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Big Al
September 27, 2023
Depress play sympol to listen

Sometimes it feels difficult to trust the government!

    Sep 27, 2023 27:20 PM

    Who Owns the United States?
    Ask folks named Haim Saban and Miriam Adelson

    The recent sparring between Elon Musk and the despicable Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has cast considerable light on the successful attempts by Jewish groups to dominate America’s foreign as well as some domestic policies, in part by taking away the First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech so their behavior cannot be challenged. As readers of Unz will be aware, Musk has threatened to sue the ADL for as much as $22 billion for defaming him and doing material damage to his business interests while also falsely smearing Musk himself and the platform for allegedly providing an antisemitic haven for “hate speech.” In Musk’s view, the ADL has put pressure on potential advertisers not to do business with him and to engage in a total boycott of his social networking sites.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:28 PM


    I still don’t understand, how, if votes recorded exceeded the number of registered voters in a precinct, the election in that precinct can be valid.

      Sep 27, 2023 27:57 PM

      Its valid because people voted for the same party. The uni party.
      So it doesnt matter, all that matters is people voted.

      Might be more effective to vote for your favorite lobby group.

        Sep 27, 2023 27:02 PM

        NO. What it demonstrated was that over 50% of registered voters voted for Trump, and to STEAL the election in that precinct the legitimate Democrat votes PLUS THE FORGED BALLOTS had to exceed 50% in order to steal the election……..i.e. TOTAL EXCEEDS 100%.
        (More than 50% + more than 50% = more than 100%…..proof positive of theft of election.

          Sep 28, 2023 28:21 AM

          CFS, maybe if you talk to the criminal fbi or the criminal doj they will help you out with that.
          Maybe a member of congress that takes money from a lobby group? or a member of congress that serves Israel? how about a member of congress that takes money from Egypt? oops sorry, that one was a sacrifice to show how diligent they are concerning crimes. Gotta do that every once in a while to keep up appearences.

          The system doesnt work cfs, its broken, until people figure that out(which they wont) (as this site proves as they keep talking about which criminal to vote for)
          it will not be fixed.

          Before an issue can be dealt with it has to be acknowledged that there is an issue.

          As long as people continue to talk about voting, the issue will continue.

          The americans are not going to fix it.

          The hope comes from Russia, the system will implode, then there will be no choice for the americans and the west but to fix it.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:50 PM

    The leak from Wuhan was obviously the source….AS EVIDENCED BY THE DARK WEB TRAFFIC.

    FACT, from the dark web……..There was more than one leak.
    (First in late August/Early Sept in 2019)
    The second and major leak was in October 2019 and transmitted by the participants of the Wuhan Military Games in late October 2019.

    (My vote is for intentional.)

    Sep 27, 2023 27:16 PM

    AL ! In My Belgium City all old home Peipole Are know VAX’te Agin ! in the last 14 Day’s ! Stay Strong ! BOY”s !

      Sep 27, 2023 27:37 PM

      Oh NO !… 👿 Chances are good that a quarter of these poor old freshly jabbed will be dead in the next two weeks… ☠️ They will have died of COVID because of their not yet fully vaccinated state… 🤥 Too bad it takes two weeks for the jab to become effective…👹 But the weakest need to be killed first, so then the shot can be considered more effective in the remaining healthy, shot survivors… obviously, more jabs, more frequently are needed to fill the gaps… 💩 💩 💩

    Sep 27, 2023 27:20 PM
    Sep 27, 2023 27:54 PM

    Already by early October 2019 the Chinese knew that a profilactic against serious covid-19 was early consumption of Chaga mushroom, rich in vitamin D.
    They had also murdered citizens of Wuhan by welding building doors shut to stop the spread in Wuhan.
    Spread to Europe was first by two Dutch cousins attending the Wuhan Games, and by infected Chinese attending a silk fabric show in Italy.
    Spread to the US was by Chinese attending conferences.
    It was all reported on the internet at the time i you searched corona virus infections.

    Sep 27, 2023 27:23 PM

    Do you really doubt the covid vaccine actually kills?

    Sep 27, 2023 27:34 PM

    Hi Jerry:

    Bob M just posted a doozy of a story of what is really behind the use of covid as a bioweapon. DT

      Sep 27, 2023 27:21 PM

      here is little doubt that NIH funded the development of covid-19, and even aided with gain of function ideas.
      However, there is NO EVIDENCE the lab-created covid-19 was made in the U.S. and introduced into China secretly.
      There is an abundance of evidence the Chinese over-reacted…….as did the U.S.
      The primary reason for economic turn-downs in both the U.S. and China, was government over-spending……taking spendable money out of manufacture spending.
      In China, government money concentrated into real estate and was trapped there.
      In the U.S. government money went into Ukraine and social welfare spending and interest payments on debt.
      In both countries there was not enough money remaining to significantly grow the economies.
      On top of this lockdown, of course, did not help. BUT ECONOMY’S PRODUCTION WILL NOT GROW IF THERE IS MISSING BUYING POWER.

        Sep 28, 2023 28:52 AM

        Hi DT and CFS… My opinion is that the deep state of the US released the COVID virus as reported by Unz… I think 🤔 the Chinese overreacted because they thought it might be a genetically targeted attack, perhaps with a delayed kill feature. If it came from their lab, they would not have overreacted. Why would there be any evidence that we could easily see? This was well planned: the first cover story was natural evolution… Chinese lab leak was the backup story – and that backup story is believable enough for most people to accept.

          Sep 28, 2023 28:36 AM

          and then it turns out the jab was the delay bioweapon…loose loose situation for the global citizens….I still cannot understand well enough just how lethal or not the actual covid-19 actually indeed was…I have not read stuff addressing that simple question…I have read that covid-19 was from the corona family of common cold/flu virus and most peeps already have humoral resistance….But since the first casualty of war is truth I assume war is being waged against us all….pathetic

            Sep 28, 2023 28:17 AM

            The difference between the covid-19 virus and the cold/flu virus from which it was developed appears to be primarily the addition of the spike protein.
            Whereas the original corona virus mostly attached to and entered lung cells, the addition of the spike protein allowed attachment to and entry into most body cells.
            With the new virus circulating in the blood stream, it would attach to and inflame cells in artery walls and the heart.
            The body’s natural immunity limits viral cells concentration and thus the amount of damage done.

            With the messenger RNA in the vaccine the spike proteins are continuously regenerated
            And immunity becomes limited in its capability to eliminate inflammation and damage.

          Sep 28, 2023 28:15 AM

          Good thought on the,”over reaction”……. Tommy

            Sep 28, 2023 28:26 AM

            I agree with Tommy, unz got it right.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:49 AM

      Thanks DT

        Sep 28, 2023 28:55 AM

        CFS…is confused on COVID..
        We covered it… through George Webb at the time… evidence it came out of Ft.D..

          Sep 28, 2023 28:27 AM

          Not at all confused. I followed Webb………BUT, I DO NOT ACCEPT STATEMENTS WITH SUBSTANTIVE PROOF. Webb ALWAYS lacked proof.
          Yes, I believed Chinese development of the covid-19 virus was aided by the US.
          (Probably would not have happened without the US.)
          I do not believe the US actually released the covid-19 virus in China.
          I believe that was China’s incompetence in lab containment.

            Sep 28, 2023 28:36 AM

            Further, whether or not the Chinese were given the virus by the US for lab evaluation or not, is immaterial COMPARED with its release into public.
            I do not think the U.S. played any part in its release into public.
            Maybe I’m too patriotic, or ignorant, but I just see no evidence.
            As devious and immoral as CIA operatives may be, I just see no evidence they are that stupid.

            Sep 28, 2023 28:46 AM

            You never followed Webb.. totally CFS.. better read all the posts
            Sorry…. like duh…did you get the JAb… just like,🦉 never read all the posts

            Sep 28, 2023 28:24 AM

            I followed Webb and the older geezer, whose name I forget, whose father was an old reporter/book-writer.
            You are factually mistaken.
            I also followed Clif High, who as earlier than Webb, and warned of an impending “sun” virus problem.

            I actually followed Webb when he was reporting BEFORE covid, on Epstein, Bill Clinton, child trafficking, etc.

            Sep 28, 2023 28:51 AM

            As I said, you did not read all the posts

            Otherwise you would not be confused.

            was just a small player, there were a whole bunch more contributing between 2018-22

        Sep 28, 2023 28:11 AM

        .. interesting concerning Trump appointment

          Sep 28, 2023 28:07 AM

          Thanks for the McDuff name, I had forgotten.
          And before that it was Trapper or Trapman, a name, I remember because I thought it made up for a conspiracy theorist or reporter out to get juicy stories.

            Sep 28, 2023 28:21 AM

            I think that was the guy in Florida who was tracking Epstein flights and military contractor Dyncorp..
            Running yellow cake out of Wright Patterson AFB

            Don’t forget Harry the Greek

            Sep 28, 2023 28:13 AM

            Remember it was Webb or McDuff that broke the info that the U.S. was providing viruses and having contract wok done to “Weaponize” them in Ukraine biolabs. I always considered that as a possible reason we were Involved in the Ukraine war.

            Sep 28, 2023 28:39 AM

            Would have been Webb and Addy they were the first to report on the number of biolabs in Ukraine

    Sep 28, 2023 28:09 AM
    Sep 28, 2023 28:50 AM

    Another, Lying-Warmongering Sack of S**T has tossed his two bent penny’s into the ring. Russia has no intention of going to War with Europe or Nato , & this Big Mouted Evil piece of S**T knows it . Who does he work for , the MIC !!!!!!? ……… Just more Scaremongering for the people , from ” THOSE” WHO WANT WAR………….. Go burn in HELL , you SCUM.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:37 AM

      Maybe the general is aware of the Russian statement concerning Oct 5.

      When the Russians move the people should be easily decieved into believing they intend to attack……….what ever the mic says they will. Kiev, Berlin(heck the Russians did it before) London? New York? 😉 People believe anything.

      One small hope is the Canadians celebrating a nazi, that upset Poland, who I think has said they wont be supporting Ukraine with such zeal.

      There is a little bit of hope more people figure out we are supporting nazis.
      Regardless of what Jim/ Al and the mic say.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:48 AM

      on a hell planet war becomes the main game….you cannot make this chit up….
      people could live real nice if every institution was honest rather than a grifter….
      plenty of energy plenty of water plenty of arable land plenty of talent plenty ect……

    Sep 28, 2023 28:00 AM

    Sometimes it is hard to trust government……….

    (Actually, most of the time.). Politicians……NEVER.

    So you think the vaccine harmless ?

      Sep 28, 2023 28:11 AM

      Trust govt 😂

    Sep 28, 2023 28:17 AM

    Re: GOP debate.

    Although I dislike the slick Vivek Ramaswamy, or however the last name is spelled, I do find him unsympathetic and intelligent.
    He was absolutely right that illegals who have babies in the U.S. should not have citizenship given to the babies.

    The Constitution, if read correctly, does not do that.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:23 AM

      I padded again!
      I NEVER TYPED Ramaswamy as unsympathetic……..I typed un-something and was IPad corrected.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:29 AM

    CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS to illegals

    You do not have the right to allow open borders.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:39 AM

      He doesnt have to, he’s the president.
      Look at past presidents that broke laws, fdr is a big one for me, the guy cost alot of lives.
      How about Wilson?
      Laws dont apply to presidents, impeachment is for show, heck its fair to steal elections. Biden is not the first.

        Sep 28, 2023 28:41 AM


        Sep 28, 2023 28:08 AM

        Ya never know, maybe there is a reason the owners would impeach Biden.
        Maybe just to make people think there is some kind of law.
        Would be camoflage at best.
        I cant see the mic and lobby groups all saying “oh well, Biden got impeached, we all have to close up shop and go home now.”

        Wouldnt change a thing.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:56 AM

    This guy “spooked” knows what’s going on!
    He’s certainly qualified in his explanations and thoughts.

      Sep 28, 2023 28:20 PM

      👍 great video

    Sep 28, 2023 28:30 AM

    Unbelievable footage from the January 6th movie that members of congress and the intelligence community orchestrated.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:01 PM

    al…5 minutes begins dissertation on useful idiots…idiots serving what al?…all the lies all the institutions killing us ,,,etc……..

    Sep 28, 2023 28:18 PM

    Get your shots. They’re legal.

    Of course they shouldn’t be.

    But 1 citizen out of 800 that takes the shots will die.
    And you don’t even have to be a citizen; the vaccine does not discriminate.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:41 PM

    Trust honest Joe from the swamp; he’s for the little man.
    (At least he like to tell us that.)

    But then he’s been lying political scum ALL HIS LIFE.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:42 PM

    Plasma Fire…The govs new terror weapon used on us …….

    You bad enough. you get a visit from the Fahrenheit 451 crew from space….fire insurance premiums

    Sep 28, 2023 28:45 PM

    this shows the directed energy zaps causing the spot fires…..

      Sep 28, 2023 28:01 PM

      I do not doubt there were fires, but to say they were created by flashes of directed energy weapons melting cars in a few seconds is total crap.

      Compute the mass of metal per unit area to be melted times latent heat of melting (even forget the necessary rise in temperature needed) and you get the energy density required for the beam. (Even forget the loss of energy as the beam comes from satellite to ground.)

      IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE in a few seconds.

      Please note I did not say beam weapons could not be focused down to create pin holes.

      Google Cambridge atomic weapons lab, for actual energy densities in beam weapons.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:17 PM

    P.S. I taught physics at Oxford University, England, then researched at I.B.M. Thos. J. Watson Labs, then taught Electrical Engineering at Purdue University, Indiana.

    Sep 28, 2023 28:53 PM

    Too many politicians, alas, use USAID Funds to generate kick-backs:

    Sep 28, 2023 28:56 PM
    Sep 28, 2023 28:01 PM

    Are Justin and Hunter pals ?

    Sep 28, 2023 28:10 PM

    In Joe’s own recorded words….

    How can the senile coot deny knowledge of Chinese deals?

    Sep 28, 2023 28:11 PM
    Sep 28, 2023 28:22 PM

    Most Brits don’t have guns…..

    What’s next ? Baseball bats ?

      Sep 29, 2023 29:40 AM

      Morally bankrupt people…
      “a covert compulsory program promotes values such as liberty, utility, equality and autonomy better than an overt program does.”

    Sep 29, 2023 29:56 AM

    The truth always comes out………just a question of time………..

    Sep 29, 2023 29:02 AM

    feinstein DEAD …… About bloody time the corrupt / evil old hag kicked the bucked , rot in hell were you belong … say hello to mc stain , for me.

      Sep 29, 2023 29:31 AM

      Good, glad she is gone..
      Did I read she was worth $1billion,🔥💰…..Now she is worth 0 ,no one gets out of here with the cash… only hope she made peace with the Lord….her deal

        Sep 29, 2023 29:42 AM

        Problem ,she will be re placed with another evil piece of 💩
        System is broken..

          Sep 29, 2023 29:55 AM

          Maybe they,Calif,can clean the 💩💩💩off the streets.,, I am sure they can now find the funds

            Sep 29, 2023 29:24 PM

            Hi Jerry… Nah… 👿… the best they will be able to do is create the Center for California 💩 Removal Research… Staff a task force to make recommendations… hire consultants in every county and municipality… and make estimates in how much staff and money will be needed to perform a feasibility study… 💩. 🚫

            Sep 29, 2023 29:48 PM

            😂👍 great one 😂😂😂😂

    Sep 29, 2023 29:20 AM

    DING-DONG …. just over two minutes long.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:37 AM

    Somebody who goes by the name off .. stilllandoffree , posted this over at Zerohedge comment section
    bloody brilliant comment …… LOL

    7 minutes ago

    Satan just asked Jesus why all the crappy people keep showing up to live at his house? He put up a border fence but some Democrats welded the gates open and the place is getting trashed.

      Sep 29, 2023 29:46 AM

      Now that is👍🔥🔥🔥🔥👿

      Sep 29, 2023 29:51 AM

      Zerohedge comment section?
      Is that a “premium” thing?

      I dont pay for any comment threads or subscriptions etc so that could be why I dont see the comments.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:01 AM
      Sep 29, 2023 29:46 AM

      Good article 😁👍

        Sep 29, 2023 29:42 PM

        Ditto 👍

    Sep 29, 2023 29:59 AM

    OOTB Jerry……
    This is for you:

      Sep 29, 2023 29:24 PM


      .Barrick…is known as fauci partner in China
      .dark horse…makes a statement,Wuhan was where it was created, which is an assumption.
      Not fact.
      Sorry for the short answers….. I am working from my phone

        Sep 29, 2023 29:44 PM

        What is your take on connecting
        Ft.D…chinese lab in Canada..then to Wuhan?

          Sep 29, 2023 29:24 PM

          Sorry I was out of my room and down for x-rays,,,,,(problem with breathing)

          All evidence I have seen indicates releases of covid virus start in Wuhan.
          First reaction in streets being sprayed/fagged nightly with disinfectant in Wuhan
          (First people to die were in Wuhan hospitals.)

          Suggest email Clif High. He may have kept urls.
          I’m on my second new laptop since outbreak.

            Sep 29, 2023 29:40 PM

            I do agree with the first cases and the spraying of the jocks in Wuhan..

            Problem is the creation part….where it was first created…
            from what I remember… the time, of course most of the info sites have been scrubbed….so the trail is harder to prove at this moment, but I am sure things will pop up, just like 9/11 info

    Sep 29, 2023 29:48 PM




    Sep 29, 2023 29:19 PM

    So young. How tragic. How unnecessary, because at her age and fitness covid-19 was minimal risk.

      Sep 29, 2023 29:12 PM

      👍 Stew on 🔥 👍