Erik Wetterling – Gold Stocks; Strategies For Stocks With Tiny Volume, The Type Of Assets That Provide Downside Protection

October 31, 2023

Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of The Hedgeless Horseman joins me to focus on junior resource stocks, isolated by a couple distinct characteristics. For all of us holding stocks that trade very little volume Erik is in a couple of those as well so we chat abut how he views those positions. We also address the comment that stocks might still crash due to a market crash. Erik points out that many stocks have already crashed and that’s why he thinks the sector could go through a strong recovery. 



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    Oct 31, 2023 31:00 AM

    No change in my account performance as same pattern continues that began almost two years ago: some up, some down with small end of day loss. Only 4-5 in green at one time and the most green hit to balance daily activity. The new trick (6 months or more) is to paint the tape with daily closes so there is a gap up or down the next day. Or if not “painting the tape”, put artificial spreads in bid/ask overnight when market is closed. Then take artificial low Bid price as the close, rather than the actual close which appears to be a gain the next day and that artificially inflates your account the next day. If you don’t check the actual price or compare to the Canadian price, you can be slowly taking losses when the correct prices correct over night. That is creating downward trends in individual and overall portfolio which of course sets up a false technical decline triggering corresponding false algo reactions. (This also gives managed money better prices as your stocks get hammered and also devastates the overall mining sector. Corruption at its finest)

      Oct 31, 2023 31:04 AM

      Thanks good comment…

        Oct 31, 2023 31:43 AM

        Here is a good example for today: American Eagle Gold had a couple of trades around .18 yesterday but the bulk were in the .13s. It closed at .1822. The market knew the difference and opened around .14 which, of course was a .04 cent drop on what appeared to be an .18 stock which is over a -20% drop. Of my oh my…. All of a sudden it is the Leader in the Clubhouse on the red side. Price continues in the .13s, which would otherwise be a normal day of slow small losses. Then over the morning, added to the American Eagle (copper) loss, is: Surge (Lithium), Fathom Nickel, Emerita (gold, silver, lead, Zinc), Snowline (weakass gold stock), Condor , and of course the ever evil Brixton with its good silver and now copper find. And these are the bad ones. Tomorrow they may be the good ones. But right now I am showing a -3.22% loss but probably 2 % of it is the mis-priced AE (American Eagle). How many more mis-priced stocks are out there affecting others Junior portfolios???? (Intentionally affecting direction of the markets in any single stock or more, has been a Crime for a long time)

          Oct 31, 2023 31:48 AM

          Add to that Fed Week and the gyrations associated with that.

          Oct 31, 2023 31:43 AM

          Thanks again
          One big game, and big boyz know it.
          I would really like to know just how many are ahead of the game, not talking insiders..

    Oct 31, 2023 31:05 AM

    Here is something to ponder:
    Josh Hawley proposes getting rid of Citizens United. That’s a head scratcher…

    Oct 31, 2023 31:07 AM

    Based on the 10% 200 week MA envelope it’s easy to see why gold is getting swatted down from the highs of the last 3 weeks…

    Oct 31, 2023 31:57 PM

    Nothing is rational…

      Oct 31, 2023 31:02 PM

      You should join us in the Orphan SECTION 😀 that be the political section…..

      Keep up with the current information.

      Oct 31, 2023 31:16 PM

      Looks like Wall Street and Central Banking have no long term plans for the markets.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:48 PM

    NVDA hit fork support this morning and then made a bull hammer…

    Oct 31, 2023 31:03 PM

    will come as a surprise to many people to learn that the same Directed Energy Weapons that were “tested” on Paradise, California and on Maui, Hawaii, have also been unleashed to destroy Acapulco:

    Nov 01, 2023 01:25 AM

    Fed Drama Day. Get it over and move along.

      Nov 01, 2023 01:29 PM

      My account unaffected by The Fed. Continued downward 2 year track, with some up and some down. However, size of daily decline increasing. Yesterday was 4% and today 1.87% decline. Increases into close.