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September 23, 2023
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  • Segment 1 – Merrick Garland raises eyebrows.
  • Segment 2 – If you can do it, I can do it too says Bob Menendez.
  • Segment 3 – Ukraine is making America look bad.
  • Segment 4 – The fallacy of the Democratic Actions.

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    Sep 23, 2023 23:14 AM

    Jackson Hinkle: Western Elites Want War Against Russia, China

    The US establishment is not hesitant to start World War Three to maintain its globalist dominance, American political commentator Jackson Hinkle told Sputnik’s New Rules podcast.
    “I guess Tucker [Carlson] has got a point when he says, ‘I’m willing to bet my house that Joe Biden is going to start World War Three with Russia,’ because look what they’ve done,” Jackson Hinkle told Sputnik. “These people are insane.

      Sep 23, 2023 23:37 AM

      A senior in High School?

        Sep 23, 2023 23:19 PM

        The sanctions aginst Russia and know China and the problems Whit India and Sanctions whit all dis Nation and More are Putting the ( Western Nations in a New Lockdown ) And dis will make the deindustralisation off the West Normal ! It’s A Plane Agenda 21 & 30 ! No Nuclaiar War ! Only The Plane !!!! The news lai 24 / 7 !!!!!

        Sep 27, 2023 27:38 AM

        Regiem Change is coming to Ukraine ! Mark my words AL ! Zelensky Bay Bay !

    Sep 23, 2023 23:14 AM
      Sep 23, 2023 23:07 AM

      An amazing post, thank you Chartster. Our content is petty good, but we are getting very little, if any kudos for it and our audience should be much larger. I am going to talk with Jim about sprucing up our presentation. Aside from being a great post, I learned some positive things personally from it. Thank you again.

      Sep 23, 2023 23:10 AM

      We tralked about the consequences of more American aid on the Weekend Show.

    Sep 23, 2023 23:43 AM

    The indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez, explained

    So the weaponized DOJ indicted the president’s son AND a powerful Democrat U.S. Senator?
    Doesn’t make sense.

    Sep 23, 2023 23:56 PM

    Russians will destroy those Himars as soon as they arrive.

    Sep 24, 2023 24:37 AM

    Inflation To Explode; Hyperinflation Endgame | Bob Moriarty
    Liberty and Finance

    Sep 24, 2023 24:14 AM

    The West’s Proxy War Against Russia has FAILED ….. The White House knowes it … London & the rest of Europe knows it … The MSM knowes it . … The Bloggers on this site knows it. But whats very strange is , our two so called very INTELLIGENT
    Host’s seem to think & are saying , that the Russians are haveing the crap beating out of them . So are AL & Jim , now part of the MSM propaganda machine , if not then perhaps they are a pair of brainwashed fools.

      Sep 24, 2023 24:46 AM

      It doesnt matter Tony.
      The majority of the public believe the west is winning in Ukraine.
      There are some advancements by the Ukrainians and those are whats hailed as the Ukrainians winning.

      The Russians are prepared to go to Kiev if they figure they need to.
      They sure as heck dont want to but if givin no choice they will.

      Canadian parliament applauds Nazi Waffen SS veteran (VIDEO)

      The 1st Galician Division, formed from Ukrainian volunteers during WWII, is blamed for multiple atrocities against Poles
      Canadian parliament applauds Nazi Waffen SS veteran (VIDEO)
      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (C) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R), acknowdledges a Canadian-Ukrainian war veteran at the House of Commons. © AFP / Sean Kilpatrick
      Ukraine’s president and Canada’s prime minister greeted a former member of the infamous SS 1st Galician Division, which fought for the Nazis in World War II, as they attended a parliament session in Ottawa, according to images shared by the Associated Press.

      Tell me there is some kind of sanity happening in the west!!

      Heck over 100 thousand poles were killed by Ukrainians and Poland supports the nazis. lol
      Logical no?
      Course rumors have it that could be changing.

        Sep 24, 2023 24:45 AM

        Hi SF . As You may know , or not know . RT was banned in the UK a couple of years ago , therefore i am not able to open the links to RT that You post . The British Govt does not want the people , to read some of the truth . I was reading RT for years , & used to post links here over the years.

        FREE SPEACH . …. My Arce … HaHaHa … OH BTW , Our Milatery Expert Mc Kinny told US, more than once , that there were NO NAZI’s in UKRAINE …. What a plonker.

          Sep 24, 2023 24:45 PM

          Free speech, yupper Jim and Al believe we do have it, have to ignore Assange and other journalists of course but thats no problem. 😉

          Southfront was banned from google( I think) so I went to Moon of Alabama and asked where to find it.
          I got my answer and see it everyday.

          I think I read somewhere that RT could be found on “tore”? whatever that is, maybe Moon of alabama has someone that knows how to get RT in UK.

          As for Al/Jim nazis, yup, unreal, I think they know what they say is BS, its so obvious they have to know.

          They must want the war is all I can think of. They must want free speech shut down etc

          Geez, they could even be for war with Russia and China, they never really actually say anything to oppose it other than they for peace then they go on with the bs, so, go figure.

          I have heard there are some god worshippers that want an armaggedon because they believe that brings their god to earth, something like that.
          Jerry would know the story better.

          Maybe thats their thinking.

            Sep 24, 2023 24:16 PM

            Yep b..

            That is correct on the God worship and hurry up plan.

            Problem with the thinking.
            God decides on his time table.
            No one knows the mind of God,and no one knows his timing.

            It is for told what is of Revelation… for those who believe..
            Problem will be for those none believers…God gives all the sinners the opportunity to have EVER LASTING LIFE…..For FREE…

            Sep 24, 2023 24:26 PM

            OK Jerry.
            So, is the belief that an armageddon brings back god correct?

            Maybe I can google it.

            I read the wikipedia, big war, bad guys die, god wins.

            Looks like armageddon does bring back god.
            Maybe some people believe the neocons are not insane?

            Personally, I’ll stick with they are nuts.

            Sep 24, 2023 24:39 PM

            The result in the end..
            God is in charge…
            There is no Armageddon until God decides

            Sep 24, 2023 24:47 PM

            One small problem for the baby christian.

            Called the Rapture

    Sep 24, 2023 24:22 AM

    Hi SF … a picture from the canadian parliament …. Waffen SS. but Jimmy will tell you Nazies in Ukraine dont exist .. so perhaps this is the first time that Zelensky has ever seen one , because he sure looks excited.

    Sep 24, 2023 24:35 PM

    The former Fox News host has questioned why ‘you’re not allowed to hear’ the Russian president’s voice

    “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the US government stopped me,” Carlson claimed in an interview with Swiss publication Die Weltwoche published on Thursday. He also explained that he felt let down by the lack of support for his situation that he says he received from US news media.

    Ya we have free speech.

    Sep 24, 2023 24:33 PM

    Hi Gus, I’m at in hospital again, but finally got their WIFi running for me.
    Sorry for typos…..did not bring a stylus.

      Sep 24, 2023 24:56 PM

      You take care…God loves you
      Ever lasting life with Father God never forget that
      ..the devil only wants your harm.. you only have to ask.. God,. you do not need anyone to ask for you..

      Sep 25, 2023 25:36 AM

      Hang in CFS….
      What you are enduring is very hard….Larry

    Sep 24, 2023 24:46 PM

    John. Campbell talks excess deaths 9/24

    Sep 24, 2023 24:01 PM
    Sep 24, 2023 24:42 PM

    I believe is ver,y very intelligent and SMOOTH.
    But that does not stop him from lying whenever he opens his mouth.

    Sep 25, 2023 25:28 AM

    A short list of current happenings and past history. Along with music.

    Sep 25, 2023 25:38 AM

    Biden Is Old, But Trump Is Crazy (and Dangerous)

    “In the last few days, the leading GOP candidate for president — the twice impeached, defeated former president, who is facing four criminal indictments — suggested the execution of General Mark Milley; demanded a federal shutdown unless the prosecutions against him are defunded; called on all Senate Democrats to resign; and threatened to use the powers of the federal government to retaliate against news outlets like NBC that had criticized him.”

      Sep 25, 2023 25:10 AM


        Sep 25, 2023 25:27 AM

        GuessI’m a slow thinker Jerry but I have no idea what ur emojis say.

        Ghost, turd, devil/demon? and drooling face?
        No idea what ur saying. Something about Trump I’m guessing?

          Sep 25, 2023 25:43 AM

          👻= scary stuff,that 💩 shit,
          the devil 👿 made him do it, so,🤐. = zip it
          I should have added Gen🪖milly is 💩and some 😄😄😄🙊

      Sep 25, 2023 25:12 PM

      Hi AJ… I hate to admit that from time to time I go down the rabbit holes you and the establishment propagandists dig… I look and dig for real meat behind the accusations against Trump and rarely find anything… IMO, the truth is that Trump supports our troops and veterans, and was disgusted, as am I, that wounded veterans are used, showcased, and displayed as trophy examples… Real reform would be to avoid injuring our troops for fake causes in the first place. But no, the victims of the government abuse complexes are often displayed as examples of who the government needs to help – nevermind that most taxpayer aid programs help the bureaucracy, but little if any money, ends up helping the victims… It’s all 💩, zero actual evidence of what Trump said to Milley… Yet, “Video from the event only captured Trump warmly greeting Avila and his wife, hugging them, and applauding”.

    Sep 25, 2023 25:24 AM

    “threatened to use the powers of the federal government to retaliate against news outlets like NBC that had criticized him.”

    Just like Zelinsky.

    The american gov shut down Assange and Tucker Carlson…how the heck is Trump dif?

    I just cant see anything changing until the empire falls apart and gets rebuilt.

    Who knows tho? Maybe the Anunnaki return. 😉

    Sep 25, 2023 25:18 AM

    Zeihan thinks China going DOWN….worth your time…glta

      Sep 25, 2023 25:46 AM

      Good article 👍

      Sep 25, 2023 25:43 PM

      Hi Larry… Thanks for the post… Being the contrarian that I tend to be, I think the problems in China are exaggerated… Xi, like Putin, is more in touch with his people and reality, than the elected(?) leaders, like Biden, in the West… But Zeihan’s work fits the Western propaganda themes: Russia is weak… China is weak… when the hot 🥵 war commences, the West will win easily… LoL

        Sep 25, 2023 25:21 PM

        Yep…that would be the correct and notable response…..i think Zeihan is sort of pro MIC…as such he must promote USA profile of eternal strength…thanks Tommy…sharp bunch of bloggers!

          Sep 25, 2023 25:53 PM

          Thanks Larry… I agree 💯% … neocons pulling strings behind the scenes… many sharp 🔪 bloggers here see 👀… Unless proven otherwise, I assume 🤔 the MIC, CIA, big pHarma 💉, entrenched politicians, captured 🪤 government agencies, MSM, and even much alt media 📸 are messing with our heads 🧠… Be sure to listen to Tucker posted above, for those who have not already done so.

            Sep 26, 2023 26:55 AM

            Ditto Tommy 🎯

    Sep 25, 2023 25:46 PM

    The Obsolete fackter will start to emurge in the western society ! Still looking TV ?

    Sep 25, 2023 25:20 PM

    Nothing going right for the sheeple 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑😴

    Sep 25, 2023 25:28 PM
    Sep 25, 2023 25:35 PM

    Canadian parliament gives standing ovation to Nazi war criminal. (introduced by Zelensky)

    Sep 25, 2023 25:11 PM

    Hard Listen…A MUST..REALLY……….Dollar up + Gold in USD up situation……..Not obvious at all…IMPORTANT……

      Sep 25, 2023 25:22 PM

      Larry thanks….willy is always a blast 😁

    Sep 25, 2023 25:38 PM

    the above says…own XRP + Gold…Theme worlwide is to de-dollar…..

    We need to discuss XRP….I know nothing about…GLTA

    Sep 25, 2023 25:52 PM

    more silver than gold

      Sep 25, 2023 25:24 PM

      Gold will become unaffordable for the sheeple…

        Sep 26, 2023 26:19 AM

        Hey Jerry…Maybe you can stoke the fires for an XRP…gold backed crypto discussion both here and on resource side?…..crypto scares me a bit because maybe they can be eliminated via fiat government decree?…right?…we need experts to explain how a crypto can circumvent being blocked from internet access by global government for global commerce?

          Sep 26, 2023 26:34 AM

          Cryptos…..🤔😅😅😅😅🤣😭 one big Con….much like sport betting… mafia controlled 😎 …stick with the hard stuff… like phyz..
          Be your own banker.,. Jmo

    Sep 25, 2023 25:08 PM

    I follow Jim Willie on SGT Report. I don’t think he has been accurate:


      Sep 26, 2023 26:16 AM

      I agree CFS…He and most precious guys have been overly optimistic…but, the moment for inflation to be let loose is a within a year imho….If my timing is tripped I will have a miserable year…lmaol

        Sep 26, 2023 26:01 AM

        Nobody has been accurate on gold for decades… year by year
        … but who bought gold at 💲35..😎

          Sep 26, 2023 26:56 AM

          Well .. maybe somebody

    Sep 25, 2023 25:43 PM
    Sep 26, 2023 26:59 AM

    321gold..,Stew Thompson has some good info on rates and gold

      Sep 26, 2023 26:27 AM

      To purchase XRP you log onto a crypto currency dealer…..One method if you do not want a wallet…what ever that wallet is actually…you may use your credit card to purchase the XRP currency….Vague…..not like it….me to primitive to relate with…do not trust….for so many reasons….So as a result…it should go from 0.50 cents now to a high projection of 500….yes…..100,000%….not on my watch…gold and silver seem a otay…glta

        Sep 26, 2023 26:39 AM

        😄👍💯…..💰in the 🏦

    Sep 26, 2023 26:35 AM

    How about those Nazis in Canada
    Harley and McDuff talk about it…

      Sep 26, 2023 26:38 AM

      Irish…… Harley and McDuff are in your corner

        Sep 26, 2023 26:51 AM

        So funny Jerry.
        Nobody believs they support nazis.

        Guess everyone could plead ignorance.

        I had to talk with the feds today.
        I got in a conversation with the youn lady, Ishe said Ukraine couldnt have nazis as Zelinsky is a Jew, I said 1 is a religion and the other is a political belief.
        Just because Zelinsky is a Jew doesnt mean he cant be nazi, just as a Chistian,Moslem can be a zionist.
        99% of people dont realise many Jews fought with the waffen ss during w2.
        Heck there were generals that were Jews.

        In any case we (west) supported nazis during and after the 2nd war.
        Check out the catholic church support. lol

        People simply believe as they’re told.
        Thats not derogatory, its human.

        In an case, I saw the films of the parlement giving the standing “o”, had to laff.
        What a bunch of clueless………..fearless leaders we have. 😉

          Sep 26, 2023 26:08 PM

          Hi SFF… Zelensky is Jewish, just like Biden and Pelosi are Catholic… Sometimes I wonder if the Pope is Catholic…

          Sep 26, 2023 26:53 PM

          Problem….. sheeple in Canada do not do their DD
          ….BTW.. you did a great outline when you posted under Irish above, Harley said the same today

      Sep 26, 2023 26:53 AM

      Hi Jerry… I just realized that the reason our hosts do not think there are any Nazis in Ukraine is because they believe they all moved to the US or Canada… 😆

        Sep 26, 2023 26:57 AM

        …and, of course, Argentina…

        Sep 26, 2023 26:44 PM

        Tommy 👍🪖🦉😴😴
        Or🪖(⁠☆⁠▽⁠☆⁠)💂, always Wondered🤔,why he never talks about the Act of 1871…

          Sep 26, 2023 26:29 PM

          If only i could 😴😴 better… but just for a solid eight hours, not 24×7.
          ? Not sure what “(⁠☆⁠▽⁠☆⁠)” means.

            Sep 27, 2023 27:12 AM

            Might mean…he was looking for stardom…😄

            Sep 27, 2023 27:45 AM

            Ah, yes… Famous, like Benedict Arnold, by…….

            Sep 27, 2023 27:52 AM

            You got it 😁

    Sep 26, 2023 26:30 PM

    I heard al is studying the Infowar site…To catch up on the past 40 years of USA political occupation by deep state/NWO/Demon types….

    Sep 26, 2023 26:50 PM

    about 26ish minutes forward…..Bob Moriarty…..’Ukraine lost the first month’…

      Sep 26, 2023 26:56 PM

      about 17 minutes forward…oooops

        Sep 26, 2023 26:15 PM

        Thanks larry….Bobby. M was spot on

          Sep 26, 2023 26:22 PM

          👍Ditto !👍

        Sep 26, 2023 26:19 PM

        Moriarty (19 min): “[Ukraine] was destroyed by NATO”…. i could not agree more… 💯% MIC and their supporters fault… The Ukrainian people, land, and resources are nothing more than cannon fodder to them… Heck, all people are expendable to them… just do not tell the American and other Western sheeple – they might just demand that the MIC cease and desist.

          Sep 27, 2023 27:14 AM

          Ditto…. Tommy

    Sep 26, 2023 26:13 PM
      Sep 26, 2023 26:40 PM

      Yes we can.

      Most will not

    Sep 26, 2023 26:27 PM
      Sep 26, 2023 26:43 PM

      Would not surprise me…. the house of perverts.

      Sheeple are just to stupid at this point

    Sep 26, 2023 26:38 PM

    Turn on speakers, Danny boy hasn’t quite got his programming right.

    Sep 26, 2023 26:49 PM
    Sep 26, 2023 26:07 PM
    Sep 26, 2023 26:40 PM
    Sep 26, 2023 26:36 PM

    A new meaning for bugging out……

    Sep 26, 2023 26:51 PM

    Amazon charged with monopoly power and ripping off public:

    Sep 26, 2023 26:59 PM

    Trump has deep pockets, but those of corrupt government are infinitely deep…… suckers.

    Sep 26, 2023 26:04 PM

    BREAKING: Fauci Snuck Into CIA HQ to Influence COVID Origin Report.

    The Congressional Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has reported that former chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, and former head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci, was snuck into the headquarters o the Central Intelligence Agency in order to influence their findings on the origins of COVID-19.
    Fauci – who should be indicted and spend his dying days in jail.

      Sep 27, 2023 27:21 AM

      Sheeple should figure out they are 🪛,….

      WE THE PEOPLE do Not Have a Govt…..
      Just the same thing said over again

        Sep 27, 2023 27:24 AM

        WED 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑😴😴😴😴😴😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

          Sep 27, 2023 27:57 AM

          The above is just to separate the DAYs…..this comment section is getting long 😄

    Sep 27, 2023 27:43 AM

    Trump fraudulently inflated his net worth by up to $2.2 billion, New York judge rules

    Judge rules Trump committed fraud in building real estate empire

    A decade of fraud

      Sep 27, 2023 27:34 AM

      I believe its fraud, in NY to do business you do business with the mob.
      They are all crooks, the place has to be cleaned out.

      Maybe with a bankruptcy and everyone lose their pensions etc, maybe that causes some action by the people.

      Maybe, maybe not.

      Sep 27, 2023 27:49 PM

      Mostly bs.
      .on the token judge.
      . she knows zero on real estate

    Sep 27, 2023 27:37 AM
    Sep 27, 2023 27:47 AM

    Could it be China missed a payment to Hunter ?

    Or maybe the senile coot forgot.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:59 AM

    Of course Ray Epps was working for the FBI and following Nancy’s orders.

    Of course he got a misdemeanor charge and no jail time.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:04 AM

    And ending my day with humor…….

    Sep 27, 2023 27:29 AM

    Beginning with 🙏👌✌️

    Sep 27, 2023 27:17 AM

    Token NY judge really 🪛ing Trump..
    . the system is broken….Rome is burning 🔥
    Article at zero hedge

    Sep 27, 2023 27:33 AM

    JP Morgan settles Epstein case for $75 million 👿👿👿
    Cover up

      Sep 27, 2023 27:56 AM


        Sep 27, 2023 27:01 PM

        The point is there will be no court discovery…..on all the perverts,

    Sep 27, 2023 27:05 AM

    The character of America is changed for decades, and NOT FOR THE BETTER.

    Socialism will bankrupt the country as we create millions of lazy illegals.
    Sure, some have come to better their lives with hard work, but ever-increasing taxation will kill ambitions.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:13 AM


    1 person in 35 who receive vaccine boosters are HEART DAMAGED. (As measured by blood chemicals associated with myocarditis)
    This work out of Switzerland was published 2 months ago, but no change in CDC policy.

      Sep 27, 2023 27:04 PM

      CDC….is proven death machine…

    Sep 27, 2023 27:17 AM

    A real nail in the Biden crime family coffin:

    Sep 27, 2023 27:35 AM

    The end of the cabal will be marked as this coming weekend. It’s the end of their rein.

    It’s is, Game Over!

      Sep 27, 2023 27:37 PM

      We will see…. Time lines… somehow do not work out as planned.

      NWO….. under different names have been going on for centuries.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:52 AM

    Nothing happens fast in D.C.
    Biden has been a stumbling senile criminal for YEARS NOW, but VP incompetence was great insurance for Joe.

    He will be replaced as 2024 Democrat nominee, but not for a few months yet.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:02 AM

    Lip-read at 5 mins

    Dan is so right……if it gets left in.

      Sep 27, 2023 27:13 PM

      Dan was on 🔥 in that video 🎯 🥵

        Sep 27, 2023 27:39 PM

        We have been talking for decades on the two headed glad to hear him come alive,

    Sep 27, 2023 27:18 PM

    you guys may quote me going forewarn….”Context-less news reporting is reporting propaganda”……..Copyright that!

    Sep 27, 2023 27:09 PM

    Who Owns the United States?
    Ask folks named Haim Saban and Miriam Adelson

    The recent sparring between Elon Musk and the despicable Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has cast considerable light on the successful attempts by Jewish groups to dominate America’s foreign as well as some domestic policies, in part by taking away the First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech so their behavior cannot be challenged. As readers of Unz will be aware, Musk has threatened to sue the ADL for as much as $22 billion for defaming him and doing material damage to his business interests while also falsely smearing Musk himself and the platform for allegedly providing an antisemitic haven for “hate speech.” In Musk’s view, the ADL has put pressure on potential advertisers not to do business with him and to engage in a total boycott of his social networking sites.

    If anyone looked into it they would find something very similar happened in Germany, which is what caused a boycott of Jewish business in Germany and the painting of the star of david on Jewish businesses.

    Another clue we on the way to ww 3?

    Sep 27, 2023 27:32 PM

    A senile coot will trip up (or down)…….

    They wil really minimize photo ops, first.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:06 PM

    The senile coot wants the military to run on batteries by 2030.

    Since the first step of war is usually to destroy infrastructure, it will be interesting to watch the military deploying electricity tankers to recharge their vehicles…….or maybe have solar cells on tank roofs to recharge