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Big Al
October 31, 2023
    Oct 31, 2023 31:09 PM

    Holy smokes, Indiana…..

    This is really what they are fighting over…..

    Big Al, Californians are NOT typical Americans.

      Oct 31, 2023 31:01 PM


      I am surprised that l have not seen him ,since it date back to 82.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:15 PM

    Hi AL welcome back. I would much prefer to hear what Mike has to say , over Mc Kinney.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:17 PM

    From Harrison Ford and the Ark of the Covenant………
    …….to Harrison Smith and InfoWars:

    Oct 31, 2023 31:03 PM

    Glad to have some other guests thanks 🦉

    Oct 31, 2023 31:10 PM

    Meanwhile Ukraine tries at the Ruskies backside, only to be rebuffed.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:15 PM

    But WWIII is being started……..

    …….That is what happens when a puppet leads a party of asses.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:25 PM

    If not Gruesome Newsom, then who……….

    The competition starts.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:28 PM

    Wow, didn’t see that one coming !

    Oct 31, 2023 31:33 PM
      Oct 31, 2023 31:40 PM


        Oct 31, 2023 31:02 PM

        Just for that, some education……
        October 7th may be the day that Hamas attacked Israel….or even the start of WWIII, but I will remember it as the day George Washington was given a royal coffin burial.

        (You can’t say this blog is not wide-ranging educational.)

          Oct 31, 2023 31:34 PM

          Nice AL ! Has Come Back From The Incubateor So nice ! Let’s Roll ! Boy .

    Oct 31, 2023 31:40 PM

    Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front…… it over?

    Oct 31, 2023 31:06 PM

    will come as a surprise to many people to learn that the same Directed Energy Weapons that were “tested” on Paradise, California and on Maui, Hawaii, have also been unleashed to destroy Acapulco:

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    Oct 31, 2023 31:11 PM

    The U.S. sold MK-84 bombs to Israel……now in use in Gaza.

    Trying to collapse the tunnels.
    (I think the major tunnels are too deep, but who knows.)

    Oct 31, 2023 31:25 PM

    This was a quote by the new Republican speaker.
    “It is Gods will for no cease fire in Gaza” I am getting very disturbed by those in Politics who claim to have some kind of connection with God that the rest of us do not.
    The founding fathers in their wisdom saw the need for freedom of Religion and the separation of Church and State. The need because of the Christian Zionists that today will claim that the killing of innocent women and children was and is justified.
    The United States has become the synagogue of satan.
    When you say liberal, try saying the Zionist dual Israeli citizens that put their allegiance to Israel before the United States.
    We have been muzzled here in the U S and more so in Europe when it comes to matters concerning Israel. The Zionists, Jewish and Christian , have taken over the Politic. They have done this with the threat of being anti-semitic.
    Freedom of speech was more of our founding fathers wisdom.
    You guest was correct that there is a dissention building and the public will no longer be silenced.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:47 PM

    Prior to WW2, Berlin was the cesspool of the world. Pornography, promiscuity and the general degradation of society. The Zionists were in action there as well.
    The same thing is being done to the U.S.

      Oct 31, 2023 31:09 PM

      The Western World is near insanty know ! Thy will swollow initing to keep the job ! Lets Roll Jesus You’r the ( KING ) !

    Oct 31, 2023 31:17 PM
    Nov 01, 2023 01:57 AM

    Guess what runs right through the Gaza Strip?
    The Ben Gurion Canal project!
    You won’t see that in the news!
    Feel like you have been played?

      Nov 01, 2023 01:02 AM


    Nov 01, 2023 01:52 AM
    Nov 01, 2023 01:10 AM

    Civilian casualties in Gaza don’t matter – top US senator
    Lindsey Graham insists no amount of Palestinian deaths should make the US put the brakes on Israel

      Nov 01, 2023 01:13 PM

      When Germany sent V2 rockets across the English Channel, he made sure he would not hit any civilians, and they warned everyone first.

        Nov 01, 2023 01:23 PM

        Which history book are you reading…,,?
        I just heard the exact opposite.
        not trying to be smart……


          Nov 01, 2023 01:28 PM

          You are precisely right, Jerry. I made a sarcastic response to civilians being hilled Gaza, in order to point out precedence, of which there are actually many; even going back to Roman and Greek times.
          The fact is, when two countries fight against each other, there really are no (or very few) “civilians”.
          (Otherwise there would not be support for the war on that side.)

            Nov 01, 2023 01:44 PM

            Thanks for the follow up

    Nov 01, 2023 01:29 PM

    12 IDF soldiers killed while beginning to clear Gaza tunnels.

    (They will not succeed in clearing the tunnels, which are equivalent to 1/3 New York subway with booby traps.)

    Nov 01, 2023 01:49 PM
    Nov 01, 2023 01:27 PM

    No WW3 ! No real Market Drop ! No Dollar Euro Rubble Yuan Drop ! And Day Keep GOLD nice under Control ! No internet Drop ! Only the Elite A Bilding The New World Order ! The US Western Army’s will put Troops in the conflict ! Jesus only can stop diss !

      Nov 01, 2023 01:55 PM

      Good luck Franky, some people been waiting for him for 2000 years.

      The Russians lost over 25 million people in the 2nd war, they were huge christians, no help from Jesus.

      70-85 million people dead world wide, no help, I am of the firm belief if a god is your hope, your toast.

      No offence to the believers, just what I’ve seen all my life.

      Nov 01, 2023 01:52 PM

      1 Thessalonians 4
      King James Version

        Nov 01, 2023 01:55 PM

        16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

        17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

        18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

    Nov 01, 2023 01:29 PM

    My post was evaporated, surprise!!

    People are going to have to deal with this situation Franky.

    Nov 01, 2023 01:57 PM

    Jimmy…got fired?

      Nov 01, 2023 01:08 PM

      🧙‍♀️🎃🎃🎃 …and on Halloween, too… 🎃🎃🎃 🧙‍♀️

    Nov 01, 2023 01:59 PM

    Hah! Halloween Peter Skhiff…and in a costume…break out the Trumpkins and Trumpolanterns…

    Nov 01, 2023 01:01 PM

    More censorship in this blog…OWL should have fired whoever maintains the site…they don’t like Peter Skhiff here…

    Nov 01, 2023 01:05 PM

    Tucker Carlson
    Oct 23
    (2:00) Col. Douglas Macgregor
    (4:20) Threats to the homeland
    (6:12) Iran & its missiles
    (13:00) Going into Gaza
    (19:40) American hostages
    (22:45) Impact on the American economy

    The scary thing is Macgregor actually knows what he is talking about.

    Nov 01, 2023 01:21 PM

    Blinken…dresses his kid up as Zelensky for Halloween…and the kid gets some candy from Old Uncle Joe…

    Nov 02, 2023 02:00 AM
    Nov 02, 2023 02:38 AM

    Nov 02 This Would Mean Catastrophe For Financial System Bob Moriarty YT

    Nov 02, 2023 02:50 AM

    These charts say it all. (or most of it)

      Nov 02, 2023 02:07 AM


        Nov 02, 2023 02:30 AM

        One could spend a couple of hours going over the charts all related and have been touched on over the decades….but … good to see them assembled

      Nov 02, 2023 02:37 AM

      Your chart shows he relevance of computers to modern productivity very well.
      Prior to 1970 productivity as labor-dependent; not so today.
      Before: to make more stuff, you needed more people.
      Now: to make more stuff, you need more machines.

      Nov 02, 2023 02:06 PM

      Chorister ! You’r charts tell it ALL ! Top info !

    Nov 02, 2023 02:23 AM

    I think DiMartino Booth might have missed a critical factor…..

    The Chinese and BRIC countries are going after the dollar.
    The KEY to our economy may well depend on whether or not the Fed defends the dollar……
    Defense of dollar means higher interest rates > economic turn down.
    Only if the Fed chooses not to defend the dollar can they lower interest.

    I may be wrong, but I think (at least at first) the Fed, i.e. bankers, will defend the dollar.
    Eventually the dollar can not be saved, of course, because we spend too much, and produce too little.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:52 AM

    And now for something completely different…..

    I don’t know. There seems to be other research showing DNA modification techniques that can destroy cancers.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:18 PM

    Looks like Jimmy’s replacement is not going to rub elbows here with us hoi polloi 🙂 Or maybe his posts got censored. 🙂

      Nov 02, 2023 02:19 PM

      Dang, auto complete…tried to change hoi to ho and polloi to polio…

        Nov 02, 2023 02:58 PM

        I would think he might like to see how it goes,,

    Nov 02, 2023 02:04 PM

    Bridgeport Election Overturned After City Official Pleads 5th To Ballot Harvesting
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, NOV 02, 2023 – 10:40 AM
    A Bridgeport, Connecticut judge ruled on Wednesday to overturn the city’s Democratic primary election after video emerged of a woman who appears to be the city’s vice chair of the Democratic Town Committee, Wanda Geter-Pataky, committing ballot fraud.

    Dumb….. everyone is now watching

    Nov 02, 2023 02:07 PM

    More Vicente covid vaccine damages hearts plus dems get caught ballot stuffing AGAIN.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:40 PM

    Have you heard of IVERMECTIN ? Against CANCER ?

    Nov 02, 2023 02:45 PM

    Then there are profits……..
    No. Not the capitalists ones…. Prophets:

    Nov 02, 2023 02:57 PM

    Only Fore The Devotee Jimmy !

      Nov 03, 2023 03:07 AM

      Jimmy 🪖 is long gone

        Nov 03, 2023 03:31 AM

        Where did he go? He just disappeared…no mention he was leaving…

          Nov 03, 2023 03:46 PM

          Perhaps OOTB Jerry is referring to 🪖 being gone mentally – unable to think 🤔 and work Out Of The Box. ☑️. 😂

            Nov 03, 2023 03:14 PM


    Nov 02, 2023 02:35 PM
    Nov 03, 2023 03:35 AM
    Nov 03, 2023 03:43 AM

    Good to hear a broadcast w/o Col. McKinney… I been busy this week… finally catching up on the KER blog… As usual, looks like I have much good material to go over from all the bloggers…

      Nov 03, 2023 03:54 AM

      Listen/watch the Dr. Campbell piece above.
      Rarely have I seen anyone so critical of politicians and healthcare …….and he is in the business.

        Nov 03, 2023 03:48 PM

        Thanks CFS… Dr. Campbell was very good. 👍

    Nov 03, 2023 03:57 AM

    Greg Hunter gets it.


    Nov 03, 2023 03:23 AM
      Nov 03, 2023 03:43 PM

      Some people do..


    Nov 03, 2023 03:26 PM

    And you think you know the history of North America ?

    …… ? ……. Are you sure ?
    Did you know the sun has cycles ….. 11 years and 100,000 years most famous, but there are others.
    I believe there have been several civilizations, prior to ours…..which is destined to be erased by the sun.

    Nov 03, 2023 03:20 PM

    Pulling my string ?

    How is it possible to take the bullet train to “Chump Town” when you are there already ?

    Nov 03, 2023 03:45 PM

    The Lahaina fire:

    I don’t know what happened. Period.

    But here are concerns I have with YouTubers.

    “I was there and I saw molten aluminum”

    My response: Where is your assay of the melted metal? There are a number of low melting point alloys that “look” like aluminum. (The lower the melting point, the cheaper manufacturing cost to cast something.)

    “Petrified” ? Man, you petrify me, with your accusations.
    But petrified literally means “turned to stone”. …… A process of chemical replacement, which has never, to my knowledge, been demonstrated in a lab.
    In a rampant fire, strange things happen……oxygen is depleted and some things DON’T BURN,
    Simply because they oxidize less easily than others.
    So is it possible for something to lose all water content and become stiff, without burning………YES.

    To talk of temperature is meaningless.
    Because heat is transported by NOT JUST ONE MECHANISM.
    There exists: Radiation, conduction, convection.
    Transport of energy by photons,
    Transport of energy by vibration or motion
    Transport of energy by physical movement of hot gases

      Nov 03, 2023 03:37 PM

      Thanks for the lesson….

        Nov 03, 2023 03:54 PM

        Cfs2000 Jerry ? No news from Jimmy’s offensive of the ofenses of the Ukraine supporters Jimmy his venicte ?

          Nov 03, 2023 03:23 PM

          Not sure of 🪖 status at this point,
          But seems the crowd has spoken

    Nov 03, 2023 03:18 PM

    Meanwhile in the Middle East……

    Nov 03, 2023 03:09 PM

    Elon Musk buying twitter is a game changer.
    Gone are the sensors of U Tube.
    Pandoras box has been opened.
    Finally the Zionists, Christian and Jewish are being exposed for what they really are.
    Zionism, IMHO is the biggest threat to American Liberty we face today.

    Nov 03, 2023 03:37 PM

    The biggest threat to America are our scum, over-spending politicians.
    They are destroying the dollar.
    Destroying the dollar will destroy the country….irrevocably.

      Nov 03, 2023 03:54 PM

      And banking system….

        Nov 03, 2023 03:58 PM

        Stupid sheeple.
        . have had plenty of time to end the fake Fed.

        Like since 1913.

      Nov 03, 2023 03:41 PM

      Exactly Jerry ! The Fed Banking System is the System how make all thes Fraud posable ! And all how profit from It’s a EVIL ! Only GOD Jesus can change it ! John it’s note the Jews Christians it’s the Jesuits and all dis orders of malta and and and ! Day will biled the Temple Monte !

        Nov 04, 2023 04:06 AM

        Thanks for the reply Franky..
        Sheeple have had 2000 years to see what money changers are like…

    Nov 03, 2023 03:16 PM

    Iran wants war……Give ‘em war

    (Or slowly die by a thousand cuts.)

      Nov 03, 2023 03:54 PM

      The Iran narrative was one of the ways that was used to delegitimize the people who were involved with the 9/11 truth .
      Iran goes back to the CIA coup and BP (British Petroleum’s involvement with the Iranians oil and gas deposits. When Iranians oil was nationalized , so went the cash cow.
      PNAC tried to invade seven countries in seven years. The same people are still in the U.S administration.
      I’m not pro Iranian, I do not support CIA assassinations and the over throwing of leaders of countries that do not support the Zionist money systems.
      The geriatric leaders of yesterday no longer have the support of the younger generation who even with their limited knowledge are starting to realize the failings of the Imperial Empire systems, Communist systems and the control the Satanic minded people have had on humanity as a whole.

    Nov 03, 2023 03:14 PM

    All your U-tube videos have been run through a censor. There is no counter narrative. By design.

    Nov 03, 2023 03:37 PM

    The Brigteon videos are not censored.

    My response is simply a response to “holy” leaders calling for “Death to Americans”

      Nov 03, 2023 03:55 PM

      At some point in time, even you as an American have to acknowledge all the death and misery the U S has reigned upon the Muslim people of this world in the name of Democracy.
      Our support of Israel as a democracy is a farce as well. The hypocrisy is palpable.
      Remember the USS Liberty? I doubt it.
      Blow back is a bitch.
      Just like the 750,000-900,000 Palestinians that were forced to leave in 1948. I’m sure they just loved Israel for that as well.
      Israel has always in my opinion, has always considered the U S as their bitch.

    Nov 03, 2023 03:48 PM

    Civilizations come and go on earth……

    We are close it seems to a change in energy production techniques.
    The laws of physics will still apply, but not all of earth’s electro-magnetic fields are well understood.
    Measured…..Yes. Origins in our galaxy not fully studied and understood.

      Nov 03, 2023 03:59 PM

      You tube is censored CFS.
      Do I have to go back to can’t fix stupid?(cfs)

    Nov 03, 2023 03:13 PM

    U tube is highly censored and why anybody capable of critical thinking would continue to use this as a credible source of useful information.
    More Zio control. 

    Nov 04, 2023 04:19 AM

    I agree John on the censorship.
    That has been proven..

      Nov 04, 2023 04:26 AM

      obviously censored, I’ve mentioned a few times being banned for commenting about nazis in Ukraine.

      There are still some decent vids on you tube tho.