how he approaches gathering key intel and thus gains a slight edge as a resource investor.

    This seems like a really solid idea from Brian to help other investors learn the ropes, and he is someone in the sector where personally I learn something from every time we chat. There are few that understand the developers or how to properly value them as Brian, and I’m looking forward on going on this journey with him through his videos.

    Ever upward!

    Sep 21, 2023 21:38 PM

    I watched the video and was immediately drawn to it because I am familiar with some of the locations where it was filmed. I was raised in a similar area where he now lives but unlike him, I love living in the big (green) smoke with all its availability. During my working years I was a skilled tradesman laboring on some big construction projects, but now I find myself drawn to people who like to talk about business in an urban environment. It will be fun to listen in as he reveals and shares his thoughts on the resource market. DT